3D Blu-ray Review “Cars 2”

Directed by John Lasseter, Brad Lewis
Starring: Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy, Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, Jason Issacs, Thomas Kretschmann
Distributed by: Walt Disney Pictures
Rated G
Running time: 113 minutes

Overall Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Since the release of “Cars 2”, a lot of bad press has been surrounding this film and Pixar’s decision to make it. I agree that it wasn’t their best film but I enjoyed it quite a bit. The film might not have spoken much to parents but it did it job well…it entertained the kiddies. The world of “Cars” is so popular amongst today’s kids from toys to clothes to electronics. The film and its merchandise has easily grossed Disney/Pixar a few billion dollars. So I think in their eyes everyone doesn’t need to be a classic. This one was for the fans of the franchise aka the kids and that is all. The 3D presentation on the disc is yet another win for Disney and I think again like “Toy Story” series, it surpassed the theatrical experience. The 3D adds so much to this film and its experience. The video is so clear and colors are just bursting out in this film. Disney’s DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 is used to its fullest on this release especially since this film is so intense and non-stop action. Fans of the “Cars” franchise this is a no-brainer.

The extras on the disc jammed packed but are mostly exclusive to this 5-disc 3D release, which stinks for everyone else that doesn’t purchase this 3D set. Like all Disney/Pixar releases there is an amazing audio commentary with directors John Lasseter and Brad Lewis as they discuss the amazing world of “Cars”. My favorite feature on this is the Toy Story short called “Hawaiian Vacation”. so amazing and able to be watched over and over. Mater is known for his short tales and there is an animated short called “Air Mater”, funny funny. What is unique about these special features is that it is an interactive tour of the globe starting with, of course, Radiator Springs. Included there is an alternate four-minute opening scene, a great featurette about “Origins of Cars 2” and really cool virtual tour of the Radiator Springs set. Next up on our world tour is “The Pacific”. In there we have a feature on the film’s amazing opening scene called “Somewhere in the Pacific,” background on the creation of the villains in “Making Lemon-Aides,” and fully virtual tour of the “Oil Derrick Set”.

On our next stop we visit “London” and obviously you are seeing a pattern with the extras. The first feature a look into the films development with “Brawl at Big Bentley”. Since the film is basically an animated James Bond, we check out the film’s amazing gadgets in “Spyified”. There is a deleted scene called “Spy Training: London” and it is definitely worth a watch. Like the others we also have a virtual tour of London and its sights from the film. “Paris” is the next visit on the world tour. There is an deleted scene, called “Paris Race”, there is a featurette called “Streets of Paris”, another “Spy Training” short like in London and lastly a virutal set visit of Paris. Next stop is “Munich” is not very packed but we get a two deleted Scene, a German trailer and an art slidshow. The briefest stop is “Prague” which includes an alternate Prague Chase Opening and an art slideshow.

“Porta Costa” includes two interesting featurettes called “Finding Porta Costa” and “Heart of Italy”, which focus on the countries production. There is a short called “International Insurance” and of course the virutal set from Porta Costa. Easily my favorite stop on the world tour is “Tokyo”. There is an extended scenes called “Tokyo Race” with optional filmmaker commentary. There are two featurettes called “Mater Takes Tokyo” and “Many Nations, One Race”. There is also a third “Spy Training” short, There is a virtual set for the museum. Also included is a great Japanese theatrical trailer. The last stop on the map is “Emeryville”. We get to visit the annual Pixar car show in “Motorama”. There is a behind-the-scenes of toy creation for McMissile called “He Lives! Making the Finn McMissile Toy”. There is also series of character animations for “Animation Pit Stop” and lastly the theatrical trailers. There is also a great feature on called “The Nuts & Bolts of Cars Land” which showcases the upcoming Summer 2012 12-acre attraction, Cars Land.

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  1. I think they did a great job of making the suspense for the race spine tingling when the espionage plot and the race meet each other and Mater is the target of the misbehaving cars. Honestly I wasn’t expecting much since I didn’t think the first one was that special, but they really outdid themselves. I saw this movie in the theater but my kids didn’t get go come. I can’t wait to rent it from Blockbuster with my Movie Pass because then they can see it and I know they’ll love it as much as my wife and I did. It comes out Oct. 11th and I can put it in my queue before it’s even available to rent and Not only that but the Blockbuster Movie Pass from DISH Network that is free for new customers gives me one bill from DISH, over 100,000 movies plus games, streaming and I also get 20 movie channels on my DISH employee account as a current customer for only $10 a month. Next on my queue is X-Men: First Class and I don’t have to pay extra for mail to my home, or Blue-ray.

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