CD Review: A Sound of Thunder "Queen of Hell EP"

A Sound of Thunder
“Queen of Hell EP”
Release Date: January 29, 2013
Nightmare Records
Running Time: 22 minutes

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Last year A Sound of Thunder really delivered the goods with their breakout record “Out of the Darkness”. So I was already surprised to see new material so soon. Damn though, this is some sick shit!! This EP really comes jam-packed with 22 minutes of some really amazing music. Nina Osegueda really delivers some killer vocals and Josh Schwartz is fucking fierce on the guitar. This band is really taking over the metal world and I can’t wait see what they have planned for their forthcoming full-length album “Time’s Arrow”. This group never rests and maybe that is a good thing since I can’t seem to get enough of them…keep it coming guys!

Producer Kevin ‘131’ Gutierrez worked with the band again after deliver the gem of an album “Out of the Darkness”. The new material works as a great companion to the last album. This EP has this really strong classic power metal feel to it. The title track “Queen of Hell” is just a wild rollercoaster ride from the moment it starts. The vocals and guitar work just are hardcore and in-your-face. If you like the track there is also a duet version featuring guest vocals by Veronica Freeman (Benedictum). If you are a Black Sabbath fan, then your will enjoy their great rendition of “Trashed”. Schwartz has said a lot of their influences is from Sabbath, so it is nice to see them pay the song some great homage. “Hello Nurse” is the most different and risky song for them but it pays off, as it is totally rocking! If you are a metal fan, there is no way in hell that this album won’t get you rocking out! Get those devil horns because you are going to need them!

If you have yet to give A Sound of Thunder a listen this is a perfect time to start.  The band is going to be playing live dates throughout the US in early 2013 to promote this new EP, with further extensive touring planned for later in 2013 to promote “Time’s Arrow”. So I cannot recommend this album any more. I found myself just listening to it over and over on loop and it just works so well.  Sometimes when I listen to albums I find myself skipping songs, but this one literally has been looping for over an hour during the writing of this review alone.  This band has done some much in such a short amount of time.  Imagine what they are going to have completed in another five years! Get ready cause this group is full steam ahead and they are giving metal music a run for its money!

Track Listing:
1: Queen of Hell (Album Version)
2: Queen of Hell (featuring Veronica Freeman)
3: Hello Nurse
4: Trashed (Black Sabbath cover)

CD & Vinyl editions can be ordered via the band’s official store


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Los Angeles based rock band Attaloss talk about their first EP

The Los Angeles based rock band Attaloss released their first EP earlier this year titled “Attaloss”. The band is currently out on tour in support of the release and Media Mikes had the chance to talk with the band about the formation of the group and the making of the EP.

Adam Lawton:  What led to you guys starting the band?
Chris Johansen: The band started about two years ago. We had all came from other projects and each of us knew what we did and didn’t want to do. We really took our time and made sure we had great people who were in it for the right reasons. We took about 6 months getting it all together as we all came from different cities. When we all finally met each other in person we knew we had the right group.

AL: How would you describe the band’s sound? And what makes Attaloss stand out from other bands?
Matt: I would probably put us in the modern rock category. We have a very popular sound (Laughs). Other than our live show which I think is what really sets us apart, I would say our music is fresh and it keeps your attention.

AL: How would you describe the band’s latest release?
Danny Aguiluz: We are extremely excited about this album. We have been on tour now since before its release in March. We have gotten a lot of really great feedback from people who have bought the album which has been cool. We are very proud of how it turned out.

AL: What was the recording process like for the album?
Dakota Clark: We wrote as many songs together as a band as we could. I think we had 30 verse/choruses written. After that we got a hold of our producer and just rapid fired the songs at him. He would tell us what songs he thought would work and which ones didn’t. We would then take the remaining songs and work them really hard. We started out with 5 songs which we worked on for about 2 months in the studio. Once we had those done we thought it would be cool to just do a full length album. We wanted to show people that not only could we play rock music but we could also play acoustic.

AL: Did you find performing the acoustic versions of the songs to be any harder than the electric versions?
CJ: The songs were all originally written on an acoustic guitar. It was almost like taking them back to their birth. During this time we were still a four piece until Matt Geronimo joined us. He added a whole other layer of harmonies and vocals. Those added things really changed how the songs sounded. When we went back to playing them acoustically it opened up an entire new world of sound which we were really excited about.

AL: Are there plans to release a video for any of the songs?
CJ: We have  a video for our first single “Open Door”. We had also planned on doing another single/video release however the director who we worked with on “Open Door” got called out to shoot in China. This guys works all over the world and we had him locked in for about two weeks but then he got called out. Hopefully when we are done with this tour we will be able to work on the video.

AL: How much longer will you be out touring? And what other plans does the band have?
Zo Perea: We are actually going to be out for a couple more months. When we get back we plan to take 6 months off from touring to do some songwriting and hopefully release a new EP.
CJ: This whole year has been about being on the road. We will have been on the road for more than half the year when this tour wraps up. This has been about just getting out there and building up our fan base. We have been lucky enough to get on 27 different radio stations and made our way out to those places that have supported us. We now know a lot more about who we are as a band and I think our next release will be a true 12-14 song album.

