Film Review: “Jerry and Marge Go Large”


  • Starring:  Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening
  • Directed by:  David Frankel
  • Rated:  PG 13
  • Running time:  1 hr 36 mins
  • Paramount +


We have a lottery pool at work but, except for the occasional $4 win or free ticket, we’re pretty much throwing our money away on a chance of winning the big prize.  It’s actually a 1 in 292,331,208 chance but come one, nothing is a sure thing.  Unless you live in a small town in Michigan and your neighbors are Jerry and Marge Selbee.

Based on a true story, “Jerry and Marge Go Large” is a sweet, well-acted tale of two people that figured out – Larry is a math wiz – that the more you played a certain lottery game the better your chances of winning.  But the Selbees aren’t in it for their own gains.  They are trying to raise money for their small community and actually get their neighbors involved in the game.  Things get tough when the game is cancelled in Michigan and the closest place to play is Massachusetts.  While their plan seems foolproof, it is not without sacrifice.  Mostly time.  From their initial purchase of a few thousand dollars worth of tickets, through week’s when they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, each ticket must be printed individually.  This means long days (and nights) standing at the local liquor store and just buying ticket after ticket after ticket after ticket… get the picture.


This is such a fun film to watch, from the premise to the cast.  Cranston and Bening will go down as two of the best actors of their generation, and it’s a treat to see them play off each other so well.  And it’s always a treat to see Rainn Wilson and Michael McKean on screen.  The script is sharp and the direction well-paced.  This film is an early summer treat for viewers not into dinosaurs and super heroes.






Photo Credit: Jonathan Weiner

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, and Alice In Chains co-founder Jerry Cantrell today announces a North American tour beginning on
March 24, 2022 in support of his soon to be released album Brighten. Tickets are on sale Friday, August 27 at 10:00 AM local time.

The upcoming tour follows the release of his first song from Brighten, “Atone”, which was met with praise from fans and critics. Rolling Stone writer Jon Blistein said, “Atone” is a heavy track, although it’s undergirded by a sinister twang while the guitar riffs hit with grit and menace, as well as a bit of psychedelic unease. “Running out of time,” Cantrell wails right before the hook, “Gotta find a way to atone/Gotta find a way to atone/Trying to find a way to atone.”

Jerry’s expansive sonic palette incorporates everything from moments of moody organ and powerful pedal steel to the cathartic choruses and airtight riffs which is the hallmark of Cantrell’s sound.

The tour kicks off at the legendary First Avenue in Minneapolis and will wind its way across the country hitting major cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, NY, Philadelphia, Seattle and Los Angeles to name a few. See full tour routing below.

Tickets for the Brighten Tour are available via Ticketmaster and wherever tickets are sold.

Over the past year, Jerry co-produced Brighten with film composer Tyler Bates [300, John Wick] and long-time Engineer Paul Fig. Reflecting a classic spirit, they welcomed a dynamic cast of supporting players, including drummers Gil Sharone and Abe Laboriel, Jr. (Paul McCartney), Duff McKagan [Guns N’ Roses, Loaded] on select bass tracks, Greg Puciato [Dillinger Escape Plan] handling all of the backing vocals along with Lola Bates, pedal steel master Michael Rozon, Vincent Jones on piano, Wurlitzer, and organ, Jordan Lewis on piano, Matias Ambrogi-Torres on strings, and Joe Barresi [Tool, Queens of the Stone Age] overseeing the mixing of Brighten.

Brighten is available for pre-order and will be offered in an exclusive bone with gold splatter color 180 gram vinyl via Jerry’s webstore. CDs are also available in the webstore for pre-order. Pre-order and pre-save—HERE.


