Gibson Launches Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass Worldwide; Rock Legend and Co-Founder of KISS Partners with Gibson for Second Signature Bass

Gibson Launches Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass
Available Worldwide on

International Rock Legend and Co-Founder of KISS
Partners with Gibson for Second Signature Bass, a Limited-Edition Run of 100 Guitars

Gibson, the iconic American instrument brand continues its multi-year partnership with Gene Simmons–international rock legend and co-founder of KISS, America’s #1 gold record award-winning group of all time, in all categories (RIAA)–to create the new Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass. The Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass is inspired by the same Bass that Gene played with KISS in the 1970s. The new Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass is a limited-edition run of 100 guitars and is available worldwide at authorized Gibson Custom Shop dealers and via

If you saw KISS perform their high-octane live shows and television appearances in the 1970s, you may have spotted the bass that inspired this signature model from Gene Simmons and Gibson Custom Shop. Based on Gene’s heavily modified 1959 EB-0, the new Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass is the first 30.5” scale bass from the Gibson Custom Shop and the first bass the Custom Shop has produced in quantity. The Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass features a VOS finish in Ebony, as well as VOS hardware throughout, in addition, Gene made several modifications to his EB-0, including refinishing it, reshaping the neck to a custom profile, replacing the pickup with a later model Gibson unit, and relocating it much closer to the bridge, installing a custom pickguard, a fingerboard with Corian nut, adding binding, and changing the original tuners to Grovers. The bridge was also replaced with a high-mass model and can now be strung through-body or as a top-loaded bridge. All of these details are faithfully represented in the new Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass from Gibson Custom Shop. A custom hardshell case as well as case candy developed in collaboration with Gene is also included.

Above: the Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass. Above: the Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass. Above: Gene Simmons pin, pennant, patch, and guitar pick tin set.

Product Review: Von Frankenstein Monster Gear Andreas Kisser Guitar Strings

Von Frankenstein Monster Gear Instrument Strings

Our score 4.5 out of 5 stars

Von Frankenstein Monster Gear guitar and bass strings are the brainchild of Doyle/Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. Produced in conjunction with Sheptone all strings are made in the U.S using the best-available, domestically sourced, raw materials. Each string is made by hand, one at a time, with nickel-plated steel that is wrapped over a treated hex steel core. Von Frankenstein avoids rushed mass production which helps ensures quality, feel and durability from every string produced.

When it comes to guitar and bass strings the market seems to be constantly flooded with new string products boasting enhanced feature including everything from wider gauge options and special coatings to the use of new metals all of which are supposed to help aid or solve all together the age-old pursuit of tone. Along with all these new innovations come an even longer line of questions and debates about which of these new features is actually useful/beneficial and which are only gimmicks.

The latest offering from VonFrankenstein Monster Gear is the Andreas Kisser “Forest Frequencies” and “Infected Voices” signature guitar string sets. The legendary Sepultura lead guitarist brings two signature sets to the ever growing Monster Gear line with the regular “Forest Frequencies” consisting of .010/.013/.017/.028/.038/.049 gauges and the heavy “Infected Voices” set in .013/.017/.021/.041/.050/.060. Both sets feature nickel plating and feature hex steel cores which give the strings tremendous feel and clarity while the individual sealed string packaging ensure consistent durability set after set.

From a playability standpoint both sets performed equally well and sounded
just as good as one another. The “Forest Frequencies” remained stable in both standard and drop tunings without becoming too stiff or too loose. Players who use multiple tunings and who are looking for consistency and comfortability will want to check these out as they require little to no adjustment to your setup. The heavier “Infected Voices” are a touch less forgiving as the higher gauges will require some getting use to as they do require a bit more hand strength however,  Once dialed in take warning as the low frequencies produced by this set are like a solid punch to the gut!

If you are looking for a quality string that does not sacrifice tone or feel and, is hand made in the U.S. then look no further. Von Frankenstein Monster Gear strings are a quality product that guitarists and bassists from all genres and ability will surely enjoy.

To purchase Von Frankenstein Monster Gear strings visit

Product Review: Donner Mamp5 Stereo Amplifier/Receiver

Donner Mamp5 Stereo Amplifier/Receiver


High-power independent control: Its peak power can set of to 440W(110W x 4),and has four channels which is independently controlled.440W is enough to support 4 groups of 8 speakers with 4-8 ohms.

Bluetooth 5.0: The integrated hybrid amplifier is equipped with the new updated 5.0 bluetooth.It will increase the stability, sound quality and use distance.It Works with latest devices including smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.

Multiple input modes: In addition to the Bluetooth function, the amplifer can also be connected to SD card, USB disk, RCA input and ECHO microphone input.And supports treble and bass adjustment and microphone volume control

FM function:With automatic search function, you can save up to 50 radio stations.

HD SCREEN: The integrated receiver for home stereo has a built in LED display. FM antenna and remote control are included in the stereo amplifier package for distant audio adjustments.

Our Score 4 out of 5 stars

Donner continues bringing affordable, high quality music products to the consumer market and their latest offering, the Mamp5 Stereo Amplifier/Receiver is no exception. The great sounding, powerful amplifier/receiver combo will bring your home theater system to a whole new level. With a whopping peak power rating of 440 watts (100W x 4) which can be split across 4 independently controlled channels the compact unit is capable of powering 4 groups of 8 speakers giving users plenty of connectivity options. The various input modes allow users to connect via SD card, USB, RCA and ECHO Microphone. Each input utilizes the receivers bass and treble features and for the karaoke fans you have a separate microphone volume control which will certainly come in handy at that next house party.