CD Review: The Great Commission “Firework EP”

The Great Commission
“Firework EP”
ANGR/Century Media
Tracks: 6

Our Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The “Firework EP” is the latest release from the Riverside, California band The Great Commission. The EP features 5 acoustic renditions of songs which were originally included on the bands 2011 full length album titled “Heavy Worship”. The EP also features a beefed up metal version of Katy Perry’s song “Firework”. Being a huge fan of the bands full length album I was really excited to hear what was in store on the new EP. From the opening vocal lines of “When It Rains It Pours” I was completely blown away! Each member of the band shows a whole new side of their music abilities. Lead vocalist Justin Singh unveiled an entirely different vocal styling that what fans are a custom to. Singh voice coupled with guitarist Angelo Razo’s angelic back-up vocals really brought the acoustic tracks to life. The bands upbeat cover of “Firework” wasn’t bad however it just wasn’t to my liking. I think the song would have been more to my liking if they had gone either full pop or full metal. Not teeter between the two styles.
Bottom line The Great Commission is more than just another faith based scream-o type band and the “Firework EP” proves that.

Track Listing:
1.) When It Rains It Pours
2.) Draw The Line
3.) Weight Of The World
4.) Road To Damascus
5.) Came To My Rescue (Be Lifted…)
6.) Firework (Katy Perry Cover)


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CD Review: Voodoo Terror Tribe “Stands to Reason” EP

Voodoo Terror Tribe
“Stands to Reason” EP
Tracks: 5

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

“Stands to Reason” is the latest release from the band Voodoo Terror Tribe. The band consisting of Gil PZ- Vocals, Emir Erkal- Guitars, Primer- Bass and T-Bone- Drums play a unique blend of industrial tinged metal filled with catchy lyrical content and thunderous guitar tones. The EP which is being released independently by the band and features 3 new original tracks, a remixed version of the bands song “Never Died Before” and a synth filled cover of the Journey song “Separate Ways”.

Though the album doesn’t have label backing it should not be discredited in any way. Each of the five tracks featured on “Stand to Reason” feature lush arrangements filled to the brim with pure unadulterated power. It should be noted that while recording the EP the band took a great risk venturing into new musical territory while reinventing their sound as a whole. I think this EP is a great testament to the bands new sound and I really can’t wait to hear what is in store next for the Garden State band.

For those interested in checking out the band and its new EP you can go to the bands website There you can find out more about the band and be able to name your price when downloading songs off the new EP.

Track Listing:
1.) Masquerade
2.) Stands to Reason
3.) Twenty12
4.) Separate Ways
5.) Never Died Before (Re-Mix)

CD Review: Black Veil Brides “Rebels- EP”

Black Veil Brides
“Rebels- EP”
Universal Republic
Tracks: 3
Video: 1

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

“Rebels” is the latest release the heavy metal band Black Veil Brides. The EP features 1 new track, 2 cover tracks and an extended video for the song “Rebel Love Song” which is featured on the bands full length album “Set the World on Fire”. The EP also features a performance by Black Label Society and former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde.

Being a fan of Black Veil Brides first two albums I was pretty excited to check out what they had to offer on their new EP. Granted it was only 3 songs and a video I still was all ears. The opening track “Coffins” is a brand new song from the band. Originally written during the bands previous studio session the song was not completed at the time of the full length album’s release. The song was not bad however it sound very much like every other song on album. I would have liked to hear a little more diversity. “Unholy” originally written by Kiss was almost spot on with the original. Zakk Wylde’s solo on the track was a little drawn out and stock sounding. I found the cover of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” to be the real star in the bunch. The song featured a unique arrangement which gave the song a really updated and modern feel. The video for “Rebel Love Song” had a really cool 80’s look and feel which only added to an already great song.

Members of the Black Veil Army will definitely want to pick this up. The EP would also be a great pick up for someone wanting to check the band out for the first time. “Rebels” is available via ITunes digital download.

Track Listing:
1.)    Coffin
2.)    Unholy (feat. Zakk Wylde)
3.)    Rebel Yell

1.)    Rebel Love Song (Extended Version)

CD Review: Metallica “Beyond Magnetic- EP”

“Beyond Magnetic- EP”
E/M Ventures
Tracks: 4

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

“Beyond Magnetic” is the latest release from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members Metallica. The EP features four unreleased track originally recorded during the “Death Magnetic” sessions. Along with the release of the EP Metallica celebrated their 30 year anniversary by playing a sold out four night stand at the historic Fillmore Theater in the bands home town of San Francisco. The 4 tracks contained on “Beyond Magnetic” were originally only available to Metallica Club members but they are now available to all via digital download and various retail locations.

