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“Ace Of Spades” – the title track of MOTÖRHEAD‘s 1980 iconic, game changing album isn’t just one of the greatest hard rock songs ever written – it has truly become a lifestyle anthem for several generations of rockers, metalheads, punks, bikers, athletes, rebels, outcasts, and freethinkers all around the world. Few songs in modern history can instantly ignite the adrenaline of music fans the way the song’s opening dirty bass riff, and drum roll can. From zero to 100 mph in a matter of seconds. That speaker-destroying opening riff is unstoppable. And the song changed the course of hard rock…forever.    Now, 40 years later we are celebrating this milestone album’s anniversary on MOTÖRHEAD DAY 2020, ‘The 8th Of May’ by inviting you, the fans from around the globe to join us on this special day where everything is louder than everything else! Here’s what’ll be happening on the day. 

  • Warpig your face with a unique Facebook and Instagram filter of the snarling embodiment of MOTÖRHEAD.
  • A worldwide premiere of a new lyric video for the most iconic of MOTÖRHEAD songs – “Ace Of Spades.” The video will premiere here – https://motorhead.lnk.to/AOSlyricPR
  • A limited edition Road Crew merchandise capsule will be released on the webstore here –https://gtly.to/4TxQu50Ad. A portion of the proceeds of the Road Crew merchandise will be going to Live Nation’s Crew Nation Fund to provide financial support to touring crews affected at this time. #WeAreTheRoadCrew
  • Raise a toast to MOTÖRHEAD! Fill a glass with your favorite libation and post your toast to MOTÖRHEAD online with the hashtag #8thofmay. Jack and Coke optional!

 We’d hope you can join us as part of this celebration of all things MOTÖRHEAD. Lockdown may be going on all around us but the world is ours and we were born to raise hell! We look forward to celebrating 40 years of lawn killing, bastard Rock n Roll with you all! Team MOTÖRHEAD.

Album Review: “Motorhead ’79”

Motörhead ‘79”



7 LP’s/ 1-45

Our Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The “Motörhead ’79” campaign celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the incredible Overkill and Bomber albums with fantastic new deluxe editions, both as hardbound book-packs in two CD and triple LP format; featuring previously unheard concerts from the ’79 tours, interviews and many unseen photos created with the full cooperation and involvement of the estates of Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, “Fast” Eddie Clarke and Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor.

Over the past few years there have been a number of Motörhead releases honoring the career of “The Worlds Loudest Band”. The latest and possibly largest to date pays homage to the year 1979 when the band released not one but two studio albums “Overkill” and “Bomber”. To recognize this rare accomplishment BMG have compiled a box set like no other. The LP version of the release comes housed in a black biker jacket box which houses both 1979 studio albums, 2 never before heard live albums titled “Good and Loud” Live at Aylesbury Friars and “Sharpshooter” Live at Le Mans, a10 song LP of 1979 outtakes/B-sides and rarities titled “The Rest of ‘79”.

That’s not all though! You also get a reproduction 40 page magazine of corresponding photos of from the era, a reproduction “Bomber” tour program, an “Overkill” Sheet Music book, a 5 pin badge set and if that’s still not enough a “No Class” seven-inch complete with gatefold art. Each LP sounds great as they all have been pressed on 180-gram vinyl and with the reissued “Overkill” and “Bomber” albums being mastered at half speed directly from the original tape. There was just so much to look at and listen to as I merely scratched the surface on my first handful of listens. From studio tracks like “Overkill”, “Damage Case”, “Metropolis”, “Stone Dead Forever” and “Bomber” to live versions of “Motörhead”, “White Line Fever” and “Train Kept A-Rollin” it was impossible to appreciate everything without devoting several or more hours to this package.

I love when bands and labels put together packages that not only are appealing sonically but visually as well. No expense seemed to be spared with “Motörhead ‘79”. From the heavy grade vinyl and rich sound production to the beautifully recreated photos and artwork that adorn not only the album sleeves but the included books, pins and packaging everything you get in this release is top notch. With the holidays right around the corner this is the perfect gift for the music lover on your list. Be prepared though as this thing is heavy both literally and figuratively!

“Overkill” Track listing

1.) Overkill

2.) Stay Clean

3.) (I Won’t) Pay Your Price

4.) I’ll Be Your Sister

5.) Capricorn

6.) No Class

7.) Damage Case

8.) Tear Ya Down

9.) Metropolis

10.) Limb From Limb

“Bomber” Track Listing

1.) Dead Men Tell No Tales

2.) Lawman

3.) Sweet Revenge

4.) Sharpshooter

5.) Poison

6.) Stone Dead Forever

7.) All The Aces

8.) Step Down

9.) Talking Head

10.) Bomber

“Good ‘n’ Loud” Track Listing

1.) Overkill

2.) Stay Clean

3.) Keep Us On The Road

4.) No Class

5.) Leaving Here

6.) Iron Horse/Born to Lose

7.) Metropolis

8.) The Watcher

9.) Damage Case

10.) (I Won’t) Pay Your Price

11.) Capricorn

12.) Too Late, Too Late

13.) I’ll Be Your Sister

14.) I’m Your Witchdoctor

15.) Train Kept A-Rollin’

16.)  White Line Fever

17.) Motörhead

“Sharpshooter” Track Listing

1.) Overkill

2.) Stay Clean

3.) No Class

4.) Metropolis

5.) All The Aces

6.) Dead Men Tell No Tales

7.) I’ll Be Your Sister

8.) Lawman

9.) Too Late, Too Late

10.) Poison

11.) (I Won’t) Pay Your Price

12.) Sharpshooter

13.) Capricorn

14.) Train Kept A-Rollin’

15.) Bomber

16.) Limb From Limb

17.) White Line Fever

18.) Motörhead

“B-Sides, Rarities & Outtakes” Track Listing

1.) Too Late, Too Late

2.) Like A Nightmare

3.) Over The Top

4.) Stone Dead Forever

5.) Sharpshooter

6.) Bomber

7.) Step Down

8.) Fun On The Farm

9.) Treat Me Nice

10.) You Ain’t Gonna Live Forever

“No Class” Track Listing

1.) No Class

2.) Like A Nightmare

MOTÖRHEAD Reveals Instant Grat Track from Upcoming Deluxe Collector’s Box-Set, “1979”

Watch Video for Grat Track “Stay Clean” from “Good N’Loud – Live At Friars, Aylesbury” Here

Pre-Orders Are Available Here

A never before released live version of MOTÖRHEAD‘s classic “Stay Clean” is available today for fans to listen to or download on all Digital Service Providers (DSP).

