RAVEN Announce North American Tour!

RAVEN Announce North American Tour!

In between recording a scorching new studio album and a European tour opening for Saxon, NWoBHM legends RAVEN have announced a 27 date North American tour with Extinction AD and Mobile Deathcamp providing support. The tour begins on November 1st in Houston, TX and runs through December 1st in Jonesboro, GA. A complete list of dates can be found below

“We are firing on all cylinders right now in Europe and are looking forward to blasting out a revised headline set with a few surprises!” says frontman and bassist John Gallagher.

RAVEN W/ Extintction A.D. and Mobile Deathcamp
11/1: Houston, TX @ Concert Pub North
11/2: Ft. Worth, TX @ The Rail Club
11/3: El Paso, TX @ Joey’s Badcompany*
11/4: Mesa, AZ @ Club Red
11/6: Fullerton, CA @ The Slidebar
11/7: Los Angeles, CA @ The Whisky
11/8: San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
11/9: Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Lounge
11/10: Seattle, WA @ Tony V’s
11/11: Vancouver, BC @ The Wise Hall
11/12: Spokane, WA @ The Pin
11/14: Salt Lake City, UT @ The Urban Lounge
11/15: Denver, CO @ Hermans Hideaway
11/16: Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room
11/17: Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews*
11/18: Sioux Falls, SD @ Bigs Bar
11/19: Minneapolis, MN @ Lee’s Liquor Lounge
11/20: Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s
11/21: Ft Atkinson, WI @ Hijynx
11/23: Westland, MI @ The Token Lounge
11/24: Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck
11/25: Rochester, NY @ The Montage
11/26: Brooklyn, NY @ The Kingsland
11/27: Clifton, NJ @ Dingbatz
11/28: Frederick, MD @ Café 611
11/29: Chesapeaker VA @ The Riffhouse
12/1: Jonesboro, GA @ Furnace 41

*No Mobile Deathcamp

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CD Review: Engel “Raven Kings”

“Raven Kings”
Produced by: Niclas Engelin & Marcus Sunesson
Tracks: 11

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

“Raven Kings” is the 4th full length release from the Swedish melodic death metal band Engel. The brain child of In Flames guitarist Niclas Engelin Engel burst onto the world stage in 2007 with their acclaimed debut “Absolute Design” and has strived for progression with each of its subsequent releases. “Raven Kings” is certainly no different and could easily the bands most progressive work yet. The album is being released via Gain/Sony Records and features 11 tracks produced by Engelin and co-guitarist Marcus Sunesson.

Fans of death metal looking for something a little more adventurous will want to take notice of the newest release from Engel. “Raven Kings” seamlessly blends aggression filled rhythm and vocal passages with beautifully orchestrated choruses that keep the listener on their toes. Tracks like “Your Shadow Haunts You” which starts out with tribal like drums and in your face screams instantly gives way to something much more as singer Mikael Sehlin belts out the songs opening line “Break free from all these chains” showcasing his range with almost an operatic type approach.

Don’t let my mention of operatic type lyrics sway your decision any as the band instantly goes back to its death metal roots with tracks like “Denial”, “When the Earth Burns” and the pulverizing “Broken Pieces”. Though I found a few of the tracks to be a bit over produced for my liking the album was a fresh listen that I think will appeal to fans of the genre.

Track Listing:
1.) Salvation
2.) Your Shadow Haunts You
3.) Denial
4.) Fading Light
5.) My Dark Path
6.) I Am The Answer
7.) When the Earth Burns
8.) End of Days
9.) Sanctuary
10.) Broken Pieces
11.) Hollow Soul


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In Flames’ Niclas Engelin talks about touring and new album “Raven Kings”

Niclas Engelin is probably best known for his guitar work in the Swedish heavy metal band In Flames. However when he’s not holding down the six duties there Niclas spends his time working on his melodic death metal group simply titled Engel. The group’s newest album titled “Raven Kings” was released in November 2014 and Media Mikes had the chance recently to speak with Niclas about its creation, what it was like working with Jacob Hansen and the prospects of the group touring in the United States.