I was very pleased that Metallica decided to release these 4 great songs. For those who remember the “Death Magnetic” sessions were taped with portions being show each day via the site Mission Metallica. During those daily clips you saw and heard a lot of the album prior to its release. One song featured heavily in the web series “Just A Bullet Away” appears on this EP. All four songs on the EP are great songs and feature bombastic arrangements that have something for fans both new and old. The track “Rebel of Babylon” takes you on an 8 minute metal fueled journey that is sure to leave your neck sore by the end.

A lot can be said about Metallica and their 30 year career both good and bad. As of late the band seems to really be firing on all cylinders and showing no signs of slowing down. “Beyond Magnetic” is a must have for Metallica and hard rock fans alike and for $3.99 via digital download you just can’t go wrong.

Track Listing:
1.) Hate Train
2.) Just A Bullet Away
3.) Hell and Back
4.) Rebel of Babylon

CD Review: Me Vs Myself “Where I Am…Where I Want to Be” EP

Me Vs Myself
“Where I Am…Where I Want to Be” EP
Tracks: 5

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

“Where I Am…Where I Want to Be” EP is the second release from the band Me Vs Myself. The Seattle band consists of members from the bands On The Last Day, Aiden and Forgive Durden? Together the quartet brings forth a sound that is full of fun lyrics and riffs

This EP features a catchy grouping of songs that are really enjoyable to listen to. It was a nice change to hear something this upbeat and fresh. The track “Now and Then” features a really great chorus that is super catchy and will in no time have you singing along. Tracks like “The Right Time” and “Carefully” feature nice laid back arrangements.

Being a relative stranger to Me Vs Myself prior to listening to the EP, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However after listening to the 5 tracks contained on “Where I Am…Where I Want to Be”, I quickly became a fan and can’t wait to hear what else the band has in store.

Track Listing:
1.)    Before I Wake
2.)    Perfectly Wrong
3.)    Now And Then
4.)    The Right Time
5.)    Carefully

CD Review: The Last Vegas “Other Side EP”

The Last Vegas
“Other Side EP”
Eleven Seven Music
Producer: Johnny K
Tracks: 3

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5stars

“Other Side EP” is the latest release from the band The Last Vegas. Based out of Chicago, IL the band blends a variety of rock sounds both new and old. The EP was produced by Grammy Nominated producer Jonny K who has worked with acts such as Disturbed, 3 Doors Down and, Staind. The EP is being released through Eleven Seven Music and features 3 new tracks available for free through the bands website.

Though the EP only features 3 songs each of those songs are packed with rock and roll goodness. If these 3 tracks are any indication of what’s to come with the bands full length release then we are all going to be in for a treat. The tracks reminded me of old school Gun’s N’ Roses but with a modern spin. “Other Side” was a personal favorite of mine as the track is a great all around rock tune that has a really great groove.

For free you really can’t go wrong downloading this EP. A lot of bands these days are releasing tracks for free and a lot of times there’s a reason they do so. Each of the 3 tracks contained on “The Other Side” are great representations of what the band has to offer.

Track Listing:
1.) Evil Eyes
2.) It Ain’t Easy
3.) Other Side

CD Review: Black Label Society “Glorious Christmas Songs That Will Make Your Black Label Heart Feel Good” EP

Black Label Society
“Glorious Christmas Songs That Will Make Your Black Label Heart Feel Good” EP
eOne Music
Tracks: 3

Our Score: 2 out of 5 stars

“Glorious Christmas Songs That Will Make Your Black Label Heart Feel Good” is the Newest EP by the Zakk Wylde fronted group Black Label Society. The EP consists of 3 classic Christmas songs performed by Zakk and his band. The album is being released via eOne Music and available today via iTunes.

I found this CD to be somewhat of a letdown. The tracks feature minimal performances of 3 Christmas Classics by Zakk Wylde and company. I really struggled to find something that stood out and was different. I am a huge Zakk Wylde fan and have quite a collection of his material however the only thing that was somewhat interesting about this EP was the ridiculously long title.

Black Label Society’s “Glorious Christmas Songs That Will Make Your Black Label Heart Feel Good” is nothing that hasn’t been done before. However for those BLS chapter members looking for something to listen to during the holiday season the 3 tracks contained on “Glorious Christmas Songs That Will Make Your Black Label Heart Feel Good” should help get you in the Christmas mood.

Track Listing:
•    I’ll Be Home For Christmas
•    Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
•    It’s A Wonderful World

CD Review: Kiros “Outlaws and Prodigals EP”

“Outlaws and Prodigals EP”
ANGR/Century Media Records
Tracks: 3

Our Score: 3 out of 5

The “Outlaws and Prodigals EP” features two new tracks from the Canadian based band Kiros. The tracks are a part the bands upcoming release titled “Lay Your Weapons Down”. The full length album is slated for release in 2012 via ANGR Records and will be the bands first release on this label. The two new tracks and b-side acoustic performance will be available exclusively through iTunes while the bands is on the road touring with the Music With a Mission Tour which features bands such as Manafest and Firefight. The EP will be available starting September 27th 2011 via iTunes digital download.

