Royal Panda Casino NZ Review


Royal Panda casino was launched in 2014, and it has etched its name among the biggest and popular online casinos. Royal Panda offers premium gaming space and the biggest jackpot. It offers numerous promotions. Its site accessibility is second to none, easy to use, quality mobile gambling, adequate customer service. It focuses on providing the best gaming experience to players from their first encounter.

Royal Panda software and ranges of games

Royal Panda casino has up to 3000 games in its library. It is competing with other big casinos that have been existing even before it was created. This is one of the characteristics that single it out for excellence. Most of its games have slot titles, and it offers a range of table games and a great live dealer section.

Royal Panda offers games from the best software providers, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech.

Royal panda slot games and table games 

Royal Panda offers over 1300 video slots, 140 classic video slots, and 13 progressive jackpots. In addition, it has different collections of slots in its library for players to play and win big.

Furthermore, it also has high-quality table games such as Roulette titles, 18 Blackjack titles, 9 Baccarat titles, several poker titles, and few craps titles in its table games collections.

Royal Panda mobile app

Royal Panda casino is suitable for most mobile devices. Most players prefer to play casino games on their phones, which is made possible via mobile apps or online betting sites.

Its app is compatible and responsive to most mobile smartphones such as android, iOS, Apple devices, and Windows software. For you to enjoy the best gaming experience, the Royal Panda app is highly recommended. It is easy to use, and it offers better services to players.

Bonus and promotions 

Royal Panda is one of the most generous and player rewarding sites. It offers amazing bonus offers to its customers. For new players, you have the chance of getting up to $1500 welcome bonus offers and free spins. There are also daily, weekly and seasonal promotions in stock to existing players.

Your bonus credit must be used within 90days, and free spins are to be used within 7 days after bonus activation. The wagering requirement is 35× before you can withdraw your winnings. 

Customer support

The customer service team is available to bettors 24/7. It can be reached through their emails, live chats, or phone calls. They are fast, efficient, and friendly to customers.

Security and license

Royal Panda casino ensures that their players’ information is fully encrypted. As a result, all financial transactions are secure and cannot be accessed by third parties.

It is licensed under the Malta gaming authority. As a result, its operations are legal, and you can trust and bet safely on its site.


The above review has shown that Royal Panda offers a fantastic variety of casino games and an excellent gaming experience to players. Many other casinos are striving to match up to its level.


What are the benefits of a live casino?

Today gambling platforms offer users a variety of options, from blockchain casinos to virtual reality games. Also, among the main trends in online gambling are live casinos with real dealers. Live casino games with live dealers are an online casino movement. This was one of the last developments in 2010 and has developed quickly ever since. This sector is more advanced than many other casino sports, and the presence of a live dealer casino and real physical casino gives the player special advantages. Live casino UK and in other countries has become quite popular, especially in the last 12 months as people have looked for alternatives to visiting physical casinos due to the pandemic, and so it is important to lay out the advantages that such casinos offer which makes them so attractive for gambling fans.

Undeniably, Real-Time Gaming (RTG) is probably one of the most significant benefits of live dealer casinos. Unlike regular land-based casinos that require your physical presence to play, live casinos allow you to experience almost the same fun and action from the comforts of your home. What’s more? You get to watch every move in real-time on your computer or mobile device. You also have the opportunity to observe and follow the game without any restrictions whatsoever, another huge positive.

Live casinos have never been any better thanks to advanced technology. Live streaming has improved the performance of the whole gaming process. Additionally, players are allowed to keep track of events during the gameplay. This means, after placing your bets, you can easily trace the ball on the roulette table or the card during a live blackjack game. This technology ensures a more transparent gaming process devoid of any doubts. There is nothing artificial about a live casino experience and by being able to see the action unfolding in front of your very own eyes, you can be sure that you can trust the cards you are being dealt. The fact that you can see the faces of the professional dealers will also aid in the overall feeling of security when playing online. Gone are the days when you question whether or not the odds are stacked against you.

Although live game studios have emerged quite recently, broadcast-quality has improved dramatically over the years. The operators use the equipment for shooting with the highest resolution. Different cameras provide different viewing angles: focus on the table, on the dealer’s face or hands, on the information fields. Not so long ago, games with elements of slow motion and replays appeared: a separate camera in slow motion shows how the live dealer roulette wheel or the wheel of fortune stops, how the dealer’s hands open the cards. This maximum detail gives great immersion in the game.

Players also have the opportunity to chat and discuss with the dealer and fellow participants in the game. By doing so, players can establish personal bonds and connections during a live casino game. It is rare to be able to talk with the dealers, but it is still helpful to speak with other staff.

Must see betting documentaries you won’t want to miss

When checking out the best TV shows and documentaries in the evening, you’ll want something that can really capture your attention and give you something worth watching.

Documentaries are not everyone’s cup of tea but when you’re looking into betting documentaries, there’s a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Before trawling through each individual guide that pops up on your screen here’s a look at some of the best betting documentaries to enjoy of an evening.

30 for 30; The Legend of Jimmy the Greek

A documentary that was initially broadcast in 2009, The Legend of Jimmy the Greek takes an in depth look into the exciting adventures and lifestyle of James George Snyder, Sr., also known as Jimmy the Greek.

As a leading sports commentator and Las Vegas bookmaker he was well known for his ESPN 30 for 30 series as well as his flourishing 12 years on the NFL Today program. Famed for his NFL predictions and tips, the documentary also takes a look at his gambling background. Guests commenting within the show include familiar sports names Brent Musburger and Irv Cross.