This version of “Stay Clean,” taken from the Good N’Loud – Live At Friars, Aylesbury album, was recorded on March 31, 1979. A video for the track is also available at: https://youtu.be/Jjescpcu_H4.

The “Motörhead ’79” campaign celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the incredible Overkill and Bomber albums with fantastic new deluxe editions, both as hardbound bookpacks in two CD and triple LP format; featuring previously unheard concerts from the ’79 tours, interviews and many unseen photos. Also, the ’79 campaign will see the release of the spectacular ultimate fan / collectors “1979” Box-Set. All three of these releases have been created with the full cooperation and involvement of the estates of Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, “Fast” Eddie Clarke and Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor.

The “1979” Box-Set contains:*Both the original Overkill and Bomber albums half-speed mastered and pressed on 180 gram vinyl created from the original master tapes*Two double-live albums of previously unheard concert material from the ’79 tours*A 40-page period-accurate “music magazine” featuring unseen photos and fresh interviews regarding the era* The Rest of ’79 Vinyl, featuring B-sides, outtakes and rare tracks* No Class 7″ single with gatefold art* The Bomber tour program* Overkill sheet music book* ’79 badge set* All encased in black biker jacket box

By going through the band’s extensive private archives, to receiving the assistance of key people who were part of their ’79 circle of friends, crew, and accomplices – as well as consulting with super fans – all parties are immensely proud to show the level of detail and commitment which has gone into all 3 of the ’79 releases, and which will continue with future projects. It was always Lemmy’s demand to give the fans the very best possible in every respect, we believe we have achieved that with these reissues.

Pre-orders are available at https://motorhead.lnk.to/1979ID.

A hybrid of punk, rock and heavy metal played with relentless, ear-curdling power, MOTÖRHEAD were a force of nature propelled by bassist and vocalist Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clarke and drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor. The alchemy between these three outrageous and utterly immortal men was nothing short of life-changing for millions, and all three shared a wonderful “mad band of brothers” approach to life and music; there was no “off” switch and they became legends as a result. Overkill and Bomber are icons, brain-damagingly brilliant to the nth degree, and their enormous influence still reverberates through all genres of music to this day.

Be sure to visit www.iMotorhead.com for news and updates!

BMG & MOTÖRHEAD Embark on Exciting Legacy Journey

Deluxe Collector’s Box-Set “1979” and Special 40th Anniversary Individual Deluxe Reissues of “Overkill” & “Bomber” to be Released on October 25, 2019

Watch a Previously Unreleased, Live Version of “Bomber” via YouTube, Plus Pre-Orders Here –https://motorhead.lnk.to/1979PR

Deluxe Collectors Box-Set, “1979”

After several years of planning, MOTÖRHEAD and BMG are delighted to announce the start of an exciting, extensive and detailed ultra-fan-friendly release program spanning the band’s career from the 70s, ’80’s, 90’s, and beyond! 

Kicking things off with the “Motörhead ’79” campaign – which celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the incredible Overkill and Bomber albums with fantastic new deluxe editions, both as hardbound bookpacks in two CD and triple LP format; featuring previously unheard concerts from the ’79 tours, interviews and many unseen photos. Also, the ’79 campaign will see the release of the spectacular ultimate fan / collectors “1979” Box-Set. All three of these releases have been created with the full cooperation and involvement of the estates of Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, “Fast” Eddie Clarke and Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor. 

The “1979” Box-Set contains:

* Both the original Overkill and Bomber albums half-speed mastered and pressed on 180 gram vinyl created from the original master tapes

*Two double-live albums of previously unheard concert material from the ’79 tours

*A 40-page period-accurate “music magazine” featuring unseen photos and fresh interviews regarding the era

* The Rest of ’79 Vinyl, featuring B-sides, outtakes and rare tracks

* No Class 7″ single with gatefold art

* The Bomber tour program

Overkill sheet music book* ’79 badge set

* All encased in black biker jacket box 

Pre-orders: https://motorhead.lnk.to/1979PR

Watch “Bomber” (Live in ’79): https://youtu.be/yWIS3jTseOc

Watch “Bomber”, official video: https://youtu.be/eVxt7zM1BrU

Watch “Overkill”, official video: https://youtu.be/MlzTET_8SQg 

Listen to “Bomber (Live at Le Mans)” now via Spotify

By going through the band’s extensive private archives, to receiving the assistance of key people who were part of their ’79 circle of friends, crew, and accomplices – as well as consulting with super fans – all parties are immensely proud to show the level of detail and commitment which has gone into all 3 of the ’79 releases, and which will continue with future projects. It was always Lemmy’s demand to give the fans the very best possible in every respect, we believe we have achieved that with these reissues. 

A further element of the ’79 box-set release is to offer Motörfans new, old and in-betweenish the full scope and context of how life was when these classics were being created. 1979 was a seismic year for many reasons, and both Overkill and Bomber were written, recorded and toured against a Great Britain dealing with strikes, Margaret Thatcher, football hooliganism plus Buggles and the Bee Gees! 

And on the 9th March 1979, millions of unsuspecting viewers tuned into the BBC’s Top of the Pops to witness the loudest, most raucous, dangerous and downright exciting band on earth perform the title track of their album Overkill

A hybrid of punk, rock and heavy metal played with relentless, ear-curdling power, MOTÖRHEAD were a force of nature propelled by bassist and vocalist Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clarke and drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor. The alchemy between these three outrageous and utterly immortal men was nothing short of life-changing for millions, and all three shared a wonderful “mad band of brothers” approach to life and music; there was no “off” switch and they became legends as a result. Overkill and Bomber are icons, brain-damagingly brilliant to the nth degree, and their enormous influence still reverberates through all genres of music to this day.

