Lord Of The Rings Will Become Precious To A New Generation If The Rings Of Power Lives Up To Expectations

It has been a very positive few years for fantasy fans of all genres. The almost endless supply of Marvel and DC Comics content, albeit with a more family friendly angle, added to the substantial growth of the Star Wars universe has provided people with ample viewing opportunities. Of course, there is a deeper, darker and murkier level to fantasy and following on from the success of the Game of Thrones television adventure, House of Dragon has become a new chapter in that franchise in recent times, and building on the massive success achieved by the Lord of the Rings film series, J.R.R. Tolkien’s inspired creation has now arrived on the small screen.

The Rings of Power follows the well trodden prequel format, and is set thousands of years before loyal fans were first introduced to the build up events in The Hobbit. But in an effort to ingratiate a new generation of fans, as well as seeking to not disappoint long standing lovers of the original book series, whilst all the faces might be new, some well known characters are back such as Gil-galad, Galadriel, Elrond and Gimli and we get the opportunity to delve deeper into their histories, their stories and what ultimately becomes the origins of the relationships and character traits in the future that we are far more familiar with.

The first series has not yet fully aired and an online casino like this one is well placed to spin the roulette wheel on how the show will be eventually greeted when we reach the end of the opening set of episodes, but with it believed that Amazon will make it the most expensive television show in history, with a reported minimum $1 billion investment into its production, scenically it is already hitting the mark for viewers, but it is a slow and more intriguing start as you decipher your way around a world you think you know well, but actually do not.

This is largely to be expected though as we get introduced to a new time, new characters and inevitably see a new and unknown side to those who are more familiar. Although everyone – unless totally new to this universe – knows ultimately where the plot is heading, with so many nods to the future to be made in the writing to tie up the accepted historical cannon, four episodes in, you can already sense the bread crumbs being laid for future events and the seeds of potential alliances being planted, but there will certainly need to be a lot of patience shown as the series arc properly formulates itself.

With it expected that the initial plan is for The Rings Of Power to run for at least five seasons, it is probably fair to assume that those newer to Middle Earth will sense a greater feeling of pay off more quickly that those who have experienced the books, or even just the films. For long term fans and lovers, it is probably not going to feel right until certain life arcs are established, and we better see those characters matching our existing expectations given how important they are to become, whilst the newer characters in the world become who they need to be for this spin off to truly hit the mark.

The plot itself might well be inevitable given we know the future, much like the aforementioned House of Dragons, but from what I have seen so far, the joy is going to be in the journey and the twists and turns traveled to create the world we know lies ahead.



In light of current events, Body Count announces the release of their radio single “No Lives Matter” today via Century Media Records. Watch the music video for “No Lives Matter”, which is off their 2017 full-length album Bloodlust HERE

The track’s message is more relevant than ever as Body Count frontman Ice-T states in the music video intro, “…when I say ‘Black Lives Matter’ and you say ‘All Lives Matter’, that’s like if I was to say ‘Gay Lives Matter’ and you say ‘All Lives Matter’. If I said, ‘Women’s Lives Matter’ and you say ‘All Lives Matter’. You’re diluting what I’m saying. You’re diluting the issue. The issue isn’t about everybody, it’s about black lives, at the moment.”

Century Media Records Director Philipp Schulte adds, “As a company we felt it was necessary to release this single as a way to actively participate in the change that is needed to combat police brutality and racism. It is a first step in doing our part to inspire unity and transformation.”

Enter to Win Complimentary Passes to an Orlando, FL Screening of “The Secret Life of Pets”

If you would like to enter for a chance to win tickets to the following advance screening below, please leave a comment below with your favorite pet from this film? Winners will be chosen on a RANDOM BASIS on Sunday July 3rd. Winners will be awarded an ADMIT TWO passes and will be notified via email. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Only one entry per person/per household. Must be 13 years or older to enter to win. Employees of all promotional partners and their agencies are not eligible.