Best Free Bets & Bookmakers in the UK

Armed with the wonderful knowledge and information that these betting documentaries provide, you could use what you learned to place a few bets at the best online bookmakers. Unsure of where to go? Then online resources such as are a great place to start. They will tell you which bookmakers provide the best sign up bonuses and the best UK free bets in 2021.

Using free bets & bookmaker offers from UK online leading betting sites, you can place wagers on the latest sporting events such as Euro 2020, the Champions League, and the NFL. Plus, if you’re a fan of horse racing, you will also find thousands of markets to choose from.

Fantasy Sports Gambling by Frontline

An interesting watch of an entirely different nature to the lifetime of James George Snyder, Sr., Fantasy Sports Gambling offers viewers insight into the more shadowy nature of gambling.

Despite legislation such as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, businesses managed to find a way of working around the law in order to make fantasy betting into a multi-million dollar industry under the authorities’ noses.

Put together through an investigative team with the combined efforts of Frontline and The New York Times, the documentary is an hour long feature presentation mainly focusing on the development of the fantasy sports betting scene that originally aired in 2016.

The Best of It

Another show which comes from 2016, The Best Of It watches over the highs and lows of four betting professionals during the time of the 2010 NCAA basketball tournament.

Featuring Alan “Boston” Dvorkis, Alan “Dink” Denkenson, Lem Banker, and Ken “The Shrink” Weitzner, this special documentary pays particular focus to the March Madness era and shows viewers insight into how unforgiving a life of gambling can truly be behind the scenes of flashy cars and designer outfits.

Adding further stature to the show is the sadness that shortly after the documentary, Ken “The Shrink” Weitzner and his wife committed suicide following heavy losses as a direct result of the same March Madness period.

The Gambling Mafia and International Sports Betting

Perhaps not one for avid soccer fans, this documentary focuses on the widely popular game of soccer and the trials and tribulations behind the scenes.

Specifically looking at the gambling mafia, the show depicts how individuals work their way around tournaments, teams and individual players to ensure they get the results they want. In short, this show will indicate how match fixing is done and executed.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Beginner’s Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an online game that creates a Wild West aura. The players here lead a life full of crime to climb their way up and in the process kill anyone that comes in their way. The online game gives the players a plethora of options to customize their appearance. They can also interact with people from the real world. The players can team up with their friends and go on a mission to collect weapons or money. The game is set in the fictional Southern United States and Midwestern. Read through these Red Dead Redemption 2 hacks to play the online game.

The cores

There are three core things to always keep in mind – your stamina, health, and the dead eye. The HUD represented by a circle with a white outline shows the amount of each core that you have left. See a drop in the health meter when you get shot. Your stamina falls when you hoof up on a mountain. See your dead eye depleting when you slow down for a long period. When the core is low the meter shows a red. So pay attention because your core affects the stat regeneration and an empty core slows down regeneration.

Using the dead eye

The dead eye is the mechanic to slow down the time and let you mark your enemies and kill them in succession. Use this core strategically. You may wish to tag various targets for shorts or aim and shoot your rivals manually. The dead eye also works when you are on horseback. Many missions have chasing scenes and riding and aiming both at the same time can be a task. This is where the dead eye can come to aid.

Caring and bonding with your horse

Your horse stands true to you through the game. Early on in the game, you go on a mission where you buy your new horse. Give it a cute name. In Red Dead Redemption 2, it matters how you treat your animal friend. Your horse also has a healthy and stamina core. If you let your horse take a lot of shots or damage then it can die. Revivers work here, which though pricey comes to your rescue.

Making money and XP

Money is important and to earn money all that you need to do is to use the D-pad to select the story mission on call. It opens up the menu Free roam. You get paired with a random player. The rewards are small in the beginning but grow when you level up.

The players need to complete the mission to work their way up. Doing the same mission over and over again does not earn anything so always try out something new to earn money. Your performance in the mission is vital. The better you perform the more you earn. The missions are random. Story mission help to earn the XP, unlock future mission and new weapons and also earn high rewards. The mission can also be played along with friends so it pays to get a friend group and work on the mission together.

Be prepared with your firefights

You cannot afford to take a lot of damage when you play this game. Stay behind the cover and be planned about where you should head next. Stay still when you pull the shots especially when you are shooting at a long range. Do not fire aimlessly as it will just make you miss and waste your ammunition. Shoot only with intent.

It takes time to loot but do not avoid it

You can kill a lawman, a bandit, or an innocent and can loot from them. People may not have a lot of cash but you definitely may be able to find some tonics or other things to boost stamina and health. Looting lets you save trips to the general store. Looting takes time and this is also when you are highly vulnerable. So stay cautious when you loot but do not forget to loot.

Learn the settings and controls

If you can personalize the settings, then half the task is done. You can get into the settings to turn off the aim assist and alter its sensitivity. Red Dead Redemption 2 also does not want you to sprint. You can also choose to play in the first person when you are on foot and in the third person when you are riding. This is possible too. The setting will automatically switch you into the third person mode when you jump on the horse. Work on the settings and change them to your liking before you are prepared to take over the mission.


With inspiring storylines and the state of the art graphics, Red Dead Redemption 2 does not fail to engross the players for long. You may be tempted to cut through the mission as soon as possible. However, take time, go slow and let everything sink in before you get aggressive. There is enough time and room for every player to grow and play the game.

