Tyler MacIntyre talks about directing the new holiday horror film, “It’s a Wonderful Knife”

Director Tyler MacIntyre is no stranger to horror genre. He has directed films like V/H/S/99 and Tragedy Girls. His latest film, It’s a Wonderful Knife, is a blend between Scream and It’s a Wonderful Life, with great success and a stacked cast incl. Joel McHale, Katharine Isabelle, William B. Davis and Justin Long. It’s a …

Felicia Day talks about her new audio book, Third Eye, available only on Audible

Felicia Day is known best for her web series The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Some might also know her from playing Vi in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dr. Holly Marten in Eureka. She also had a recurring role as Charlie Bradbury on Supernatural and in Mystery Science Theater 3000. Besides TV work, Felicia has also written two bestselling books over the years.

Her latest audio book, Third Eye, which is only available on Audible, was released in October of 2023 and features a full cast including herself, Neil Gaiman, Christopher Judge, Carolyn Seymour, Laraine Newman, Wil Wheaton, Danny Pudi, Sean Astin, LilyPichu…

Kontrust members Manuel Haglmüller & Julia Ivanova talks about latest album Madworld

Austrian crossover legends KONTRUST are one of the most extravagant and exciting acts on the scene. On their first album in nine years, KONTRUST present new vocalist Julia Ivanova and new drummer Joey Sebald, who already won over live audiences in the summer of 2022 at huge festivals such as Graspop Metal Meeting, Hellfest Open …

Dennis Paoli talks about writing Suitable Flesh and adapting the works of H.P. Lovecraft

Dennis Paoli is the writer of films like Re-Animator, From Beyond, Dagon and Castle Freak – to name a few. He is a long time collaborator with the late Stuart Gordon. He recently teamed up with Joe Lynch (Mayhem, Chillerama) on the new film, Suitable Flesh, starring Heather Graham and Barbara Crampton. Media Mikes had …

Actress Maeve Moynihan Talks About Her Role In “To Kill a Mockingbird”

There are some great roles you’d like to grow into, like Martha in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.”  That’s the kind of role I someday hope to play.  But right now, this is definitely a dream.      

Dave McRae talks about playing Freddy Krueger in Dylan’s New Nightmare: An Elm Street Fan Film

Dave McRae is a professional voice actor and filmmaker. His voice has been heard in thousands of radio, television, and online commercials, network promos, movie and game trailers, narration and animation across North America and around the world. His latest role is stepping into the shoes of Freddy Krueger in Dylan’s New Nightmare: An Elm …

Colin Krawchuk & Michael Sheffield talk about the Evolution of The Jester from YouTube to Feature Film

Colin Krawchuk is the co-writer and director of The Jester and Michael Sheffield is also co-writer and plays The Jester himself. Some might not know but The Jester character has been around since 2016 on YouTube. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Colin and Michael about the evolution of The Jester from YouTube …

The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero talks about Season Four of Creepshow

Executive produced by showrunner Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead Universe), the hit horror anthology, series, Creepshow, returns to Shudder, AMC+ and AMC on Friday, October 13th, with a six-episode binge premiere on Shudder and AMC+ and new episodes airing weekly at 10:00 pm ET/9c on AMC linear. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with …

Bo Bice discusses his latest tour stop at the Garden Theatre in Winter Garden, Florida

Alumni of American Idol, Bo Bice is hitting the road with his next upcoming stop being at the Garden Theatre in Winter Garden, Florida. “Bo Bice: In Concert” hits the stage on October 13-14, 2023!! Bo takes out sometime to chat with Media Mikes to discuss the plans and what to expect for the concerts. …

Impractical Jokers’ James “Murr” Murray talks about his stand up comedy tour and his new book

James “Murr” Murray is known for his role in truTV’s Impractical Jokers, which is currently in it’s tenth season. James is currently touring with his comedy stand up tour, hitting over 30 cities this Fall. He is also releasing a new book “Area 51 Interns: Time Chasers”, more about that you can visit Media …

Steven LaMorte talks about directing the parody horror film The Mean One with David Howard Thornton

Steven LaMorte is the man behind the new parody horror film The Mean One starring David Howard Thornton aka Art the Clown from the Terrifier series. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Steve about the film and what it took to get it made and also what’s to come in the future.