Adam Lawton: Can you give us some of the background on Engel’s new album “Raven Kings”?
Niclas Engelin: After the last album “Blood of Saints” we decided to take some time and sort of regroup. We didn’t necessarily stop but we did take time to think about what it was we wanted to do with the band and just exactly how we wanted it to sound. We knew that we wanted the next record to be strong and well put together not just musically but also visually as well. We had lots of conversations about what the music for “Raven Kings” was going to be about. We took all the ideas from those conversations and sort of compiled them into one theme. Marcus and Mikael are big in to gaming and they had this vision of a post apocalyptic type game. I am not a gamer so I had to do some reading and also watched some films. We really just collected all these moods, ideas and themes and from there went to pre-production and so on.

AL: Can you tell us about working with Jacob Hansen this time around?
NE: Jacob and those guys are all friends of ours. He had wanted to work with Engel in some capacity for quite awhile now. I think we had been talking off and on about it for something like 3 years. We really liked the work that he did with Volbeat and we knew that he was capable of going the extra distance to make what was important to us happen. We talked a lot about this and I love how the album turned out.

AL: “Salvation” is a pretty intense song. What made you choose it as the album’s first single?
NE: (Laughs) It’s a very in your face song. We had never done a song as fast paced as this one before so when we were thinking about doing it we figured we could put a treatment together that really would shock people and let them know we are here.

AL: How does the creative process work for you with Engel as compared to when you are working on In Flames material?
NE: For me I have to think of these two bands as being from two different worlds. I really have to keep them very separate from one another as they are different things. The way Marcus looks at material might not necessarily be the same way Bjorn looks at material so I have to be conscious of that.

AL: What do you feel is the hardest part about balancing your time between both of the bands?
NE: For me it comes down to doing each of these when I have to do them. It’s just like getting the kids around for school each day and paying the mortgage. These aren’t things you can do only when you feel like it. (Laughs)I am always collecting ideas and working on various things. I essentially am always working. I love writing and performing music so much that I don’t mind that constant work process.

AL: What are the tour plans for Engel as we have yet to really see the band here in the United States?
NE: We have plans to start touring Europe in 2015. We will be out on a 6 week run over there and then heading back to Scandinavian. I really want to hit the United States also as it seems like every day I am being asked by someone as to when we will be there. (Laughs)

AL: What do you think has been the hardest thing about getting Engel over to the States?
NE: We want to make sure that we are going to be part of a good package that it going to make an impact. This will be our first good tour in the States and we want to make sure that the fans in the US see and hear what Engel is all about. That’s something that is very important to us.

AL: Does the band have any other plans going in to the New Year?
NE: We are getting ready to release another single off the album. We are currently in talks about what type of treatment we are going to use but I the song is going to “Fading Light”. I have met with the videos director a couple times and I do have a script but we still have a few more things to work out before we start shooting.

Blu-ray Review “The Raven”

Actors: John Cusack, Alice Eve, Luke Evans, Brendan Gleeson, Kevin McNally
Directors: James McTeigue
Rated: R (Restricted)
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Release Date: October 9, 2012
Run Time: 110 minutes

Film: 2.5 out of 5 stars
Extras: 3.5 out of 5 stars

When I heard they were making a film about Edgar Allen Poe, I was very excited and also a little upset.  I saw a play in California back in 2009, called “Nevermore” and starred Jeffrey Combs.  It was literally one of the best plays I have ever seen.  His performance was so intense and on-key.  Flash-forward to “The Raven”, I am a Cusack fan but he doesn’t have the skill to really tackle a character like Poe.  The film itself also takes a boring murder-mystery approach and doesn’t take advantage of this wonderful  character and possibilities.  I hope that Stuart Gordon is still planning on bringing “Nevermore” to the screen.  If not the play has recently been revived at the Steven Allen Theater in CA and will play one show on Halloween this year, so don’t miss it.  As for the film, it is work checking out but will leaving you yawning a bit and wanting more.

Official Premise: Baltimore, 1849. While investigating a horrific double murder, police detective Emmett Fields (Luke Evans, Clash of the Titans) makes a startling discovery: the killer’s methods mirror the twisted writings of Edgar Allan Poe (John Cusack, High Fidelity). Suspecting Poe at first, Fields ultimately enlists his help to stop future attacks. But in this deadly game of cat and mouse, the stakes are raised with each gruesome slaying as the pair races to catch a madman before he brings every one of Poe’s shocking stories to chilling life….and death.