MOTÖRHEAD to Release Official “Road Crew” Beer

MOTÖRHEAD to Release Official RÖAD CREW Beer in the United States on June 23

Official Beer Release Party Taking Place on June 23, 2018 at Arcadia Brewing Co.’s Riverfront Brewery, Pub and Beer Garden in Kalamazoo, MI – Event Info

Watch Phil Campbell & Mikkey Dee Announce Röad Crew Beer Here

MOTÖRHEAD are excited to announce June 23, 2018 as the official U.S. launch date for their Röad Crew beer, brewed by Kalamazoo, MI’s Arcadia Brewing Company.

Music fans and beer lovers alike are invited to the official launch party, taking place at Arcadia’s Riverfront Brewery, Pub and Beer Garden, incorporating Lemmy’s Lounge, in Kalamazoo, MI. The party will begin at 3:00 PM and will include live music from the rock band Bonehawk, MÖTORHEAD tribute Band Kilmister, and Detroit metal band Anguish. In between bands, the Bangarang Circus group will entertain with burlesque, aerial and fire-breathing acts.

Please click this invite link to reserve your spot as space is limited: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/arcadia-brewing-company-8527351525

“I’m very happy to say that Röad Crew beer is now out in the U.S.,” says MOTÖRHEAD drummer Mikkey Dee. “It’s been way too long, but now it has arrived. I encourage our North American friends to get out there and enjoy it right now!”

Röad Crew is an American IPA and sits around 6.2% ABV. This is a crushable hop-forward India Pale Ale with attitude that showcases a floral and citrussy hop character with just the right amount of malt sweetness. Röad Crew beer is perfect for all rock, beer and hop heads and goes down especially well whilst listening to MOTÖRHEAD at a wonderfully obscene, lawn-killing volume. Röad Crew will be available in bottles, cans, keg and even cask.

Röad Crew will be available initially in the Great Lakes region of the U.S.. There will be further regional launches throughout the U.S. in the near future, with the goal of providing every rock and beer fan with the beer that’s “LÖUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE”.

For further information regarding Röad Crew coming to your favorite retail location, please check www.motorhead-beer.com for updates or the official MOTÖRHEAD Beer Facebook, Instagram pages.

CD Review: Motorhead “Under Cover”

“Under Cover”
Motorhead Music
Tracks: 11

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Despite the departure of founding member/front man Lemmy Kilmister in 2015 the legacy of the “Worlds Loudest Band” still remains. “Under Cover” the latest postmortem release from Motorhead Music is an 11 track collection of some of the bands best covers recorded between 1992 and 2015. “Under Cover” is signature Motorhead through and through with the same loud, raucous, raging rock ‘n’ roll sound that was synonymous with the band over the course of its 40 year existence.

Sure there are lots of cover albums out there but, is there a covers album done completely by Motorhead? Not until now! Taken from recordings made during the latter half of the bands career “Under Cover” is a gritty, grimy beast made up of some of rocks most notable songs performed the only way Motorhead knew how. Loud! From Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law” and Ted Nugent’s “Cat Scratch Fever” to the unreleased version of David Bowies “Heroes” and a take no prisoners version of Metallica’s “Whiplash”. Over the course of 11 tracks listeners get an album that not only showcases Motorhead’s versatility and musicianship but listeners will also enjoy how the band added their own style while not straying too far from the originality of each track.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Motorhead fan or not as the group’s latest release is the kind of album you can throw on at a party and please just about everyone. At the core of “Under Cover” is a solid selection of songs that you can tell just by listening that the band really enjoyed. Go one louder with this release! Your ears will thank you.

Track Listing:
1.) Breaking the Law
2.) God Save the Queen
3.) Heroes
4.) Starstruck
5.) Cat Scratch Fever
6.) Jumpin’ Jack Flash
7.) Sympathy for the Devil
8.) Hellraiser
9.) Rockaway Beach
10.) Shoot’Em Down
11.) Whiplash

MOTÖRHEAD to Release “Under Cöver” Album on September 1

MOTÖRHEAD to Release “Under Cöver” Album on September 1, 2017
Covers Compilation to Include Unreleased Version of David Bowie’s “Heroes”

One thing Lemmy Kilmister, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee liked to do throughout their years together in MOTÖRHEAD was grab a favorite song by another artist and give it a good old fashioned ‘Motörheading’. To run them through the Motörizer, if you will. To rock them, roll them and even give them an extra twist and edge.

In celebration of some of those finest moments, the band will release Under Cöver, a collection of some of their best covers, and a collection which will include the previously unreleased version of David Bowie’s timeless classic “Heroes”. Recorded during the Bad Magic sessions in 2015 by Cameron Webb, and was one of the last songs the band recorded together.

Under Cöver will be available in 1CD (Digi pack), 1x 180 grams Black Vinyl in gatefold, Super Deluxe Boxset (1CD digipack, 1x 180 grams black vinyl and VIP guest pass), Digital Audio and MFiT Audio.

Pre-order links as follows:
CD: http://hyperurl.co/MHUnderCoverCD
Vinyl: http://hyperurl.co/MHUnderCoverLP
Boxset: http://hyperurl.co/MHUnderCoverBS
iTunes: http://hyperurl.co/MHUnderCoverIT

“It’s such a great Bowie song, one of his best, and I could only see great things coming out of it from us, and so it proved to be,” says Phil Campbell, “and Lemmy ended up loving our version.”

“He was very, very proud of it,” says Mikkey Dee, “not only because it turned out so well but because it was fun! Which is what projects like this should be – fun!”

To that ethic, the rest of the album contains loud and proud, raucous and raging rock ‘n’ roll takes on the likes of “God Save The Queen” (Sex Pistols), “Cat Scratch Fever” (Ted Nugent), “Rockaway Beach,” (The Ramones), Breaking The Law” (Judas Priest) and “Whiplash” (Metallica) which earned the band a Grammy in 2005 for Best Metal Performance.

“We were happy with them at the time and we’re happy with them now!” affirms Campbell, whilst Dee says, “We should remember that it’s about having some fun with songs that we all loved.”

If that doesn’t have you scrambling for your music delivery device, then check your pulse pronto. Or just start scrambling for a copy of Under Cöver immediately. You won’t be sorry.

