Cameron Argon talks about his one man band Disfiguring the Goddes

Cameron “Big Chocolate” Argon is the creator of the one man band Disfiguring the Goddess. Together with his Macintosh computer Cameron has put together a new album titled “Sleeper” Media Mikes had time to ask Cameron some brief questions about the project and the new album.

Adam Lawton: Can you give us some background on the band?
Cameron Argon: Disfiguring the Goddess is a one man band that was started when I was 15/16. It’s now a one-man-band that consists of me and my lovely Macintosh computer.

AL: How would you describe your new album “Sleeper”?
CA: This is the most advanced album so far. I think it is also the best all-around album as far as production, structuring and tone goes. This is the first real album with an official push. This is also and first album letting the world know that this is a one man band.

<AL: Any plans to shoot a video for any of the songs?
CA: Funny you should ask. I just posted one the other day. People can check it out here:

AL: Can you tell us the idea behind not playing live shows?
 CA: I’m super busy with my EDM stuff. Disfiguring the Goddess is just a side project for me. I still love it, but my main focus is on my electronic music right now.

AL: Does the band have any other plans for this year?
CA: Possibly another album.

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