3 Reasons to Use Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Many people these days turn to CBD products for a wide range of reasons, and there are lots of different products that they can choose from. There are also different types of CBD products such as broad-spectrum and full-spectrum options. With so many choices available, it has become easy to find the perfect product to enjoy the maximum benefit and get help with everything from sleep quality to reducing anxiety and improving mood.

A lot of people decide to choose products such as full spectrum CBD oil, and this is because it offers a host of benefits when you purchase from a reputable provider. As the name suggests, full spectrum CBD products contain the full spectrum of active ingredients from the plant, which means you benefit from a more effective product and an enhanced experience. In this article, we will look at some of the top reasons to choose full spectrum CBD.

Some of the Key Reasons to Choose Full Spectrum

There are many reasons why people decide to choose full spectrum CBD products, and they have become hugely popular over recent years. Some of the reasons to go for this option are:

More Active Ingredients

One of the things you need to remember with full spectrum products is that they contain all the active ingredients from the plant, and this is one of the reasons why people choose these products. When all active ingredients are contained in the product, you can look forward to greater benefits and a more effective product.

Enhanced Effects and Benefits

Another of the benefits of using full spectrum products is the fact that the full spectrum of active ingredients means enhanced effects and greater benefits. This is something that many people are keen to enjoy, and this is why they decide to choose full spectrum rather than broad spectrum CBD products.

Thoroughly Tested for Compliance

It is also worth noting that when you purchase from a reputable supplier, full spectrum CBD products are thoroughly tested for compliance and safety. So, although they contain THC for enhanced benefits and effects, third-party testing ensures that the levels are in line with legal regulations and that the products are safe, effective, and compliant.

Purchase from a Reputable Provider

In order to enjoy the full benefits of these CBD products, you should ensure you do your research and purchase from a reputable provider. This means greater peace of mind for you, and it means you can look forward to the benefits of higher-quality products that have been properly tested. You can look at consumer reviews from other people to get a better idea of the provider as well as the product you are considering purchasing. This will make it easier for you to make the right decision. Finding the right provider also means you get to benefit from competitive pricing and plenty of choices.

Once you have found the ideal full spectrum product for your needs, you can look forward to a host of benefits. 

Why You Need to Prioritize Crawl Space Repairs

Living in a Washington DC home that has a crawl space can be a challenge for many people, as they do not have the time, energy, or inclination to spend a lot of time looking after this space beneath the home. However, if this space is not looked after, it can cause all manner of problems around your main home, and this can take up even more of your time and energy not to mention your money.

This is why it is important that you treat the condition and protection of your crawl space as a priority, and that you get repairs carried out swiftly by a crawl space repair expert in Washington DC. By making sure your crawl space is looked after and properly maintained, there are many issues and problems you can avoid in your main home. In this article, we will look at why crawl space repairs are such a priority.

Some Reasons Behind the Importance of These Repairs

There are many reasons why these repairs are so important, and this is why you need to ensure you get a professional out to take a look. Some of the reasons you need to prioritize on crawl space issues are:

Avoiding Huge Problems at Your Home

One of the things you can do by getting this sort of repair work carried out is to avoid huge problems arising at home. When your crawl space is in bad shape and in a state of disrepair, it can result in many stressful, costly, and even hazardous problems around your home. Some of these includes problems with pests taking over your home where they can cause damage and spread disease. It can also lead to dampness and mold around your home as well as damage to the wooden supports of your property.

Keeping Costs Down

Another of the things you can do when you have crawl space repairs carried out is to keep costs down when it comes to maintaining your property. Dealing with problems such as damp, mold, pests, and related issues can cost you a huge amount of money, and this could come to far more than the cost of getting your crawl space protected and repaired so that you can prevent the problem. So, if you want to ensure your finances are more protected and that you do not have to spend a fortune on repairs that could have been avoided, prioritizing crawl space repairs is vital.

Maintaining Good Health and Living Conditions

By making sure you get crawl space repairs carried out, you can help to maintain good health and living conditions at your home. The problems that can arise from crawl space problems can have a serious impact on your living conditions, and this can then have a negative effect on health. By getting crawl space issues sorted out, you can more easily look after your health and living conditions at your home.

These are some of the reasons you need to prioritize these types of repairs. 

How portable gaming has changed in the last two decades

With the rapid advances in technology, it can be easy to forget just how far we have come in the world of computer games. In just 20 years or so, since the turn of the century, portable gaming has been developing at an incredible rate.

The advent of the smartphone can be considered the reason portable gaming got the huge kickstart that makes it so easy for us to play games whenever and wherever we choose. Almost everyone has a phone in their pocket these days, so there is no longer a sense of exclusivity about it. Rather, the idea that gaming can be for everyone is pretty much true – a base level of accepted technology has been reached where it is viable to pull your phone out of your pocket and play a version of a game you love.

Of course, the spectrum of available games ranges hugely. Strategy games are the easiest to load since they often do not need so much graphic detail to run. That extends battery life and means you do not need the latest handset to get the best gaming experience. Online casino games are also becoming super popular when it comes to portable gaming on handheld devices, especially since the pandemic of the last year has encouraged more people to play online. Finding Michigan online casino promo codes is a lot easier to manage since the smartphone technology at our fingertips can point us in the right direction.

This coming together of shared technologies was an exciting event in portable gaming history since you no longer need different devices to play different games. During the late 1990s, rival manufacturers brought out rival handheld consoles, which meant you could only get to play with the games they produced that would only run on their machines.

