Film Review “Baaghi 2”


Baaghi 2 is the sequel to the movie Baaghi with the same male lead Tiger Shroff but the female lead being replaced by Disha Patani for Shraddha Kapoor. It is an action thriller film and it is the remake of the film Kshanam, a Telugu movie. The movie revolves around the soldier Ronnie and fights against drug tycoons and gofers to save the daughter of his former girlfriend.

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Star Cast of Baaghi 2

Tiger Shroff: Handsome Hunk Tiger Shroff is a Hindi film actor but he is also very famous for his dance and stunts. He made his debut in the film Heropanti for which he was nominated for Filmfare best debut Actor-Male and won 5 awards including the IIFA and Big Star Entertainment award. He also appeared in 3 music videos in which he was admired for his dance moves.

Disha Patani- Disha Patani grabbed the hearts of all young boys after she appeared in the film M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. Being the heartthrob of teenagers, she won several awards for her role in the film M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. She appeared in a music video along with Tiger Shroff.

Prateik Babbar: Prateik Babbar is an actor who has appeared in films like Dum Maro Dum, Ekk Deewana Tha, Aarakshan and more. He is playing the role of an antagonist in the film.

Manoj Bajpayee: Manoj Bajpayee works predominantly in the Hindi film industry but has also appeared in Tamil and Telugu. He is also playing the antagonist role in the film.

The film is directed by Ahmed Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala produced the film under the production title Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment. Ahamed Khan is also a producer, choreographer, writer, and actor.

Critic Review of Baaghi 2

Baaghi 2 received mixed reviews from the audience. While some claim the movie to be one of the best action movies, some feel that the action is slightly slower paced. The first half is completely different from the second half. The movie and Tiger Shroff tops in jumping, kicking, punching, wielding knives, bombs, and guns but falls when it comes to emotion.

The Times of India states that the movie is little long and they could have improved the taut screenplay and editing.  Bollywood Hungama claims that Tiger’s performance is spectacular and extraordinary but the screenplay is not engaging and convincing. The cinematography of the movie is eye-catching and the songs are just okayish.

The Indian Express reviews the movie as a trouble with full-on masala film in search of a plot is clear in the way the film unfolds. Though the film is a remake of the Telugu film, the fillings are all strictly Bollywood: the attempt to create difference gets diluted. The NDTV states that Tiger Shroff roars and Disha Patani is pretty but the movie is like 2.5 hours of stunt sequence.

The story of Baaghi 2

The film starts with two masked men brutally attacking Disha Patani ( Neha) and at the same time, we have the introduction of Tiger Shroff who is an Army officer (Ronnie aka Ranveer Pratap Singh) in Kashmir.  Then the hero is established as brave and fit army officer along with his love for the nation. The story of the film begins when Neha calls Ronnie and explains her attack and also asks him to help her out as her daughter would be kidnapped.

Then comes the flashback of Ronnie and Neha who meet each other in college. This is the part which has cute songs and cliche dialogues and we come to know the backstory of the two leads. Once the action sequence begins, we are taken to another level. The action scenes are the ones which set the mood of the film. Whatever may be the fight, Ronnie always saves the Indian Flag and proves that he is a true patriot. We are then introduced to the two antagonists of the movie, Manoj Bajpayee (Shergill) who plays the DIG and also Prateik Babbar (Sunny), who is a drug addict and Neha’s husband’s brother. Randeep Hooda plays the roles of a humorous cop. The plot starts to reveal around midway of the film where we come to know that Ronnie isn’t dealing with a simple kidnapping. There’s a series of crime that unties, one action sequence after another. Deepak Dobriyal as always stands out with his performance and he plays Ronnie’s assistant.

The film ends with Ronnie solving all the mysteries behind the kidnapping and finally saves Neha’s daughter.

Star Performance in Baaghi 2

Tiger is given more than enough to work with. The action scenes he performs are so real and there are high-voltage stunts galore and shows us how the action was meant to be. The story only highlighted the performance of Tiger Shroff and they did not utilize the Randeep Hooda and Manoj Bajpayee. However, Deepak Dobriyal gave the best performance in the movie as always.

Direction and Music Review of Baaghi 2

Baaghi 2 is loaded with action and drama but the script is badly written and crummy direction by Ahmed Khan makes it a dreary matter. The lack of strong direction from has caused in both the antagonists feint a bit.

The movie has 6 soundtracks. The background score is composed by Julius Packiam and the music is composed by Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Mithoon, Gourov-Roshin, Sandeep Shirodkar and Pranaay Rijay. The album was released on T-series on March 20, 2018. The songs and music are good but they disturb the flow of the film. For a detailed review of music read the link below.

Box Office Collection of the movie

The box office collection of the film is higher than expected. The movie earned Rs 25.1 crore making it the biggest single day and opening day of 2018 beating Padmaavat. After the first day, the collection slowly went down by 20%. Then gradually the collection decreased. The movie became the 2nd highest Opening Weekend grosser on Box Office to collect 73.10 crores. On an opening day, Baaghi 2 made 2.11 crore in UAE.