Thu-Mar-24 Minneapolis First Avenue
Sat-Mar-26 Chicago The Vic Theatre
Mon-Mar-28 Detroit St. Andrews Hall
Tue-Mar-29 Toronto History
Thu-Mar-31 Pittsburgh Roxian Theatre
Sat-Apr-02 Atlantic City Music Box @ Borgata
Sun-Apr-03 Philadelphia Theatre of Living Arts
Tue-Apr-05 New York Irving Plaza
Wed-Apr-06 Boston Big Night Live
Fri-Apr-08 Baltimore Rams Head Live
Sat-Apr-09 Raleigh The Ritz
Sun-Apr-10 Charlotte Fillmore
Tue-Apr-12 Orlando House of Blues
Wed-Apr-13 St. Petersburg Jannus Live
Fri-Apr-15 Atlanta Tabernacle
Sun-Apr-17 Nashville Ryman Auditorium
Tue-Apr-19 New Orleans Fillmore
Thu-Apr-21 Dallas House of Blues
Fri-Apr-22 San Antonio Aztec Theatre
Sat-Apr-23 Houston House of Blues
Mon-Apr-25 Oklahoma City Diamond Ballroom
Wed-Apr-27 Denver The Summit
Thu-Apr-28 Salt Lake City The Depot
Sun-May-01 Portland Roseland Theater
Mon-May-02 Seattle Moore Theatre
Wed-May-04 Sacramento Ace of Spades
Thu-May-05 Los Angeles Belasco Theatre
Sat-May-07 Las Vegas House of Blues
Sun-May-08 San Diego House of Blues

Brighten Track List
Prism of Doubt
Black Hearts and Evil Done
Siren Song
Had To Know
Nobody Breaks You

The Cast of Players on Brighten
Jerry Cantrell – Guitar, bass, vocals, keys
Greg Puciato – Backing vocals
Duff McKagan – Bass
Gil Sharone – Drums
Abe Laboriel Jr. – Drums
Tyler Bates – Strings, percussion, guitar
Vincent Jones – Piano, keys, & strings
Jordan Lewis – Piano
Michael Rozon – Pedal steel
Lola Bates – Backing vocals
Matias Ambrogi-Torres – Strings

CD Review: “This is Jerry Pearce”


My first concert was February14, 1977 at the Bayfront Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.  The performer?  None other than the King himself, Elvis Aron Presley.  Not a bad start, wouldn’t you agree?

Since then I’ve been fortunate to see many of the people whose work defined the Great American Songbook.  Frank Sinatra.  Sammy Davis, Jr.  Wayne Newton.  Barbra Streisand.  Johnny Mathis.  All masters at their craft and several of them no longer with us.  If you feel the void I sometimes do, I would like to suggest the vocal stylings of one Jerry Pearce.

His latest CD, entitled “This is Jerry Pearce,” is a beautiful trip down memory lane.  Accompanied by the Alan McPike Trio, Pearce puts his own signature on such classics as “Always,” “From Here to Eternity” and, one of my all time favorites, “Fly Me to the Moon.”  He also tackles lesser known songs, like “Watch What Happens” and “Girl Talk.”  In all, there are (10) selections on this disc, and all of them are trips down memory lane.  (No, I’m not THAT old, but this is the music my mother played when I was growing up).


If you’re interested in learning more about Jerry, or would like to order one of his many CDs, click HERE

You can read my recent interview with Jerry HERE


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DVD Review “Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz”

Actors: Jason Alexander, Frances Conroy, Grey Griffin, James Monroe Igelhart, Stephen Root
Directors: Spike Brandt, Tony Cervone
Studio: Warner Bros Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date: June 21, 2016
Running Time: 81 minutes

Film: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Extras: 2.5 out of 5 stars

The fact that there are still new Tom and Jerry films made blows me away. Not to mention actually good films! “Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz” is the sequel to the 2011 animated film, “Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz”, which was a great film in itself. The songs are great and I love that they incorporated the lost Jitterbug song into the film as well. In terms of voice cast, there is no shortage of talent here. Jason Alexander (“Seinfeld”) voices both Mr. Bibb / The Nome King, Rob Paulsen (“Animaniacs”) voiced The Tin Man / Hickory, Frances Conroy (“American Horror Story”) voiced Aunt Em / Glinda and Stephen Root (“Office Space”) voiced Uncle Henry. If you love “Wizard of Oz” and Tom and Jerry, this is a must see!