After that point, sometime in the mid-2000s, there was a sea change whereby good smartphones were no longer so expensive. That caused game manufacturers to bring out the games they were making to be released on app stores instead. One of the earliest successes of this era came in 2009 when the release of the game Angry Birds suddenly catapulted portable games on the mobile fully into the world conversation.

This game became so popular that it spawned film franchises, a long list of game sequels, and even crossed into sports jersey sponsorship, quickly emerging out of relative obscurity. This level of dedicated following indicated clearly to the technology companies working in this direction that this was a trend that was here to stay.

Since then, the list of available portable games has continued to rise so that everyone with a smartphone is expected to have an awareness of or play portable games on their mobile devices.

At this stage, the subsequent developments in gaming started to change to look towards the next generation of gaming technology. With portable gaming now considered a standard form of entertainment, manufacturers have begun to look into how to add new layers of technology to mobile devices.

Virtual reality (VR) has always been thought of as one of the hallmarks of new technology that we have seen in movies and artist descriptions for a long time. Now, that kind of technology is not so far away from being mainstream. At this stage, the best versions of VR devices still cost a lot of money and are not accessible to everyone, but then the first mobile phones cost a small fortune when you compare them with what you can purchase now for your money. As technology improves and people become interested in a product, eventually, the price of it comes down as more competitors make moves in the market.

It started in many ways with augmented reality (AR), which grabbed worldwide attention with the prevalence of Pokémon Go, a hit release of the wildly popular Japanese card game series that allowed people to play games with the world around them. By spawning their favorite characters in parks and subways in their local areas, people had an additional reason to play these games in new locations since there was a new layer of fun added to the experience.

This tactic has been successfully employed by many game makers out there. Casinos to big sports teams use the space of big locations to be able to add new and interactive features to games to capture the imagination of the players like never before.

Such immersive technology is looked at by many as being something of the tip of the iceberg, where VR headsets can be easily purchased, and gaming will forever be a portable option that can be evolved with each new release.

It is known that there is still a massive level of popularity for the home console. However, these games also tend to have the option to be played at home and with a handheld device. It is recognized that being able to play a racing game on the commute back from work is just as relevant and exciting as plugging it into the big screen when you get home.

The last couple of decades have indicated what can be possible when the focus of the producers and manufacturers of the new games that come out is on similar themes. It makes it much easier to track all the games that are being released and for people not to have to get used to new technology coming out all the time. Instead of constantly pushing new ideas, there is a clear theme of simply looking to refine the good ideas that are already out there on the table.

As for the next two decades, given how far we have come in the last few years, it is not impossible that we could be in a portable gaming world depicted by science fiction movies before too long.

Best Gambling Moves in Whole Movie History

If you are into gaming and love movies, you must enjoy watching casinos on the silver screen. In this article, we have curated a list of films that have the best gambling moves. Most games such as poker and blackjack, among other card games, have been depicted in these films in an entertaining fashion.

Casino (1995)

“In Vegas, everybody’s gotta watch everybody else.” – Ace Rothstein.

This Martin Scorsese film is the most famous casino movie of all time. It’s exemplary of the mob-controlled casino gaming of Vegas. It stars Robert De Niro as Ace and Sharon Stone as a charming singer. It shows Sin City’s ties to the mafia back in the ‘70s. Ace is portrayed as a super-intelligent gangster guy running a casino. In the seedy world of 70’s Vegas, he prefers doing things the right way. It’s an intricate tale of greed and deception that gradually transforms Sin City into today’s Vegas.

Casino Royale (2006)

This one is for the Ian Fleming fans! Starring Daniel Craig as James Bond and Judi Dench as “M” the boss of MI6, Casino Royale is about a poker game. M sends Bond to Monte Carlo to win a poker game against Le Chiffre, who funds terrorists. It’s amazing to watch the scene when Bond takes down Le Chiffre in the all-or-nothing match.

The Sting (1973)

“If I didn’t know you better, I’d swear you had some class!” Louise Coleman.

If you love card games and horse racing, you can’t miss out on this award-winning fun film by George Roy Hill. In the movie, two grifters played by Robert Redford and Paul Newman con a crime lord. The famous train scene involving the main characters in a classic poker game, is a delight to watch. Paul Newman and Robert Shaw are seen cheating their way through the game in a hilarious way. It’s a lightweight comedy film loved by poker fans everywhere.

The Cincinnati Kid (1965)  

“Making the wrong move at the right time.” – Lancey Howard.

The Cincinnati Kid by Norman Jewison is about a high-stakes poker match between the protagonist, who’s an amateur, and a legendary champion. The Kid who’s learning the ropes wins a few games and begins to get cocky. When pitted against the master player, he realizes that he’s not as great as he thinks. But who wins in the finale? Watch the film to find out more.

California Split (1974)

“Everybody’s named Barbara.” – Bill Denny.

It is a comedy-drama film about a casual pro gambler who befriends an experienced one. Together, both of the friends delve deeper into the shady world of gambling. The stakes keep getting higher, and they need to devise strategies to keep winning; else, they risk losing a lot. The film sheds light on people in this industry and some oddballs.

Rounders (1998)

“Listen, here’s the thing. If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half-hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker.” – Mike McDermott.

Directed by John Dahl, this film has garnered a bit of a cult status among poker fans. This film is a must-watch if you’re a fan of the Cadillac of Poker, also known as no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em. Matt Damon plays the role of a young gambler who wants to reform his life and start as a lawyer. But to help his friend pay off a massive debt, he gets involved in a high-stakes No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em game, much like the ones you can find at your favourite casino website.