Trivia and Rating of the film

Here are some interesting trivia about the film

  • Tiger Shroff went to Hong Kong to train martial arts under Tonny Ching to be perfect for his character Ronnie.
  • Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani made an eccentric entry in a helicopter at the trailer launch of the film in Mumbai.
  • This is the first film for the rumored lovebirds Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani.

The film was rated 2.5/5 stars by The Times of India and 1 out of 5 stars by Hindustan Times. IMDB gave a 3-star rating on 5 and Rotten Tomatoes a 2 star on 5.

How to book tickets

You can go to the theatre and book or you can just book it through It is always better to book your tickets and get your seats reserved beforehand. The following are the steps to book tickets for Baaghi 2.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your login details and choose your city.
  3. Then search Baaghi 2.
  4. Then select the number of seats and choose the seats you want.
  5. Then proceed to pay or enter the promo code if you have any.
  6. Then select your mode of payment.
  7. Once the payment is done, you will receive the message with the booking details.


Baaghi 2 amazes you but it is not well-structured.  The story has many loopholes. But the film stuck to its genre. If you are someone who loves action films, then you would not be bored of the film. This film is for action lovers and you can surely kill time watching the movie.

Bubble Shooter Classic – classic game with a modern twist

Bubble Shooter Classic is a fun bubble popping game, great for a player of any age, from a 3-year-old kid to a senior person who is still kicking it.

Developed by Ilyon, an Israel-based game studio with a great portfolio of over 40 titles and tens of millions of downloads, Bubble Shooter is one of their most popular bubble shooter games available on the Google’s Play Store.

Bubble Shooter Classic took the concept of the classic bubble shooter game and turned it into an engaging game with a modern UI that is played by over a million users worldwide.

Besides being totally addictive, it is both challenging and relaxing, as the best of this genre are.

The gameplay

Your task in the game is simple: Drag your finger to move the laser sight in the direction of the bubbles and match at least 3 bubbles of the same color to pop them and try to get 3 stars in each level. Of course, you also earn as many points as you can to share and boast with your friends. When you pop 7 bubbles in a row, the fireball will burn up bubbles on its way, drop 10 bubbles or more and the bomb will burst the surrounding bubbles.

At first, the game may seem overly simple. Don’t let this discourage you, though. Once you have mastered the basics, the bursting will go much faster and even more fun. As the levels get higher, they get increasingly difficult. You’ll find that forming large combos gets more challenging.

The game features special bubbles with different behavior.

A Diamond Bubble won’t pop, instead a player can drop it to burst it.

A Stone Bubble can be burst by the use of Fireballs and Bombs.

Chained bubbles are more resilient when together – you’ll need to break the chain before you can pop its bubbles.

And Slime Bubble has the tendency to slip and spread, try to think of ways you could use this to your advantage.

Oh, yes – you can also boost your gameplay with a variety of unlockable power-ups and boosters. But boosters won’t do the brain work for you – the game will make you use your gray matter!


The game is visually pleasant to the eye thanks to vivid colors, animations, a great deal of busting, and sparkling effects.

It features modern, professionally designed, high quality artwork.


The game’s mechanics are smooth and responsive with good tactile feedback. It’s fast-loading and levels are transitioning quite smoothly.

A great advantage of Bubble Shooter Classic is that it is lightweight and therefore won’t be eating your Android’s resources and it won’t lag.

Game features

  • Free to download and play
  • Over 800 levels packed with:
  • Fun boosts and power-ups
  • More colorful bubbles than you can pop
  • Colorful graphics and smooth transitions
  • Optional in-app purchases
  • Extremely addictive gameplay

The game is quite popular on the Play Store with 1+ million downloads and enjoys a score of 4.3 from some 7.560 users, which is not too shabby at all!


The game gets active support from the developers who can be reached at The last update was on March 8, 2018 with minor bug fixes and improvements to loading.

The devs are active in the discussion on the Play Store too. So if you run into any issue, you can easily report it, and the devs will work to improve the experience.

Our resolution

The game is made for ultimate engagement and pure enjoyment hours on end. With so many challenging levels to play your way through you can expect long-lasting fun.

So, do try out one of the best online bubble shooter game for free and solve all the fun puzzles.

If you’ll like Bubble Shooter Classic, you’ll surely like other games from Ilyon. To check out their other games, visit the developer’s website.

Feel your Spidey Senses tingling? Spot the 6 signs you’re a superhero

If you want to know what happens when you force a superhero to live an ordinary life, log in to your Netflix account and get streaming Jessica Jones. This breakthrough series is far grittier than anything Marvel Cinematic Universe has released before. It deals with hard-hitting, real life themes, as Jones tries to return to the normal world after a tough stint as a superhero.

And with a new series of the show available this month, it’s got us thinking. We wonder if there are superheroes wandering among us as we speak, posing as ordinary civilians? Or maybe there are superheroes out there who aren’t even aware of their own powers yet?

Here are the key signs that could indicate you’re a hidden superhero.

1.    You’re always looking to save the day.

We all like to tick off our good deed for the day. But if you’re afflicted with a chronic case of hero syndrome (in other words, you’re always desperately looking for people to rescue from burning buildings, or cats stuck up big trees) it’s could point to an underlying superhero identity. Indeed, a desire to save the day is a trait that unites superheroes from every universe in comic book history.

