Album Review: Poison Headache “Poison Headache”

13055450_769075653228064_7374809522917317814_n“Poison Headache”
Poison Headache
Metal Blade Records
Producer: Phil Sgrosso/Taylor Young

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

“Poison Headache” is the self titled debut album from the band of the same name. Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Andy Kukta, drummer Kyle Rosa and vocalist/guitarist Phil Sgrosso Poison Headache are releasing their 10 track album via Metal Blade Records. If Sgrosso’s name sounds familiar you may have recognized him as the former guitarist of As I Lay Dying and/or from his current band Wovenwar. Along with Taylor Young, Sgrosso also produced the album which is a unique blend of heavy metal stylings.

Infuse early 80’s NY hardcore with guitar driven modern heavy metal and you have the foundation for the debut album from Poison Headache. The group which originally formed and started writing material several years ago after the demise of the band Internal Affairs was initially just for fun however, over time the idea of doing a full album became more real. Over the course of the album you can clearly tell that the records tracks are sort of a meeting of the minds so to speak as both Kukta and Sgrosso’s signature styles shine through at various points. The albums opening track “Sin Eater” along with tracks like “Rot With Me” and “Never Again” lean more to Kukta’s hardcore roots while tracks like “Grey Skies” and “Death’s Design” showcase Sgrosso’s heavy metal back ground. Though the albums cohesiveness is a touch off it was because of this that I kept listening. You never know what is in-store with each subsequent track. This not only made the album fun to listen to but also added to its over all appeal.

Fans of the trio’s previous works and various groups will certainly want to pick up a copy of “Poison Headache”. The album not only showcases the member’s musical roots but blends each member’s uniqueness and what it may lack in cohesiveness it makes up for in raw energy and power.

Track Listing:
1.) Sin Eater
2.) Pity the Backseat
3.) Rot with Me
4.) Conspirator
5.) Gray Skies
6.) Benumbed
7.) Death’s Design
8.) Hail, Colossus
9.) Never. Again.
10.) Discloser

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