Under Cöver Track listing
1. Breaking the Law (Produced by Cameron Webb) 2008
2. God Save the Queen (Produced by Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet) 2000
3. Heroes (Produced by Cameron Webb) 2015
4. Starstruck (Produced by Cameron Webb) 2014
5. Cat Scratch Fever (Produced by Peter Solley) 1992
6. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Produced by Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet) 2001
7. Sympathy for the Devil (Produced by Cameron Webb) 2015
8. Hellraiser (Produced by Billy Sherwood) 1992
9. Rockaway Beach (Mixed by Cameron Webb) 2002
10.Shoot ‘Em Down (Produced by Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet) 2001
11. Whiplash (Produced by Bruce Bouillet and Bob Kulick) 2005

All songs performed by MOTÖRHEAD.

Lemmy Kilmister – Bass/Vocals
Phil Campbell – Guitar
Mikkey Dee – Drums

CD/DVD Review: Motorhead “Clean Your Clock”

“Clean Your Clock”
UDR Music
Not Rated

Our Score:  CD: 3 out of 5 stars    

                    DVD: 3.5 out of 5 stars 

“Clean Your Clock” is the latest live release from the heavy metal band Motorhead. The release captures the bands November 20/21, 2015 shows at the Zenith in Munich Germany and is the bands very last live recorded show. The release captures the natural sound of one of heavy metals most astounding bands and serves as a solid send off to the one and only Lemmy.

Having followed Motorhead’s last tour pretty closely due to the almost daily updates of front-man Lemmy Kilmister’s diminishing health I was a bit skeptical of a release that was going to showcase a show from this run. Would a sickly looking Lemmy be the way I wanted to remember the band? Most definitely not. Having experienced the band live on a couple different occasions and knowing the amount of energy the band exuded during their performances I initially wasn’t expecting a lot out of this release. Thankfully within minutes of putting the DVD portion of the CD/DVD combo in my player I could tell the performance was going to be top notch. The lighting elements of the show look great and include a moving plane which hovers at varying heights through out the performance adding uniqueness to the rather straight forward staging. I’m not going to say Lemmy looks or sound amazing in this because he does not however, for a 70 year old man dealing with what he was dealing with at the time he sounds damn good! Classic tracks like “Bomber”, “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch” and “Ace of Spades” rip through your speakers with reckless abandonment and showcases Lemmy’s signature attitude and sound while fellow band mates Mikkey Dee and Phil Campbell hold down their ends and in my opinion really carry the band throughout the performance. Both the DVD and CD portions of the release sounded nearly identical however the CD seemed to have a little bit more treble present in the mix. This did add some clarity to the tracks but at times the added frequencies were a bit too bright for my liking.

If you’re a devout Motorhead fan then you already know that “Clean Your Clock” is a must have. The release is available in a variety of formats including Blu-Ray, CD/Blu-Ray, CD/DVD and Vinyl however; you will want to check your video player setting as this is a European release which due to its encoding can play havoc with some players. Bottom line “Clean Your Clock” is a sleek, good sounding release that fans of the band will appreciate but, if your newer to the band or are a more casual listener you may want to skip over this one and check out one of the bands older live or studio releases.

Track Listing:

1.) Bomber
2.) Stay Clean
3.) Metropolis
4.) When The Sky Comes Looking For You
5.) Over The Top
6.) Guitar Solo
7.) The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
8.) Lost Woman Blues
9.) Rock It
10.) Orgasmatron
11.) Dr. Rock
12.) Just ‘Cus You Got The Power
13.) No Class
14.) Ace Of Spades
15.) Whorehouse Blues
16.) Overkill


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CD Review: Motorhead “Black Magic”

“Black Magic”
Producer: Cameron Webb
Tracks: 13

Our Score: 2 out of 5 stars

Motorhead the band that goes one louder brings you their latest studio offering “Bad Magic”. The album which was produced by Cameron Webb and released via UDR is the bands 22nd studio album and features 12 brand new tracks from the Lemmy Kilmister fronted group along with a unique cover of the Rolling Stones classic “Sympathy for the Devil”.

For me personally Motorhead ranks right up there as one of the most killer hard rock/heavy metal bands. Not only has the band been rattling speakers since the mid 70’s but they are one of the few solid acts from that era still putting out new music on a regular basis that still holds true to the bands original sound and style. “Bad Magic” is the latest offering from the band and sadly I just couldn’t get into the album. From a production standpoint the album is very tinny with little to no low end. At first I had thought something was wrong with my speakers but after about the 5th track I realized it was what it was. Though there were some notable performances such as the aggressive “Evil Eye” which features some great drumming by Mikkey Dee and the ballad like “Till the End” which contains an impressive solo from Mr. Phil Campbell other mentionable high points were few and far between.

Ultimate Motorhead fans will certainly want this for their collections because where else are you going to find Lemmy performing a Rolling Stones track? However if you’re a more casual listener or looking for a starting point in Motorhead’s impressive recording career I highly suggest starting at the beginning and working your way forward.

Track Listing:
1.) Victory or Die
2.) Thunder & Lightning
3.) Fire Storm Hotel
4.) Shoot Out All of Your Lights
5.) The Devil
6.) Electricity
7.) Evil Eye
8.) Teach Them How to Bleed
9.) Till the End
10.) Tell Me Who to Kill
11.) Choking on Your Screams
12.) When the Sky Comes Looking for You
13.) Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones Cover)

CD Review: Motorhead “Aftershock”

Label: UDR GmbH
Producer: Cameron Webb
Tracks: 14

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

“Aftershock” is the latest release from heavy metal heroes Motorhead. The 3 piece group which has been making heads bang since 1975 are back with their 21st release. Simply titled “Aftershock” the album incorporates Lemmy and company’s standard blitzkrieg approach with elements of rhythm and blues which takes the listeners senses on a musical marathon. Produced by Cameron Webb the album features 14 brand new tracks which are welcome additions to the always growing Motorhead catalog.

From the word go “Aftershock” hits the ground running and doesn’t stop until well after the finish line. The album kicks off with the adrenaline fueled “Heartbreaker” which gives way to songs like “Lost Woman Blues” which features a groovy blues feel before the album catapults you back to reality with songs like “Do You Believe” and “Queen of the Damned” before wrapping up with the four on the floor rocker “Paralyzed. Each of the members of Motorhead seem to only get better year after year and despite bassist/vocalist Lemmy Kilmister’s recent health scare the band shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Veteran producer Cameron Webb continues to do what he does best as he is able to capture of nuance of the bands signature sound.