Where I found the Mamp5 to really shine was through its Bluetooth 5.0 connection and HD Screen. The most recent Bluetooth system allowed for a quick and stable connection that even as I moved through my house provide tremendous clarity and zero drop issues. The HD LED display was bright and easy to read from across the room as the subtle blue lighting really popped and made switching between the connections and adjustments quite easy no matter if you were up close or further away.

The only negative I found with this unit was the included wireless remote. The remote is quite small and pretty flimsy. Yes the feature is a nice add however it just doesn’t match up to the system which over all is built quite well. That aside with a price tag of just $159.99 the Donner Mamp5 Amplifier/Receiver is a great addition or upgrade to any home theater/stereo system that won’t break the bank.

To purchase the Mamp5 header to the Official Donner Amazon Store here.

Donner celebrates the Summer Music Carnival, Unveiling Incredible Amazon Prime Day Discounts on Digital Pianos, Electric Guitars and Pedals

Save up to $180 off digital pianos and guitars in Donner’s massive Amazon Prime Day sale including 30% off DDP-80 Digital Pianos and HUSH-I Headless Travel Guitar

Donner, a company well-known for its innovative and feature-rich musical instruments, is excited to announce its music carnival for the summer of 2023, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the Donner Amazon Store. Summer is the perfect time to gather with friends and create music. By participating in Donner’s Amazon Prime Day sales event on July 11-12, music lovers can enjoy exceptional savings of up to $140 off or 30% off on a wide range of Donner’s popular musical instruments.

10th Anniversary of Donner’s MINI Pedal

In 2013 Donner launched and listed its first MINI pedals, the Yellow Fall Delay Pedal on Amazon. After 10 years the listing of the MINI series pedals has received more than 20,000 verified reviews by its customers, with an average rating of 4.4/5.

Donner has garnered attention and acclaim in the online guitar community for their pedals’ affordability, impressive sound, and solid build quality. Building on this success, they have broadened their range of offerings to include electric guitars, digital pianos, electronic drum kits, MIDI keyboards, and various other products.

Click here to shop the Donner 10th Amazon Anniversary and the Summer Music Deals

Donner Summer Music Carnival & Anniversary Celebration

– Save up to 30% on Digital Pianos and Guitars

Right now, Donner has launched awesome deals on their most popular digital pianos, electronic drum sets, silent guitars, and effect pedals as part of the celebration its 10th anniversary of MINI pedal series and the Summer Music Carnival, keeping their mission of offering aesthetically pleasing musical instruments with playability and innovation for beginners and aspiring musicians.

Donner DEP-20 Digital Piano, 88 Keys Full Size Weighted Keyboard – $418.99 (Save $180)

The Donner DEP-20 digital piano combines exceptional playability with a sleek and portable design, featuring 88 fully weighted keys, a variety of realistic sounds, dual headphone outputs, and USB connectivity, making it an ideal choice for beginners to practice or performance. Get it Now

Donner DED-20 Electronic Drum Pad for Beginners – $47.99 (20% OFF)

The Donner DED-20 Electric Drum Pad provides beginner drummers with a compact and feature-rich solution for drum practice and learning. Featuring high-quality soft silicone, built-in stereo speakers, a headphone mode, and MIDI connectivity, the DED-20 is an excellent choice for drummers seeking a portable and versatile practice tool. Get it Now

Donner DST-100S Electric Guitar Kit – $143.99 (20 % OFF)

DST-100 Electric Guitar Kit offers an excellent entry-level option for aspiring guitarists, featuring a full-size solid poplar body, smooth C-shaped maple neck, H-S-S configuration pickups, includes accessories, making it a comprehensive package for beginners to start their musical journey. Get it Now

Donner HUSH-I Headless Acoustic Guitar For Travel – $239.99 (20% OFF)

Being one of the most attractive release at 2023 NAMM Show, the HUSH-I’s headless design and detachable body make it the most compact guitar to carry, while the headphone mode enables silent home practice. Get it Now

Non-Amazon Deals on throughout July

Introducing the new Epiphone “White Wolfe” Sheraton; Guitarist, and Singer-Songwriter Emily Wolfe Partners with Epiphone To Create Her Second Signature Guitar

Epiphone: Emily Wolfe “White Wolfe” Sheraton
Available Worldwide on

Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter, and Producer Emily Wolfe Partners with Epiphone Luthiers To Create Her Second Signature Guitar

Emily Wolfe with her Epiphone “White Wolfe” Sheraton.

Epiphone 150 Years… What began as a small instrument shop on the Mediterranean grew into a global powerhouse, crafting some of the best instruments in the world, for every stage.

For 150 years, Epiphone has been at the forefront of musical instrument design. By leveraging its iconic past and leaning into the future, Epiphone has now set the stage for the next era of sound for present and future generations. Epiphone is proud to announce the release of the Epiphone Emily Wolfe “White Wolfe” Sheraton. Created by guitarist, singer-songwriter, and producer Emily Wolfe and the luthiers at Epiphone in Nashville, TN, the “White Wolfe” Sheraton marks Wolfe’s second Epiphone signature guitar and is available worldwide at authorized Epiphone dealers and on

“The White Wolfe is a showstopper of a guitar. It’s a true symbol of how bold and unafraid we can be as guitar players. I hope this beautiful instrument feels like a part of anyone who picks it up.” –Emily Wolfe

Played by artists such as the legendary blues artist John Lee Hooker, Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer of Oasis, The Edge of U2, Matthew Followill of Kings of Leon and Emily Wolfe, with its thinline, double-cutaway, semi-hollow body design–similar to the Gibson ES-335–the influential Epiphone Sheraton continues to shape sound throughout generations of players.

