Film Review “The Other F Word”

Starring:Jim Lindberg, Fat Mike, Flea
Director: Andrea Blaugrund Nevins
Oscilloscope Laboratories
Runtime: 98 minutes

Film Review: 5 out 5 stars

“The Other F Word” was directed by Andrea Blaugrund Nevins and was Executive Produced by Jeremy Chilnick and Morgan Spurlock. “The Other F Word” centers on Pennywise vocalist Jim Lindberg and several other prominent punk rock artists as they struggle to balance their lives as parents while still staying true to their bands original messages. “The Other F Word” does more than just scratch the service of parenting and musicianship as it takes a fresh and at times emotional look at a genre that has often been discredited and tossed to the side.

The second I heard about this film I couldn’t wait to see it. Here were all the guys in the bands I grew up listening to talking about what I myself will soon be…A father. It was really great to see guys like Fat Mike of Nofx and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in a completely different environment than that of the one we as the general public normally see them in. The film was more than just about being a father in a punk rock band. The interviews with those involved in this were filled with in depth, and at times emotional stories of what it was like growing up and how they were treated by their families. This film also features some great archival footage coupled with new footage that really compliments the film as a whole. Great footage an awesome sound track and some really great messages is what you will find in “The Other F Word”. Even if you are not a fan of punk rock or never heard of any of the people in this film I recommend you still go see it as this is more than just another music themed documentary.

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