Though “Aftershock” might not be in the same league as albums like “Ace of Spades” or 2000’s “We Are Motorhead” but it’s certainly pretty close. Long time listeners and frequent Hot Topic shoppers were definitely want to give this album a listen.

Track Listing:
1.) Heartbreaker
2.) Coupe de Grace
3.) Lost Woman Blues
4.) End of Time
5.) Do You Believe
6.) Death Machine
7.) Dust and Glass
8.) Going to Mexico
9.) Silence When You Speak to Me
10.) Crying Shame
11.) Queen of the Damned
12.) Knife
13.) Keep Your Powder Dry
14.) Paralyzed


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CD/DVD Review: Motorhead “The World is Ours- Vol. 2- Anyplace Crazy as Anywhere Else”

“The World is Ours- Vol. 2- Anyplace Crazy as Anywhere Else”
Motorhead Music
Producer: David Pattenden
Music Tracks: 28
DVD Tracks: 28

Our Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Motorhead are back with a brand new live CD/DVD/Blu-Ray release titled “The World is Ours- Vol. 2- Anyplace Crazy as Anywhere Else”. The release features 2 audio CD’s and both the DVD and Blu-Ray formats of the concerts featured on the audio discs. Produced by David Pattenden and released via Motorhead Music “The World is Ours- Vol. 2- Anyplace Crazy as Anywhere Else” is jammed packed with one louder goodness from start to finish.

Picking up where the bands 2011 live release “The World is Ours- Vol. 1 Everywhere Further Than Everywhere Else” left off Vol.2 takes things a step further with the big bonus being the 4 disc packaging which includes both standard DVD and HD Blu-Ray formats of the concert footage. The release includes performances from the bands 2011 Wacken Open Air Festival, Sonisphere and Rock in Rio appearances. Though the track listings of Vol. 1 and 2 are quite similar there is still enough different material contained on Vol. 2 to make it worth picking up. A definite nod should be given to mixer Cameron Webb who did a wonderful job with each of the 28 tracks. Songs such as “Iron Fist”, “The Chase is Better Than the Catch” and “Killed by Death” jump out of the speakers making you feel like you are in the front row. Lemmy’s vocals sound crisp and clear which only adds to the listening experience. When it comes to the video portion of the release be prepared to go to 11. Both DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the corresponding shows feature stunning visuals and great camera angles which capture all the non-stop action from both the band and the audiences view points.

Though I would have liked to have seen more in the way of special features in the video portion and possibly a bit more variation in the set lists the release is still a really great package plus I don’t think you can ever go wrong with multiple versions of “Ace of Spades” being included on the same album. If you want the live Motorhead experience without leaving the comfort of your living room “The World is Ours- Vol. 2- Anyplace Crazy as Anywhere Else” is going to be about as close as you can get.

Disc 1 CD Track Listing:
Wacken Open Air Festival
1.) Iron Fist
2.) Stay Clean
3.) Get Back in Line
4.) Metropolis
5.) Over the Top
6.) One Night Stand
7.) Rock Out
8.) The Thousand Names of God
9.) I Know How to Die
10.) The Chase is Better Than the Catch
11.) In the Name of Tragedy
12.) Just ‘Cos You Got the Power
13.) Going to Brazil
14.) Killed by Death
15.) Bomber

Disc 2 CD Track Listing:
Wacken Open Air Festival
1.) Ace of Spades
2.) Overkill
Sonisphere Festival
3.) Iron Fist
4.) I Know How to Die
5.) In The Name of Tragedy
6.) Killed by Death
7.) Ace of Spades
8.) Overkill
Rock in Rio
9.) Stay Clean
10.) Over the Top
11.) The Chase is Better Than the Catch
12.) Going to Brazil
13.) Killed By Death

DVD/Blu-Ray Track Listing:
Wacken Open Air Festival
1.) Iron Fist
2.) Stay Clean
3.) Get Back in Line
4.) Metropolis
5.) Over the Top
6.) One Night Stand
7.) Rock Out
8.) The Thousand Names of God
9.) I Know How to Die
10.) The Chase is Better Than the Catch
11.) In the Name of Tragedy
12.) Just ‘Cos You Got the Power
13.) Going to Brazil
14.) Killed by Death
15.) Bomber
16.) Ace of Spades
17.) Overkill

Sonisphere Festival
1.) Iron Fist
2.) I Know How to Die
3.) In The Name of Tragedy
4.) Killed by Death
5.) Ace of Spades
6.) Overkill

Rock in Rio
1.) Stay Clean
2.) Over the Top
3.) The Chase is Better Than the Catch
4.) Going to Brazil
5.) Killed By Death

Bonus Feature:
Festival Impressions W:O:A


Related Content

Interview with Martin Klebba

Martin Klebba is known for his role in the first three “Pirates of the Caribbean” films.  Martin also steals the show in the film “Feast II: Sloppy Seconds”.  He can be seen upcoming in the new adaption of Snow White called “The Brothers Grimm: Snow White”.  Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Martin about his roles and his upcoming projects.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us what it was like working on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series?
Martin Klebba: It was as you would say ” An amazing ride”. There was never a shortage of stories from cast’s past to the one’s we were creating while away from home as well.

MG: Out of the three films you worked on, do you that you enjoyed most on production?
MK: Well, I think we can all agree “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pear” was the best of all four, because it was just that. The 1st! You can never beat or touch any original piece of art! Johnny (Depp), Geoffrey (Rush) were total class acts! Orlando (Bloom) and Kiera (Knightley), even though they were established already, really came into their own as Household A-List Stars. The crew and cast started a familia and carried that all the way thru the first three anyway, and I’m sure they may have thru the fourth.

MG: You role in “Feast II: Sloppy Seconds” is just so great, tell us about working on that film?
MK: Well, getting to work with Clu Gulager was an honor! John was an amazing creative mind behind the camera too! Being apart of Thunder (my character) & Lightning (Juan Longoria Garcia) was really fun…2 Lil People Brothers that were probably as big as the picture itself! Monster movies are always a great time and a ton of fun to get funky with.