Theater: AMC Altamonte
Date: Tuesday, July 5, 2016
Time: 7:00 PM

For their fifth fully-animated feature-film collaboration, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures present The Secret Life of Pets, a comedy about the lives our pets lead after we leave for work or school each day.

Comedy superstars Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet and Kevin Hart make their animated feature-film debuts in The Secret Life of Pets, which co-stars Jenny Slate, Ellie Kemper, Lake Bell, Dana Carvey, Hannibal Buress, Bobby Moynihan, Steve Coogan and Albert Brooks.  Illumination founder and CEO Chris Meledandri and his longtime collaborator Janet Healy produce the film directed by Chris Renaud (Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2), codirected by Yarrow Cheney and written by Cinco Paul & Ken Daurio and Brian Lynch. 


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Book Review “Not the Life It Seems: The True Lives of My Chemical Romance”

“Not the Life It Seems: The True Lives of My Chemical Romance”
Author: Tom Bryant
Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Da Capo Press

Our Score: 2 out of 5 stars

“Not the Life It Seems: The True Lives of My Chemical Romance” is the story of how a band defied stereotypes and championed uncomfortable subjects. Through unorthodox vocals and stage performances My Chemical Romance helped address often controversial topics head on. Journalist Tom Bryant recounts how the bands personal experiences resulted in some of their biggest hits. Bryant looks at the bands growing success over its four albums and the bands subsequent breakup in 2013. The book delves in to each member’s personal history leaving no stone unturned.

Over the books 384 pages Bryant chronicles the band’s various struggles with addiction, media exposure and issues between the group’s members. With a lot of these stories being told for the first time there was certainly a lot of info included that peaks the reader’s interest to further delve in to the following chapters. The biggest thing that kept weighing on my mind while reading this book was the fact that these stories were being told from an outside source and compiled from a number of unpublished interviews. Now I am certainly not discrediting the authors work however I think the book would have had a more personal feel if it was told via the band members directly and not via an onlooker.

Very seldom do I find biographies of this nature to be as telling as they could be when the actual players are not directly involved. However fan’s of the band will want to check the book out as it does give a fresh look on the events surrounding the groups break up. The book also includes some interesting black and white photos of the band which are worth checking out on their own.


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Book Review “27: A History of the 27 Club through the Lives of Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse”

“27: A History of the 27 Club through the Lives of Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse”
Author: Howard Sounes
Hardcover: 360 pages
Publisher: Da Capo Press

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

Named one of Publisher Weekly’s Top 10 Music Titles for Fall 2013 “27 A History of the 27 Club through the Lives of Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse” written by Howard Sounes is a book that takes a look at music’s “27 Club” and the artists who comprise it. Told over the course of 360 pages Sounes looks not only at the artists lives but also at their deaths and from there attempts to compare the artists in an effort to find similarities in these 6 subjects.

When I received my copy of “27” I thought to myself why hadn’t someone thought of writing about this sooner? This so called “27 Club” isn’t just made up of meteoric artist who only experienced a flash of success. Instead the members of this club include influential musicians who during their careers impacted millions of listeners and helped shape their respective genre’s for years to come. The thing I enjoyed most about how Howard Sounes approached this rather speculative topic is fairly interesting. The book is broken in to two parts with the beginning chapters being devoted to the life of each musician and the chapters toward the end of the book relating the deaths of these individuals. It was kind of nice as having followed the careers of both Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse I was able to sort of jump around a little bit as a portion of the material here has been widely documented and I think I am still recovering from the media coverage of both these events even though they were some time ago now.

Those looking for definitive answers on what ultimately ties these musicians together in death might not be too surprised with the information contained in this book nor will the reader find a lot of new or undocumented information on the subjects as I don’t feel that was the authors intention with this book. Instead for the first time the information about these six people is available all in one place combined with one person’s perspective on the events which are surprisingly similar. Combine that with 16 pages eerily fitting black and white photography and “27 A History of the 27 Club through the Lives of Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse” makes for an ok read.