Official Premise: With the Wicked Witch of the West now vanquished from Oz, Tom and Jerry along with Dorothy are back in Kansas! But not for long as an all-new villain has surfaced from beneath the magical land, the Gnome King! Having captured the Good Witch, the Gnome King and his army are wreaking havoc throughout Oz and need but one item to take control of The Emerald City, Dorothy’s ruby slippers! It’s up to our favorite cat and mouse duo to team up, go Back to Oz and save the land they love. Take to the skies, courtesy of the Wizard himself, with Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion as they make their magical journey. The laughs and adventure will roar as they encounter all-new frights and mischievous creatures down the Yellow Brick Road, ’cause “we’re not in Kansas anymore!”

Warner Bros Home Entertainment only released this sequel on DVD…but they did include a Digital HD copy, which is a huge bonus for me! In terms of special features, there is not a whole lot included but worth checking out if you enjoyed the film. There are four sing-along music videos from the films songs. There is also a neat alternate opening for the film with the feature “Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz: Classic Style”, which gives the film a fun sepia tone opening. Having watched this film 2 or 3 times already at the time of writing, this film gets better with each viewing as well. Just simple plain Tom and Jerry fun!

Book Review “Jerry Bruckheimer: When Lightning Strikes – Four Decades of Filmmaking”

Author: Michael Singer
Foreword: Johnny Depp
Series: Disney Editions Deluxe (Film)
Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Disney Editions
Release date: December 17, 2013

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

When you think about Jerry Bruckheimer, you think BIG and then BIGGER! If you do they this book shouldn’t be surprising since it is HUGE. Love him or hate him, Bruckheimer has quite the resume and a very long list of box office blockbusters under his name. Here are a few of them including “Top Gun”, “Days of Thunder”, “Beverly Hills Cop”, “Bad Boys”, “Crimson Tide”, “The Rock” …(deep breath)…”Con Air”, “Armageddon”, “Gone in Sixty Seconds”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Black Hawk Down”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” series and “National Treasure” series. Besides films, he also has his hand in TV with the following series including “CSI” franchise, “The Amazing Race”, “Cold Case”, and “Without a Trace”. So if you are a fan of Bruckheimer, then I cannot recommend this book enough since it is really the ultimate ode to an amazing filmmaker…just make sure you have enough room on your bookshelf.

“Jerry Bruckheimer: When Lightning Strikes – Four Decades of Filmmaking” really gives deep to his start in the early 70’s with “The Culpepper Cattle Co.” all the way to the most recent “The Lone Ranger” from last summer. There are some very great behind-the-scenes information provided for these projects. The author, Michael Singer, is a writer and production unit publicist that has been in the business for over 35 years. He has worked beside Bruckheimer on his films whether it was in the deserts, on a tropical islands and many other filming locations. So Singer really is the best person for the job and to have an great insight into Bruckheimer’s body of work. Also previous books he has released include “The Art of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”.

Besides the writing, let’s get to the real good stuff, which would be the images. They are extremely high quality images from these films. In case you forgot that I said this book was HUGE, so expect that these images have big pages to fill. My only concern with this book was due to its size, the biding seems a little wobbly and weak. I think they should have make the structure a little more hardcover and this would have been perfect. Also included is a great foreword from Johnny Depp, who worked with Bruckheimer on numerous projects over the year. There is an exclusive interview with Bruckheimer’s wife, Linda. There is also (and this made me laugh) an introduction from Bruckheimer himself. I loved the fact that he gave his own intro. Jerry Bruckheimer is a legend and his work is very well-respected and will continue to be. Whenever you see a Jerry Bruckheimer film, you know it is going to be fun and quite a ride and that is what you get when you open this fantastic comprehensive guide to his still going strong career.

Papa Roach’s Jerry Horton talks their tour “Carnival of Madness”

Jerry Horton is the guitarist for the multi-platinum rock group Papa Roach. The group’s latest release “The Connection” has been tearing up the rock charts and Media Mikes caught up with Jerry recently to discuss the bands career at the Big Flats, NY stop of the Carnival of Madness tour which along with Papa Roach features Skillet and Shinedown.

