Mimoco’s Legends of MIMOBOT Series Giveaway: Abraham Lincoln & Elvis Aloha Hawaii [ENDED]



Media Mikes would like to giveaway the following TWO Designer USB Flash Drives from Mimco’s Legends of MIMOBOT series. If you would like to enter for your chance to win one of these great prizes, please leave us a comment below or send us an email indicating what “Legend” you would like to see Mimoco make into a MIMOBOT. This giveaway will remain open until April 19th at Noon, Eastern Time. This is open to all fans of Media Mikes, worldwide!! One entry per person, per household. All other entries will be considered invalid. Media Mikes will randomly select winners. Winners will be alerted via email.

abraham USB

Abraham Lincoln’s MIMOBOT® form leaves the top hat to the imagination and showcases his famous Lincoln chin curtain-styled beard. He sports a bow-tie to accompany his classic mid-19th century theater-going duds. Just like the real thing, Lincoln MIMOBOT allows documents, music, photos, and data to be shared, transported and collected no matter capacity or the color of th

Elvis Aloha from Hawaii MIMOBOT® – Who can deny that outfit?! Styled after the now iconic garb worn at his historic 1973 satellite broadcast concert, Aloha Elvis MIMOBOT is ready for the big show. Red, gold and blue studs adorn Presley’s form-fitting suit, and a lei hangs around his neck, reinforcing the global welcome of his famous Aloha performance. Just looking at his slick coif and snared lip, you can tell that upon insertion to a computer, Elvis will start to croon.

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  1. Mordecai and Rigby (from Regular Show) would be amazing to see! The other characters from the show would be cool too though and some villains like the Destroyer of Worlds, GBF, Klorgbane, etc. would be awesome as well. Just pretty much anything from Regular Show. I’d definitely be buying that s*** if they did!

  2. With the bulding excitement of Legendary Pictures re-imagining and current filming of the King of the monsters, I would love to see Mimoco make Godzilla into a MIMOBOT! I know that it would be a very successful collectible piece! Anyone agree? 🙂

  3. I meant to say *building* excitement in my above comment. I got so excited that I made a typo. 😀

  4. I’d love to see Mimoco make Marilyn Monroe. These are so wonderful and fun too. Thanks so much.

  5. I would like to see the most popular horror movie character from each decade from 1950-2010

  6. I would love to see a Vincent Price Mimobot! Or maybe a VP series since he was The Fly, The Invisible Man, and had his own distinct look

  7. This is not an entry 😉 just a response to some of the great comments so far! For those who mentioned the following characters, they are already AVAILABLE on Mimoco’s website http://www.mimoco.com:

    Harrison Ford as Han Solo
    George Washington
    Albert Einstein
    Bruce Lee

    Keep ’em coming!

  8. I’d like to see a George Washington. Remove the powdered wig to access the USB.

  9. Marlon Brando as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire with a dirty ripped shirt. Marlon Brando as Johnny in The Wild One would also be good with that old biker cap.

  10. I’d like to see a Joan of arc..If she doesn’t count then how about Cloud from Final Fantasy.If that doesn’t count either than I pick Frank Sinatra 🙂

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