2.    You like your gadgets.

Glued to your smartphone? From Green Lantern’s Ring to Thor’s Hammer, superheroes do like snazzy gadgets to help enhance their natural powers. In fact, Batman relies entirely on top tech to defeat the bad guys in Gotham City. Just think of all the rocket boosters and freeze grenades, and who could forget that kitted-out Batmobile?

3.    You’re moody.

Being stuck amongst the ordinary when you’re blessed with extraordinary powers can take its toll. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that Batman’s always so brooding, Spiderman’s always a little withdrawn, and Jessica Jones can be a so hot-tempered. Maybe it’s the reason you’re always so miserable stuck amongst the crowds of ordinary commuters on the tube into work?

4.    You have an arched nemesis.

Superman and Lex Luther. Batman and The Joker. Thor and Loki. Every hero needs an enemy. Yours doesn’t have to be a twisted villain intent on destroying the world (though if it is, it’s almost a dead cert that you’re a superhero). Your nemesis could just be your sour-faced office manager who likes making the nine to five a drag.

5.    You don’t mind wearing tight lycra.

Got a very tight pair of cycling shorts sitting in your wardrobe? Superheroes are renowned for squeezing into the tightest super suits. If you’re partial to a bit of neon lycra yourself, or if you like to make a statement by wearing your pants over trousers, there’s a good chance you’re made of hero material.

6.    Your relationship status reads ‘it’s complicated’.

Juggling a burning desire to save the world with your love life isn’t easy – as plenty of heroes will tell you. Batman’s always had it tough dealing with his on-off romance with Catwoman, and the spark continues to fizzle out between Superman and Wonder Woman. If you’re struggling to settle down yourself, maybe it’s a sign that you’re a superhero destined for bigger, more important things than love.

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Assist the Dark Knight playing Batman and The Joker Jewels, join the force for peace and justice in Green Lantern, or take to the skies playing Man of Steel. These slots are all ready to play on your desktop or smartphone today. Just make an account to get started and let’s find out if you’re really a superhero after all.

Catherine Spencer talks about women’s sport and inequality

Catherin Spencer, the former women’s Rugby team captain has published an article in The Guardian on the subject of the inequality between men’s and women’s sport in general, and in particular about the huge investment gap.

She said that if she had been given a pound for the times she had been asked about the hurdles women in sport face, she would be a rich lady. As it is, she mourned, her bank balance is only that of a retired England Rugby captain – and a women’s rugby captain at that.

Women rugby players had to play for the love of the game

When Spencer held the captaincy, from 2007 to 2011, the players were expected to play for the love of the game. Her team included doctors, teachers, policewomen and veterinary surgeons who spent all of their free time training and playing without any financial reward – unlike today’s lady players who at least are given match fees on a match-by-match basis.

The ex-women’s captain mentioned browsing the BBC Sport website homepage recently. She searched out the women who were featured and came across Serena Williams, and the silver medallists from the British Winter Paralympian team, Jen Kehoe and Menna Fitzpatrick. These three sportswomen were amongst 33 photos of male sports athletes, which highlights the problem nicely.

Lack of media coverage for women’s sports events

Women’s sport doesn’t get anywhere near the same amount of coverage in the media that men’s sport does. The same problem occurs with sponsorships too. It creates a never-ending circle. To attract sponsorships, the sponsors want to know those they sponsor will get plenty of TV publicity. However, the TV companies don’t show much women’s sport because they maintain it doesn’t attract the same size of audience that men’s sporting events do.

Breaking the circle

Of course, from the audience’s side of the coin, they say that they can’t watch women’s sport because it isn’t broadcast enough. And so it goes – round and round in perpetuity. The chain somehow needs to be broken, but how?

Anything is possible given enough application. As Catherine herself reminded us, she captained her team in winning four Six Nations championships, plus getting to the World Cup final, all the while holding down a full-time job.

To break the underinvestment circle, all that is needed is the courage and some dedication. The recent spectacle in women’s international rugby was when France beat England. Not only was the game was seen by over 17,000 spectators (the most ever to witness a women’s test match) but more people than ever also got involved with placing bets on the outcome.

That same day 5,000 spectators watched Twickenham beat Richmond at the Harlequins’ ground. A British record.

Getting the message across

Catherine Spencer is determined to further the cause of equality for women’s sport, even though she has retired from international rugby. She is writing her own book, rather aptly titled, “Mud, Maul, Mascara.” She has also started her own agency and is getting in there amongst the almost men-only-world of after-dinner speaking.

She is doing her bit in an effort to show that women’s sport should be taken seriously and that it has much to offer; a sentiment more and more people are beginning to agree with.