Adam Lawton: Can you tell us about the bands decision to tour as a package as opposed to a solo headlining run?
Jerry Horton: I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that last year we were supposed to be part of a package tour however due to Jacoby’s vocal problem we had to cancel those shows. We were trying to figure out what to do this year tour wise and the guys from Shinedown hit us up. We have toured with them before and it’s always been a great time so that’s what we decided to do.

AL: Having not toured immediately upon the latest albums release how has the reception been towards the new material on this tour run?
JH: It’s been really good. We have had quite a few people up front just singing along to the new stuff. That’s not something we expect especially from say a Shinedown crowd. Not to say there isn’t cross pollination of our fans and Shinedown fans happening but with them being the headliner you don’t expect to see people singing along to some of our heaviest songs. Things have been great on the tour and each night we flip flop sets with Skillet so some nights we play earlier and other nights we have the later slot. The challenge of getting everyone up out of their seats is one we enjoy and we have had a lot of people up and dancing this time out.

AL: Having a career that is going on 20 years now what do you feel has been the
bands biggest progression over the course of that time?
JH: I would have to say that probably our biggest change happened just recently. We introduced some more electronic elements to our sound. We had a little bit here and there in the past like on “Getting Away with Murder” but it was never really as much in the forefront as it is on this record. We wanted to do that in a way that wouldn’t take away from the rock element of the band. When we write and record we will do the main guitar part and then layer over the top of that. With the electronic sounds we want those to help people differentiate between the various parts of the songs. There are a lot more textures going on in the newer material however I wanted the beats to resemble those from our earlier records.

AL: From a tonal stand point do you feel the band’s sound has changed at all?
JH: I wouldn’t say it has changed so much. We have used different amps from time to time but for our main sound whether I am using a Marshall, a Bogner or a Boogie I have a certain frequency range that I like my sound to sit in. Whatever amp I am using will generally fit in there. You can kind of hear some differences if you go back to the “Infest” album and compare it to “The Connection”. There is a little difference but I generally don’t get down to the freakishly specific settings. I go a lot by ear and how it meshes with the bass. Tobin acts like a second guitar player with his playing style so at times the tones have to be similar and distinct even while we are playing lines that may be similar.

AL: Over time has your live tone and recording tone started to mimic one another or have they stayed pretty separate?
JH: On the last record we used Bogner amps but live I am currently using the Axe Effects unit. I have a similar tone but it’s not exactly a Bogner amp. There are some concessions I am willing to make when it comes to touring and playing live. It’s not only a space issue but there are things like weight and shipping that we have to take in to consideration. The Axe unit comes within I would say between 90-95% of my studio sound. A tone purist would take a look at my whole rig and probably just shake his head in disappointment.

AL: Have there been any talks yet of starting work on a new album?
JH: We have started thinking about it. Ideas have started floating around but we don’t have specific songs finished just yet. I know Jacoby has lyric ideas and we have an idea as to how we want the album to sound. There are a lot of cool things that we are tossing around. I know Tobin has two or three songs in the works and we are really stoked about those. We are still just in the beginning stages. We will probably be in the studio around March.

AL: What other tour plans are in place for the remainder of this year?
JH: We finish the Carnival of Madness tour on September 15th. In October we are starting in the Pacific North West and going through Canada and down the east coast making our way to Florida. In November and December we head over to Europe for some shows and we finish there at the Brixton Academy in London. We have a few shows after that but we have most of the holiday season off.