The Blu-ray presented looks nice in its 1080p transfer, especially with all the dark scenes.  The  DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 really showcases Lucas Vidal’s score very well.  The special features are step up from the film itself. There is a good not great commentary track from the director James McTeigue and producers Marc D. Evans, Trevor Macy, & Aaron Ryder. If you are looking for behind-the-scenes featurettes, this release has no shortage, including “The Raven Guts: Bringing Death to Life”, “The Madness, Misery, and Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe”, “Behind the Beauty and Horror”, “The Raven Presents John Cusack and James McTeigue”, “Music for the Raven: The Team”. This really delves into different aspect of the production and gives a nice insight. There are also six deleted/extended scenes included, all of which were rightfully cut. Lastly there is a the theatrical trailer included.


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Win a “Raven” prize pack with the DVD & mini poster! [ENDED]


The Raven Spooks Its Way Onto Blu-ray & DVD on Oct. 9

Win a Raven prize pack with the DVD & mini poster! 

THE RAVEN arrives on Blu-ray and DVD October 9 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment in time to commemorate the 163rd anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s mysterious death (died Oct 7, 1849).

John Cusack and Luke Evans star in this blood-curdling tale of terror that’s as dark and haunting as the legendary master of the macabre who inspired it – Edgar Allan Poe.

Baltimore, 1849. While investigating a horrific double murder, police detective Emmett Fields (Evans) makes a startling discovery: the killer’s methods mirror the twisted writings of Edgar Allan Poe (Cusack). Suspecting Poe at first, Fields ultimately enlists his help to stop future attacks. But in this deadly game of cat and mouse, the stakes are raised with each gruesome slaying as the pair races to catch a madman before he brings every one of Poe’s shocking stories to chilling life…and death.

For your chance of winning The Raven prize pack, simply answer the following question below and click here to submit your answer. This giveaway will be open until October 5th at Noon, Eastern Time and is only open to residents of the United States. Only one entry per person, per household; all other entries will be considered invalid. Once the giveaway ends, Media Mikes will randomly pick out winners and alert the winners via email.

Edgar Allan Poe was reportedly found close to death on a  ______.

  • Train
  • Church Pew
  • Park Bench

Follow Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on: Twitter @FoxHomeEnt

Lucas Vidal talks about scoring “The Raven”

Lucas Vidal is the composer for the new horror/thriller “The Raven”.  Later this Fall, he is also composing the new action film “The Cold Light of Day”.  Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Lucas about his new score and inspiration behind it.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us how you incorporated Edgar Allen Poe’s legacy into your score for “The Raven”?
Lucas Vidal: The first thing I did when I started was to do research into Allen Poe’s life and state of mind in the film.  The music that he was listening to at the time.  When I spoke to the director (James McTeigue), he wanted to make sure that the music was something contemporary, not a period sound. We ended up getting into a really cool stage of creativity.  In fact we ended up doing really cool sounds for Allen Poe’s main theme.  We used an distorted electric guitar, which then interacts with the orchestra.  It helps the rhythm of the film a lot.  Overall it was a combination of real orchestra and electronics, since they were looking for a modern score.

MG: Did you have a lot of creative freedom working with “The Raven”?
LV: Yes, I did.  I was very open for ideas and suggestions though.  (James) McTeigue he knows what he is talking about, I mean he did “V For Vendetta”.  I was lucky to be able to learn a lot from a guy like that.  I was very opened-minded and yes I definitely had a lot of freedom on this project.

MG: What was your most challenging aspect for this score?
LV: I think to find the sound. Since McTeigue wanted something different than I expected.  The specific themes in the music are a lot of different than the movie. Once we got that got that down, it was a lot easier to start working.

MG: You also worked on the score for “The Cold Light of Day”, which is coming out this Fall; how do you feel it compares?
LV: The genre falls more under action for this one. There were a lot of big hits and rhythm in the orchestra.  “The Raven” was much darker.  I had a lot of of fun with both films.  We recorded in London at Abbey Road and we used a huge orchestra for both.  I think the approach was different but similar in the sense that it helps whats happening on the screen.

MG: When composing a film, what genres do you enjoy working in most?
LV: Well, I have done a lot of horror, thriller and action.  I would love to do more dramas and animation.  I love animation and dramas, like a really good drama!  A lot of dramas are orchestra driven and that is what I enjoy the most.

MG: Tell us about what you have upcoming?
LV: I cannot tell you right now, but I have a really cool movie coming up.  We are signing in the next day or two.  It is going to be very very interesting.


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