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“No One Lives” Prize Pack Giveaway [ENDED]


Media Mikes is teaming up with ANCHOR BAY FILMS and WWE STUDIOS for the the release of “NO ONE LIVES”. Media Mikes would like to giveaway the following prize pack items shown below. If you would like to enter for your chance to win one of these great prizes, please leave us a comment below or send us an email indicating your favorite horror film. This giveaway will remain open until September 6th at Noon, Eastern Time. This is open to residents of the United States only. One entry per person, per household. All other entries will be considered invalid. Media Mikes will randomly select winners. Winners will be alerted via email.

(1) Blu-Ray copy of the film
(1) DVD copy of the film
(2) NO ONE LIVES hats (Black and/or Red)

Synopsis: A ruthless criminal gang takes a young couple hostage and goes to ground in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. When the captive girl is killed, the tables are unexpectedly turned. The gang finds themselves outsmarted by an urbane and seasoned killer determined to ensure that no one lives.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NoOneLivesTheMovie?ref=ts&fref=ts
Twitter: @NoOneLivesMovie


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Ryuhei Kitamura chats about directing “No One Lives” and hints at “Versus 2”

Photo by Munetoshi Mukai

Ryuhei Kitamura has directed some of my favorite recent films like “Versus”, “The Midnight Meat Train”, “Godzilla: Final Wars” and most importantly his latest “No One Lives”. This film packs a great cast and is a hell of a fun ride. Media Mikes had a chance to ask Ryuhei a few questions about “No One Live” and also got some news about his planned sequel to the cult classic “Versus”.

Mike Gencarelli: How did you end up directing “No One Lives”?
Ryuhei Kitamura: I loved the script and this is not just about blood and guts, it’s a twisted and dark love story. I loved the main character DRIVER who does it all for love killing machine. I thought I could I create new iconic anti-hero. Also I liked the good old days 80’s Slasher movies.

MG: “No One Lives” is your second U.S. film after “Midnight Meat Train”; what was your biggest challenge on this project? How did the two productions differ for you?
RK: It’s always the same. Movie making is challenging no matter what size or where you do. You have to fight against time, money and ego. We had so many challenges, but I had strong support from my crew and cast, and my producer Harry Knapp and Elton Brand. They made me survive.

MG: What do you enjoy most about working in the horror genre?
RK: I enjoy killing tons of people in brutal ways because I can’t do that in real life even though there are tons of f*ckers I want to terminate (laughs).

MG: You are no stranger to gore; are you ever concerned about going too far?
RK: I was hired to do movies like “Midnight Meat Train” and “No One Lives”. What’s wrong with go too far? That’s what the fans want I believe. Of course I wouldn’t do the same when I do PG-13 horror movie.

MG: Being a huge Godzilla fan yourself, what was it like writing/directing the last film “Godzilla: Final Wars”?
RK: It was pure honor and fun to be the part of one of the greatest franchise of all time. Can’t wait to watch new Hollywood Godzilla.

MG: I’ve heard talk about a “Versus” sequel in the cards; what can you tell us?
RK: I can’t talk much, but I guarantee it will have same spirits, same craziness, much bigger scale and next level of action. I already have a great script and am going to make this happen in the next few years.

MG: What do you have planned next?
RK: I’m in pre-production of my new action movie to be shot in Asia. I have some projects lined up but it’s the movie business and never know what I’ll be doing in six months.


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Blu-ray Review “No One Lives”

Actors: Luke Evans, Adelaide Clemens, Lee Tergesen, Derek Magyar, Beau Knapp, America Olivio, Brodus Clay, Linsay Shaw.
Directors: Ryûhei Kitamura
Rated: R (Restricted)
Release Date: August 20, 2013
Run Time: 86 minutes

Film: 4 out of 5 stars
Extras: 1.5 out of 5 stars

Last year, I was sent a film “Barricade” from WWE Studios and I loved it. So when the opportunity came up to watch Anchor Bay Films and WWE Studios’ latest horror film, I couldn’t say yes quick enough.  “No One Lives” is violent, super gory and delivers some really impressive twists and turns. The film is helmed by director Ryûhei Kitamura, who is known for “Midnight Meat Train”, “Versus ” and “Godzilla: Final Wars”.  This guy really knows horror and I am very excited to see what he has planned next. I watch many horror films a year and I couldn’t help but watch this twice in a row, just since I was so blown away. I highly recommend this brutal and intense horror thriller.