DVD Review “Tom and Jerry Kids Show: The Complete Season 1”

Directed by: Carl Urbano, Don Lusk, Paul Sommer, Robert Alvarez, Jay Sarbry
Voices of: Charlie Adler, William Callaway, Teresa Ganzel, Dick Gautier, Phil Hartman, Don Messick, Frank Welker, Patric Zimmerman
Number of discs: 2
Studio: Warner Home Video
DVD Release Date: April 30, 2013
Running Time: 290 minutes

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I am not sure what it is about “Tom and Jerry” but they have always been one of my favorites. This popular cat and mouse duo has been around since 1940 and have never left the public eye for long. This animated series features the duo as kids, probably taking a page from “Muppets Babies”. “Tom and Jerry Kids Show” premiered in 1990 on Fox Kids and ran through 1994 for five seasons for a total of 65 episodes. This complete first season includes the first 13 episodes. So how does the the young Tom and Jerry rank against the older Tom and Jerry? Well it is fun and still had me laughing! So I give it a thumbs up…It was good as a kid for me and still good for me as an adult! I look forward to future seasons!

Official Premise: A Rivalry for All Ages! Spend some time with the beloved animated duo in their furry, formative years in Tom & Jerry Kids Show: The Complete Season One. Available for the first time on DVD in this 2-Disc collection, these delightful adventures follow the kitten and baby mouse as they taunt each other and create mayhem like only young ones can. Joined by their pals Droopy, Dripple, Spike and Tyke, Tom and Jerry bring on the giggles and good times in episodes such as Toys Will Be Toys, Bat Mouse, Cosmic Chaos and The Maltese Poodle. So run wild with 13 episodes from the hit TV series that feature more than four hours of hi-jinks that will be sure to bring out the kid in all of us!

“Tom and Jerry Kids Show The Complete Season 1″ is animated fun for the whole family. I have a 10-month old daughter and she literally lit up when these cartoons came on. I love that. For a show that I watched growing up now I will be able to share with my own child. The 13 episodes are split over a two-disc set with over four hours of guaranteed laughs and of course many “Tom and Jerry” hi-jinks. Each episode of this show is about 7 minutes so it works out that there is more like 39 mini-episodes included. The colors on the episodes still look sharp for a show that was produced well over 20 years ago, feeling old now. The audio included on the DVD is a typical Dolby Digital Mono track, which works well for the show itself. There are no additional special features included on the DVDs.

Season 1 episodes list:
Disc 1
1: Flippin’ Fido, Dakota Droopy & the Lost Dutch Boy Mine, Dog Daze Afternoon
2: Toys Will Be Toys, Droopy Delivers, My Pal
3: Prehistoric Pals, Super Droop & Dripple Boy Meet the Yolker, Marvelous Marvin
4: Bat Mouse, Puss n’ Pups, Outer Space Rover
5: The Vermin, Aerobic Droopy, Mouse Scouts
6: Sugar Belle Loves Tom, Sometimes, Mall Mouse, Super Duper Spike
7: Cosmic Chaos, Droopy of the Opera, Beach Bummers

Disc 2
8: Gator Baiter, Hoodwinked Cat, Medieval Mouse
9: Clyde to the Rescue, Droopio & Juliet, Maze Monster Zap Men
10: Crash Condor, Yo Ho Ho…Bub, Scrub-a-Dub Tom
11: No Biz Like Snow Biz, The Maltese Poodle, Cast Away Tom
12: The Little Urfulls, Droopo – First Bloodhound, Indy Mouse 500
13: Exterminator Cometh, Foreign Legion Frenzy, Urfo Returns

Composer Marco Beltrami talks about recent scores and working with Jerry Goldsmith

A fan of both film and music, Marco Beltrami decided to incorporate both loves while attending the Yale School of Music.  An internship at USC with Oscar-winning composer Jerry Goldsmith started him on the illustrious path he has found himself traveling down.  His more popular scores include “Scream,” “I, Robot,” “Hellboy,” “The Flight of the Phoenix,” and “The Woman in Black.”  He earned Academy Award nominations for his scores for “3:10 to Yuma” and the Oscar winning Best Picture “The Hurt Locker.”  This year he scored no less then five films, including “The Sessions” and “Trouble with the Curve” and his music will be heard in 2013 in such anticipated films as “Carrie,” “World War Z,” “A Good Day to Die Hard” and “The Wolverine.”  Mr. Beltrami took a few rare moments away from his work to talk with Media Mikes about Jerry Goldsmith’s advice, his favorite film genre’s and his very busy 2013.