The Epiphone Emily Wolfe “White Wolfe” Sheraton is based on the triple-threat rock & roll singer, songwriter, and guitarist’s popular Sheraton Stealth. Once again, Emily has lent her creativity to develop her new artist model. The Emily Wolfe “White Wolfe” Sheraton is equipped with an Indian laurel fretboard with 22 medium jumbo frets and mother-of-pearl block inlay on the front, Emily’s wolf logo and a white gloss Emily Wolfe signature on the rear and is outfitted with Grover Rotomatic tuning machines and a Graph Tech nut. An Epiphone LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge and Stop Bar tailpiece hold down the other end of the strings and contribute to the impressive sustain of the instrument. The electronics include full-sized Epiphone Alnico Classic PRO humbucker pickups paired with CTS potentiometers for smooth control over individual pickup volume and overall tone. It’s finished in Aged Bone White paired with lightly aged gold hardware. An EpiLite case is included.

Watch/share the new the interview with Emily re the “White Wolfe” which also features her new single “Walk In My Shoes” off her forthcoming album, HERE.

Epiphone Emily “White Wolfe” Sheraton.

With blistering guitar riffs, skillful songwriting, and soulful vocals, guitarist, songwriter, and producer Emily Wolfe has been making waves with her powerful vocals and dynamic guitar skills and shows no signs of slowing down in 2023. Wolfe’s music combines elements of classic rock, blues and alternative, creating a unique and energetic sound. She’s garnered attention for her passionate live performance and has been recognized as an emerging talent in the rock music scene. Her work and live shows have been praised as transcendent, sticky and sweet, bad-ass, and provocative.

Wolfe recently wrapped the self-produced follow-up to her 2021 album Outlier which the Austin American Statesman hailed as featuring “blazing guitar that runs balance against compellingly melodic vocals that range from scorching to soothing.” Wolfe has been out on the road headlining shows, and supporting The Gaslight Anthem, and she will continue touring with her trio throughout the rest of the year, in support of her forthcoming new album, due for release in late summer – early fall 2023.

Listen to Emily Wolfe’s music HERE.

Epiphone Emily “White Wolfe” Sheraton.

Gibson Garage Two-Year Anniversary Celebration ‘Garage Fest’ Set For Wed. June 7 – Sat. June 10, During CMA Week

Gibson Garage
-The Ultimate Music Destination in Nashville-
Announces Two-Year Anniversary Celebration During CMA Week

“Garage Fest”
Wednesday, June 7 – Saturday, June 10
Features Live Music and Events, at the Gibson Garage with Dave Mustaine, Charlie Worsham, Emily Wolfe, Ashley Cooke, Kapali Long, Mya Byrne, Devon Thompson, Dawson (Temecula Road), Vincent Mason, Dani Rose, Cassandra Lewis, Mackenzie Porter, Whitney Miller, Adeem the Artist & more

@Gibson Garage-Nashville
209 10th Avenue South #209
Nashville, TN

The iconic, and leading global instrument brand, Gibson will launch Garage Fest Wednesday, June 7 – Saturday, June 10 at the Gibson Garage (209 10th Ave. South #209) in downtown Nashville, TN. Falling on the two-year anniversary of the opening of the Gibson Garage–Nashville’s must-see destination for music lovers–Gibson Garage Fest will kick off with live performances and events with music superstars and emerging acts during CMA Week. Gibson Garage Fest is open to the public and will feature intimate, live music performances, and events, daily at the Gibson Garage. Fans can attend live shows, autograph signings, participate in guitar-playing lessons with renowned experts, and interact with the iconic brand Gibson–as well as its philanthropic arm Gibson Gives.

· 2:00-4:00p Dave Mustaine autograph signing event.*

· 2:00 Live music performances all day and night

Kick-off with music from the Gibson Garage team: Jenna Weidner,
Dylan Jenkins, Shane Hunt, Scott Wasnak, John Wohlford, and Matt Boyer.

· 3:00 Dani Rose (Honey County)
· 4:00 Vincent Mason
· 5:00 Dawson Anderson (Temecula Road)
· 7:00 Garage Private Party (media RSVP required)
· 7:15 Devon Thompson
· 8:00 Emily Wolfe
· 9:00 VIP supergroup

· 2:00 Live music performances all day
· 2:00 Notes4Notes Kids Jam
· 3:00 Whitney Miller
· 4:00 Mackenzie Porter
· 5:00 Adeem the Artist

· 10:00 Live music performances and events all day
· 10:00 Donuts and Jam with Charlie Worsham

Charlie Worsham acoustic performance, meet & greet/photos, donuts, and coffee served.
· 11:30 Gibson Gives Foundation + FreeGuitars4Kids event (parking lot)

Gibson Gives and Gibson artists will be onsite gifting 200 guitars to FG4K youth members.

· 2:00 Kapali Long
· 3:00 Cassandra Lewis
· 4:00 Mya Byrne
· 5:00 Ashley Cooke

*Dave Mustaine signing at the Garage will sign any Gibson Brands guitar as well as special limited edition poster which will be offered onsite only.

Gibson Garage Fest kicks off Wednesday, June 7 with Dave Mustaine of Megadeth will be coming by the Gibson Garage for a special in-store autograph signing event.

Donner Launches New PC-02 Podcasting Workstation

Donner Launches New PC-02 Podcasting Workstation

4 Hybrid XLRs, 6 TRS Outs, 10 Effects and USB-C Port configurations ideal for music streamers

Donner, a leading innovator in musical instruments and audio solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of the latest invention in the podcasting range, Donner PC-02 Podcast Workstation. Designed to empower podcasters and streamers with unparalleled versatility, convenience, and audio quality, the PC-02 is a one-stop shop for performers, musicians and even gamers looking for a versatile live performance tool, as well as recordists seeking added flexibility in their project studios.

