Book Review “Crime Seen” by Michaelbrent Collings

CrimeSeenAuthor: Michaelbrent Collings
Paperback: 232 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date: January 17, 2014

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

It was past midnight, outside it was thundering and lightning and I was curdled up in bed with the lights off. This is the best way to read and experience the work of Michaelbrent Collings. His work is so visual and easy to imagine. When I read, I immediately zone in and visualize the characters and events like a movie. With Michaelbrent’s work he makes it so interesting and each page is like a cliffhanger leading to the next. “Crime Seen” the latest book from the award-winning author of “Strangers” and “The Colony” Omnibus and no question should be added to your must read list of 2014.

I started reading “Crime Seen” about two months ago and I stopped about half-way through due to the crazy events of life. The reason why I know I loved this book is because I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about it during that time when I wasn’t reading. And the minute that I picked back up and started reading again, I was right back into the world that he created for this story. For me, if you are able to keep my interest for that long you know that you have got something special.

Official Premise: Detective Evan White is on the trail of a killer. A madman who slaughters at a whim. A murderer bent on destroying everything and everyone Evan loves. An assassin who can’t be killed… because he’s already dead. Evan is about to begin the longest day of his life. A day that will determine what is true, what is false. What crimes are reality… and what crimes are merely seen.

“Crime Seen” is a great thriller with a nice supernatural edge mixed in. I just love the tagline for this book “How do you kill a man who’s already dead?” The story is such a mind fuck with twists and turns that really keep you guessing until the very last page. When you think you have it figured out, Michaelbrent causes you to scream out loud “What the fuck, just happened?”. I have no idea how this guy comes up with the crazy shit he does but I just can’t get enough of it personally.

Growing up as a kid, I was a very avid reader but I haven’t read a book in probably 10-15 years and it was due to Michaelbrent that got me hooked again. Last year, he approached me with his novel “Darkbound”, which is another outstanding choice to check out, and it really opened by eyes to reading and really changed my life. May sound lame but it is the truth. Sometimes, I actually think that he is a robot since this guy comes out with book after book after book and I have a hard time keeping up with him… But keep them coming man! Can’t wait to see what you got planned for me next.


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