Film Review “The Last Casino”

Directed by: Pierre Gill
Starring: Charles Martin Smith, Katharine Isabelle, Kris Lemche, Julian Richings, Albert Chung
Running time: 92 minutes
Distributor: The Movie Network
Original release: June 26, 2004

Film Score: 2.5 out of 5 stars

When you are binging on gambling related movies recently, I came across a film 2004 Canadian television film called “The Last Casino”, which focuses on card counting. Like the 2008 film “21”, this movie focuses on the ideas from “Bringing Down the House”, the best-selling book by Ben Mezrich. The film stars Charles Martin Smith, best known for his roles in American Graffiti (1973), Starman (1984) and The Untouchables (1987) and Katharine Isabelle, best knows for her roles as Ginger Fitzgerald in the werewolf horror films Ginger Snaps franchise. Great talent for sure though the film suffers on a TV budget.

Official Premise: A University teacher finds three bright students and decides to teach them how to count cards to make lots of money. As they learn how to play the casinos, things get tricky when the debt owing teacher informs them that their front man wants restitution for loses in about a weeks time. The three students decide to hit all the major casinos in Ontario and Quebec until discovered.

If you are like me and on your phone researching a movie and its details during watching you might want to check out this interview with Semyon Dukach, who was the ring leader of the MIT card counting team which this film is based on. Definitely an interesting read. So I am glad I came across this movie, this is not something that would have been widely available in my area. It’s not perfect but when you are in the mood for some sneaky card counting it will do the trick!

Film Review “21”

Directed by: Robert Luketic
Starring: Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Spacey, Liza Lapira, Aaron Yoo, Jacob Pitts
Distributed by: Columbia Pictures
MPAA Rating: R
Running time: 123 minutes

Film Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I remember the first time I saw this movie was sitting waiting for a car service to pick up my wife and I to take us to Las Vegas. It wasn’t our first trip by any means, we were regulars back the but that memory has always stayed with me over the last 10 years. Looking back at this film today, I can’t say that it really made its mark on Hollywood but it has become a staple must watch among the fans of gambling movies. The film is inspired by the true story of the MIT card counting team as told in “Bringing Down the House”, the best-selling book by Ben Mezrich. If you haven’t seen it, I definitely recommend if you dig the genre.

Official Premise: Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess), a brilliant student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, needs some quick cash to pay his tuition bills. He joins a group of students who, under the leadership of unorthodox professor Mickey Rosa (Kevin Spacey), use their math skills to win big in Las Vegas. Seduced by a beautiful teammate (Kate Bosworth) and loads of money, Ben learns that the stakes are higher than he ever imagined when he crosses paths with casino enforcer Cole Williams (Laurence Fishburne).

You know that after watching this movie, I went ahead and played a whole mess of blackjack and did pretty well if I remember correctly. But either way, this movie is legit, you can tell that these actors were trained in what they were doing and they made it look really real. I have always felt like Jim Sturgess was very underappreciated. He is an amazing actor.  And who doesn’t love Laurence Fishburne?! This guy has turned himself into a name brand from his TV series “blackish” and “Hannibal” to films like this and “The Matrix”. When it comes to “21”, it may be a gamble but it pays off very well. See it!


Best Escape Rooms in Los Angeles South California

Escape rooms provide modern experiences in amusement and team building in America. This is why participators are subjected to various challenges to determine their ability to overcome trials. Participators are put in real life scenarios where inside the rooms they have to go through the premises within an hour. The challenge is normally interesting as each team member has to solve various puzzles and clues in their attempt to break free. Let us explore the status of California’s escape room industry.

So far escape rooms have held 50 LA room challenges out of 200 others. The escape room teams mainly work in Los Angeles, South California, which is the focal point of these events. According to team members, out of all the US cities, Los Angeles has some of the best resources for meeting participants’ needs and game requirements in terms of set design and volume. As we speak, the escape room industry in South California has received great response amongst the state’s community. As an industry looking to conquer new heights, promoters have been working hard to enable good responses from eager participants.

In this case, they have compiled a list of recommendations to their reader as well as improved the conditions of present escape rooms.

Some of these includes:

Stronger Set and Theming: In escape rooms, the set design and Theming, matter a lot for numerous reasons, besides the fact that the internal logic of the game also contributes much to ensure the game is complete. This, therefore, is something the escape room team members have, and are still working on to ensure quality. According to room escape artists, design and theming are quite essential especially considering the rate at which new room escapes are emerging today.

Local Prosperity: As stated by one of the escape rooms’ escape artist, an escape room can be more appealing for one main reason among a few. That is, if the game designers would consider being a little more creative with their design tactics to the rooms, then the outcome would be astonishing. They also suggest that designing from experience based on factors such as history, architect, industry, and character can produce the best results.

Best Escape Rooms in LA and South California

Southern California has quite a number of top-ranked escape rooms. A good number of these escape rooms are based in Los Angeles and have been considered to offer the best challenges in play. They not only serve the Los Angeles and South California escape room lovers, they also serve the greater CA state and the US at large. Some of them include affiliates such as the Trapped! Escape rooms in Upland, CA and San Dimas, California.