Mike Smith: What led to you pursue a career in composing?
Marco Beldrami: A moment of madness, I guess (laughs). Since I was very young I’ve always been into music. When I was younger I remember watching the early “Spaghetti” Westerns and being very influenced by both the films and the scores. How they related to each other. I went to school and I actually got a liberal arts degree in geology and then in urban planning but I later realized that music was what I wanted to do. I went to the Yale School of Music and that’s when I realized that some of the most exciting things that were happening in music were happening in film. Film music doesn’t really have any limits on it. It embraces the new technology as well as the classical orchestra. To me there is something powerful about putting music to image. I became hooked. I came out to California to do an internship with Jerry Goldsmith at USC and from that point on I was hooked. (NOTE: Readers, Jerry Goldsmith was one of the greatest film composers EVER. Popular scores of his include the original “Planet of the Apes,” “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” and the original version of “The Omen,” for which he won his only Academy Award).

MS: When you’re hired to score a film do you begin to draw ideas by reading the script or do you wait until you have actual footage to look at?
MB: To me the script is a horrible way to start working on a film’s score because it can be deceiving. You really need the image. A script can be treated in so many different ways and the music is all about nuance.

MS: You mentioned that your mentor was the great Jerry Goldsmith. What’s the best piece of advice he ever gave you?
MB: To be as economical as possible…to say as much as possible in as few notes as possible. To write as simply as possible for the orchestra. Coming from the background I came in there was a pride in being able to embrace simplicity, which is one of the most important things I learned from Jerry.

MS: Jerry Goldsmith won his only Oscar for his score for “The Omen.” How important of an assignment was it to you when you were picked to score the 2006 remake? (NOTE: Readers, Jerry Goldsmith was nominated 18 times for an Academy Award, not only for the scores mentioned above but others including “Chinatown,” “Poltergeist,” “Hoosiers” and “L.A. Confidential.” Next to John Williams he is my favorite composer).
MB: I found it to be a great honor and also quite daunting. Speaking of simplicity, Jerry’s score to “The Omen” pretty much consisted of three notes that everything branches off from. And I tried to keep that spirit of a minimalist state…not a minimalist style but a minimalist state…of writing in my score. I was very aware of his presence.

MS: You’ve done a few scores of film remakes – “Flight of the Phoenix,” “3:10 to Yuma” – as well as some film sequels. When working on those films do you feel an obligation to work in some of the original film’s score in your score as a nod to fans of the original film?
MB: Usually no, unless there’s a reason to in the picture. In the case of the new “Die Hard” I am trying to keep the flavor because I am very much aware of the fans of the films. It’s different then on a film like “3:10 to Yuma,” which just stands on its own and isn’t part of a franchise.

MS: Do you have a favorite film genre’ to compose to?
MB: Not really. The only thing I’m not real keen on, and that’s probably because I’m not excited about them, is romantic comedies. I don’t have much desire from them. They’re just not interesting to me musically.

MS: Clint Eastwood fancies himself a composer occasionally. Did he offer you any tips for your score on “Trouble With the Curve?”
MB: (laughs) No, he left that job up to the director.

MS: You have no less than six films being released in 2013. Do you often work on several different scores simultaneously?
MB: It sometimes seems that way. The film industry is in a constant state of flux so sometimes projects often overlap. It sometimes works out as a nice change of pace to go right from one film to another. Sometimes it can get a little hectic but that’s the nature of the business.

MS: The last film on your schedule is “The Wolverine.” Anything planned after that?
MB: I have a new Tommy Lee Jones picture called “The Homesman” which will begin filming this spring.

MS: Is there a fellow composer working today whose work you really enjoy?
MB: There are quite a few people. The most recent score I really liked a lot was Fernando Velazquez’s score for “The Impossible.” He did a great job on that score.