If the “Outlaws and Prodigals EP” is just a taste of Kiros upcoming release then I can’t wait to hear the full length album. Both songs on the EP have a really great sound to them and the instrumentation was very lush and complimented the vocals quite well. The track “Desperation Calls” has a catchy sing along chorus that just gets stuck in your head. My only complaint was that I wish they released a third new song rather than an acoustic interpretation of one of the songs already contained on the EP. If you get a chance definitely take a listen to Kiros “Outlaws and Prodigals EP”.

Track Listing:

1.)    Outlaws and Prodigals

2.)    Desperation Calls

3.)    Outlaw and Prodigals (acoustic)



CD Review: Girl on Fire “Revenge EP”

Girl on Fire
“Revenge EP”
Hollywood Waste
Producer: WiL Francis
Tracks: 5

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Girl on Fire are a 4 piece Alt/Rock band hailing from the Seattle, WA area. The band consisting of Austin Held- Vocal, Mick McMahan- Guitar, Josh Mouser- Bass and Harry MacDonald- Drums bring a fresh new approach to the Alt/Rock scene with the release of the bands debut EP titled “Revenge”. “Revenge” is a blend of rock infused punk which is very reminiscent of early Linkin Park albums.

Though not really familiar with Girl on Fire prior to my listening of the “Revenge EP” I was pleasantly surprised and became a fan instantly. Tracks such as “Revenge” and “Tragic Ending” have a perfect blend of rock meets pop punk. Every song on the “Revenge EP” seemed to have a hook that instantly made your head bob along to the beat. Austin Held’s vocals are a breath of fresh air and compliment the songs perfectly.

Girl on Fire’s “Revenge EP” is pure listening goodness! My only complaint was that I wanted to hear more songs! With such a catchy and melodic approach I can’t wait to hear what Girl on Fire has in store next for its listeners.

Track Listing:
1.)    Revenge
2.)    Tragic Ending
3.)    Medicate
4.)    Secret Lies
5.)    Close Your Eyes

Interview with Michael Berryman

Berryman is probably best known for his role as Pluto in Wes Craven’s 1977 horror film “The Hills Have Eyes” and the 1985 sequel “The Hills Have Eyes Part II”. He has also made appearances in “Weird Science”(1985), and the Academy Award-winning drama “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (1975). In 2005, he appeared in Rob Zombie’s “The Devil’s Rejects”. MovieMikes asked Michael a few questions about his career and talked about his favorite genres and his passions besides movies and most importantly his love of craft service on a movie set.

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Mike Gencarelli: “The Hills Have Eyes” was your first major role. Did you have any idea that your were making a film that three decades later still ranks as one of the great horror films of all time?

Michael Berryman: To tell the truth, I didn’t. I was just happy to have another job. When I read the script it was called “Blood Relations,” which was the name of the company. Then it was changed to “The Hills Have Eyes.” And, having talked to Wes (Wes Craven, the writer/director of “The Hills Have Eyes”) about the McBain family and learning that the story was mostly true, I thought “OK, this is not really a monster movie…it’s about two families.” It was hot in the daytime, cold at night. Very physical. A lot of the people in what we called the “White Bread Family”…Dee Wallace….the guy that played Bobby (Robert Houston)….they were a little more citified. Which kind of fit. I mean, everyone on our side, the Hills family, had done Westerns and rough and tumble parts. So it kind of lent itself to a natural selection as far as having the two sides – protagonist and antagonist. No, I had no clue at all that it would be a classic. Wes was just getting going after “Last House on the Left” and, actually, nobody had ever heard of anybody in the cast at all. We all just threw ourselves into it. I wanted to make Pluto as real to life as possible. And we got lucky. It hit. The drive-ins helped. It created some controversy. By today’s standards it’s not very bloody or gory…not a lot of special effects. So I’m very proud that after thirty years it has those other elements to fall back on.

Mike Gencarelli: You appear as a patient in the Oscar winning Best Picture “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Any favorite memory from working on the film?”

Michael Berryman: Many. Many. I worked 127 days on that masterpiece. We had two weeks of rehearsal with camera on the major scenes. Blocking and just trying to get a feel for it. And during the two weeks all of the main actors, including myself, had to spend time with the real patients on different wards (note: the film was shot on location at the Oregon State Mental Hospital, which was open and operational at the time). We even went to the criminally insane ward which was on the third floor. And with a guard at the door looking through the window there were moments where we spent a half hour…up to an hour with the patients. One fellow had been committed because he had, unfortunately, burned down a church. We looked at his art work. It was a very strange place with these individuals whose lives weren’t like yours and mine. But it gave us a nice insight into what really goes on. My father having been a prominent brain surgeon (Dr. Sloan Berryman was a very distinguished neurosurgeon)…that helped also because I had been around doctors and nurses my whole life. And then Jack Nicholson…this is what made him. It got him his first Oscar. He was still pretty well known. And having filmed at a real hospital was kind of cool. We were all hoping that Ken Kesey (author of the novel) would drop by but he was pretty dissatisfied with the screenplay (the script, by Bo Goldman and Laurence Hauben, won the Academy Award) because it wasn’t through the eyes of the Chief (in the book, the story unfolds through the eyes of Chief Bromden). But all in all it was very impressive to me. The hand picked crew…everybody now has a legacy behind them and I was just proud to be a part of it. The days I had off I was still on the set watching so I could learn my craft. I wanted to learn as much as I could about the lighting and the blocking…how you do coverage.