Here are some of the best escape rooms in or near LA, the popular Hollywood city of Southern California:

  • Hex Room (Crossroads)
  • Da Vinci’s Challenge (Quest Room)
  • Bloody Elbow (Quest Room)
  • Magic Kingdom (Maze Rooms)
  • Alchemist (Escape Room LA)
  • Da Vinci’s Secret (60out)
  • Titanic (60out)
  • The Study (Basement)
  • Chapter 1 & 2 (Evil Genius)
  • The A.I. (Exit Game)
  • Hour to Kill (Exit Game)
  • Virus, Fun House (Cross Roads)
  • Mummy (SCRAP)

In summary, although the escape room might sound scary, it’s actually contrary to what you may have perceived. The game is interesting and if anyone has to mention, it is more of a kid-friendly game, and a unique challenge that will sweep you off your feet.

Film Review “The Damned United”

Starring: Michael Sheen, Timothy Spall, Colm Meaney, Jim Broadbent
Directed by: Tom Hooper
Rated: 15 (uncut)
Running time: 97 mins

With a ‘93% Fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes, The Damned United was almost universally praised critics upon release in 2009, but panned by most of the characters it portrays.

Having read David Peace’s novel of the same name (on which the film is based), this writer enjoyed the movie, but understands and agrees with some complaints that it plays liberties with the truth…

What’s the film about?

The Damned United chronicles Brian Clough’s 44 days in charge of Leeds United in 1974. The backstory portrays his rise as co-manager of Derby County and his rivalry with Leeds’ legendary boss, Don Revie (Colm Meaney).

What I don’t like about the film

Liberties with the truth

Much of the appeal of the film lies in the fact that its main character is a real person – the highly-successful and colourful Brian Clough.

After Clough achieved promotion to the second flight and won the league within just two seasons, he was the natural choice to take over from Revie at Leeds, after the latter took on the England job in 1974. The story of Clough’s ensuing 44 days at Leeds is a compelling one and much of the interest in the film stems from the truth in the story.

The problem with the film is that it ignores facts and adds elements for its own ends. By using a real person as its main protagonist, The Damed United capitalises on the fame of the real man, while offering no genuine insight into Clough’s thoughts or actions behind the scenes– and that is where the danger lies when fact meets fiction.

Several of the characters’ real-life counterparts, including Leeds’ midfielders Johnny Giles and Peter Lorimer, complained that the film (and novel) portrays events and dialogue didn’t actually occur.

Former Derby player Dave MacKay even sued the film’s production company for suggesting he broke a 1973 players’ revolt to take the latter’s place as manager at Derby. In fact, MacKay left Derby in 1971 to become manager of Swindon Town.

It’s small details like this which distort the truth unnecessarily, while also spreading potentially harmful lies about real people.

What I liked about The Damned United

Performances and story

The Damned United is a great film. Michael Sheen is uncanny as Clough and has the accent and mannerisms down pat. He really inhabits the character.

Meanwhile, Clough’s relationship with co-manager and friend Peter Taylor (Timothy Spall) is full of warmth; their story (both real and fictional) is one of success and triumph over adversity. While there are other great football films, the true story which underpins The Damned United arguably makes it one of the best about the sport.

Less offensive to Clough than the novel

While the novel is narrated by Clough’s inner voice and portrays him as a vengeful and bitter alcoholic, the film softens these nastier edges. This is a good thing, because when writing the novel, there’s no way Peace could’ve known what Clough was thinking. While Clough’s family still hated the film, the on-screen character is much more likeable than the one in the novel.

Film Review – Molly’s Game

The twentieth century saw a lot of American Dreams coming true. In the twenty-first century, there are a very few people who could see that happen. The online casino business sounds like routine today, but years back a young female started on a risky mission on a big stake Poker game, exposing herself to some trouble and unwanted attention. Read this exhaustive review by Jackpot Fruity to know more about the movie. Jackpot Fruity brings to you the review of the latest movie based on the Molly Bloom- the Olympic skier and what it meant to the world.

The Artists

The casting seems appropriate, with Jessica Chastain playing the role of Molly Bloom. Some critics say that this is the best role of her career till now. Other actors including Idris Elba, Kevin Costner, and Michael Cera have played important roles in a well-defined manner.

 The Poker Story Is for Real

Molly Bloom starts her own gaming initiative in top class hotel suites in Los Angeles and finds some of the richest and most famous celebrities coming to gamble and win at her weekly events. She grows to become a host with taste and standards like a queen. For more than a decade, the fortunes continue in her favour. The table is turned around when tens of FBI officials arrest her during a midnight.

 The Making of Molly’s Game

After Molly Bloom was arrested on charges of illegal gambling in the USA, the right to make the movie was purchased by The Mark Gordon Company. She was approached by the famous Aaron Sorkin to proceed with the screenplay. He has been praised worldwide for his contribution in the making. The dialogue writing is apt and commendable, which makes the characters come alive in a properly detailed manner. Aaron debuted as a Director with this movie only to get acclaims and his work has been well appreciated. The shooting was completed within a few months’ time.

As on January 5, 2018, the movie has released across the USA and is running successfully. The audience is intrigued to know what was happening in the lives of the elite actors, businessmen, sportsmen, etc. and this is drawing them towards the nearest theatre.