Eduardo Sanchez chats about co-directing Satanic Hispanics & upcoming 25th anniversary of Blair Witch Project

Eduardo Sanchez is known best for his work directing “The Blair Witch Project”, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary next year. Eduardo recently directed a new segment “The Vampire” from the new anthology film “Satanic Hispanics”. Besides horror, Eduardo has been directing tons of new TV shows including Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Media Mikes …

Fabio Frizzi chats about his new Composer Cut of the score to 1979’s Zombie aka Zombi 2 and his tour

Fabio Frizzi is an Italian musician and composer. He is best known for his film scores like “Zombie” and “The Beyond” and was a frequent collaborator with horror director Lucio Fulci. Recently Fabio has been re-recording the scores to his films like “The Beyond” and most recently “Zombie” and taking them on the road to …

Vincente DiSanti talks about Friday the 13th fan film, Never Hike Alone 2

Vincente DiSanti is the man behind the Friday the 13th fan film, Never Hike Alone, Never Hike in the Snow and the upcoming sequel Never Hike Alone 2 which features Thom Mathews reprising his role of Tommy Jarvis from Part VI: Jason Lives facing off against Jason Voorhees. The film currently has an Indiegogo campaign, …

Lin Shaye talks about bringing her one woman show, Tripping on Life, to NYC stage on Theatre Row

Hollywood legend Lin Shaye, known best for her roles in the Insidious franchise, There’s Something About Mary and Kingpin. Lin is hitting the NYC stage with her one woman show, Tripping on Life, which has performances run on September 8 through October 8, 2023.

Matthew Goldhue talks about directing his new horror film “Slotherhouse”

Matthew Goldhue is the director of the new killer sloth (YES, killer sloth!!) horror film “Slotherhouse”, which follows Senior Emily Young who wants to be elected sorority president. She adopts a cute sloth, thinking it will help her win, but a string of fatalities implicates the sloth. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with …

Alex Winter discusses new documentary film “The YouTube Effect”

Alex Winter aka Bill S. Preston, Esq. may be known best for his films in the Bill and Ted franchise but he is also an amazing documentarian. He has written and directed films like “Downloaded” and “Zappa”. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Alex about his new film and what we can expect.

Brit Floyd’s Damian Darlington talks about 50th Anniversary of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon

Damian Darlington is the founder of Brit Floyd, as well as the musical director of the band. Prior to Brit Floyd, Damian was also the musical director and lead of The Australian Pink Floyd for 17 years. This year Brit Floyd is touring celebrating the 50th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of The …

Baroness Guitarist Gina Gleason Discusses the Bands New Album “Stone”

Guitarist Gina Gleason joined the heavy metal band Baroness in 2017 and since that time has performed all over the world with the group which hails originally from Savannah, GA. The band is set to release their 6th studio album in September and Media Mikes had the chance to speak with Gina recently about the …

Ollie Rosenblatt talks about producing the film in concert of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Live

Founded by Ollie Rosenblatt in 2011, Senbla is a London-based concert promoting and production company that operates both nationally and internationally. Ollie has worked on projects like the ‘films in concert’ shows, like Harry Potter and Star Wars film with live orchestra franchises as well as Beauty and The Beast, La La Land, Love Actually, …

Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small chats about Dethalbum IV and the new movie Army of the Doomstar

Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small (despite some technical connection issues) chats with us about the new Dethalbum IV, the new movie Army of the Doomstar and Dethklok’s upcoming tour!

Jason Michael Paul talks about video game music concert “Heroes: A Video Game Symphony”

Jason Michael Paul is a concert producer, promoter, and entrepreneur. His production company, JMP Entertainment, produced Dear Friends – Music from FINAL FANTASY, PLAY! A Video Game Symphony, and Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. His latest video game music concert is called “Heroes: A Video Game Symphony” and it kicks off this …’s Alex DiVincenzo & Witter Entertainment’s James Cilano talk about keeping VHS alive!‘s Alex DiVincenzo & James Cilano are the guys behind the company Witter Entertainment, who has been putting out recent and upcoming movies on VHS format for us hardcore collector’s. Some of their titles are TERRIFIER 1 & 2, MANDY, PSYCHO GOREMAN and many more. The company just celebrated its 5th anniversary and has many …

Robin Taylor Zander Discusses his work with Cheap Trick and his Debut Solo album “The Distance”

Robin Taylor Zander is the son of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Robin Zander. Not only do the two share a familial bond but they are also bandmates as RTZ has been performing in a variety of roles with legendary rock group Cheap Trick since 2014.