Mike Gencarelli: What did you think about the recent remake of “The Hills Have Eyes?” Have you seen it?

Michael Berryman: Yes I have. I was at a sneak premiere at a film festival and then I was at the red carpet event in Los Angeles. It was great to see Dee (Wallace) and Wes (Craven) and everybody. I liked the beginning of the film quite a bit. It had a nice feel to it…a nice atmosphere. But after about 20 minutes it became obvious to me that the movie was losing its dramatic impact…the relationship between the two families as individuals dealing with other members of their own family…I thought it fell apart and it turned into a chase film. I thought it basically turned into a video game. And then the second remake…I have no interest in even watching it. I thought they were pretty weak. And I know they were financially successful but I’m an artist first and, while I always want my projects to do well so I can make subsequent films, all in all I was pretty dissatisfied with the remakes. Of course they’re remaking everything these days and some are better than others. I just didn’t care for these remakes. They could have been better.

MG: Your role in “Weird Science” was a change of pace. At first you seem to be your usual villain but, once you’ve been rebuked, you meekly ask “Can we keep this…between us? I’d hate to lose my teaching job.” Was that line in the script or something you and John Hughes came up with on set?

MB: That was actually something John Hughes (writer/director of “Weird Science”) and I came up with on a whim. I was talking to him on set while they were setting up the shot for my close up and he said, “Hey, Michael, I’m going to end with you. What do you think these guys do when they’re not out terrorizing kids on the weekend? So we kind of kicked it around and we thought it would be kind of neat if he was a school teacher. This was sort of his chance, by proxy…because Kelly’s (LeBrock, who plays Lisa, the “doll” the boys create) character zapped us in…it wasn’t our idea…it gave us an opportunity to mess with these kids, which is kind of neat because most school teachers get a lot of razzing…get a lot of grief from high school kids. That’s how that scene came about. And John was just tremendous…tremendous to work with.

MG: Which do you prefer doing, horror films or more mainstream ones?

MB: I don’t really have a preference, honestly. I like it all. I just finished the last couple scenes for the new “Scooby Doo” movie playing a zombie, but I got to sing and dance. So there’s a mixture of comedy – slash – pseudo horror and making it all work. I don’t have a particular preference but I do have to say in my library growing up as a kid, being a big fan of films, I loved the monster films. I loved the Universal Horror classics. I loved the “Twilight Zone” and “The Outer Limits.” Especially because of their content. They were social commentary about situations that you could hide under the guise of…protagonist – antagonist…situations where your average person has to figure out what choices are most important for them. At an earlier age, of course, I loved Superman. I wanted to have super powers like every other kid. But I really appreciated the misunderstanding of the monsters. Now when you have a monster that pretty much just capitulates, like the one in the Korean film “The Host”. The monster wasn’t one you could have a dialogue with or get a lot of back story. I consider that a monster film in the classic sense. I thought it was a beautiful film, I really liked it. But I don’t have a preference. If somebody waved a magic wand and said you can only do one kind of film…gosh…I’d have to say sci-fi because it embraces all the other elements. But if it’s a good script and its well put together and we have a good crew… as long as there are good craft services catering I’m happy. That’s true. They say an army runs on it’s belly but a production company runs on craft service.

MG: What are your passions besides acting?

MB: My biggest passions? The first one is humanity. I’m huge on the basic theme…if you look at the back of the jacket that I wear all the time. And I wear it for a reason. It’s a Hard Rock Café jacket and the back reads “Love all. Serve all. All is one.” That’s kind of my philosophy of life. That is the most important. And that gives us room for civility to do continued good work. For instance Paul Newman, who I met while I was doing “The Crow,” invited me to get involved with his camp for kids that have their faces and skulls reconstructed and it’s all paid for through his philanthropic organization. I’ve been to his camp a number of times. I also lived at the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary for a number of years. The website is There’s also a woman whose been saving the Santa Cruz Island horses off the coast of California. It’s called Sunshine Sanctuary and they work with troubled kids. They let them come up and interact with the horses and they have an opportunity to make a difference. ( I work with local charities. I’m a reader for blind college students. I’ve volunteered at many drug and alcohol programs through my friends in law enforcement. I think it’s important for the artists in the community to make a difference, especially if you have a recognizable face and/or name. People follow your career and there’s so much more to it than just making a paycheck and telling stories and buying expensive toys. I would love to be a gazillionaire. I would set my family up but I would also take a lot of the money and set it aside. I would be a philanthropist. That would be my ultimate goal. I have horses at home, I’m an avid gardener, I love to cook. I’ll sum it up by saying I can’t live in a world without garlic and chocolate.