PC-02 is an integrated podcast workstation and mixing console that contains hybrid XLR/jack connectors, high gain – low noise preamps with 48V phantom power, 5 physical motorized faders, studio-grade DSP processors, and nine programmable pads for automating mixing functions, with onboard recording and Bluetooth capability. PC-02 is also equipped with Donner’s latest audio algorithms that are utilized on Donner’s effect pedals. Among the ten separate voice effects included are Noise Gate, Compressor, De-esser, EQ (Equalizer), Reverb, Delay, AutoTune, Pitch, Megaphone, and RobotTalk.

By offering an all-in-one solution for livestreaming and podcasting the PC-02 with 4 channel mixer console lets content creators control mic, instruments, game, music, chat, and even a full band performance for the perfect broadcast mix.

“…love the multi USB input and output feature, so much flexibility for further editing, digital faders, 4 independent headphone mixes, programmable pads, this is not just a podcast workstation it’s much more! Donner is raising the bar!” says Athan Hilaki, who is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and an active live streamer. With over 160k followers worldwide, Athan is one of the Top 100 US broadcasters on BIGO LIVE. “So far, I used PC-02 for live streaming, I used it as a DJ mixer, as well as audio interface for guitar looping with an iPad…and more to come!”

Donner PC-02 highlights include:

Standalone podcast production and livestreaming workstation developed for podcasts and performers

5 motorized faders (4 channels + 1 master) and settings can be memorized and controlled individually

4 hybrid XLR/jack inputs for connecting microphones, instruments and line-level devices (w/ two 48 V phantom power for condenser mics)

4 high power headphone output and 2 TRS Balanced MainOUT

10 effects: EQ, Compressor, Noise-Gate, De-esser, Reverb, Delay, Autotune, Pitch, Megaphone, Robottalk

9 programmable pads for triggering on-the-fly effects, employing sound effects, playing external samples, background tracks, or anything you desire

1 optical audio port; 1 USB-C port for connecting computer, mobile phone;

Studio quality mic amp offering a gain boot up to 52dB

Compatible WIN/PC software available for editing the effects and pads from your desktop

A product video of the Donner PC-02 is available for viewing at this URL:

Donner PC-02 is shipping now and available at Donner’s Amazon storefront. Please visit for more information.




The John 5 Ghost Telecaster® guitar Features an All-White Fretboard and Red Killswitch and Debuts Alongside a Custom-Branded 10’ Instrument Cable, Leather Strap, and a 6-Pack of 351 Celluloid Picks

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today announces the launch of the John 5 Ghost Telecaster® and signature accessories collection, the latest signature Telecaster® guitar from the iconic guitarist who’s rocked Fender guitars throughout his storied career. John 5 has admitted to pulling inspiration from diverse genres when writing music, including country, bluegrass, metal, rock and jazz, so when it came time to design his new signature model, he sought to create an instrument completely unique that could accommodate any playing style. The result is the Ghost, a versatile instrument that is certain to turn heads and excite fans across the globe.

John 5, now guitarist for Mötley Crüe, started his career as a session player before establishing himself as the ax-man for hard rock heavyweights including David Lee Roth and Rob Zombie. For almost three decades, John 5 has become one of the most in-demand guitar players on the planet, having worked with an impressive array of talent from across the industry. An eternal student of music, John 5’s expansive knowledge of various genres shows up in his bluegrass licks, sweep-picking solos and high-speed chicken-pickin’ lines – all with a Fender Telecaster® in hand. This summer, John 5 can be seen shredding on the Ghost Telecaster, giving fans worldwide the chance to catch him in action while on tour with Mötley Crüe.

“I’ve played Telecasters my whole life and getting to design my own is a dream come true,” said John 5. “When it came to design, I was inspired by some of Fender’s previous collaborations, but sought to create a model that would be both visually stunning and comfortable to play. Fender helped me design a Telecaster that was different from anything else on the market and the easy-to-play all-white fretboard and unique pickguard is proof of that. The leather strap and cable match the guitar’s white aesthetic and the pick visuals are absolutely killer!”

Introducing the John 5 Ghost Telecaster. It features a top-bound alder body and 1-piece maple neck finished in an enchanting Arctic White gloss and accented by striking red appointments and a gleaming mirrored pickguard/control plate.

The John 5 Ghost Telecaster® features all John 5-approved specs. These include: a custom neck profile with 9.5” radius fingerboard and narrow tall frets that provide excellent playability, an alder body with balanced tone and smooth clarity, and modern, medium-high gain humbucking pickups by Dimarzio that are designed to replicate the sound of active pickups in a passive format. Visually, the John 5 Ghost Telecaster® is unique to most guitars on the market boasting an “all-white” look that is further enhanced by the contrasting red binding and accents, and a flashy chrome pickguard.


Along with the Telecaster®, John 5 wanted to give a little something extra to fans, which has come to life in his signature collection of accessories. The accessories collection includes a white leather strap with red suede backing, a 10’ cable in artic white with custom molded red ends and a six-pack of 351 celluloid picks featuring John 5’s logo and graphics as twisted as his Telecaster® playing.

“Over the span of his career, John 5 has shown that his guitar skills know no bounds in terms of genre or sound,” said Justin Norvell, EVP of Product at FMIC. “The Ghost Telecaster® is a celebration of his iconic style, with a killswitch that allows rapid-fire stutter effects and a chrome pickguard that completes the stunning look of this guitar. Beyond that, the signature capsule collection allows John 5 to give fans something that celebrates the whole visual experience of his artistry, not just his inventive guitar playing.”