 Critics’ Take

The movie is doing well and in the USA alone, it has grossed a business of around $36.5 million. It gets the thrill quotient considering the real incident inspiring it was dramatic itself. Some people do not find it good and say that the female protagonist role could have been carved better. A major objection is raised against the fact that there are only male gamblers in the movie. The creators wish to remain silent at this. The general ratings of people who have watched the movie are good.

Wondering what happens next in the movie? That’s the suspense no one would like to have ended here. Like most movies, Molly’s Game is doing well as it is based on a real incident. The combo of style, luxury and suspense do deserve a watch after all. The harmless bug of the online casino might sting you for squeezing great benefits out of it.

Negative Effects Of Social Media On Students

Every coin has two sides, both positive and negative and so the social media. Everybody needs to understand that social networking sites are here to stay for a long. Because there are millions of users signing in to all these networking sites every day, makes them so popular and trending. You might have also heard about blogs and video blogs. And some young people and students are engaged in all these online communities so actively that it is sometimes so disturbing and hard to trust. It is also important to note the adverse effects of social media sites that they put on the youth of the nations along with looking at the plus points of them.

This is one such assignment template to help students to understand the problems and ill effects of social media networking sites.

Problem faced by the students

Today, the students rely on the accessibility of data that is widely available on the online platforms and especially the social media forums to get all types of answers they have been looking for. This eliminates or reduces the focus of students from learning the things and depending completely on the available information provided by the online sites.

Another major effect that the students go through is spending a lot of time on social media sites and getting less socialized in person. The social media sites lack in objectifying or explaining the body signals other than the nonverbal clues, tone, and inflection. They cannot be termed as the sufficient replacement for the face to face communication.

It is Reported that students who spend maximum time socializing through the social media sites are unable to communicate face to face as in person and find it extremely difficult. The popularity of social media sites has increased so much in such a short time because the information gets viral in the fastest way through these sites.

This is also stopped students and the Young generation from using proper spelling and grammar while conversing. In fact today the students are finding it difficult to write without the help of spell checking feature or auto correction provided in the computers and cell phones.

Technology used by students

The technology that is being used by the students and the young generation including the social media sites get them into serious health issues as well with regular use. These children and students face some health problems including depression, anxiety, sleeping problems such as insomnia, and stomach aches. It is reported that the children and the students who use social media sites on a regular basis to the extreme right develop psychological disorders in the very future along with becoming antisocial and aggressive at times.

Use of technology and Health problems

Excessive use of social media sites can put an adverse effect on the health of the students as it makes them susceptible to some health problems in the coming future. This is when the parents, teachers, and good friends play a vital role in explaining these students about the ill effects of using so much of social media sites and what they are missing out at the meantime.


Children today cannot even imagine how much fun it was in the earlier days when the mobile phones and computers were not invented. It is important to use the social media sites along with other websites for gaining knowledge and spending some free time but using them on excess will bring nothing good as it has not done any good to anyone till date other than bringing health issues and mental problems.

Keeping Up With Who?

One of the most famous reality TV families in the world, it’s estimated that the Kardashian-Jenner clan are worth an eye-watering $450 million dollars. Not bad for a few famous parents eh? It all started back in 2002 with The Osbornes, the show that followed rock legend and Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osborne alongside his wife/manager Sharon and their kids Kelly & Jack in a “faux real” look into their day to day lives. This got us thinking, who else would we like to see earn their own show? We’ve listed our personal favourites below, so take a look, and let us know if you agree or not! This article was provided by

The Beckham’s

One of the most famous pairings in entertainment history. David, a pioneer in British Sports and Victoria, 1/5th of the cultural phenomenon The Spice Girls who sold over 85 million records. It’s estimated that the Beckham’s have a worth of over £500 million, with oldest son Brooklyn breaking into the modelling world, and middle child Cruz releasing his debut single not so long ago. With their eggs in so many entertainment baskets, a reality show watching one of the most successful families in television history would be an absolute blast! Especially once you see the size of their house!

Hulk Hogan

Pro wrestler, actor, television personality, entrepreneur, musician. Hulk Hogan was one of, if not the biggest star in sports entertainment for most of the late eighties and into the early nineties. Although he’s somewhat faded into controversy and mostly out of the spotlight in the last few years, his career would definitely benefit from a publicity boost with his own reality TV series! Follow him around whilst he explores new business ventures, workout alongside him in the gym, and keep up with his antics, in and out of the ring! Hogan’s first foray into reality TV didn’t exactly last long, but we reckon another shot at the top is deserved considering how well loved he was in his hey day!

Royal Family

Let’s be honest, the Windsor’s are one of the wealthiest, most respected and without a doubt most well-known families in the world. Although the Queens worth is around £500 million, it’s estimated that the Royal Estate (all of the land attributed to The Crown) is worth around £13 billion! Not bad! With all the public events, anniversary’s, weddings, birthdays and general love for the Royal Family, its only right that the public get to follow the excitement! Especially with two massive royal weddings just around the corner!

The McGregor’s

Everybody’s favourite fighter right now, and certainly one of the wealthiest, Conor McGregor’s worth is estimated to be around £85 million after his showbiz battle with 50-0 boxing legend Floyd Mayweather! With his sister making her way into the entertainment world with her appearance on hit show “Dancing with the Stars” too, it’s looking like the McGregor’s are a force to be reckoned with! Can you imagine the shenanigans? (and the trash talk!)