MG: Do you enjoy attending conventions and meeting your fans?

MB: Absolutely. I think they’re really cool events. I’ve been splitting it up 50/50 pretty much. Half of the events I go to are film festivals where I do the meet and greet…well, I’m usually out meeting and greeting so I don’t get to see all of the films I would like to. If there were two of me, one would be out at the table (greeting fans) and the other one would be watching every movie being shown. I’ve talked to a couple of people who put the events together and I’ve told them it would be great if they put all of the film submissions in a collectors set so they could be available for the fans. I’ve been to festivals in Indianapolis…Texas…Canada…all over. It’s really exciting to meet people who are just getting their feet wet. The themes and subject matter are usually a lot more varied than what you see from the studios. I really enjoy my fans and I appreciate them very much. And they know that. I also get to meet actors that I’m really keen on…people whose work I’ve watched over the years. I may have never gotten to work with them but it’s nice to meet them…hang out at the hotel and maybe have a drink or a bite to eat. I think the conventions are wonderful. If anyone reading this hasn’t gone to one, I highly recommend it. Get out of the house and go…you’ll have a lot of fun.

MG: What can you tell me about your upcoming role in “Below Zero 3D?” Are you excited to be in 3D?

MB: I’m totally stoked. I just finished up the paperwork. I have a son who’s a serial killer. It’s sort of a “Fargo” esque story where a screenwriter gets locked into a meat locker so he can get into the mood to write his screenplay. It’s a three part story with a couple of nice twists to it. I’ve noticed that 3D is becoming pretty popular and they’re doing it different then before so maybe it will really be fantastic. I like the script a lot. It should be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to going to Canada and shooting it.

MG: Any other projects you have coming up?

MB: A movie called “Stingy Jack.” We’re hoping the project gets green lit soon. I’ll play the title role. I can’t say too much about it…it’s kind of top secret! But it’s a really, really, really cool script. I’m just very grateful to make new contacts. People who are trying to put together their companies and create a library of good work so we can continue doing what we love to do, and that’s entertain…tell stories. It’s one of the oldest art forms in the world and I’m proud to be a part of it. Thanks to (legendary filmmaker) George Pal who gave me my first role. I’m really excited. I just want to pack my bags, head up to Canada and have a great time doing “Below Zero.”

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Interview with Chuck Williams

Chuck has appeared opposite Bruce Campbell in Don Coscarelli’s “Bubba Ho-Tep” and “The Carbon Copy” with Jonathan Breck. Also “Bryan Loves You” with Tony Todd and George Wendt. Chuck has also performed lead roles in “Groom Lake”, “Soultaker”, “Up Against The Eight Ball”, “Double Blast” with Linda Blair as well as countless other films and television shows, including “The Young and the Restless”. He has worked as an assistant director alongside such Hollywood heavyweights as James Cameron, Rob Cohen, Kathryn Bigelow, John Badham, Penelope Spheeris, Jonathan Kaplan, David Fincher, Jim Kouf and a host of others. MovieMikes talked with Chuck about his fantastic career, which shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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Mike Gencarelli: You’ve starred in numerous low-budget horror films, is that your favorite genre?
Chuck Williams: No, not really, I love all kinds of films….especially romantic comedies. It’s just easier for everyone to raise the money to make horror movies and that seems to be the most kinds of films that filmmakers ask me to be in. I remember in the beginning of my career, my mom would ask me “Are you ever going to star in a movie you don’t die in?”…LOL

Mike Gencarelli: Tell me about your involvement with the show “The Girls Next Door”?
Chuck Williams: I was asked to come on the show and produce a horror movie with Bridget Marquardt. She is an amazing, talented woman. She truly loves horror and scary films. So we developed a movie called “The Telling” that she also starred in with her friend Holly Madison. We had a blast and shot a lot of it at the Playboy Mansion thanks to Hugh Hefner. It now is playing on The Movie Channel.

MG: You’ve taken on many roles, actor, producer, writer, directer, what is your favorite job on the set of a movie?
CW: My favorite is always acting. That is why I came out to Hollywood. But I knew if I learned the craft of making films, I would always work. I want to be in this business for a long time like Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood and they both learned how to make movies!

MG: What was like working the film “Bubba Ho-Tep” and with Don Coscarelli and Bruce Campbell?
CW: One of the best experiences in my life. I love Don. He is a great writer and director. Bubba Ho-Tep is one of those films like Spinal Tap or Rocky Horror Picture Show…It will live forever. The fans love that movie and so do I. Bruce is the King….while on set in front of the camera or behind, he never broke character. As he would always say, “Thank you, thank you very much….now lets get something to eat boys.”

MG: What was your craziest experience on a film set?
CW: Working as a assistant director on the cult classic movie “Near Dark” directed by Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow. Long and cold nights, great cast and for some reason, we kept blowing up things that would knock out the power in the middle of the night of this small little town in Arizona…LOL They were happy to see us leave…I mean, imagine waking up more than once and finding out your not going to have hot coffee in the morning.