Luke Evans is absolutely amazing in this film, read our interview, here. If you don’t know him by name he is the main baddie in “Fast and Furious 6” and co-stars in “The Hobbit 2 & 3”. Adelaide Clemens is one of my favorite new actresses as well, you might know here from “Silent Hill: Revelation”. Since the film is produced by WWE, you have to expect a wrestler involved, we get Brodus Clay, read our interview here.  I should also mention that Brodus and Luke really get close in this film, you need to watch the film to understand.

Official Premise: When a ruthless criminal gang takes a young couple hostage and goes to ground in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere, all hell breaks loose. When tragedy strikes, the tables are unexpectedly turned, and the gang finds themselves outsmarted by an urbane and seasoned killer determined to ensure that no one lives.

Anchor Bay released this title as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack edition. “No One Lives” packs a very sharp 1080p transfer.  Since the film is very dark, it still look great and really works with the action and gore. The Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio track works well with the action and insanity that comes out of this film. My biggest disappointment in this release is the special features. The only extra is “From the Script to the Crypt”, which briefly goes into the behind-the-scene. The film has some of the most creative kills that I have seen in a while and I would have loved to seen a featurette on the special effects as well as a commentary track.

“No One Lives” Releasing on Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack and DVD in August!


Available on Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack and DVD on Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Director: Ryuhei Kitamura

Written by: David Lawrence Cohen

Executive Producers: Francois Ivernel, Cameron McCracken, Michael J. Luisi, David Lawrence Cohen and Elton Brand

Producers: Harry Knapp and Kami Naghdi

Distributor: Anchor Bay Films

Cast: Luke Evans, Adelaide Clemens, Lee Tergesen, Laura Ramsey, Derek Magyar, Beau Knapp, America Olivo, WWE Superstar Brodus Clay and Lindsey Shaw

Editor: Toby Yates

Music: Jerome Dillon

Running time: 86 minutes

MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong bloody violence, disturbing images, pervasive language and some sexuality/nudity.

Synopsis: A ruthless criminal gang takes a young couple hostage and goes to ground in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. When the captive girl is killed, the tables are unexpectedly turned. The gang finds themselves outsmarted by an urbane and seasoned killer determined to ensure that no one lives.

Twitter: @NoOneLivesMovie

(Blu-ray™ + DVD)
Street date:August 20, 2013
Pre-book: July 24, 2013
Catalog #: BD60704
UPC: 013132607047
Run time: 86 minutes
Rating: Rated R for strong bloody violence, disturbing images, pervasive language and some sexuality/nudity.
Subtitles: English subtitles for the deaf & hearing impaired Spanish subtitles
SRP: $30.99
Format: Widescreen Presentation
Audio: Dolby TrueHD 5.1

Street date: August 20, 2013
Pre-book: July 24, 2013
Catalog #: AF60702
UPC: 013132607023
Run time: 86 minutes
Rating: Rated R for strong bloody violence, disturbing images, pervasive language and some sexuality/nudity.
Subtitles: English subtitles for the deaf & hearing impaired Spanish subtitles
SRP: $26.98
Format: Widescreen Presentation
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1

“No One Lives” Prize Pack & Signed Poster Giveaway [ENDED]


To celebrate the release of “No One Lives”, Media Mikes would like to giveaway the following items including a “No One Lives” tank top, hat, signed poster from the movie signed by WWE Superstar Brodus Clay and 1 DVD copy of WWE Studios and Anchor Bay’s 2012 release, “The Day”. If you would like to enter for your chance to win this great prizes, please leave us a comment below or send us an email with your favorite slasher movie. This giveaway will remain open until May 31st at Noon, Eastern Time. This is open to our readers in US and Canada only. One entry per person, per household. All other entries will be considered invalid. Media Mikes will randomly select winners. Winners will be alerted via email.