Let us know what your suggestions are, and if there’s any you never dreamed could possibly happen!

Tomb Raider – Lara Croft Reborn

The name Lara Croft comes with a preset level of expectations and most people have an idea about what to expect from it. With the launch of the trailer for the movie, interested viewers have a lot to look forward to in terms of actors, action, adventure, suspense and many more things. We have collected some quick facts related to the upcoming movie.

The online casino industry has some best-selling video games and slot games with the Lara Croft character. These have been widely played and loved. With the release due in March 2018, there is a lot of discussion on the story, performance, and fate of the movie. The possible effect of the movie is also being speculated on the popularity of this game at UK casino online.


Big Movie Calls for Big Actors

The lead role is played by Alicia Vikander. Other important roles have been played by fine actors including Walton Goggins, Kristin Scott Thomas, Hannah John Kamen, and Dominic West.


Other people associated with the movie are:

  • Direction: Roar Utahug
  • Production: Gary Barber and Graham King
  • Cinematography: George Richmond
  • Screenplay: Alastair Siddons and Geneva Robertson Dworet.


The Adventurous Plot of Tomb Raider

The little Lara Croft is always intrigued by the disappearance of her father, whom she sees everywhere. Some years later, the young girl (played by Alicia Vikander) sets off on the journey to a place where she expects to find some evidence of her father. She goes to a mythical land for the search and the villain, played by Walton Goggins crosses her path. The immoral organisation called Trinity has big plans to make a mass genocide happen across the world with some rare powers. Lara needs to prevent this from happening and stop the evil people. The videography and cinematography work is stunning and breathtakingly beautiful. The trailer has the famous track Survivor playing in the background. It is a new modified version of the original by Destiny’s Child.


What the Industry Biggies Have To Say

It is undebatable that people are looking forward to watching the movie with great interest. Some famous figures in Hollywood were asked to share their views. Some believe that Alicia Vikander will have to deliver a strong performance. Her performance will be compared to the former Lara Croft actor for sure, so there are huge hopes. Not to forget, that she has won an Oscar. Many believe that the movie is going to be very different from the previous Tomb Raider movie. The trailer does not have any tombs and it is feared to be just average. All the shooting work happened super slow. To the contrary, many people are excited about the new theme or things that the movie will bring with itself. It might not be bad to change the course of the theme.

The audience is very right in expecting a great movie, considering the background and reputation attached to the Tomb Raider name, which is almost like a brand. Go ahead to watch the movie and till then enjoy the slots and video games.

Top Hollywood Movies Based on Video Games

When it comes to the apt source of entertainment and relaxation, gaming has no competition. Video games are loved by people of every age group and they bring out the kid inside you. With the conception of exclusive gaming platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation, it has become more fun and exciting to play games. The wide range of options to choose as per different preferences from adds to its popularity.

With the inception of online gaming, people now have access to games of their favourite genre. From arcade games to shooter games, combat games to stealth games, players have countless options to choose from. Additionally, they can also indulge in online bingo games and casino games and have the fun time added to their life. However, the interesting part is that certain Hollywood movies are scripted on some of the famous video games. Below-mentioned are some of the video games inspired by Hollywood movies:


  • Street Fighter

Released in 1994, this movie is based on the street fighter video game. The movie was directed by Steven E. DeSouza and was a huge success. Although, the plot was changed compared to the original game the characters of the game were retained.


  • Mortal Kombat

Directed by Paul Anderson, this movie is based on the game mortal kombat. The movie was released in 1995. The movie was primarily based on the original game, but some elements were integrated from martial kombat II as well. A sequel to the movie was also released in 1997 by the name Mortal kombat: conquest.


  • Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Yet another movie based on a game series! Based on the action game series Tomb Raider, the movie was released in 2001. It was directed by Simon West and Angelina Jolie plays the role of Lara Croft. A huge commercial success, the movie became the highest grossing film based on a video game.


  • Resident Evil

Released in 2002, it is based on the horror game series Resident Evil. It is directed by Paul Anderson. This capcom survival movie has 5 movies under its name.

  • Max Payne

This action movie is based on the game “Max Payne”. The movie is directed by John Moore. Even after the negative reviews from the critics, the film amassed unmatched applause from the audience. Though, the movie missed out on some important aspects of the game.


  • Far Cry

Released in 2008, the film is based on the popular game “far cry”. It is directed by Uwe Boll. the movie was well acclaimed by the audience.


  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

The movie is directed by Mike Newell and was released in 2010. It is an action-adventure film and received a mixed response from the audience and critics.


  • Need for Speed

Scott waugh’s movie, need for speed, is an action racing movie. Based on the famous game, NFS, the movie was well received by the audience.


  • House of Dead

This movie, directed by Uwe Boll, is a horror thriller based on the game “house of dead”. The movie was not well received by the audience.


  • DOA: Dead or Alive

Directed by Corey Yuen, the movie is based on the fighting game of the same name. The movie sports all the characters of the game and was a hit in every country, other than America.