MG: If you have all the means necessary, what would be your dream project?
CW: Well, I have always been an independent filmmaker, which I think that keeps the game interesting. But if I had 200 million dollars to make my dream project, I would make a film that makes people laugh!

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Exclusive Interview with Amelia Kinkade

Amelia Kinkade, although known for her more prominent role as the Angela Franklin in the horror series “Night of the Demons” and its sequels. That was only the start of Amelia amazing journey. Besides being a champion level dancer, Amelia has written two pet psychic books and she is a practicing animal communicator. Amelia gives lectures, classes and book discussions have all around the world. Thanks to Neal DeConte, who is creating a figurine of Amelia as Angela from “Night of the Demons” for his company, Horror Idols (revealed this July at Famous Monsters Convention), MovieMikes was able to ask Amelia a few questions about her days as an actress and more importantly her current work which is her true passion. During this interview Amelia realized that “There CAN be a lovely cross-over between the horror lovers and the spiritual animal lovers.”

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Mike Gencarelli: You majored in dance and was featured in films and rock videos? Is dance still apart of your life?
Amelia Kinkade: If I didn’t still dance, I’d be lying on my back in an insane asylum dancing on the walls with crayons between my toes. I am a champion level salsa dancer, I’m proud to say, after many years of humiliation on the ballroom dance-floor. Salsa is a BLAST and I recommend it to all my students no matter how much they think they can’t dance. Dance is an outlet of joy, release, gratitude, and respect for these amazing bodies God gave us, no matter what shape we think we’re in or how critical we may be of ourselves. I trained all my life as a professional ballerina and jazz dancer, quit for many years after my Demon’s days, went into a horrid depression and realized I couldn’t live without the hope and joy that dance brings into my life. I decided to get my groove back on in my early thirties and and one of the reasons I moved to NYC was because I can still dance like a bat out of hell. I needed the best dance studio in America where I can smoke every nineteen year old Broadway star off the map. I found it. Good times! If I had any shame, I’d feel terrible about this. But I taught for years in Hollywood, and I can still ROCK IT.

Mike Gencarelli: You starred as Angela Franklin in the “Night of the Demons” franchise, did you enjoy planning the character?
Amelia Kinkade: Does a bear shit in the woods? Does the Pope eat fish on Friday? I got paid to get possessed and kill everybody. In my early 20’s, I was still doing this on a monthly basis, but not getting paid for it. These movies allowed a rare glimpse of my PMS before I had my monthly dose of Midol.

Mike Gencarelli: Do you have a favorite moment from the set of the films?
Amelia Kinkade: “I was just warming my hands over the fire!”

Mike Gencarelli: How do you feel about the franchise being remade planned for release this Halloween?
Amelia Kinkade: I didn’t know it was! But thanks for telling me! As long as I get my .0000000000002 % maybe I’ll have enough money to buy some cat food for my hilarious funky half-dead ol’ Persian, Doc!

MG: After you starred in “Night at the Demons III”, why did you stop acting?
AK: I got the calling to work with animals and write my first book. Divine Intelligence took over my life and it was time to allow my destiny to be more important than my history–a lesson I now teach in at least 12 countries all over the world every year. Working as an actress was a mindless cake-walk. Working with tigers in Thailand, elephants, cheetah, sacred White Lions, Great White Sharks, penguins, baboons, jaguars and giraffes in Africa as the human monkeys destroy their environment and exploit them off the face of the planet is not a mindless cake-walk. It’s time to take responsibility for our world and the other living creatures on it that we were put here to protect and champion. If my movie career can help position my work as an animal ambassador, I’ll run naked through the streets. What do you think THAT would do for my reputation? Grin You know that saying, “Good girls go to Heaven. Bad girls go everywhere?” Well, it’s true. But maybe this bad girl can get some GOOD things done in this world. If my fans join hands with me, we’ll have a better chance. The movies were “fun.” Rolling around with tigers and diving with Great White sharks is ecstatic. And even if the animals are in pain, and most are, the work is REWARDING, so I can go to sleep every night knowing I made a difference in the world. I’m not the one wearing the fangs anymore. I’m loving the ones with the real fangs, and it’s a LOT more fun than pretending I have fangs of my own.