Official Premise: A ruthless criminal gang takes a young couple hostage and goes to ground in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. When the captive girl is killed, the tables are unexpectedly turned. The gang finds themselves outsmarted by an urbane and seasoned killer determined to ensure that no one lives.

Luke Evans talks about his roles in “No One Lives” and “Fast & Furious 6”

Luke Evans is a name that might sound familiar but you may not be able to put a face to the name…yet. This guy was the star of last years “Immortals”, which he played the role of Zeus. Since then he has taken on the lead villain role in “Fast & Furious 6”, worked with Peter Jackson on “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” and “The Hobbit: There and Back Again” and recently become attached to the remake of “The Crow”. But before all those films, he did a gritty horror film called “No One Lives from WWE Studios. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Luke about his role in that film and comparing it to his upcoming larger scale projects.

Mike Gencarelli: What was the drawing factor for you to play “Driver” in “No One Lives”?
Luke Evans: When I read the script, I couldn’t help but really get behind this character. He had such a great switch from being the typical guy to this crazy psycho. I thought it would be fun to be able to tackle both of those aspects of him. He really does some sick things in the film but was real blast to play.

MG: How did you prepare for the role to get into mind of the crazy son-bitch?
LE: Well to be honest, I tried more not to stay in the mind of this “crazy son-bitch”, as you say. I am an actor, so I would get into the character and do my scenes and then flipped the switch back. Some of the things he does in this film are pretty crazy like hiding inside of a body. So I didn’t want to spent too much time inside Driver’s head [laughs].

MG: What was you biggest challenge working on the film?
LE: I would have to say it would have to be some of physical things that Driver has to do in the film. I was literally covered in blood throughout. I even remember that my fingernails had a permanent red coating for the entire shoot. So that took some getting used to.

MG: I’m a big fan of “Versus”.. How was it working with the director Ryuhei Kitamura on his only second U.S. film?
LE: It was great actually. When we met we really hit it off and we really understood each other. I liked his ideas for the character and he liked the way I was planned to execute it. We had a very symbotic relationship and it made things easier during the shoot.

MG: Sticking with playing the bad guy, we go to your role of Owen Shaw in “Fast & Furious 6”. What do you enjoy most about taking on these villanious roles?
LE: It is great to play the bad guy. Owen Shaw in this film is just such a great villain. This guy never wants to go down and fights really hard. Also there is a lot that you can do with roles like this that gives you as an actor a lot of room to grow and develop.

MG: How was it going from going from a low budget film like “No One Lives” to two gigantic epic films like “Fast & Furious 6” and the two upcoming “The Hobbit” films?
LE: It is quite different. But I really enjoyed doing both kinds of film. When we were shooting “No One Lives”, it was in the middle of the blistering Summer in Louisiana and it was extremely hot. Literally when I finished that shoot I went straight to New Zealand to start working on “The Hobbit” films, so it was a real transition. I do not mind if I do not have a large trailer with catering service while working on a film. I just enjoyed though the change and being able to switch between the two very different types of production.

MG: You have been on every news page I’ve seen this week about you becoming attached to the remake of “The Crow”; are you excited about taking on this role?
LE: Yes, I am very excited for this film. It is going to be great and I can’t wait to start shooting. I hope the fans of the original are going to enjoy it as well.

WWE Superstar Brodus Clay talks about first film role in “No One Lives”

WWE Superstar Brodus Clay makes his first onscreen performance in the Ryuhei Kitamura directed film titled “No One Lives”. Brodus plays the role of Ethan alongside Luke Evans in what he describes as a “bad group meets worse guy” film. Media Mikes had the chance to talk with Brodus recently about the film and what it was he liked most about the process.