You may expect a movie based on one of the games from our favourite Sailor Bingo! Indulge in these favourite movies based on our favourite game series, for the time being!









The Power, Full Of Tender And Empathy: How To Stand Out In Business Writing With Contrasts 

We will start with the brief exercise for your imagination. Imagine you are at the zoo, watching zebras. Suddenly you see a green parrot on the head of one animal. We think you will be intrigued by the question what this bird is doing here. And now you are in the same zoo, but watching the cage of green parrots. You will be amazed, but not intrigued and you will not ask yourself anything. Now you understand what does the contrast mean. This is a tiny detail that grabs your attention and keeps you focused. And you can use it for the business writing and in your personal notes. Let’s discover how, if you are a blog writer.

Make Your Headlines Outstanding

Per example, “My Experience Of The Horribly Good Las-Vegas Churches Trip” contains two contrasts and grabs attention with the doubled force. The primary one is about “horribly good” part, two adjectives meaning different states are standing together creating an enhancement. The second is “Las-Vegas churches”. For many Vegas means gambling, partying, visiting nightclubs. This headline invites to discover different, part of the city, usually hidden from the eyes of regular tourists. The reader is intrigued and wants to read or at least open up an article.

Creating The Persuading Content

To sell something, highlight the transformation your reader achieves after buying your product. Per example, “Turning Your Body Into The Thankful Instrument In Two Weeks On The Contemporary Dance Workshop In Paris”. The headline might inspire and seduce. Using the contrast into the selling emails, headlines, website content etc will make your offer special. Use the contrasts not only in the description but to describe the scene. If you need to create the advertising text, use the scene description to immerse the reader in the story.

Use the contrast to create the tension. Keep the reader focused. This is the only way to make the text immersive and interesting.

Understand Your Customer

Consider your customers are not buying the products, they are purchasing the quality of life. Describe the quality of improved, life to your customers. Persuade your future clients and immerse them in the new world. To describe the improved quality of life after some purchase, start with the description of the current problem your customers are experienced. Google about the needs of the target groups, or even consult the marketing consultant for an analysis if you work in some big company. Use the contrast between the life they have and the life they can have with your product or a service. This is the contrast between what is and what could be. Describe the profits and the changes that could happen. Per example, it could be the self-confidence, the self-love, the social status person will gain after purchasing the product. It can be something like: are you tired from the early wakeups and working for the boss? Try our course How To Become A Top Freelancer Within Two Month Of Practice, and forget about working in the office.

Use an empathy and understanding to offer new life to your valuable customer. Persuade your customer that he deserves everything the best. Delight the fact that there is no need to get used to the pain points, triggering on a daily basis. Provide your clients with the fact that there is a perfect way and it can be achieved with your help easily. Good luck, dear article writers!

How To Uninstall Mac Apps Correctly? 

Uninstalling applications and correspondence that you don’t need anymore seem a complicated activity that takes an elongated period. An app that is called Clean My Mac 3 scans every the tiniest corner of the Mac system to discover and rub the things that are rubbish. To clean up your Mac, barely install the application and run it up.

This app is pretty intelligent to determine what it can erase as well as the files that are better to leave. It will scan everything, even the inner system, iCloud, the junk folder, old folders. Remain calm during the cleaning procedure because the utility knows what to expunge and what to leave by itself. It deletes some transitory files, big files that haven’t been used for an elongated period. Also, Clean My Mac can get rid of the programs you want to get rid of and be sure it leaves no traces on your device. The utility looks over your email and finds out the rubbish letters, then deletes them by itself. You don’t need to skim through your email in search of the information that has turned into the waste and takes the room of the system. This is exceedingly useful because browsing the email searching some files you don’t need anymore requires an abundance of efforts and time. This application will hurry up your Mac and grow the storage magnitude. You can check the disk conditions, an amount of memory left, the indexation of Mail and the check of the rights. The cycles of charging can also be seen here.


How Does The Clean My Mac Work?

To start the procedure, you need to download and install the utility. The procedure will take around two minutes. Then you agape up the program and see the amicable and light interface. You will see the window which contains some rubbish files on the left-hand side and the facing side contains a data about the amount of the rubbish files you are about to erase. If you would like to erase the program without any traces, you can pull the program from the menu part containing programs to the menu part containing rubbish. After this program will glance at your Mac and find all the files associated with the program you would like to erase, including impermanent files, cookies, rubbish files. All of this will be made with just one click. This is pretty plain and astonishing way to grow the amount memory on your computer without going to the repair store.

To clean your Mac in seconds, you need to select the “Fast Cleaning” choice that might erase all the data you don’t need any more in seconds. All the data deleted will leave no hint on your computer and clean the memory of the device.

This program has very pliable settings where you can handle literally everything, from the settings of the data you are about to erase, to the interface settings. The interface contains two themes, Titanium that is gray and Marble, that is brighter.

You can customize this program according to your needs. All the parameters will fit your needs after you’ll assemble the first customization. Cleaning with Clean My Mac is simple and quick and it really works! Try on your own computer and experience the significant rapidity grow.

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