Kyra Elise Gardner talks about her documentary “Living with Chucky”

After growing up within the Child’s Play franchise, director Kyra Elise Gardner (daughter of special effects artist Tony Gardner) offers a unique perspective on Chucky’s reign of terror in Living with Chucky.

C.J. Graham reflects on playing Jason Voorhees in “Friday the 13th Part VI – Jason Lives”

You can find C.J. at most horror conventions around the world, as he enjoys meeting his fans. Jason Voorhees has become a global icon brand known throughout the world. C.J. Graham respects all the actors/stuntmen who played Jason and their contribution to the iconic brand.

Fastest Land Animal’s Screamin’ Jack Novak talks about new album and touring with Tesla

Fastest Land Animal (FLA) is an energetic punk rock band consisting of native New Yorkers, John Cusimano, aka Screamin’ Jack Novak (vocals), Jonny Blaze, aka Alfonse Castillo (guitars and bass) and Andrew Meskin, aka Shark Samuels (drums). Formed during the worldwide shutdown, FLA took recording into their own hands, writing and laying down tracks from …

Nancy Travis talks about her new TV series on Hallmark Channel, “RIDE”

The first of the ten-episode season premieres on Hallmark Channel on Sunday, March 26th and can be watched on demand the next day on all platforms where Hallmark is available.

Lilah Fitzgerald talks “Monster High: The Movie”, her new TV series “Lucky Hank” and her debut novel!

Lilah Fitzgerald talks about her role of Ghoulia in “Monster High: The Movie”, its upcoming sequel on Paramount+, her new TV series “Lucky Hank” with Bob Odenkirk and her new debut novel, “Stars & Swashbucklers”!

Sadie Laflamme-Snow talks about Hallmark’s The Way Home & Plans for Season 2

Sadie Laflamme-Snow plays the role of Alice Dhawan in Hallmark Channel’s The Way Home opposite Andie MacDowell and Chyler Leigh. The new hit show, which was already greenlit for a second season. Media Mikes had a chance to chat about the first season, plans for season 2 and even Sadie’s upcoming projects including Shudder’s “Slasher: …

William Mark McCullough talks about filming in a real haunted house for “A Savannah Haunting”

William Mark McCullough talks about not only directing the recent film A Savannah Haunting but also writing and co-starring. Mark also talks about his love of acting and what he has planned next!!

Bo Bice talks hitting the stage in Rock of Ages at Garden Theatre in Winter Garden, FL

Bo Bice is one of America’s most popular modern day southern rock singers. Bo’s epic run on American Idol as runner-up to Carrie Underwood in 2005 is still one of the most watched seasons in the shows history. Bo currently is playing the lead role in “Rock of Ages” at the Garden Theatre in Winter …

Former MLB Pitcher Bronson Arroyo Discusses His New Album “Some Might Say”

Media Mikes had the chance to speak with Bronson recently about the album’s creation, his transition from baseball to music and the encouraging words he received from Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder.

Richard Hell & The Voidoids guitarist Ivan Julian discusses his new solo album “Swing Your Lanterns”

Seminal punk guitarist Ivan Julian was an essential part of the 1970’s New York city punk scene as a founding member of the band Richard Hell and the Voidoids.

Dylan Nash and Maxx Morando from Liily discuss their new single “Applause” and appearing on Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party.

Media Mikes had the chance to speak with singer Dylan Nash and drummer Maxx Morando about the group’s formation, their songwriting process and what it was like being a part of Miley Cyrus’s New Year’s party.

William Mark McCullough and Alexis Nelson discuss what it was like shooting A SAVANNAH HAUNTING in a real haunted house

William Mark McCullough and Alexis Nelson discussing what it was like shooting the movie A SAVANNAH HAUNTING in a real haunted house! A SAVANNAH HAUNTING delivers a dread-filled supernatural drama about a mother grappling with her guilt stemming from the tragic drowning of her youngest daughter. When the family moves to Savannah to distance themselves …

Exclusive Interview for TERRIFIER 2 with Damien Leone and David Howard Thornton aka Art the Clown!

MediaMikes had a chance to chat with writer/director Damien Leone and star David Howard Thornton of the new movie “Terrifier 2”, which will be in theaters on October 6, 2022 from Cinedigm in partnership with Iconic Events.