In true tradition, the Fender® Artist Signature Series honors iconic musicians through product progression and storytelling, creating instruments inspired by the unique specifications of the world’s greatest guitarists and bassists.

For technical specs, additional information on new Fender products and to find a retail partner near you, visit Join the conversation on social media by following @Fender.

LE John 5 Ghost Telecaster® ($2,999.99 USD £2,859.00 GBP, €3.299,00 EUR, $5,599.00 AUD, ​​¥418,000 JPY) John 5’s supernatural skill and terrifying command over the guitar have cemented his status as a living legend. Best known as the formerly corpse-painted, country-inflected guitar shredder for Rob Zombie, John 5 has worked with the biggest names across all walks of music: everyone from David Lee Roth, Alice Cooper and Mötley Crüe to Rod Stewart, Lynyrd Skynyrd and KD Lang. Whether he’s sweeping a swift arpeggio, deftly maneuvering a breakneck bluegrass run or tapping at the speed of light, John 5’s genre-defying sonic sorcery is always instantly recognizable. From pummeling riffs to incendiary solos, with his Fender® John 5 Ghost Telecaster® in hand there’s almost nothing he can’t do. Bewitchingly beautiful, the John 5 Ghost Telecaster® features a top-bound alder body and 1-piece maple neck finished entirely in an enchanting Arctic White gloss and accented by striking red appointments and a gleaming mirrored pickguard/control plate. DiMarzio D Activator humbuckers deliver harmonically rich modern crunch, harnessed by a performance-oriented control set with a 3-way toggle mounted to the upper bout for swift pickup switching and pickguard-mounted master volume and arcade-style “kill switch” for rapid-fire stutter effects. Deluxe locking tuners and 6-saddle tele bridge with block steel saddles ensure rock-solid tuning stability and spot-on intonation. The John 5 Ghost Telecaster® is entombed in a custom white tolex hardshell case with crushed red interior featuring John 5 Ghost embroidery.


Since 1946, Fender has revolutionized music and culture as one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) – whose portfolio of owned and licensed brands includes Fender®, Squier®, Gretsch® guitars, Jackson®, EVH®, Charvel®, Bigsby® and PreSonus® – follows a player-centric approach to crafting the highest-quality instruments and digital experiences across genres. Since 2015, Fender’s digital arm has introduced a new ecosystem of products and interactive experiences to accompany players at every stage of their musical journey. This includes innovative apps and learning platforms designed to complement Fender guitars, amplifiers, effects pedals, accessories and pro-audio gear, and inspire players through an immersive musical experience. FMIC is dedicated to unlocking the power of musical expression for all players, from beginners to history-making legends. In 2021, Fender celebrated 75 years of giving artists “wings to fly,” carrying on the vision of its founder, Leo Fender, and connecting players through a shared love of music.

Visit Donner at NAMM 2023-Donner will Exhibit More Than 20 New Products at NAMM 2023

Donner will Exhibit More Than 20 New Products at NAMM 2023

The NAMM Show
BOOTH 4324
April 13–15, 2023 Convention Center, Anaheim, California


Donner, a leading manufacturer of innovative and feature-rich musical instruments with an extensive range of products that covers guitars, e-drums, digital pianos, and audio equipment, is set to introduce its latest musical instruments and audio equipment at the highly anticipated 2023 NAMM Show to be held from April 13-15 in Anaheim, California, USA.

At Booth 4324, Donner will unveil new additions to its lineups of HUSH Series headless guitars, Seeker Series electric guitars, and carbon fiber guitars, providing exclusive new experiences and possibilities to both beginner and advanced guitarists.

Donner will join the media preview day on April 12 with its latest innovation – the REVO Smart Guitar.

For keys and percussion, visitors will see Donner’s latest flagship electronic drum sets, the DED-500P, and D1 Drum Machine from the Essential Series synthesizers, and the ungraded model of the DDP-80 Digital Piano, DDP-80 Plus.

In the pro-audio and consumer electronics industry, Donner will also make a splash in the market with its feature-rich products, including the integrated all-in-one workstation and portable podcast interfaces, as well as the compact soundbar packed with Dolby Atmos, marking Donner’s bold attempt in the CE market.

Besides new products, Donner is bringing new ideas and plans to its dealers and partners. To build more connections with dealer guests, Donner will host a sales event in Marriott Anaheim on the Friday night of April 14th, allowing the authorized dealers and potential partners a convenient place to conduct business.

For more information, please visit the Donner’s booth at the NAMM Show 2023 in the Anaheim Convention Center, April 13 to 15, 2023, or visit Donner NAMM website.

Product Review: Donner DMK-25 Pro MIDI Keyboard Controller

Donner DMK-25 Pro USB Midi Keyboard Controller


• 25 Keys, 8 touch Pads, Innovative Wheels, Personalized Touch bar w/ Light Scale
• High-Definition OLED Screen Display
• 4 Exquisite Velocity-Sensitive Curves
• Small and Lightweight
• Intelligent Dynamic Scale Mode
• Real-time Multi-Mode Control
• Compatible with a Variety of DAW
• 40 Free and Entertaining Keyboard-Teaching Courses

Our score 4.5 out of 5 stars

Since 2012 Donner Music has been making affordable, quality instruments for all level of musicians. New from the company is the Donner DMK-25 Pro USB Midi Keyboard controller. This compact USB powered unit features 25 keys, 4 sliders, 8 touch pads, 4 Innovation wheels, a Personalized Touch bar with light scale and to top it off a High-Definition OLED display screen. The unit is compatible with a variety of DAW’s and its simple plug and play operation will have you creating and arranging in no time.

