DVD Review “Tom and Jerry: Around the World”

MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Distributed by: Warner Home Video
Release Date: May 1, 2012
Running Time: 170 minutes

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Watching Tom and Jerry cartoons is something I can just never turn down.  With this new DVD collection of episodes, it focuses on an “Around the World” theme.  Although it isn’t just traveling without our planet, there is a lot of adventures in outer space as well, which I enjoyed.  With the 22 episodes included, there is plenty of fun and crazy antics going on between our famous feline and mouse.

This collection like past ones are a mix of classic and new episodes.   Tom and Jerry cartoons are just so timeless that this show will never not be relevant.  Especially with the new “The Looney Tunes Show”, I would love to see a new reboot of “Tom and Jerry” as well. I love the fact that Warner Home Video has continuously been releasing these in themed packages.  I am curious to see what they are going to come up with next.

The episodes included are:  “Way-Off Broadway”, “Martian Mice”, “Medieval Menance”, “Abracadumb”, “The Million Dollar Cat”, “Din-O-sores”, “Invasion of the Body Slammers”, “I Dream of Meanie”, “Neapolitan Mouse”, “Kitty Hawked”, “Flamenco Fiasco”, “You’re Lion”, “Kangadoofus”, “Monkey Chow”, “Freaky Tiki”, “Monster Con”, “Royal Cat Nap”, “Spaced Out Cat”, “The Two Mouseketeers”, “Tom & Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl”, “Johann Mouse” and “Treasure Map Scrap”.

Premise: Tom and Jerry travel the globe by land, sea, and air in this collection of 22 hilarious adventures. From Broadway to outer space, hitch a ride with your favorite cat and mouse for non-stop fun and action. Whether the furry duo is running from an erupting volcano on a tropical island or conducting an orchestra in Hollywood, you can count on laughs the whole way. Sword fights, magic spells, and treasure maps fill these delightful escapades and will have you climbing on board for more expeditions. So grab your luggage and bring the entire family along for a boisterous trip around the world and beyond.

Tom and Jerry: Around the World available on DVD 5/1 http://bit.ly/HYoyUl
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