The Hustler (1961)

They called him “Fast Eddie“… He was a winnerHe was a loserHe was a hustler.

This film is about The Fast Eddie, who’s a small-time pool player and hustler. He plays against a champion, “Minnesota Fats”, in a high-stakes game. When Eddie loses in the game, it knocks his confidence. He then joins the ruthless manager Gordon to learn the ropes and enters into a re-match with the Fats.

21 (2008)

This film is based on the real-life story of MIT students. Their professor trains them to count blackjack cards. Ben, a brilliant student, joins four other students led by their unorthodox Math professor. Ben needs money to pay his tuition fees, and thus, he goes to Vegas on weekend trips with his group. They make thousands of dollars, which leads to Ben getting greedy to earn more. Ben’s corruption and his changed behavior ultimately put the group on the security’s radar. The entire flick leading the climax is entertaining.

The Gambler (1974)

“Forty-four thousand dollars, Axel. It ain’t just numbers.” – Hips.

This film is about a professor who’s addicted to gambling. He loses all of his money in gambling but doesn’t give up. He borrows money from his girlfriend and mother and plunges deep into gaming, which affects his mental health. He even borrows from loan sharks. Due to his addiction, his mother and his girlfriend quit on him, and the gang chases him. That’s when he decides to win big in the game to pay off the debt and restore his lost dignity. What happens next is worth watching!

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

“Because the house always wins. Play long enough, you never change the stakes, the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big, and then you take the house.” – Danny Ocean.

 This film is about the robbery of three Las Vegas casinos. Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney, wants to pull the greatest heist in history. To accomplish that, he makes a group of eleven people, each with a particular skill to assist in the mission. Their target is to get in and steal $150 million without getting caught.

Honourable Mentions

We hope you enjoyed this list of movies. Some other gaming movies worth checking out are High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story (2003), The Cooler (2003), Maverick (1994), Lucky You (2007), among many others.

Any movie fanatic that has a taste for the casino and gambling life will find that some of the greatest cinematic moments are found in this list.

5 Top Reasons Why Gamblers Choose a Casino Not on GamStop

GamStop is an effective measure against gambling addiction. Players who struggle to control their spending may exclude themselves from the biggest sites. This closes access to UKGC-licensed casinos, but you can access the best games through other sites. Are there any legit reasons to do so?

Actually, quite a few. If you look at non-GamStop operators listed at CasinoWise, you will see that these are trusted platforms packed with first-class entertainment. We have looked at the latest reviews, casino features, and other factors to come up with these five strengths.

1.  Fewer Restrictions

The first reason is obvious. You can easily gain access even if you are on the GamStop list. These platforms are powered by excellent software products. Usually, the sites accept visitors from all parts of the United Kingdom. Any limitations are only moderate. You can resume playing at any time you like, without much effort.

2.  Safety of Transactions

These websites are also licensed, so they are safe and secure. Deposits and withdrawals are accepted through a range of methods. Players appreciate the convenience of payments. Support is also reachable at any time of day or night.

3.  Smooth Gameplay

These casinos are also optimized for mobile use. Their games work on any desktop or portable device, such as a tablet or a smartphone. The sites adapt to smaller screens perfectly. All of your favourite games are easy to play on the go.

4.  Range of Games

These casinos have spectacular collections of top-rated content. You may find all of the games you adore, be it blackjack or video slots. One platform may be packed with hundreds of titles from as many as 80 studios. You are bound to find your favourites and discover other thrilling games.

Usually, the collection is divided into categories: table games, slots, and live dealer options. You may connect to a real croupier and play in real-time. This is the most realistic type of gambling to date. Finally, you may find games that are not usually found at UKGC casinos, such as slots with large jackpots.

5.  Better Bonuses

Like any other gambling sites, these casinos have different rewards and incentives to keep new and existing members inspired. The platforms do not have to comply with tough regulations, so they spend less on extra services, and offer higher bonuses as a result.

As a new member, you may be eligible for free spins, match bonuses, or enticing gifts. These translate into hours of free playtime. Loyalty systems add another layer of rewards like higher bonuses and exclusive games.

Final Words

Casinos outside of GamStop usually have a license from offline jurisdictions. They are safe and secure, just like the restricted sites. You will find hundreds of games, high bonuses, impeccable graphics, and sound effects. Overall, this is a great way to enjoy gambling despite self-exclusion.

Is Borderlands 3, the best in the series?

If we look at the history of gaming, we can always trace some of the generation’s most popular games to a few breakthrough titles. In the case of the RPG-shooter genre, we obviously have the Fallout series kicking things off, but years later in 2009, we would get Borderlands. The now-classic series from Gearbox Software and 2K Games mixed the foundations from Fallout, added in the frantic, fast-paced gameplay from Doom, and Duke Nukem(from whom it got its over-the-top humor) threw it in a blender and gifted gamers Borderlands.

Over a decade has passed since the beginning of the series, and in September 2019 we received the series latest entry with Borderlands 3. This poses the question, did ten years of craft, improvement, and hard work create the best Borderlands game to date? Critical reception was generally positive, while fans were divided about what they received, both sides have fair points, so let’s talk about them a little.

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger?

Borderlands 3 is the most ambitious project we’ve seen from Gearbox Software yet, it is the longest entry on the series, and it has a very large variety of guns and environments. For comparison, its main campaign is longer than the original title by thirteen hours and longer than Borderlands 2 by five hours, which is already more bang-for-your-buck without counting side-quests, extra-content, and DLC.