Adam Lawton: What can we be expected from the film “No One Lives”?
Brodus Clay: The film is a cool sort of retro flick. It was shot on film which I think is also really cool. The special effects on the film were also done very old school. The story is a bad group meets worse guy and things take off from there. There are some interesting kill scenes that go along with a pretty good story line.

AL: What was it that interested you in doing the film?
BC: The opportunity knocked and I think when that happens you should take whatever is being offered and make it yours. I wasn’t too concerned with what the role was as it was a new opportunity for me. With my persona on TV now the character I play in the film is a complete contrast. I think it’s a good thing to be able to show your different sides.

AL: Did you have a favorite part of the process?
BC: I really enjoyed the fight scene and the rehearsals I did with Luke Evans. We didn’t know each other really well in the beginning and he was worried I was going to hit him so I played with him quite a bit. By the end of it I was real pleased with how things turned out. It’s funny because when we were shooting I kept swinging and hitting this light that was above us. The director would then yell cut and I had someone whispering in my ear to keep doing it. (Laughs) it was just this weirdly lit fight with this other light swinging back and forth. I got to see the scene at one of the premiers and it looked really good.

AL: What were some of the differences you noticed between performing in the ring as opposed to in front of a camera on a film set?
BC: The differences were huge. There are so many camera angles being shot and a lot of repetition goes on. In the WWE were typically doing things in one take because when your shooting live you can’t stop and ask for another take. (Laughs) There is also a lot of behind the scenes stuff going with movies that no one ever sees while the WWE works with a generally smaller crew that is working as fast as they can to get things ready for that night. There’s a lot more preparation in movies.

AL: Is acting something you see yourself wanting to do more of?
BC: 100 percent! I got the bug and it was a lot of fun. I think I can certainly balance the two and I am looking to do more. I had a lot of fun and am looking to try a different avenue next time.

AL: Do you have any other projects you can tell us about?
BC: The WWE is an ongoing project that is nonstop. We literally are working 365 days a year. I am always busy working the grind.

Book Reviews “What Happens Next? & Who Lives Here? (Flip the Flap and Find Out)”

Author: Nicola Davies
Illustrator: Marc Boutavant
Reading level: Ages 3 and up
Hardcover: 24 pages
Publisher: Candlewick
Release Date: November 13, 2012

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

There is something about animals  that kids just love.  This is the latest book in this series after “Who’s Like Me?” and “What Will I Be?”. There is something that is so clever with these books that deserves to be recognized. The subtitle is “Flip the Flap and Find Out” and that is something that kids need..interactive aspects in books. You are able to learn more with this series by lifting the flaps and learn about animal life. These two books are guaranteed to be packed with fun-filled series which is perfect for preschoolers.

“What Happens Next?”: Here’s a hungry chameleon with a long, long tongue. And here’s a big juicy caterpillar. Can you guess what happens next? What if a honeybee comes upon a beautiful patch of flowers, but the members of her hive don’t know how to find her? Or if two chimps want to munch on termites that are out of reach deep inside a mound? Peek under large flaps to find out — and refresh your memory at the end!

“Who Lives Here?”: The jungle is warm and steamy. What kind of animal might live there, a snow goose or a sloth? What about a still, cool pond — could that be home for a howler monkey? Find out why meerkats like dry sunny grasslands (hint: they like to dig holes to hide in) or why clown fish feel right at home in a coral reef. Small flaps and a matching spread at the end make learning about habitats fun.

These series is authored by the very clever Nicola Davies. She is a zoologist and award-winning author for many children’s books including “Surprising Sharks”, “Extreme Animals”, and “Gaia Warriors”. They are also all illustrated by Marc Boutavant, who has worked on each book on this series. I think the drawings are super cute and work very well and eye-catching for kiddies. Candlewick, if you are reading…give us more! Can’t wait to see what is next!

Film Review “Jeff Who Lives At Home”

Starring: Jason Segel, Ed Helms and Susan Sarandon
Directed by: Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass
MPAA Rating: R
Running time: 1 hour 23 mins
Paramount Vantage

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Meet Jeff (Segel). Like the title of the movie says, he lives at home. In his mother’s basement. He spends his days smoking pot and discussing the many interesting facets of the movie “Signs.” He also gets the occasional wrong number calling him. Today someone was looking for “Kevin.” Hmmmmmm.