Sean Gullette reflects on the 25th anniversary of Pi, working with Darren Aronofsky and directing!

Sean Gullette is known for his role of Max Cohen in the 1998 film, Pi, directed by Darren Aronofsky. Sean also has stepped before the directors chair himself with films like, Traitors from 2013. Media Mikes had a chance to chat about the 25th anniversary of Pi and his work directing.

Roddy Bogawa talks about co-directing Have You Got it Yet?: The Story of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd

Roddy Bogawa is known for his work with Storm Thorgerson on, Taken Storm: The Art of Storm Thorgerson and Hipgnosis, back in 2011. This new project, Have You Got it Yet?: The Story of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd, with Storm was shot before his death in 2013 and they Roddy finished it. Media Mikes …

Greg Sestero talks about new film Forbidden Sky & the 20th anniversary of The Room

Greg Sestero is known best for his role of Mark in the cult classic THE ROOM, from Tommy Wiseau. Greg also stepped into the world of directing himself with his film, Miracle Valley and his upcoming film Forbidden Sky, which just recently funded on Kickstarter. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Greg about …

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Godsmack Announce Stripped Down 2024 Tour

In continued support of their latest studio album Lighting Up The Sky, multi-platinum Grammy-nominated hard rock band GODSMACK is transforming their thunderous pyro-filled amphitheater rock show into a more intimate experience.

Ace Frehley Announces New Studio Album, 10,000 Volts

Grammy-nominated R&RHOF inductee and guitar legend ACE FREHLEY announces the release of his new studio album, 10,000 Volts, due out on February 23, 2024.


Heavy metal titans Judas Priest have announced their Invincible Shield Tour with special guest Sabaton.

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Film Reviews

Film Review: “Wish”

 After a series of misfires that seriously threatened the House of Mouse, I am proud to report that, with “Wish,” Disney is back!

Film Review: “The Marvels”

Even with wall-to-wall action, “The Marvels” feels almost formulaic in its story. 

Film Review: “As We Know It”

The ineffective script, general purpose of the plot and character conversations in “As We Know It” are apparent early-on

Film Review: Courtney Gets Possessed

“Courtney Gets Possessed” has some pretty solid comedic bits, like an unusually hot pizza guy, mom stopping by to give a gift lube, and the way the film wraps up like some kind of offbeat Satanic sitcom

Film Review: “Killers of the Flower Moon”

A sprawling epic, “Killers of the Flower Moon” boasts award winning performances by the three leads, who breathe life into characters that would come off as two dimensional in the hands of lesser actors.

Film Review: “The Burial”

Buoyed by strong performances by Foxx and Jones (both former Oscar winners), the film is full of strong performances. 

Film Review: “The Hive”

Despite an interesting set-up, “The Hive” does nothing outside of its first 10-15 minutes of exposition. It seems perfectly content with cyclical dull scenes of characters repeating dialogue and information

Film Review: “Night of the Hunted”

“Night of the Hunted” is a violent, tense, entertaining flick that will twist your stomach up in knots

Film Review: “Herd”

There’s a lot of skill, craft and effort in “Herd,” but all of that was bogged down by an uninspired script that made the 97-minute runtime feel like a zombie crawl.

Film Review: “When Evil Lurks”

“When Evil Lurks” is an unholy assault on your senses with sudden nihilistic violence and an overall feeling of hopelessness

Film Review: “Totally Killer”

“Totally Killer” is totally unoriginal, but still totally fun

Film Review: “V/H/S 85”

“V/H/S 85” is the best of the franchise; it’s a retro blast utilizing blood and guts to ingenious levels.

Film Review: “Condition of Return”

The old cliché phrase of “It’s so bad, it’s good,” applies to all 93 minutes of “Condition of Return”

Film Review: “8 Found Dead”

“8 Found Dead” is full of delightful tension, more impressive by the fact it gives itself away in the title

Film Review: “MR-9: Do or Die”

The performances are strong and Akbar’s pacing spot on.  Like “MI: Dead Reckoning,” the extended running time moves quickly.  Another thing in common – there is more to this adventure to come.