Technically speaking Borderlands 3 is superior to its former titles, in gameplay, visuals, creativity, and level design. There’s certainly an argument to be made that some effects were better looking on Borderlands 2, but overall Borderlands 3 looks, and more importantly, feels superior. Characters look sharp and more detailed, gunfights are smoothers, guns themselves are outlandish and creative, and finally, the latest entry has multiple planets, which puts level-design on a category of its own, giving players new places to explore keeps the novelty of the game alive for longer.

Feeling entertained is surely one of the game’s strongest suits, with all that was mentioned above, in addition to unique boss fights, multiple characters, diverse action skills, and a fairly balanced AI, Borderlands 3 would be a straight-forward choice for the best game of the series, and yet it is unclear where fandom lies on the debate. One thing is certain shooting and looting is at their best in Borderlands 3, there’s no debate about it. So are we ready to declare it the best of the series? Not quite yet.

Same, But Different, But Still The Same

For all its technical prowess, creativity, unique missions, variety of quests, and generally speaking ability to create enjoyment, Borderlands 3 becomes a victim of its own success and the aging of its own fans. To summarize the arguments for why it isn’t the best derive from the fact that the game is stuck in time, while its fans aged and grew older. Borderlands found success by looking, feeling, and playing in a unique manner, its adventurous, funny, and fast-paced style helped pave the way for titles like Destiny, and The Division.

Borderlands 3 still boasts the same features it always did, it feels like more of the same, which might please some fans but dissuade others from seeing it as the best in the series. Naturally, a game that doesn’t offer much in the ways of new mechanics, and instead focuses on perfecting the good parts, might seem lazy and uninspired, but here we see a good balance between originality and improvements.

Change has been a divisive subject in the gaming community, games have been criticized for straying too far from the original content and mechanics countless times. The opposite is true as well, games like Borderlands 3, are criticized for their complacency and not evolving, there is a very fine line between progress and abandoning what makes your game unique.

Here we face the first dividing question, is an improved version of an older title, a better game, or not? Personally, I agree that games must evolve while delivering new mechanics, quests, fights, and combat to keep returning players, nonetheless perfecting tried and true fan favorite core concepts of your game is also a step towards a better title. Borderlands 3 delivers more of the same, yes, but it’s the best version of itself, and it also provides enough original content and concepts to appease older fans.

When We Were Young

The second argument to be made against Borderlands 3, is that the storyline and campaign, in general, is worse than earlier titles. This comes mainly from the fact that characters still retain their childish teenager charm, quirkiness, over-sexualized jokes, and over-the-top humor. There really isn’t much to be said about this, except for the fact that it is still the same type of story, characters, and humor that we fell in love decades ago. It’s painfully obvious that your late 20’s, self, won’t find sex jokes as amusing as yourself in your late teens, the game didn’t change you did.

Looking at your favorite things and outgrowing them can be painful, but we need to be able to see that maybe that’s not the game’s fault, they still have the same target demographic as they always did. In the spirit of a fair analysis, even taking into consideration that original fans are older and expected the game to grow with them, I can safely say that Borderlands 3, is NOT, the best written out of the series. A very safe bet would be to say that Borderlands 2, was the most enjoyable story-wise, but honestly, the best Borderlands story came from Telltale Games, in the form of Tales from the Borderlands.

Final Answer

Borderlands 3, is the best and worst entry of the series. It perfects everything that built its success, provides endless hours of fun, great performance, amazing character designs, beautiful and extremely big level designs, and superb gunfights. What is arguably the best shooting experience of all the RPG-shooters out there, is a fact that can’t be understated, this game excels on delivering on its core mechanics: shooting and looting. Ultimately, it falls short on story-telling, making it the least creative and safest game of the series.

A game that has over eighty hours of content, the largest map from any of the Borderlands games, an insane number of quests, and countless guns can seem daunting to tackle and experience at its fullest. We all know that the grind can be very tedious and boring sometimes if you need help getting the best unlockable, we’ve got you covered right here.

What Should Every Guitarist Have?

Cooking tools are to a chef what guitar accessories are to every guitarist. Ted’s List believes you just can’t not have them if you want to become a successful guitar player.

So, after securing that must-have amplifier that puts life into your practice sessions, what else do you need to get? Not much, really. Since once you get this step out of the way, there is pretty much nothing stopping you from getting started.

That said, you wouldn’t want to get started in a less-than-ideal state. That means learning about the items that every beginner needs and the ones they might need somewhere along the way.

Seven Things You Should Have as a Guitarist

Here are a few tools that should get you through your guitar-learning journey relatively challenge-free.


Tuning your guitar can be a bit tricky when you first start out. That’s because you might not have the “feel” required to tune it accurately, which could result in sounds your audience wasn’t meant to hear.

A surefire way to avoid this disaster is by using a tuner. This little device not only helps tune with precision but also guides you towards the process of manual tuning—something all guitar players must master.

Guitar Strap

Guitars are the prized possession of almost every guitarist. That means you want to exhaust all the ways to protect it as best you can. One of those ways happens to be placing a guitar strap on your instrument. In this way, you can go all out playing on stage without worrying about your guitar falling off.

Aside from providing stability, straps also keep your arms and shoulders from straining after playing for long periods. They are made up of different materials and come in different designs, but this shouldn’t be something beginners focus on. You just want to make sure you get a strap that allows you to practice long-term, period.