MG: You work in stunts for many films like, “Zombieland” to “Bedtime Stories”, tell us about that work?
MK: Well, I may be the only REAL Actor in hollywood that can claim ” I do all my own Stunts!” Fact is, the other guys that claim that is a lil stretched. Yes they may do a lot of them, but a film would not be able to get a project insured if the Main Actor was being put in harms way to where a film may have to shutdown due to a injury. They always have doubles. You cannot find another lil Guy that looks like me, therefore, I DO ALL MY OWN shit!

MG: What has been your most difficult stunt to perform in a film?
MK: The hardest stunt I have prolly ever had to do would be a five story fall backwards on fire doubling my great friend Warwick Davis in “Leprechaun 6: Back 2 Da Hood”!

MG: You are working with “Pirates” co-star, Lee Arenberg, in the film “1066”, tell us about that?
MK: Well, we haven’t been able to start filming just yet, I believe they are still waiting for all the funding. It will be one of those EPIC films ala “The Patriot” and “Braveheart”. I am actually looking forward to that film, it’ about the most important date in Englands History!

MG: You work with Lee Arenberg again in “In The Gray”, which are you also producing, how did you take on this role?
MK: That was the biggest mistake I ever made, total cluster f@#$ as Clint Eastwood would call it. I’d like to forget about that waste of time.

MG: What can you tell us about working on “The Brothers Grimm: Snow White”?
MK: Well we are still in early preps rite now, I believe filming doesn’t start till June 20th. We have been rehearsing the stunt and fights scenes so far, going to be a blast though once we start making magic on film. We have some really awesome talent in this one, from: Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, Nathan Lane, Mare Winningham, Michael Lerner, Mark Povinelli, Danny Woodburn and Myself.

Interview with Rosalina Da Silva

Rosalina Da Silva started her makeup artist career with “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”. Since then she has worked on over 50 high profile projects such as “TRON: Legacy”, “Sucker Punch” and “Watchmen”. Rosalina also just completed working on the new upcoming sequel in the “Underworld” series. Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Rosalina about her recent projects as well as what is upcoming.

Mike Gencarelli: When you start a project, what is your first step to begin your process?
Rosalina Da Silva: When I first receive the concept or script for a film I will have a meeting with the director to get their vision of the movie. Once I have that I will start researching the characters or period as kind of a preliminary. I have a huge library of books and movies that I reference to assist me with the look I am going for.

MG: Tell us about your experience working on “Sucker Punch”?
RDS: By far I think that project was one of the most creative I have done. It started the same way as any other project by doing the research. We knew the girls were going to change dramatically from the minute we first met them to the time they were on screen. The costumes had already been designed so that was inspirational to be able to look at the drawings and see what was going to be worn for each scene. Almost everyone had their hair changed as well. Weather it was lengthened or colored that was one of the first things that had to be done before I could start designing the make-up. Once you change some one’s hair color everything changes. So at the beginning I tend to sit back to see where things are going to look like before making final decisions. Zack Snyder had his drawings and ideas, as well that I would reference. The first character I worked on was Emily Browning, which was kind of a 60’s look which is something that I love. The film is set in 1968, so we based everything off that time period. Zack really trusted me and let me do what I wanted which was great.

MG: Do you find it easier working with females during the makeup process in general?
RDS: It doesn’t really matter. Sometimes the make-up is simpler. Other times it’s a little more involved. The challenge with males is to make it look like they are not wearing makeup. Lately I have been doing a lot of comic book themed projects where you have to use the make-up to bring out certain features and make a person look a certain way. The make-up will tend to be shown more in these types of projects.

MG: What approach did you take working on “TRON: Legacy”, compared to your other films since it is such a big film?
RDS: Originally I was not going to be a part of “TRON: Legacy” because “Sucker Punch” was going to be shooting at the same time. “Sucker Punch” had got dropped for a few months and I found myself working on “TRON: Legacy”. I hadn’t done many Sci-Fi films before, as that genre really isn’t my thing. I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing. So I had a meeting with the director and we discussed a few ideas. Prior to me joining the crew they had some of the concepts developed already. I looked at a few of those and knew there was going to be some difficulty in achieving some of the looks in the time limit we had. The Siren’s in the film were supposed to have a face that was like a mask and all four were going to look identical. There were two African-American girls and two Caucasian girls which just could not look the same. I had to find something that all the girls had in common that would make them individual and beautiful in their own way but still have that one thing in common to tie them together. It was decided that we were going to use only black and white colors for hair and make-up except for the Castor character. The idea for using just two colors of make-up really started with the Siren characters. It was very hard to try and create something that had not been done before because it seems everything has been done before. We did a lot of different tests on the actors and actresses and we tried to match their make-up with the costumes and keep everything very geometrical. It was a lot of fun!

MG: Since “TRON: Legacy” was filmed in 3D, did that create an issue for you working on makeup?
RDS: The only difficulty we had was that one of the Sirens was wearing a wig. We had to make sure that the wig lace was not going to be seen. Often times when shooting a normal movie that type of thing can be touched up. We had to find a formula with the make-up that would not show the lace because with the film being shot in 3D you did not have that option of going back and touching things up. I really didn’t know what I was up for when I joined the project so I just made everything as simple and bland as I could (Laughs).

MG: From working on your first film, “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” to today, how do you feel that your job has changed over the years (if at all)?
RDS: “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” was an amazing experience. I think everything we did on that was very raw. We didn’t have access then to a lot of the things then, like we have now. Today if you want to make freckles or what not we have things on hand that make that possible. Back then we had to make everything. We would go to the drug store in Australia and buy a bunch of things to make into stuff we could use. The paste used in the kid’s hair on “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” was just something we made. Everything back then had to be much more organic than it is today. We were very resourceful. We also had to be extremely careful back then to make things that were non-toxic because stuff wasn’t labeled then like it is now. There are still challenges to make-up today however they are just different.

MG: What has been your most difficult film to work on?
RDS: Every movie has its own challenges. “Sucker Punch” and “TRON: Legacy” were both very challenging. I just wrapped a week ago on the newest “Underworld” film which was another that was very challenging. Difficulty wise, going back to “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” we were moving around and shooting in a lot of different locations. We also encountered a lot of natural disasters while shooting that film. We had wind and dust storms, as well as rain. The weather was really tough but sometimes that’s the way it is.

