Blu-ray Review “Greystone Park”

Director: Sean Stone
Starring: Alexander Wraith, Antonella Lentini, John Schramm, Monique Zordan and Monique Van Vooren, Oliver Stone, Sean Stone
Distributed by: Arc Entertainment
MPAA RAting: Not Rated
Running Time: 83 minutes

Film: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Extras: 3.5 out of 5 stars

“Greystone Park” is directed by Sean Stone, who is the son of well-known director Oliver Stone.  The film is based on true events and falls under the found footage genre.  It is also told with Sean playing himself, even gets a cameo from his father.  This is a unique approach for the genre and mixes not only paranormal activities (sorry) but also the occult. Once the film gets started, there are quite a few good jumps. The ending is also quite the shocker as well. I did Sean high points on his first narrative feature and I am sure we will be hearing from him. I mean the guy has learned from one of the best directors in Hollywood. Perfect film for the Halloween season!

Official Synopsis: Based on true events, the film follows three aspiring filmmakers trying to document unexplainable events in an abandoned insane asylum known as Greystone Park. Urban legend has it that anyone who ventures into the forsaken hospital will suffer the consequences and face their own horrors. The trio stumble across a mysterious realm of escaped patients, ghosts and demonic shadows, as they try to uncover the truth behind Greystone Park.

This release from Arc Entertainment comes in a combo pack with both Blu-ray and DVD discs included for the film. This is a film that you really don’t need on high-def Blu-ray though since it is all shot on handheld camera. Nonetheless, it still looks good and sounds good as well with its nice DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track. The special features are great as well and a nice companion to the film. There a commentary track with Sean Stone, Alexander Wraith and Antonella Lentini. There is a never-before-seen ending including, but I still prefer the original. “Sean Stone’s Ghost Stories: The Making of Greystone Park” goes into the production and how it was made. Lastly, there is a feature called “The Locations of Greystone Park”, which looks into where this film was shot.

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