Having been in the market for a new Midi controller I was quite anxious to check out the DMK-25 Pro from Donner. Packed with an overflowing number of features and control options the small yet formidable controller upon first look had me a little nervous to start however after simply plugging the unit into my computer with the included USB cable I was up and running in no time. Gone was the need to search for the appropriate driver downloads and operating software and the absence of another power supply cluttering my work area helped put me a little at ease before really diving in. I paired up the unit with Garage Band and after a couple quick settings changes, I was up and running. (The DMK-25 Pro is compatible with a number of DAW’s) Right away the OLED screen grabbed my attention as the High-Definition display proved to be quite helpful across the board when setting parameters as it allows user to pull up settings such as speed, arpeggio, and velocity all in real-time. The Touch Bar and innovation wheels are another nice addition to the controller as both features brought an added level of control to the product. The 25 velocity sensitive keys and 8 velocity sensitive pads seemed to offer the same feel as other models on the market but with a bit more response which was a welcomed surprised. Now this could be attributed to the product still being new so I am going to be curious to see if that feel will remain after several months of usage. Another feature worth noting is the Intelligent Dynamic Scale Mode. This feature allows you to play essential bass lines, melodies, and leads with ease and the 16-scale tones enable you to switch between a variety of sounds and genres and when enable you no longer have to worry about tuning issues while working on your arranging. That feature alone makes this unit worth every penny of its sub $100 price tag.

From its ease of use and wide array of features to its vast DAW compatibility Donner’s DMK-25 Pro Midi Controller is a near perfect unit for those looking for a Midi controller. The unit’s small footprint makes both travel and home set up a breeze and the simple USB-C power feature means one less cord to remember and no bulky power supply taking up valuable space. If that was not enough as a bonus each DMK-25 Pro comes with 40 free teaching courses which range from beginner to advanced so there is a little something for everyone here. If you are in the market for a new controller or getting ready to purchase your first unit, I highly recommend checking out the Donner DMK-25 Pro as you will not be disappointed.

To purchase the DMK-25 Pro visit or the Donner Amazon Store.

Kirk Hammett: Gibson Partners with Metallica Guitarist To Recreate “Greeny,” His Iconic 1959 Les Paul Standard Burst Guitar

Celebrates Guitarist Kirk Hammett of Metallica
Recreates Iconic “Greeny” 1959 Les Paul Standard Burst Guitar

Custom Shop (out Today), and Gibson Les Paul Standard (out April 11) via

Above: Kirk Hammett with Greeny, his 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard. Credit: Ross Halfin.

For 130 years, Gibson has shaped sound across generations and genres of music, becoming one of the most relevant, played, and loved guitar brands around the world. Gibson is proud to unveil its first official global release and partnership with Kirk Hammett, legendary guitarist of the multi-platinum selling and GRAMMY® Award-winning band, Metallica. No other guitar has earned legendary status like “Greeny,” the magical 1959 Les Paul Standard, now owned by Kirk Hammett. For the first time ever, Gibson has collaborated with Kirk to create “Greeny” for a worldwide audience to enjoy in both a Gibson Custom Shop version, out now, and next month a Les Paul Standard version from Gibson. The Kirk Hammett “Greeny” assortment is available through Premium Gibson dealers, and via

“I am very honored and grateful for this opportunity with Gibson,” says Kirk Hammett. “To be able to share some of that mojo which ‘Greeny’ has means a lot to me. It’s exciting to know that anyone can experience some of that ‘Greeny’ magic. I truly think these models are just as inspiring as the original and hope you do too!”

“We are excited to continue the evolution of Greeny with the Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab Aged Kirk Hammett ‘Greeny’ 1959 Les Paul Standard, and on April 11 we’ll also be releasing the Gibson Kirk Hammett ‘Greeny’ Les Paul Standard,” adds Cesar Gueikian, Gibson Brand President. “Kirk has been inspiring musicians for decades, starting with his 1979 Gibson Flying V, and over the years expanding his collection across many Gibson guitars. Over the last 10 years since he became the custodian of Greeny, he has incorporated the Greeny sound into everything he does, making it a staple of his Metallica sound on records and on stages around the world. And as I said before, we’re just getting started!”

Above: Gibson Custom Shop Kirk Hammett “Greeny” 1959 Les Paul Standard

The story of “Greeny” is shrouded in mystery, but few guitars are as illustrious. Greeny is one of the most iconic original Les Paul Standards ever made, with a unique sound as recognizable as the guitar itself. Originally owned by Peter Green, it was used throughout his time with Fleetwood Mac and later sold to Gary Moore, who used it for three decades with Thin Lizzy and as a solo artist. Now owned by Kirk Hammett, Greeny has passed through the hands of three legendary guitarists. Its distinctive sound is partly from the out-of-phase middle switch position due to the neck pickup’s reversed magnetic polarity.

The Kirk Hammett “Greeny” 1959 Les Paul Standard from the Gibson Custom Shop is artfully aged to match the original by the Murphy Lab and was inspired by this legendary guitar. With its Indian Rosewood fretboard, the Custom Shop Greeny gives players around the world the opportunity to experience some of the magic of “Greeny” for themselves. The Gibson Custom Shop “Greeny” arrives with an exclusive Lifton reissue 5 latch hardshell case with brown leather exterior and pink interior.

Due out on April 11, 2023, the Kirk Hammett “Greeny” Les Paul Standard version was inspired by this legendary guitar and gives players around the world the opportunity to experience some of the magic of “Greeny” for themselves. The Gibson Kirk Hammett “Greeny” Les Paul Standard comes with an Original Series hardshell case.