MG: Tell about your latest project working, the fourth film in the “Underworld” series? Any other projects upcoming?
RDS: At the moment I am kind of at a standstill. I just wrapped up shooting on “Underworld” last week which was a fun experience. It was very cold shooting as we were shooting mostly at night. We did some really great vampires and Lycans. I have a few other things brewing but nothing is concrete in this business until things are signed. (Laughs)

Interview with Shannyn Sossasmon

Shannyn Sossasmon started off her career starring in “A Knight’s Tale” with Heath Ledger.  From there is she starred in “40 Days, 40 Nights”, “The Rules of Attraction” and “One Missed Call” to name a few.  Recently Shannyn starred in Monte Hellman’s latest film “Road to Nowhere”.  Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Shannyn about working the film as well as her upcoming projects.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us how you became involved with “Road to Nowhere”?
Shannyn Sossasmon: I was approached by Steven Gaydos at a cafe.  It was a few years back.  I was working a scene with my scene partner over lunch.  He thought I just looked the part. I do not think he knew my work or that I was a working actress.  He gave me his card and told me about Monte and the project.  I had my manager look into it and he got the script.  I read it and then I met with them about getting on board.

MG: How did you prepare yourself for playing that complex character?
SS: Monte did not want me to do too much over thinking, even though I did anyway.  He is a relaxed director.  The script was incredibly confusing.  I tried to make sense of who I was when during the story.  Monte would never really help me with that, he would just laugh at me.  So I was on my ow [laughs].  Monte is very supportive and wonderful to work with but he lets you run free with the role.  He doesn’t take the script so literally.  I usually like something more grounded.  I just dove in and made sure that the character had a lot of mystery.  I think it also contributes to the overall feeling of the film.

MG: How was it working with Monte Hellman, since it was his first feature in over 20 years?
SS: Well I didn’t know who he was before we started on the film.  I had to do a lot of research.  I am still very good friends with him and will be for a very long time.  I know him more as a friend.  I had nothing to compare it to as a director.  I met him without any preconceived notions.  I adore him and he is a great person.

MG: Would you consider the production difficult to work on?
SS: I hadn’t worked on anything in a while when we shot that.  I loved the style.  I loved working in North Carolina at this wonderful cozy inn.  Then we went to Europe but that was a little more of a struggle because we just shot for a month, we were tired and went to Europe with no money.  It was definitely challenging.  We were stealing shots everywhere we went.  We shot late at night so we wouldn’t get caught [laughs].  It sounds exciting but we were so exhausted from the first month and half.  I did enjoy working on it though.

MG: Are you going to be involved with second two of HBO’s “How to Make it in America”?
SS: I do not know how much I am going to be in season two.  My character, if you watched season one, didn’t do much.  So I am not sure if they are going to figure out what to do with her in season two.  I am around if they call, if they don’t…it is ok.  I do not feel attached to that character or that experience.

MG: Did you ever get to meet Bret Easton Ellis while working on the film “The Rules of Attraction”?
SS: Yes I did, I met him afterwards.  He was wonderful.  I have seen him once or twice since, which is not much at all though.  I think he is a beautiful and really nice man.  I have not read all of his book, because I don’t read that much in general.

MG: Did you read “The Rules of Attraction” prior to working on the film?
SS: Actually I read it afterwards.  Roger (Avary) was ok with me having not read it.  I think some people had read it and some didn’t.  He told everyone who didn’t read it, not do so.  I think it was some kind of an experiment he was doing.

MG: Do you prefer working on independent films over bigger budget films?
No I do not have a preference.  I think it is what is important is having script you are excited about.  Studio films are obviously more lucrative and more comfortable.  I just love working and being exciting about the project and the script.

MG: Tell us about working on the film “The Day” and with such a talented cast?
SS: Yeah, I am actually seeing a cast/crew screening later.  The experience was incredible.  The actors are all wonderful.  The director and producers are super passionate.  That was another tough one though.  There wasn’t a lot of money and was some hard work.  It will be interesting though.  “The Day” is a post-apocalyptic western thriller war action movie.  It was really different but I did enjoy working on it.

MG: What can you tell us about your upcoming film directed by Mark Webber?
SS: That one was so magical.  I really loved that film.  It was mostly improv.  I play the love interest and it is a romantic drama comedy.  It was great. I had so much fun working on it.  Working with Mark Webber was just so great. Unfortunately I can’t really say much more right now.

Interview with Bruce Boxleitner

Bruce Boxleitner is known best for his role in 1982’s “TRON”, playing the role of Alan Bradley and Tron.  Bruce recently reprised his roles 28 years later in “TRON: Legacy”.  He is also known for his role in the sci-fi television series “Babylon 5”.  Movie Mikes had a chance to chat about “TRON” with Bruce and discuss what’s to come for the future.