Dream Theater Guitarist John Petrucci Discusses His Upcoming Solo Tour With Mike Portnoy and Dave Larue

John Petrucci is the guitarist for the Grammy Award winning Progressive-Metal band Dream Theater. In support of his most recent solo album “Terminal Velocity” Petrucci has announced a multi date tour which will feature bassist Dave Larue and former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy.

Stan Bush reflects on success of “The Touch” in “Transformers: The Movie (1986)”

“Worldwide icon of melodic rock Stan Bush is best known for his song “The Touch,” made famous by Transformers: The Movie (1986). An anthem for Transformers fans around the world, “The Touch” was remixed in 2013 by High Moon Studios for their hit video game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. It has also been featured on …

Tia Carrere talks Easter Sunday with Jo Koy, Wayne’s World and Lilo & Stitch

Tia Carrere played Cassandra Wong in the films Wayne’s World and Wayne’s World 2; Juno Skinner in True Lies; Nani Pelekai in the Lilo & Stitch films and TV series; In addition to acting, Carrere has won two Grammy Awards for her music. Her new film Easter Sunday with Jo Koy comes out August 5, …

Sicksense Vocalist Robby J. Discusses The Bands Debut LP “Kings Today”

Robby J is the Co-Lead vocalist for the band “Sicksense”. The band recently released their debut EP titled “Kings Today” which is a fresh and blazing mix of rock and metal stylings which harkens back to the sounds of the late 90’s Nu Metal movement.

Bowling For Soup’s Jaret Reddick Discusses The Bands New Studio Album “Pop Drunk Snot Bread”

Jaret Reddick is the lead vocalist and guitarist for the Pop-Punk band Bowling For Soup.

Artist/Musician Chloe Trujillo Discusses Her New Solo Album “Mothers of a New Nation”

Chloe Trujillo is a visual artist, fashion designer and musician. Her latest solo release titled “Mothers of a New Nation” blends a variety of styles and influences some of which are pulled directly from her art works while others pay homage to her experiences as a young woman growing up around the world in places such as New York City, Paris, and Berlin.

Guitarist Gus G Discusses His New Solo Album “Quantum Leap”

Gus G is the guitarist for Greek power metal band Firewind. Gus has also played with Kamelot, Arch Enemy and Ozzy Osbourne. Gus’s latest release is an instrumental solo album titled “Quantum Leap”.

Singer Malia J Talks About Her Cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and Her Upcoming Debut EP “Reflections”

Malia J is a singer, songwriter with nearly 2 million views on YouTube and an astounding 3 million streams on Spotify. Malia J’s works have appeared in series such as “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer” and most recently Marvel’s “Black Widow” starring Scarlett Johansson.

Drummer Tommy Clufetos Talks About His Debut Solo Project “Tommy’s RockTrip”

Tom Clufetos has been behind the drum kit for some of rocks biggest acts including Rob Zombie, Ozzy Osbourne, Ted Nugent and Alice Cooper. Tommy’s newest project is a solo effort titled Tommy’s Rocktrip.

Staind Guitarist Mike Mushok Discusses New Live Album “Live: It’s Been Awhile”

The rock group Staind is back on May 7th with their first release in nine years titled “Live: It’s Been Awhile”

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Kirk Hammett: Gibson Partners with Metallica Guitarist To Recreate “Greeny,” His Iconic 1959 Les Paul Standard Burst Guitar

Gibson is proud to unveil its first official global release and partnership with Kirk Hammett, legendary guitarist of the multi-platinum selling and GRAMMY® Award-winning band, Metallica. No other guitar has earned legendary status like “Greeny,” the magical 1959 Les Paul Standard, now owned by Kirk Hammett.

Fastest Land Animal’s Screamin’ Jack Novak talks about new album and touring with Tesla

Fastest Land Animal (FLA) is an energetic punk rock band consisting of native New Yorkers, John Cusimano, aka Screamin’ Jack Novak (vocals), Jonny Blaze, aka Alfonse Castillo (guitars and bass) and Andrew Meskin, aka Shark Samuels (drums). Formed during the worldwide shutdown, FLA took recording into their own hands, writing and laying down tracks from …

Wolfgang Van Halen’s MAMMOTH WVH To Release ‘MAMMOTH II’ On August 4th

On the heels of a whirlwind debut that included a GRAMMY® Award nomination for his first-ever single, #1 debuts on multiple charts, television performances, and sold out shows over a two-year span, Mammoth WVH is back with its sophomore album Mammoth II.