Watch/share the new interview with Kirk Hammett: HERE.

Above: the Kirk Hammett “Greeny” Les Paul Standard

Product Review: Von Frankenstein Monster Gear Guitar & Bass Strings

Von Frankenstein Monster Gear Instrument Strings

Our score 4.5 out of 5 stars

Von Frankenstein Monster Gear guitar and bass strings are the brainchild of Doyle/Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. Produced in conjunction with Sheptone all strings are made in the U.S using the best-available, domestically sourced, raw materials. Each string is made by hand, one at a time, with nickel-plated steel that is wrapped over a treated hex steel core. Von Frankenstein avoids rushed mass production which helps ensures quality, feel and durability from every string produced.

When it comes to guitar and bass strings the market seems to be constantly flooded with new string products boasting enhanced feature including everything from wider gauge options and special coatings to the use of new metals all of which are supposed to help aid or solve all together the age-old pursuit of tone. Every guitarist and bassist at one time or another will struggle with finding a tone that is all encompassing. This poses the question of, do all these newly marketed features, and advances really help players achieve that? Not always. From my experience what often happens is you might get say improved output, but the strings do not have a great feel, or the feel is good, but the tone is lacking. Finding a string that has everything a player needs is probably harder at times than actually learning the instrument so it can certainly be daunting.

What we found in the newly introduced Von Frankenstein Monster Gear guitar and bass strings are outside of a few edgy product names like “Decapitators”, “Collateral Damage”, “Toxic Rocks” and “Beast Mode” a solid US made string with no gimmicks. What you see is what you get with the Monster Gear strings which are made through a partnership between legendary Doyle/Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and Sheptone (Sheptone has been producing instruments strings since 2007). We checked out the “Sentient-6” and “Von Frankenstein” guitar sets as well as a set of the “Beast Mode” bass strings and the first thing that jumped out at us was the unique packaging. Unlike a lot of bigger companies who package a majority of their strings all together Monster Gear individually packages each string in its own sealed bag. What is nice about this is it eliminates the possibility of strings rubbing together and/or creating an opportunity for corrosion and wear to occur even before being used. We checked every string as we installed them and found no flaws or trouble spots whatsoever.

From a playability standpoint both the guitar and bass strings all provided a smooth and balanced feel which made fretting chords comfortable and bending single notes almost effortless. The bass side of the strings provided plenty of low-end percussiveness that remained tight even in lower tunings while the treble strings rang out crisp and clear without being too bright or brittle. Even after playing on the strings for several sessions the tone has remained consistent as has the overall feel.

While boasting an artist roster which includes the brands namesake along with the likes of Exodus guitarist Gary Holt and Arch Enemy guitarist Jeff Loomis these strings are clearly aimed at players in the punk and metal genre however, we found that the tonal properties of the strings could be easily adapted to practically any style. If you are looking for a quality string that does not sacrifice tone or feel and, is hand made in the U.S. then look no further. Von Frankenstein Monster Gear strings are a quality product that guitarists and bassists from all genres and ability will surely enjoy.

To purchase Von Frankenstein Monster Gear strings visit

MESA/Boogie Announces A New Mark Icon, the Mark VII Series, Available Now

Available Now on
A New MARK Icon, MARK VII Series Offered in Head, 1×12 Combo, and Rackmount


Explore the new MESA/Boogie® MARK VII in the video above, HERE.

Introducing the MESA/Boogie® MARK VII.

A new MARK, icon with nine amps all-in-one, and a simple design, that can be used anywhere.

From humble beginnings to worldwide recognition, MESA/Boogie® has remained the original boutique Home of Tone, hand-crafting amplifiers of uncompromising quality from the world’s finest materials in California, USA. Founder Randall Smith instilled basic principles into MESA such as passion, drive, integrity, and excellence, and his insistence on making the best amplifiers has guided half a century of breakthrough innovations, elevating the amplifier into an instrument in its own right–one with the power to shape and create musical genres. MESA/Boogie is proud to announce the new MARK VII series, available now at authorized MESA/Boogie dealers and on

The MARK VII is the Magnum Opus, the flagship of Randall Smith’s 50+ year career in one visionary amp design. The new MARK VII takes the knowledge, history, innovation, and performance and distills it into the simplest, most versatile, and smallest 90-watt Mark series amplifier ever. The 3 Channel, 9 Model Preamp, coupled with our legendary Simul-Class Power section that offers three distinct characters across its three wattage ranges, creates a new MARK icon in terms of adaptability, soulful tube tone, and magic. Joined by iconic features that put Boogies at the top of every player’s dream list, such as on-board Graphic EQ, lush reverb, a seamless effects loop, and innovative power switching, the MARK VII features a CabClone IR™ DI Direct Interface. With identical features and great sounding IRs from our standalone Cab Clone IR, this built-in version allows individual assignment of 8 Rectifier Boogie Cabinets per channel for unmatched tunability of direct sounds.

The long-awaited “Simul-Seven,” aka the new MARK VII, leapfrogs its predecessor, the Mark Five, and the secret Mark Six prototype to arrive at the most power-packed Boogie Mark model ever created in terms of tone, flexibility, compact design, and interfacing. The MARK VII is a do it all tone machine that delivers legendary Mark performance and adds two new sounds. Within the MARK VII’s 3 channel, 9 mode preamp are the iconic circuits of the Mark IIB, Mark IIC+, and Mark IV, the legendary Mark Series Clean, Fat and Crunch modes, and a new modern high-gain Mode full of character and attitude (more shredding than previous Mark amps and more vocal than a Recto), aptly named MARK VII.