Mike Gencarelli: It’s 1981 and you’re making “TRON.”  At the time did it seem like just another project?
Bruce Boxleitner: We made it in ’81 and it was literally months before it was ready because they had to do all of the effects painstakingly.  There were a lot of Chinese and Taiwanese names in the end credits (laughs).  That’s where they went then to find that much manpower to do that much film.  I’ve been asked this question many times.  Yes, it was just another job.  I was a very busy young actor in those days.  I was in my early 30’s.  I had already done a western series with James Arness called “How the West Was Won” and this was just prior to “Scarecrow and Mrs. King.”  I hadn’t done a lot of feature films.  I was in a small film with James Coburn called “The Baltimore Bullet.”  I did “The Gambler” with Kenny Rogers for television.  I had done a lot of television and it was mostly very good television.  “TRON” came along as a total surprise.  To tell the truth the sci fi genre’ was very new to me.  It did appeal to me but there was one side that said “no…stick to what you do best.” But the other side won out.  When I got to Los Angeles I went to the Disney Studios and met everybody.  And I also have to say, as an actor, that they flattered the heck out of me.  They wanted me for this movie.  Also, Jeff Bridges was associated with it.  He was somebody I had always kept my eye on because he was doing…you’re always aware of your contemporaries…the actors in your age range.  He was mainly doing features so I have to say that there was a little bit of envy there.  I thought “gosh, maybe I can get into movies now too,” since I’d been doing TV. for a number of years.  And the project was interesting.  You may laugh at this but I thought the film was kind of like “Star Wars.”  Yes, it was about a big video game, but it kind of had that feel to it.  It resonated in a lot of the science fiction books I had read over the years.  So it had those worlds too…but in a brand new way.  It intrigued me.  And once they started showing me some of the story boards I was instantly IN! Being a TV guy I’m used to a faster pace.  But features, especially technical ones, often have a very slow pace.  We only shot a little bit each day.  Only a couple of shots each day because to set up the shots took most of a day’s work.  Let’s just say I read a lot of books (laughs).  And of course I played a lot of video games.  They had to take the games away from us we were having so much fun.  One day they kept calling “Jeff…Jeff we need you,” and Jeff yelled back “I’m doing research on my part!”  What was interesting in shooting the film was that Jeff was so concerned with the games.  He was the “pinball wizard” so to speak, to use the parlance of the day.  He was terrific at it where I was out with the stunt guysthrowing the discs.  Yes, they were Frisbies, but there are a lot of guys out there that can’t throw a Frisbie.  Most people are pretty awkward at it.  But I had to be able to throw it like an expert.  So I worked with experts.  Much different then for “TRON: Legacy.”  I didn’t have to learn any martial arts for that one.

MG: Looking back do you consider it a positive experience?
BB: Oh my gosh yes!  I think the only disappointment was that the film didn’t do better.  There were a lot of different sci fi epics out that year (among them “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” “Blade Runner” and “E.T.”).  I mean, if you look back at 1982 there were a lot of groundbreaking films in the science fiction/fantasy genre.  But I’m very proud of it.  Yes it didn’t gain huge notoriety.  It wasn’t “Star Wars.”  But then nothing was.  “E.T.” sucked the life out of everything that year.  But I tell you, TRON would have just destroyed him!  I want my aliens to be bad ass and trying to kill us all. That’s how I want my aliens.  Not a cuddly little thing you take to bed with you.  I hated that movie…sentimental crap(laughs)!  But I should note..as Mr. Spielberg has noted…28 years later there is no sequel to “E.T.”  But yes, it was a very positive experience.  I still had a lot of television projects to do.  I didn’t think I was going to become a movie star off of “TRON” but it was a great opportunity.  I took it and I enjoyed every bit of it.  It was an exhausting shoot. But I went back to the fast paced world of television.  And I had a short lived television series of my own (“Bring ‘Em Back Alive”).  But that came about because of “TRON.”  It was kind of an Indiana Jones type character.  That lasted for a season and then I went on to “Scarecrow and Mrs. King,” which lasted four seasons.  But I didn’t get to the science fiction genre again until “Babylon 5.”

MG: How did you feel stepping back into the role 28 years later?
BB: I have to tell you it was such an amazing surprise when I got the phone call.  I was very excited when I saw the footage from ComicCon several years ago.  I couldn’t believe it.  There had been rumors over the years, of course.  But rumors are life in this industry.  Suddenly somebody was making good on them.  Then I got a call to come down to Disney Studios.  And when I did it was like deja vu’ all over again.  People tell me I should have been in it more, but not really.  It wasn’t about me.  And I understand Jeff.  He’s gone on to become an Academy Award winning actor.  He was the name guy they needed to get this tent pole up.  He was the name that could bring in people that maybe hadn’t seen “TRON.”  That was a big concern.  Could they get people who had never heard of it?  And the expectations for the new film were just so over the top.  But I played my part and I enjoyed it.  I was reunited with Jeff.  Even though we didn’t get to work on camera together we hung out in Vancouver (where the film was shot).  I also screentested with all of the young actors and actresses that were up for Sam and Quorra.  And there were a number of them.  There were some big names and some lessor names.  Disney hired me to do the scene with Sam.  And by the time it finally made the film I bet I had done it 150 times.  For the girls we didn’t have any scenes written so we did scenes from “Blade Runner.”  So I got to finally do “Blade Runner.”  I love that movie!  And I did the “Sam” scene with five or six different actors.  And I think that maybe the people at Disney had seen my work or hadn’t seen “TRON” in a while so maybe that was also my screen test as well.  I kind of liken Alan Bradley to Sam Flynn as Alfred to his Batman.  We created a new young hero, but a hero that will always need Alan around to remind him who he is…where he came from…what his principles are.  And that’s what Alfred was to Bruce Wayne.

MG: With “Tron: The Next Day” hinting for the future, do you think “Tron 3” will see the light of day?
BB: I think we can only hope.  I think the intention is there.  I haven’t heard anything or even if I would be in it.  I do know that Garrett (Hedlund) and Olivia (Wilde) were signed for two pictures. Of course that means absolutely nothing. It’s great contractually but now both of them are extremely busy.  It was great to work with these two young people right before they started hitting it.  Which is very much the same way Jeff and I were back then.  So to answer your question, it could very well be.  I think it should be.  There’s a huge audience for it.  I know it’s not everybody’s cup oftea but still…

MG: Even if they don’t do another feature film, the legacy is continuing with the animated series “TRON: Uprising”, what can you tell us about this?
BB: It’s beautiful.  The animation is really super.  It stickes to the TRON world as we know it.  I’ve done
seven or eight episodes already.  It takes time, the animation.  I did five episodes last week.  I had been
away doing a film and I missed it when the scripts started coming in.  I think the series is due to come out
early next year.  It’s going to be good.  We’ve got Elijah Wood…Lance Henriksen…all kinds of people are in it.
And I’m playing Tron.  I’m purely playing Tron in this.  There’s no Alan Bradley in this.

MG:  What other projects do you have upcoming?
BB: I just finished a mini series called “Blackout.”  I don’t know when it’s going to air.  I also just did an epidode of a new series called “Chaos” and it’s already been taken off the air!  It used to air on CBS on Friday night…sort of a C.I.A. comedy/adventure.  I had a great role in it.  I shot the ninth episode.  I’m hoping they run it sometime…somewhere.  I’m just trying to get a job like everybody else.