MS: Has there ever been a film you would have liked to have written the score for? And have you ever just sat down and written music for a film that’s already been released –not an entire score but maybe a theme or two?
MB: That happens quite often. You see a film and you say, “oh shoot, I wish I had done that!”

DVD Review “Tom and Jerry: Tricks & Treats”

MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Distributed by: Warner Home Video
Release Date: September 4, 2012
Running Time: 161 minutes.

Tom and Jerry are back and this time they are in store for spooks galore in this monster collection of 20 eerie episodes plus two bonus episodes. “Tricks & Treats” is non-stop cat-mouse run ranging from ancient Egypt to Transylvania and from creepy houses to haunted forests. The duo are at their best delivering non-stop hilarity mixed with ghosts, mummies, werewolves and witches throughout these terrific episodes. If you are looking for something to get the whole family in the mood for Halloween, this is the release to pick-up for sure.

What I liked most about these episodes is that they are all shorts and are just enough to keep your attention. I also like the mix of classic and new adventures, like past Tom and Jerry releases. Just because they are short though, don’t take that literally there is almost three episodes of great episodes here. “Touché Pussy Cat!” is one of my favorites and always gets a good laugh. “Invasion of the Body Slammers” and “Spook House Mouse” are also two more of my favorite episodes. As I get older, these amazing character always manage to entertain and just prove how timeless they are.

Here is a complete list of episodes included:More Powers to You, Over the River and Boo!, The Woods, Fire Breathing Tom Cat, Touché Pussy Cat!, The Flying Sorceress, Tiger Cat, Robin Hoodwinked, Jerry’s Cousin, Invasion of the Body Slammers, Haunted Mouse, Trap Happy, Spook House Mouse, Bats What I Like About the South, Fraidy Cat Scat, Which Witch, Monster Con, Tomb It May Concern, Power Tom, The Itch, Hi Robot.


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DVD Review “Tom and Jerry: Around the World”

MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Distributed by: Warner Home Video
Release Date: May 1, 2012
Running Time: 170 minutes

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Watching Tom and Jerry cartoons is something I can just never turn down.  With this new DVD collection of episodes, it focuses on an “Around the World” theme.  Although it isn’t just traveling without our planet, there is a lot of adventures in outer space as well, which I enjoyed.  With the 22 episodes included, there is plenty of fun and crazy antics going on between our famous feline and mouse.

This collection like past ones are a mix of classic and new episodes.   Tom and Jerry cartoons are just so timeless that this show will never not be relevant.  Especially with the new “The Looney Tunes Show”, I would love to see a new reboot of “Tom and Jerry” as well. I love the fact that Warner Home Video has continuously been releasing these in themed packages.  I am curious to see what they are going to come up with next.

The episodes included are:  “Way-Off Broadway”, “Martian Mice”, “Medieval Menance”, “Abracadumb”, “The Million Dollar Cat”, “Din-O-sores”, “Invasion of the Body Slammers”, “I Dream of Meanie”, “Neapolitan Mouse”, “Kitty Hawked”, “Flamenco Fiasco”, “You’re Lion”, “Kangadoofus”, “Monkey Chow”, “Freaky Tiki”, “Monster Con”, “Royal Cat Nap”, “Spaced Out Cat”, “The Two Mouseketeers”, “Tom & Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl”, “Johann Mouse” and “Treasure Map Scrap”.

Premise: Tom and Jerry travel the globe by land, sea, and air in this collection of 22 hilarious adventures. From Broadway to outer space, hitch a ride with your favorite cat and mouse for non-stop fun and action. Whether the furry duo is running from an erupting volcano on a tropical island or conducting an orchestra in Hollywood, you can count on laughs the whole way. Sword fights, magic spells, and treasure maps fill these delightful escapades and will have you climbing on board for more expeditions. So grab your luggage and bring the entire family along for a boisterous trip around the world and beyond.