Guitar Picks

Picks vary in design, shape, and thickness. As a beginner, you want to secure a couple on the thinner variety, as they make strumming a lot easier. The thinner the pick is, the more it helps you get a feel for the chords and your instrument in general.

Although somewhere down the road, you might want to purchase medium-thickness picks for hitting individual notes. At the end of the day, your choice of picks depends on your specific playstyle.


Your guitar might already have strings, but for how long? The fact is, there really is no telling how long a set of strings can last when handled by a beginner. Hence, you want to keep at least two sets of extra strings on hand so that you won’t have to run to the store in case you break them.

If not because of your lack of attunement with your guitar, string breakage could be caused by wear and tear, tension, or age. So, beginner or not, it helps to have several sets of strings hanging around.

Of course, what would you even know to do with the strings if you have them? This calls for learning string installment through video tutorials and other online sources. You’ll realize it is worth going through this learning process, as it helps prevent delays in your practice sessions.

Guitar Bag or Case

We’ve previously mentioned protecting our guitars, right? Well, getting a high-quality guitar case or bag is another way to do it. Not only does this keep your guitar dirt- and smudge-free, but it also eases your instrument’s transport process.

If you aren’t looking for anything expensive, a soft bag should be good enough to protect your guitar and carry it to your gigs. Of course, the pricier bags allow you to brave through the elements with your guitar.


Your learning doesn’t end with basic chords, which is why you want to keep a capo on hand for playing more complex songs in a variety of keys. With this accessory, you can keep things from going beyond beginner-level technically when executing notes. You just place the capo on the fret and let it guide you through an advanced piece using positions you’re already familiar with.

Guitar Cable

Playing through an amp is the best, but it also calls for not prematurely beaming the tone through the speakers. For this, you need to call on a moderate-length guitar cable with reinforced ends to ensure a reliable connection.

Now, You Can Show Them What You’ve Got

Even with all these tools, it might still take time before you can show your audience what you got. However, the good thing about having these accessories is that your progress becomes a lot smoother. It also paves the way for learning different kinds of genres and coming up with a unique sound, which is really what being a guitar musician is all about.

Say Goodbye to Excessive Storage Costs with Backblaze

The cost of data storage can become overwhelming for business owners. Individuals may become frustrated with the cost of hardware, as well. Large companies need equipment, such as computers and servers. Costs include installation, maintenance, and repair. With cloud storage, you can choose a monthly subscription that fits your budget. You can enjoy unlimited storage without worrying about new software or upgrades. Start saving money immediately with a quality cloud storage plan. 


You can start your cloud storage without the purchase of special equipment. Instead of waiting for the installation of servers and software, you can simply pay for your subscription and use it the same day. You can even choose a free trial period to make sure the system works well for you. Work with a representative to find the right cloud program and price for your home or business. You can also upgrade as needed with no complicated equipment or software changes. 

Check out a Backblaze review to find out more details about subscriptions and features. 

IT Crew

If you have on-site storage, you must have IT specialists to maintain the equipment. These employees must have salaries, making this expense a routine part of your budget. You may also have to hire a third party company to complete repairs on your equipment. You can employ a smaller IT team when you use cloud storage. 

Upgrades and Maintenance 

If you need to upgrade your cloud program, you can simply contact the company and choose a different plan. If you need extra storage or different features on your office equipment, you must purchase them and pay for installation. You must also consider the cost of maintenance to keep your computers and servers in working condition. Many cloud storage plans come with unlimited data, making it easy to use as your business grows. 


Computers and servers can fail, at times. This can cause more problems than costly repairs. You may lose access to your data while the repair takes place. This can cause employees to fall behind on projects. Missed deadlines may lead to revenue loss, as well. If you have cloud backup, employees can access documents from any device. 

New Businesses

When starting a new business, many people must take out loans to pay startup costs. You can limit the amount of your debt by subscribing to cloud storage. An unlimited cloud storage plan may cost less than $10 per month. You can also save money by paying upfront for an entire year. Data backup should not become your largest expense when starting a new business.

Cloud storage can save money and increase efficiency for your business. Many individuals also use cloud subscriptions for personal data backup. Businesses with on-site data incur expenses for installation, maintenance and repairs. As businesses grow, they may also need extended data storage capabilities. Upgrades and new software can also add to company expenses. You can improve your budget by using Backblaze cloud storage services.

Which Star Wars planet is the best to live on?

There are billions of fascinating planets in the galaxy far, far away, but which one would make the best home?

The Star Wars universe is home to an incredible collection of planets. From the desert of Tatooine to the metropolis city of Coruscant, there are countless ways to live a life in the galaxy far, far away.

Of all the planets, though, which would provide the best place to live?

According to to research from Betway casino, we have complied a list of the planets and some pros and cons of living in each one.


Bespin is basically a giant ball of gas. The only thing keeping it hospitable is Cloud City. If you are wondering why it would be a good place to live is due to that fact that Lando Calrissian, the administrator, is the boss there and that dude definitely knows how to throw a party.


Coruscant is a bit more hoping that Bespin planet. Coruscant is entirely covered by a giant metropolis. It is also the home to the Jedi Council and the political centre of the galaxy. This is city life for sure 100%. If you are looking for the typical city life that this planet is where it is at.

There is a clear class system here on this planet though with over 1000 levels. So if your loaded with money it might be better for you than just the average worker, since the further down you go its like descending deeper and deeper into the pits of Hell.


Endor is the forest planet, which is also home to the Ewoks. Living here would be a nature lovers dream come true. It is blush with forest ands and trails. As long as you can get along with the little Ewoks, you will be happy here.