Featuring a strong performance by Segel, “Jeff, Who Lives at Home” is a story that tries to convince us that everything happens for a reason. Good or bad, hot or cold, fast or slow…one action leads directly to another…even if there are many detours along the way.

When asked by his mother (Sarandon) to fix a simple closet door Jeff instead finds himself following a young man (Evan Ross) he spies on the bus simply because he has the name KEVIN on the back of his basketball jersey. Across town, his brother Frank (Helms) is rewarding himself for having a good week at work. Unfortunately, his wife (Judy Greer) is not too happy with the reward system Frank has come up with. She’s also tired of the lack of communication between them and may or may not be looking to reward herself with a little male company. Meanwhile, mother is dealing with a possible secret admirer at work. And what was that about KEVIN?

Bravely played by Segel, whose fondest act here is playing the part sans makeup, his constant five o-clock shadow a reminder of his life, “Jeff, Who Lives at Home” is a true family comedy with a truly dysfunctional family. Whereby Jeff can get along without all of the trimmings of life (car, house…even a girlfriend), Frank considers these things the most important symbols that he is indeed living a life. Coming across almost as cocky as Danny McBride’s Kenny Powers, Helms does his best to make the audience feel for a character who really doesn’t deserve sympathy. Frank is pretty much one dimensional so credit to Helms for trying. Sarandon gives a strong performance as a woman who doesn’t realize she misses the life she once had. Kudos as well to supporting work by Greer and Rae Dawn Chong, who plays a co-worker of Sarandon’s. But the film breathes through Segel, who says more here with his eyes then some actors say in a two page monologue. If not for a telegraphed, treacle-filled ending, “Jeff, Who Lives at Home” could have been practically perfect. But at least it’s better then “Signs.”


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Blu-ray Review “Queen: Days of Our Lives”

Director: Matt O’Casey
Starring: Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Studio: Eagle Rock Entertainment
Run Time: 221 minutes

Film: 5 out of 5 stars
Extras: 5 out of 5 stars

“Days Of Our Lives” is a two hours documentary on the legacy of the band Queen. It is split over two episodes, part 1 covers 1970-80 and part 2 covers 1980–present. This is one of the most in-depth portrayals of the band that I have ever seen. It goes into great details on how the band released 26 albums, sold over 300 million records worldwide and how they have stayed relevant of the last 40 years. There are new great interviews from surviving band members Brian May and Roger Taylor. John Deacon is alive but has no connection to the band anymore. There is also really great footage of Freddie Mercury behind the scenes and performing. This is a must for Queen fans and music fans overall.

What makes this different than any other band retrospectives is that it is really told through the perspective of the band through interviews and live performances all over the world. The release also includes rare video of the bands first ever TV performance. Throughout telling the bands story, it is not only very informative but also touching and very funny. It really keeps your interest from the moment it begins. The Blu-ray presentation is also 5/5 stars. The video is fantastic and even with the archive footage. The music in the film sounds great, especially playing over the surround sound.

If the film isn’t enough, the special features are jam packed full. There are over 90 minutes of additional videos and footage. There are new unseen promos, performances, and outtakes from the following tracks: “Seven Seas of Rhye”, “Killer Queen”, “Somebody to Love”, “We Are The Champions”, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, “Under Pressure”, “Radio Ga Ga”. Additional footage from the film includes rare interviews and archival footage about the following topics “Queen: The Beginning”, “Queen On Tour: 1974-75”, making of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Flash Gordon” soundtrack and much more. Lastly there are a ton of bonus interviews with Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Jim Beach.
Some of footage includes talks about Brian’s Health Scare in 1974, Freddie’s Outfits, Song Writing Balance Changes during the 80’s and much more. All-in-all superb extras for a another superb release from Eagle Rock Entertainment.