DIY Tile Installation Steps For A Clean, Smooth, And Dry Floor

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Did you know that you can install your tile yourself? You’ve probably seen this process being done dozens of times on home improvement shows. Tiles work amazing with a range of furniture styles, too. Some of our favorites are shaker and modern. It’s fairly easy to do on your own, even if you have little DIY knowledge or experience. All that you need is a set of easy to follow instructions, courtesy of tile floor installation Dallas.

Start By Prepping the Surface

Of course, this assumes that the old flooring has already been removed. If it hasn’t, do that first, and then begin to prep your surface. In order for the tile to sit evenly and adhere properly, your subfloor must be perfectly even, free of damage, and clean, smooth and dry. You’ll also need to take out any molding or trimming, as well as any appliances that will be in your way. Also, check your doorjambs to ensure that the tile won’t interfere with the movement of the door. You don’t want to find out too late that your door will drag on the tile, scratching it in the process.

Layout Your Tile

You’ll need a few things for this step, including a yardstick and a chalk line snapping device. Determine where the center point in the room is located and snap several chalk lines leading from the center out to each of the walls. Make sure that those lines are straight because you’ll be using them to align your tile. You don’t want to have a crooked floor! If the room is fairly large, arrange it into two foot by three-foot sections with the chalk lines. These will make it much easier to manage. Once the chalk lines are in place, start laying out tile along them, beginning at the center and radiating out towards the walls.

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Apply Adhesive

Generally, you want only to apply 30 minutes worth of adhesive. However many tiles you can lay in 30 minutes, use that much adhesive. Otherwise, you’ll end up with lumpy adhesive in the areas where you had to go back over the subfloor. It is okay if you can only lay a few tiles in 30 minutes. There’s no rush. Apply the adhesive to the floor in thin, even coats, and then press the tiles into it, following your grid pattern and chalk lines. Continue until your floor is covered, and cut the tiles as necessary as you go along.

It’s Time for Grout

Once your tile adhesive fully dries, it’s time to grout. The grout should be applied with a trowel in between the tiles. Use a cloth to wipe away any excess grout that ends up on the tiles. Leaving any of these marks behind will make your flooring look like an amateur did it. Even though one did, you still want it to look as professional as possible. Give the grout plenty of time to dry, and then you’re done!

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CD/DVD Review: Motorhead “Clean Your Clock”

“Clean Your Clock”
UDR Music
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Our Score:  CD: 3 out of 5 stars    

                    DVD: 3.5 out of 5 stars 

“Clean Your Clock” is the latest live release from the heavy metal band Motorhead. The release captures the bands November 20/21, 2015 shows at the Zenith in Munich Germany and is the bands very last live recorded show. The release captures the natural sound of one of heavy metals most astounding bands and serves as a solid send off to the one and only Lemmy.

Having followed Motorhead’s last tour pretty closely due to the almost daily updates of front-man Lemmy Kilmister’s diminishing health I was a bit skeptical of a release that was going to showcase a show from this run. Would a sickly looking Lemmy be the way I wanted to remember the band? Most definitely not. Having experienced the band live on a couple different occasions and knowing the amount of energy the band exuded during their performances I initially wasn’t expecting a lot out of this release. Thankfully within minutes of putting the DVD portion of the CD/DVD combo in my player I could tell the performance was going to be top notch. The lighting elements of the show look great and include a moving plane which hovers at varying heights through out the performance adding uniqueness to the rather straight forward staging. I’m not going to say Lemmy looks or sound amazing in this because he does not however, for a 70 year old man dealing with what he was dealing with at the time he sounds damn good! Classic tracks like “Bomber”, “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch” and “Ace of Spades” rip through your speakers with reckless abandonment and showcases Lemmy’s signature attitude and sound while fellow band mates Mikkey Dee and Phil Campbell hold down their ends and in my opinion really carry the band throughout the performance. Both the DVD and CD portions of the release sounded nearly identical however the CD seemed to have a little bit more treble present in the mix. This did add some clarity to the tracks but at times the added frequencies were a bit too bright for my liking.

If you’re a devout Motorhead fan then you already know that “Clean Your Clock” is a must have. The release is available in a variety of formats including Blu-Ray, CD/Blu-Ray, CD/DVD and Vinyl however; you will want to check your video player setting as this is a European release which due to its encoding can play havoc with some players. Bottom line “Clean Your Clock” is a sleek, good sounding release that fans of the band will appreciate but, if your newer to the band or are a more casual listener you may want to skip over this one and check out one of the bands older live or studio releases.

Track Listing:

1.) Bomber
2.) Stay Clean
3.) Metropolis
4.) When The Sky Comes Looking For You
5.) Over The Top
6.) Guitar Solo
7.) The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
8.) Lost Woman Blues
9.) Rock It
10.) Orgasmatron
11.) Dr. Rock
12.) Just ‘Cus You Got The Power
13.) No Class
14.) Ace Of Spades
15.) Whorehouse Blues
16.) Overkill


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