We have been working on the evolution of the Mark for several years. In fact, it started before Mesa Boogie joined the Gibson family,” says Cesar Gueikian, Gibson Brands President. “At one point in the process of testing, Second Gear (aka Randy Smith), James Aschow, Doug West, Tommy Waugh, Steve Mueller and I got together, and we all agreed this Mark blew our prototype Six away and is a massive leap forward for Mesa Boogie in function and design.”

“The Mark VII has been a goal of ours and discussed for years, well before joining Gibson, and part of our concentrated R&D efforts since 2016 although under the Mark VI moniker,” says Randall Smith, founder of Mesa/Boogie. “I finished the preliminary great sounding circuit board in 2018. Refinement continued from that moment on until late ’22 when release preparation began. It became obvious about halfway through the R&D we had a Mark amplifier worth skipping a generational number for. We had leapfrogged our beloved prototype Mark VI mule by such a large margin, it was truly fitting to rename it the Mark VII.

The VII is by far the best amplifier I’ve ever done in terms of good design and editing, our Design Team at MESA is great at that, and it’s created an amplifier that not only contains the best of our entire Boogie history, but also manages to do so with a purer signal path and 2 less preamp tubes than its predecessor the Mark Five! The first comment players we’ve shared the VII with have made throughout development, is how incredible the Tone is and how they ‘can’t believe an amp with this much going on can sound so pure and legit in all Modes’. The key to that is signal path optimization, the knowledge, and tricks I’ve accumulated over the last 55 years and near impossible to please cohorts here like Doug West, Steve Mueller and Jim Aschow, who’ve been doing this with me for four decades. I also have to say that Cesar Gueikian at Gibson’s steadfast belief in us and the Mark VII assured at every step it got the highest level of support and priority. At almost 77 now, I still love what I do, pursue it daily, and foresee doing it as long as I can, but I have to say …after the VII, I’ve been enjoying working on some easier projects, Ha!”

The MARK VII offers discerning players analog, all-tube sound, soul, and feel in a smaller more compact, yet more comprehensive package. With a focus on perfecting icons, bringing back beloved classics, and introducing new realms of modern high gain, all while improving the interface and the performance across all mediums, the MARK VII offers inspiration and freedom across all musical styles. The MESA/Boogie MARK VII is now available in Head, 1×12 Combo, and Rackmount Head formats.

Explore and shop the MESA/Boogie MARK VII series on and at all authorized MESA/Boogie dealers.


The MARK VII Head gives users all the benefits of the new MARK VII and can be paired with the user’s speaker cabinet(s) of choice. Use a MESA 1×12 cabinet for portability, or one (or two!) MESA 4×12 cabinets for maximum punch and projection. You can use different cabinets for each gig, depending on your preferences and needs – the choice is always yours.


The MARK VII 1×12 Combo is the classic wolf in sheep’s clothing Boogie configuration. It delivers more power and Tone than you’ve ever heard coming from such a compact 1×12 platform. It can also be paired with external cabinets when even more punch and projection are desired. The MARK VII 1×12 Combo is the classic MARK configuration that made MESA/Boogie the world standard in professional amplification.


The MARK VII Rackmount Head has all the Tone, features, and power of both of its MARK VII stablemates, along with the cabinet-selection and pairing benefits of the MARK VII Head, but in a 19” wide rackmount configuration that is ideal for rackmounted rigs, including recording studio installations, as well as rack-based touring rigs.

Product Review: Donner DED-80 Electronic DrumSet

We unbox and review the Donner DED-80 Electronic Drum Set.

Donner DED-80 electronic drums offer authentic play and feel which essential to skill building. Designed for beginners the DED-80 features 180 Built-in sounds&15 drum kits, with 30 demo songs covering multiple music styles. The training and recording functions of kids drums will allow beginners to improve their playing skills and enjoy every note!

Donner has developed a new structure hi-hat pedal, which is a combination of comfort and durability. The new design is lightweight and avoids most of the noise, giving you the best experience . Double-layer mesh heads and a high-density structure, guaranteed the service life, and close to restoring the real drum hitting experience. Also, the 10″ cymbal provides a precise strike area.

Ideal for Apartment Home& Outdoor performers Donner has developed a more stable drum stand, the size is more suitable for teenagers Youth. Portable and foldable, suitable for home and outdoor performances! (Drum Set Expanded size: 39.37in*17.72in*43.31in)

DED-80 drum sets can be linked to DAW software through the USB MIDI interface, as a tool for your music creation, use our headphones for silent practice. Package includes: 7’’ drum pad x4, 10’’ cymbal padx3, kick pedal x1, hi-hat pedal x 1, audio cable x1, drum throne x 1, headphone x 1, drumstick x1.

40 Free and Entertaining electronic drums -Teaching Courses. We have carefully created drums for kids teaching courses for users ranging from beginner to advanced, which are ideal for zero-based players who want to try arranging music. 40 free and entertaining courses are sufficient to master all aspects of arrangement creation.

For more Information or to Purchase the DED-80 visit:

Product Review: Donner DJP-1000 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

Donner DJP-1000 Semi Hollow Electric Guitar

A classic body that sings the Blues Wonderful Versatility and Playability Advanced Neck-through Craftsmanship Faithfully Reproduce the Sound of the 70s Exquisite Details with A Delicate Touch SPECS Body Material: Maple Neck Material Type: Maple Neck Shape: Rounded C Fretboard Material: Rosewood Top Material: Maple Guitar Pickup Configuration: H-H Guitar Bridge System: Tune-O-Matic bridge

To Purchase:…


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