Comic Book Review Writing Tips and Tricks

Comic books are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Several decades ago, a comic book was treated like meaningless trash whereas it contained pictures and short portions of text about superheroes, ghosts, common people, etc. The majority of comics were produced for children. Apparently, the choice of comic books is enormous. One can find books about scouts, animals, Vikings, schoolchildren, supernatural creatures and others. Without doubt, the most famous and successful comics are about superheroes and their adventures. Modern comic books are no longer treated carelessly. They belong to the specific combination of art and literature. They possess a specific name – graphic novels. The most prominent producers of graphic novels employ the best artists and scriptwriters who make their comics captive, absorbing, curious and uncommon. Every comic book contains its offbeat plot and characters. Most often, graphic novels are periodical. There are specific main characters who experience various adventures in every new edition. As might be expected, young people are interested in comic books and they make them a part of their life.

Whenever you want to review a graphic novel for high school, college or blog, you should get to know how to do it beneficially. Firstly, you should prepare for this process practically. Read several different comic books in order to catch their structure, motives, plot, strong and weak sides. You should understand the nature of a graphic novel. Secondly, you should read your specific comic book planned for analysis. It is important to read other editions of this chosen series of graphic novels in order to learn about its characters, the core motives, ideas and peculiarities. Needless to say but many situations and motives repeat in every edition. It is vital to notice them and mention them in your comic book review. In brief, you ought to study the entire world of DC comics if you review a specific graphic novel about Batman, Superman or Flash. It is impossible to grab the main idea of these books if you do not know about the foundational connections between its characters.

You cannot prepare a worthy and imposing graphic novel review if you do not write about the author and illustrator of the specific comic book. If you review a comic book about Iron Man, Spider-Man or the X-Men, you will definitely need to mention Stan Lee, the creator of the majority of Marvel Comics superheroes. Say a few words about his achievements, career and impact on the development of the specific series of graphic novels. Illustrators are extremely important for this industry. No one will buy a comic book if there are no fascinating, magnificent and authentic images in it. Very often, people purchase these books in order to possess it like an album. They treat it as a form of art. Thus, you cannot omit an illustrator in your review. He makes the indigenous ‘appearance’ of a comic book. Above all things, you should mention the title of the chosen edition, its date of publication, format and ISBN number. This basic information will help one find the required edition in the Internet or library.

Now you ought to analyze the plot of the selected graphic novel. It is smart to divide the plot into two levels. The first level denotes the main characters and events of the story. Of course, you must not reveal the most newsworthy details and the ending of the story. The second level refers to the problems and major ideas hidden in the comic book. For instance, when you write about Superman, you can write how he protects the world and how he would influence our life if he lived in the real world.

The quality of writing and artwork are two paramount elements of your review. You should analyze the conflict of the specific novel and evaluate its resolution. You should say whether the author has managed to make a gripping and affecting plot or not. Is the plot unpredictable? What can you say about its crucial moments? Then, you need to pay attention to the illustrations that can be found in the comic book. Say about the artistic style. Illustrators apply cartoon-like, manga and realistic styles. They definitely influence the general perception of a book. What are the dominant colors of your particular graphic novel? Do you like it?

Bear in mind that your review is subjective. You cannot impose your point of view on other readers and fans whereas they like these comic books regardless of how you criticize them. Therefore, prepare to receive negative feedback and comments of your readers if you place your graphic novel review on your blog.

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Book Review “My Little Pony: Tricks and Treats”

Age Range: 4 – 8 years
Grade Level: Preschool – 3
Series: My Little Pony
Paperback: 24 pages
Publisher: LB Kids
Release Date: August 5, 2014

“My Little Pony: Tricks and Treats” is a kids books adaptation of the episode “Luna Eclipsed”. It features full color pictures takes from the episodes with some works on each, so it is easy to read. If you are a fan of the series and Halloween, this is a fun little treat for the kiddies.

Official Premise: It’s Nightmare Night in Ponyville! Join the ponies and their pals as they celebrate their version of Halloween. They dress up in silly costumes, collect lots of candy, and tell spooky stories about the evil Nightmare Moon!

Please the real selling point for my daughter, who is two, is that fact that there is a bunch of cool stickers at the end of the book including Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Rainbow Dash and her favorite Pinkie Pie. So we went through this book a few times since and have been placing stickers throughout the story. Added fun for a simple and cute book.


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DVD Review “Tom and Jerry: Tricks & Treats”

MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Distributed by: Warner Home Video
Release Date: September 4, 2012
Running Time: 161 minutes.

Tom and Jerry are back and this time they are in store for spooks galore in this monster collection of 20 eerie episodes plus two bonus episodes. “Tricks & Treats” is non-stop cat-mouse run ranging from ancient Egypt to Transylvania and from creepy houses to haunted forests. The duo are at their best delivering non-stop hilarity mixed with ghosts, mummies, werewolves and witches throughout these terrific episodes. If you are looking for something to get the whole family in the mood for Halloween, this is the release to pick-up for sure.

What I liked most about these episodes is that they are all shorts and are just enough to keep your attention. I also like the mix of classic and new adventures, like past Tom and Jerry releases. Just because they are short though, don’t take that literally there is almost three episodes of great episodes here. “Touché Pussy Cat!” is one of my favorites and always gets a good laugh. “Invasion of the Body Slammers” and “Spook House Mouse” are also two more of my favorite episodes. As I get older, these amazing character always manage to entertain and just prove how timeless they are.

Here is a complete list of episodes included:More Powers to You, Over the River and Boo!, The Woods, Fire Breathing Tom Cat, Touché Pussy Cat!, The Flying Sorceress, Tiger Cat, Robin Hoodwinked, Jerry’s Cousin, Invasion of the Body Slammers, Haunted Mouse, Trap Happy, Spook House Mouse, Bats What I Like About the South, Fraidy Cat Scat, Which Witch, Monster Con, Tomb It May Concern, Power Tom, The Itch, Hi Robot.


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