Tom and Jerry: Around the World available on DVD 5/1
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DVD Review “Tom and Jerry: In the Dog House”

MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Distributed by: Warner Home Video
Release Date: March 6, 2012
Episodes: 22
Running Time: 162 minutes

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

There is just something simple and timeless about watching a short from Tom and Jerry. I grew up watching them and now approaching 30 years old, I am still extremely entertained watching them battle each other . This DVD includes over twenty exciting shorts which not only feature Tom and Jerry but also their dog counterpart Spike. Since this is called “In the Doghouse” a lot of shorts feature around the three of them. I say one thing to Warner Brothers…keep these coming!! Can’t wait for “Tom and Jerry: Around the World” on May 1, 2012.

The twenty two shorts includes in this collection are: 24 Karat Kat, Destruction, Junction, Beefcake Tom, Bend it Like Thomas, Tom’s Photo Finish, Game Set Match, Cat Napping, Cat Fishin’, The Bodyguard, Quiet Please!, Solid Serenade, Slicked-up Pup, Puttin’ on the Dog, The Framed Cat, Tot Watchers, The Invisible Mouse, Pet Peeve, Feeding Time, DJ Jerry, Beach Bully Bingo, A Life Less Guarded, The Dog House.

These shorts are fun for the whole family guaranteed. I did really enjoy the focus of this set with Spike and his son Tyke. I have always enjoyed his voice, especially since our stars Tm and Jerry remain silent (of course besides when singing). In this release their are classic episodes like “Cat Fishin'” and ” and “The Framed Cat”, as well as newer shorts like “24 Karat Kat” and “The Dog House”. Either way you look at it this is a winning collection.

Tom and Jerry: In the Dog House available on DVD 3/6 /zxsVYq” target=”_blank”>
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Tom and Jerry are at it again! But there’s a new ingredient to their classic chase recipe — just add Spike! It’s hound heaven as everyone’s favorite bulldog, Spike (and son, Tyke) get in on the fun in this pup-packed collection. These 22 doggie-delightful shorts are guaranteed to have fans howling! Join Spike and Tyke in their many dealings with the fast and furious duo. Whether he’s on guard duty, or simply trying to catch a nap, you can bet that Tom & Jerry’s fur-fueled antics are guaranteed to rattle Spike’s cage. And an angry Spike usually spells hard times for Tom — with a little coaxing from Jerry, of course! Leash-up for some K9-filled fun for the entire family!

DVD Review “Tom and Jerry: Fur Flying Adventures- Volume 3”

best slot sitesCartoons: 14 shorts
Distributed: Warner Brothers
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 100 minutes

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

There is always something about the gags, hijinks and mischief of Tom and Jerry.  The unspoken duo have always managed to make me smile and laugh out loud.  The “Fur Flying Adventures” collections are a great have included some of the great episodes and this volume is no exception. The humor of Tom and Jerry is so timeless and can be enjoyable through many generations and will hopefully live on for many many years to come.

The 14 episodes included are “Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life”, “Bad Say at Cat Rock”, Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary, “Beach Bully Bingo”, “A Life Less Guarded”, “Northern Light Fish”, “Doggone Hill Dog”, “Love Me, Love My Mouse”, “Sasquahed”, “Shutter Bugged Cat”, “Snow Mouse”, “The Unshrinkable Mouse”, “Spook House Mouse”, and “Don’t Bring Your Pet to School Day”.  All of the episodes are great.  There is a mix of the old classics and some new updated ones as well.  Overall it is a great collection.

Synopsis: Take one blue and white domestic cat. Add one small brown house mouse. Mix in a handful of chases, stir in a few falling anvils and top off with one brutish bulldog named Spike. Yields 14 delightful cartoons! This fast and funny collection rises to the occasion with a crazy camping trip (Sasquashed), a chase through a carnival?s haunted house (Spook House Mouse), an Alaskan adventure (Northern Light Fish Fight) and an encounter with an abominable snow rodent (Snow Mouse).  But the most outrageous moment of all comes when Tom and Jerry set aside their differences and join forces against beach muscleheads Spike and Butch in Beach Bully Bingo. If you are looking to compare the best slot sites, you can have some endless fun as the main course served up in this new all-family feast of animated fun.

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