Cancel Your Summer Vacation Plans! GWAR Announces Summer Dates Alongside Mudvayne, and more on the “The Psychotherapy Sessions” Tour

The “The Psychotherapy Sessions” tour kicks off July 20th in West Palm Beach, FL and runs through August 26th in Salt Lake City, UT. Tickets go on sale this Friday!

Product Review: Von Frankenstein Monster Gear Guitar & Bass Strings

From a playability standpoint both the guitar and bass strings all provided a smooth and balanced feel which made fretting chords comfortable and bending single notes almost effortless.

DIETH – Featuring David Ellefson, Guilherme Miranda and Michał Łysejko – to Release New Album, ‘To Hell And Back’, on June 2

Death thrash force DIETH – featuring the iconic line-up of Grammy Award winning bassist David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth), Swedish Grammy nominated guitarist/vocalist Guilherme Miranda (ex-Entombed A.D.) and drummer Michał Łysejko (ex-Decapitated) – finally make their highly anticipated return with the upcoming release of their debut full-length via Napalm Records, entitled ‘To Hell And Back’, out June 2, 2023!

MESA/Boogie Announces A New Mark Icon, the Mark VII Series, Available Now

From humble beginnings to worldwide recognition, MESA/Boogie® has remained the original boutique Home of Tone, hand-crafting amplifiers of uncompromising quality from the world’s finest materials in California, USA.

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Film Reviews

Film Review: “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves”

Overall, “Dungeons & Dragons” remains a fun film anyone can enjoy.

Film Review “Smoking Causes Coughing”

There’s bad movies and then there is SMOKING CAUSES COUGHING, which easily just scored the worst film I have seen all year…and I have watched some real crap

Film Review: “John Wick: Chapter 4”

Overall, “John Wick: Chapter 4” is easily the best film so far of 2023 and if you haven’t seen the previous three films then only one question remains – why haven’t you?

Film Review: “TAR”

The true star of the show, of course, is Blanchett who delivers Field’s words with epic perfection.

Film Review: “Leave”

Shudder has enough content that you’re better off leaving “Leave” off your list

Film Review: “Spoonful of Sugar”

You’ll probably end up deciding on a vasectomy or tubal ligation before the credits roll

Film Review “Children of the Corn (2023)”

While the 2023 film doesn’t break the mold, it takes the story in a new direction by serving as a prequel while expanding upon the mythology.

FIlm Review: “Puss in Boots: the Last Wish”

As with most of the films in the SHREK universe, the performances are first-rate and the animation is beaufiul.  Here’s hoping this cat has more lives in him.

Film Review: “A Man Called Otto”

Otto may not be a saint, but he is a good man at heart, and heart is what this film is all about.

Film Review: “80 for Brady”

Besides, now that the NFL season is over, “80 for Brady” is a way to get in a little more football before baseball season rolls along.

Film Review: “All Quiet on the Western Front”

Overall, “All Quiet on the Western Front” should be a part of any cinephile’s movie collection.

Film Review: “Cocaine Bear”

A film that mixes dark humor and horror perfectily is indeed a rarity, but “Cocaine Bear” pulls this mixture off almost seamlessly.

Film Review: “Nocebo”

“Nocebo” would effectively be weaker without Eva Green penetrating every scene with her acting chops

Film Review: Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Overall, “Quantumania” is an entertaining flick that at least lays the groundwork for a hopefully a much better and well-rounded slate of Phase 5 films.

Film Review: Guilermo del Toro’s PINNOCHIO

Overall, “GDT’s Pinocchio” is an imaginative, darkly whimsical film that will set you on an emotional pendulum from start to finish.

Film Review: “Attachment”

Maybe it’s because we haven’t seen these kinds of people in these stories, but “Attachment” feels fresh, even when it’s doing a juggling act we’ve seen dozens of times before

Film Review: “The Last Deal”

“The Last Deal” should be your last option when picking what to watch

Film Review: “Eo”

“Eo” will make you smile, cry and ponder what exactly is going on in this crazy world and you’ll be a better person after all of it

Film Review: “Women Talking”

For some viewers, “Women Talking” bookended a rough 2022 for women in America, and for some viewers, this film is your rallying cry in 2023

Film Review: “The Whale”

And the Oscar goes to…..  Brendan Fraser.  That is all.

