CD Review: Alter Bridge “Fortress”

Alter-Bridge-FortressAlter Bridge
Producer: Michael Baskette
Tracks: 12

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

It’s been three years since the boys in Alter Bridge have released a new album and the wait is finally over! The group’s new album “Fortress” features 12 hard rocking numbers that follow closely in the footsteps of the bands previous releases “AB III” and “Black Bird”. Michael “Elvis” Baskette was once again chosen to man the role of producer for the album which is being released via Universal.

“Fortress” hits the ground running with the explosive opener “Addicted to Pain” which teeters on the verge of metal as guitarist Mark Tremonti lays down some heavy riffage while vocalist Myles Kennedy displays a vocal range that could rival that of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson. The album continues its heavy approach with tracks like “Bleed it Dry”, “Cry a River” and “Farther Than the Sun” before giving way to more melodic numbers such as “All Ends Well” and “Lover”. The overall sound and production of the album is crisp and clear making each of the 12 performances enjoyable to listen to even for the most casual of listeners

Sometimes when bands use the same producer time and time again their sound and style starts to become complacent however Alter Bridge and Michael Baskette have broken that norm with “Fortress”. The album is powerful and does a good job showcasing the bands talent which in my opinion has been elevated to the next level. There were a times that I think Kennedy could have scaled some of his vocal performances back which would have allowed things to sit in the pocket better however when you have a range as wide as his you can’t totally fault the guy for using it. Hardcore Alter Bridge fans will certainly want to pick this release up as will any true fan of hard rock music.

Track Listing:
1.) Addicted to Pain
2.) All Ends Well
3.) Bleed It Dry
4.) Calm the Fire
5.) Cry a River
6.) Cry of Achilles
7.) Farther Than the Sun
8.) Fortress
9.) Lover
10.) Peace is Broken
11.) The Uninvited
12.) Waters Rising

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