CD Review: Satyricon “Satyricon”

Nuclear Blast
Tracks: 10

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

Norwegian black metalists Satyricon are back with their first new album in 5 years. Simply titled “Satyricon” the 10 track album being released via Nuclear Blast Records is a unique spin on black metal. A haunting piece of work that blends Black Sabbath type guitar lines, bombastic double bass beats and Nordic themed vocal lines. “Satyricon” forges new ground in the extreme world of black metal.

Recorded entirely on analog equipment each of the tracks are fresh and new while featuring a warm vintage sound that even the most hardcore audiophile can appreciate. Tracks such as “Our World, It Rumbles Tonight” and “Nekrohaven” blast through your speakers assaulting your ears with reckless abandonment while tracks like “The Infinity of Time and Space” and “Natt” feature slower paced melodic arrangements that are equally heavy but in an entirely new way.

The thing that grabbed my attention most about this album was that even though the tracks seemed scaled back production wise each track was overflowing with sound and texture making the album an interesting listen. I did find some of the bass drum beats to be a bit generic which at times pulled my attention away from the core of the song. Don’t get me wrong double bass is awesome but give us a little variety. “Satyricon” still may be a bit dark for casual listeners while hardcore black metal fans may find it a bit soft.

Track Listing:
1.)     Voice of Shadows
2.)     Tro og Kraft
3.)     Our World, It Rumbles Tonight
4.)     Nocturnal Flare
5.)     Phoenix
6.)     Walker Upon the Wind
7.)     Nekrohaven
8.)     Ageless Northern Spirit
9.)     The Infinity of Time and Space
10.)   Natt

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