Film Review: “The Fabelmans”

With all Spielberg films, the production values are first rate.  And it’s so nice to once again see a Spielberg film accompanied by a beautiful musical score by the great John Williams.  Spielberg and Williams.  Takes me back to “Jaws.”

Film Review: Journey to Royal – A WWII Rescue Mission

Highly recommended for those interested in military history and in accounts of bravery in the face of overwhelming odds.

Film Review: “The Menu”

I may never eat pickled cucumber balls or slurp down some fancy oysters but they certainly do look good.  So does this film.

Film Review: “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

On the positive side, the performances are strong and the visual effects are outstanding.  But great effects do not always a great movie make – I’m looking at you, “Avatar” – and the humanity that Mr. Boseman brought to the title character is greatly missed. 

Film Review: “Terrifier 2”

If you enjoyed Damien Leone’s original “Terrifier” – then you’re in luck! “Terrifier 2” is the type of sequel where it feels like the director knows exactly what worked and didn’t work within their original film, and decides to double down on all the best parts. While “Terrifier 2” certainly has its fair share of bad …

Film Review: Deadstream

“Deadstream” is a fun found footage film that will make you laugh and cheer at the follies of an attention seeking Zoomer douchebag who deserves every ounce of terribleness heading his way

Film Review: “The Munsters”

I think Rob Zombie is still an incredible talent, but it’s clear that “The Munsters” is his rock bottom as a director

Film Reeview: “Potato Dreams of America”

Hurley’s script is quite funny, especially in the first act, where Potato and Lena do their best to tolerate those who are intolerable among them

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Enter for Free Tickets to an Advance Screening of “Chevalier”

Inspired by the incredible story of composer Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges. The
illegitimate son of an African slave and a French plantation owner, Bologne (Kelvin Harrison Jr. in a tour
de force performance) rises to improbable heights in French society as a celebrated violinist-composer and fencer…

Enter for Free Tickets to an Advance Screening of “A Thousand and One”

Set in the 1990s, A THOUSAND AND ONE follows unapologetic and free-spirited Inez (Taylor), who kidnaps six-year-old Terry from the foster care system. Holding onto their secret and each other, mother and son set out to reclaim a sense of home, identity, and stability in a rapidly changing New York City. 

Enter for Free Tickets to an Advance Screening of “AIR”

From award-winning director Ben Affleck, AIR reveals the unbelievable game-changing partnership between a then-rookie Michael Jordan and Nike’s fledgling basketball division which revolutionized the world of sports and contemporary culture with the Air Jordan brand

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Tampa Bay Comic Convention Announces First Five Celebrity Guests for 2023 Show

TAMPA BAY – March 17, 2023 – Tampa Bay Comic Convention ( announced today its first round of celebrity guest attendees, including Giancarlo Esposito, Jim Cummings, Pauly Shore, Steve Downes and Jen Taylor for the 2023 show on July 28-30, 2023 at the Tampa Bay Convention Center.  “Our first round of celebrity guest announcements is …

Kansas City Theater Review: HAMILTON

Also of note was the powerhouse vocals by Alysha Deslorieux as Eliza Hamilton, wife of Alexander. Her vocal range and control were nothing short of extraordinary.

Theatre Review “The Spongebob Musical” @ Orlando Repertory Theatre

The show was fun, colorful and full of amazing songs that had you nearly up and dancing in your seats.

Full Moon Features Launches “Tentacula”, an Innovative Subsidiary Creating Unique, High-end Gift and Lifestyle Items Centering Around Mysticism, Magic and Arcane Entertainment

Tentacula Reveals Its Flagship Product, “The Fortune Teller”, Available Now

Bo Bice talks hitting the stage in Rock of Ages at Garden Theatre in Winter Garden, FL

Bo Bice is one of America’s most popular modern day southern rock singers. Bo’s epic run on American Idol as runner-up to Carrie Underwood in 2005 is still one of the most watched seasons in the shows history. Bo currently is playing the lead role in “Rock of Ages” at the Garden Theatre in Winter …

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