I don’t know who would want to come to Hoth to be honest, which is a planet covered by snow and ice. Maybe if you were into winter sports, it would be nice otherwise outside of skiing, there is not much here to do. You also especially need to avoid the Wampas, who are very territorial.


Naboo is likely one of the best planets in the Star Wars universe. It is the home of Queen Amidala, as well as Jar Jar Binks and the Gungans (which could be considered a problem if you hate Jar Jar like myself). The planet itself is full of culture and beautiful scenery. Honestly if Naboo is good enough for the Queen it is good enough for me to live.

As long as the Gungans don’t bother you too much, fun fact, Naboo was also the birthplace of the Emperor. As long as you can deal with those two facts, this planet might be the place to be if you can afford it that is.


Tatooine is known best as being the home of Anakin and Luke Skywalker. When you think of Star Wars, this desert planet with two suns, is the first place that I think of. I think of the land as a farming community but everyone seems to earn their own way and I appreciate that.

Tatooine also has the cantinas, which can be a bit deadly if you don’t know how to work the crowds, but if you do it is the coolest of places to be.


Alderaan seems to be one of the most beautiful and desirable planets in the entire galaxy. It was also home of Princess Leia and the Organa family…that is until it was destroyed by the Death Star. Like Naboo, it was known for rolling hills, mountains, waterfalls. It was the planet that everyone wanted to live at, at least until it was blown up due to also being the unofficial home of the Rebel Alliance.


Mustafar is a planet that no one wants to visit. It is comprised almost entirely of lava. It is also known as the planet where Anakin Skywaler was struck down by Obi-Wan Kenobi, setting up his new fate as Darth Vader. What is cool as hell is Darth Vader castle, which is located there but otherwise I couldn’t see a reason for visiting here.


Dagobah is a remote swamp planet where Yoda trained Luke Skywalker in the ways of the Force. Since it is a remote planet, there isn’t much population of places to live but if you are crafty like Yoda, you can make a hut and make it work in a very minimalist fashion.

There is no shortage of species though on Dagobah, some small and some big, so you got to pick your battles carefully. If you are looking for a smooth meditative place to get your force together and trained up this might be the place to go.


Last but not least is Kashyyyk, which is home to the Wookies. Kashyyyk is a jungle planet covered in giant trees. There are some beautiful beaches and treehouses for living it up and to relax at but there are some strange species here including giant slugs and spiders out there as well, so you better get some Wookies on your side to help keep you safe.

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If you are a fan of the this 1971 musical film, then look no further. There are free slot machines with your favorite characters and settings from the film. You are able to take a tour of Wonka’s factory and with each level takes you further into the Chocolate Factory and your favorite characters’ stories!

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If all that isn’t enough to convince you there is also the ability to play both online or offline, wherever you go. You can send and receive Wonka Bar gifts between you and your friends when you connect through Facebook. And my personal favorite that you can sync your level of play across all your devices. So don’t wait get it now and start enjoying!

Tips on Choosing the Right Car Accident Attorney

A car accident can be a devastating event, both mentally and psychologically. After getting involved in an accident, you may start to wonder how you will recover damages caused by the other person’s negligence. There are many car accident attorneys in the United States and you will need to be extra vigilant to select the best attorney. Your chances of getting a good settlement lie with a strong representation

Accidents in the United States happen quite frequently, and if you happen to be in one, you might need an attorney to represent you. Choosing a car accident attorney is very important. You want an attorney that will represent your best interests as you focus on getting better. There are many qualities of a good car accident lawyers, and during your initial contact, you can easily identify them:

Excellent Communication Skills

An attorney-client relationship is one that needs constant communication for it to prosper. If your attorney barely answers your calls or replies to your message, then there will be a break in communication. 

You want an attorney that will call you with updates about your claim. Attorneys are usually busy, but they always try to return calls they missed. 


When in the first meeting with the attorney, ask them about their experience. Before you leave their office, make sure you have confirmed they have worked on numerous car accident cases. They should also have experience in litigation because your case might have to go to trial. Some attorneys have websites with their track record; you can visit their website and see for yourself if they have an excellent winning record. 

Legal Fees

Many people believe attorneys are very expensive and will only visit them when they have nowhere else to go. Most attorneys are affordable, and many of them work on a contingency when it comes to car accident cases. 

Contingency means that your attorney will get paid if you get the compensation by deducting legal costs, including their fees. Do not worry about paying out of pocket before the attorney accepts your case, but make sure you discuss legal fees before you agree to hire them for your case. 

Good Negotiator

Insurance companies have a notoriety of offering meager compensations and playing hardball until the claimant accepts it. A good attorney will spot the low offer from a mile away and demand a better settlement. 

There will be some back and forth between your attorney and the insurance company; hence, having good negotiation skills will increase the chances of receiving the insurance company’s best settlement offers. 

Use Referrals

When looking for an attorney to represent you, one of the first things you may consider doing is asking your friends or relatives if they know an attorney who can help you. At times, a family member or friends might have had a car accident a few years back, and a good attorney helped them get good compensation. Visit all the recommended attorneys and select the attorney you think will best serve your interests. Personal recommendations are good because you get to hear their experience instead of reading a client’s testimonial on the attorney’s website. 

You can also check their personality; see how they interact with other people in the office. Your attorney should be a person you can get along with without any friction. You will spend a lot of time interacting with them, therefore do not choose someone with a horrible personality.

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