Film Review: “Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose”

The film is based on a peculiar incident from 1930s Britain about, well, a talking mongoose. While that seems straightforward, the movie isn’t. Honestly, it’s odd attending a panel where everyone has a difficult time articulating what the film is about. It’s even odder watching the film.

Film Review: “Strays”

A word of warning though.  Despite the posters featuring cute dogs, “Strays” is not for children.  I was amazed at how many children were at the screening I attended.  I was even more amazed that not one parent took a child out. So, if you’re looking for an outrageous time at the movies, give “Strays” a watch.  But leave the kiddies home.

Film Review: Bad Things

There’s definitely a way better film in this tangled mess, but “Bad Things” can’t overcome being a bad thing

Film Review: “The Last Voyage of the Demeter”

A perfect combination of gore and terror, “The Last Voyage of the Demeter” is a trip you definitely want to take if you are a horror film fan. 

Film Review: “The Pod Generation”

In a contemporary world begging for AI satire, “The Pod Generation” may have actually benefited from an AI editor

Film Review: “The Baker”

As summer winds down, and you are overwhelmed by all of the “Barbieheimer” social media posts, I recommend taking the time to seek out “The Baker.”  It “rises” to the occasion.  

Film Review: “Til Death Do Us Part”

“Til Death Do Us Part” mainly works because of its cast, which is ready and willing to get covered in blood

Film Review “The Haunted Mansion (2023)”

I really enjoyed the darker side of the story. The PG-13 rating really gave it a chance to go deeper into love, loss and finding oneself. But don’t let ’em fool you, the beginning had a good portion of excellent jump scares

Film Review: “Oppenheimer”

Overall, “Oppenheimer” is a satisfying movie that is educational, enlightening, and entertaining.

Film Review: “Mother, May I?”

Since “Mother, May I?” leaves every question unanswered, the film in of itself is like death. As the credits roll, we’re left wondering what if and why

Film Review: “Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One” (Review #2)

Overall, “Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One” is one of the two best movies of the summer season (the other being “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3”).

Film Review: “Tiger Within”

Though the film is not rated, it does deal with some serious issues.  But it is the handling of those issues, and Asner’s performance, that make this film a must see!

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Enter to Win Free Tickets to see Searchlight Pictures’ POOR THINGS

To celebrate the release of Poor Things, Media Mikes would like to give our fans a chance to win a Fandango tickets to see the film in theaters. If you want a chance to win, please SUBSCRIBE to us on YouTube, click here and tell us what is your favorite Emma Stone film in a comment below

Win a Free Blu-ray Copy of “Justified: City Primeval” – Season 1

Media Mikes has teamed up with its friends at SONY home video to give one lucky reader the chance to win a Blu-ray copy of the first season of the popular series, “Justified: City Primeval.”

Win a Free Blu-ray Copy of Season One of “For All Mankind”

Media Mikes has teamed up with its friends at SONY home video to give one lucky reader the chance to win a Blu-ray copy of the first season of the popular series, “For All Mankind.”

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Z2 and Iron Maiden Present “Piece of Mind” Graphic Novel

With Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind, collectors will have five variants available to purchase, including The Trooper cover by multiple Eisner-nominee J.G. Jones (Y: The Last Man), Asylum Edition with cover by multiple Society of Illustrators-winner Jason Edmiston, Die With Your Boots On cover by UK Iron Maiden illustrator Dan Mumford, and The Flight of the Icarus cover by Eisner-nominee Martin Simmonds (The Department of Truth) with an additional The Trooper Cutaway cover by famed poster artist Travis Knight.

Theater Review: “To Kill a Mockingbird”

In the end, I greatly enjoyed  this telling of “To Kill A Mockingbird.”  I would encourage everyone to read the novel, watch the movie, and if given the chance…. see this play.


Image Comics will be in full-force at New York Comic Con this year with an exciting lineup of can’t-miss panels. Each of these Image Comics panels will be bursting-at-the-seams with jaw-dropping announcements sure to cause a stir!

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