MG: When did you first realize that you have the ability to hear and speak to animals?
AK: I wrote a book about this called “Straight From the Horse’s Mouth: How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers”. In my Demon days, when I was 24, I took a workshop that was the seed of what I now teach. When it came time to try to actually “do it,” I was convinced I’d be the only person in the entire room who couldn’t do it. But when we were asked to “tune in” to a dog, I started writing pages and pages of notes, crying hysterically. The teacher asked us is the dog we were trying to connect with had ever had puppies. Suddenly the dam burst between me and the dog and I “became” her for a moment. In the vision, I WAS the dog, like being in a movie clip, in holographic 3D. I could see and touch the nose of my great love through a chain link fence. He was a big black doberman mix who lived next door and I was living in a trailer home that had a huge pine tree in front. The human got divorced and took “me” away from the only dog I ever loved. Then she got “me” fixed so that I couldn’t have puppies. Emotionally, I was heart-broken. The level of grief was over-whelming, but I knew I had to be loyal to my human owner. I looked down and saw the huge incision on my belly and felt the agonizing pain. The pain was devastating, both physically and emotionally. Then inside my mind, I heard the dog say, “I couldn’t be a mother myself, so now I take care of all the neighborhood cats.”The woman who owned the dog burst into tears and confirmed everything I said, from the trailer to the pine tree to the big black dog next door. She kept saying, “Tell her I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” And she confirmed this huge pitbull mix herded all the neighborhood cats in the most loving way. That was the beginning of a shocking new career that has taken me all the way to Buckingham Palace to read the Queen’s Horses. I didn’t mean to do it. But God needed it done, so She chose to do it through me, and to tell you honestly, I didn’t have much choice in the matter.

MG: Tell me about the books you have written, “Straight From the Horse’s Mouth: How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers” and “The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals”?
AK: It’s this mobility of consciousness that I now teach. Psychic ability is a learned skill, an innate part of our brain chemistry that only needs to be developed in order to function automatically like any of our other motor skills. In every workshop I teach all over the world, one of my first questions is, “How many of you think you’re going to be the only person in the room who CAN’T do this?” and almost every hand goes up. Then, I applaud their courage for coming. By the end of the seminar, almost ALL my students are able to download names: Names of the other animals at home, names of the other people at home, names of the neighbors, names of the animals’ medical conditions, names of the humans and animals in the household who have crossed over into Heaven and details that are absolutely impossible to dismiss. And it is often the most skeptical down-trodden students with the least amount of confidence who come out as the most SHINING professional psychics, because they are so humble and their ego doesn’t get in their way. Plus, if they question themselves constantly, they are all the more likely to push for more detail in their information and they get more accurate data. I’ve poured my heart and soul into my books and I’ve made my life an example of giving everything I’ve got to give in order to restore some peace to this planet and some comfort to Her animals—two and four-legged alike.

MG: You are currently on a world tour, how does it make you feel to be able to spread this gift all over the world?
AK: Tired. I’ve been on a world tour for eight years. I’ve got FOUR more world tours this year. That’s why I’ve chosen to start appearing in Horror Movie conventions here in the states. I’m willing to join forces with my horror fans who are also animal lovers and not have to fly all the way to Switzerland to find like-minded animal lovers who want to talk about Quantum Physics, Interspecies Communication, God, Spirit, life, and the future of the planet. My students in Europe share their inmost secrets with me, dance, and laugh, and cry with me. Maybe my horror fans will do that too, and Dorothy won’t have to fly all the way to Oz to get her rocks off.

MG: Are you excited about your return of the horror convention circuit this July at Famous Monsters Convention in Indianapolis?
AK: With bells on, baby.

MG: How do you feel being about becoming a figurine created by the company Horror Idols?
AK: The only thing my figurine can’t do that I’m doing is JUMP FOR JOY, but maybe we’ll work on that for the NEXT action figure/figurine.

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Interview with Steven C. Miller

Steven C. Miller wrote, edited, directed and even had a role in his first horror movie, “Automaton Transfusion”. The film made on a no budget but it looks like $5M dollar film. MovieMikes has the ability to ask Steven a few questions about his career so far. Keep an eye on Steven he will be the taking over the horror genre, no question.

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Mike Gencarelli: What were the main challenges you faced while making “Automaton Transfusion”?
Steven C. Miller: The biggest were obviously Time and Money. We had next to none of both. Its hard to make any movie in 9 days, but it gets even more challenging when you have less that 20k to do it with. We had to be extremely creative but ultimately I think that’s what gave us a unique little film. Other main challenges included– Locations, Make-up FX, and Exhaustion.

Mike Gencarelli: How did you feel when the film was picked up by Dimension Films?
Steven C. Miller: It was a huge honor for me. I felt like Dimension really brought back horror with the release of “Scream” back in the day and nothing thrilled me more, than to be in that library. They did an amazing job on the box art for the film and the overall marketing was fantastic.

Mike Gencarelli: You career started right out of film school, tell us about your road to success?
Well, I by no means think I am a success yet. I still see myself as learning and trying to perfect my craft. Anyway, I came to Hollywood right after film school (sleeping in my car/on friends sofas) and started Editing a few low budget horror films. I finally just got sick of all the crap I was seeing. It wasn’t necessarily the film makers fault, gotta pay the bills, but I always felt like there was no heart in those pictures. I wanted to make something that felt like “Evil Dead”. Something that had heart and showed a love for the genre. I gathered my friends Mark Thalman and William Clevinger and explained to them what I felt like we needed to do. They both agreed and we immediately contacted our film school. The school was on board and we were off to the races. Once “Automaton Transfusion” was finished, the journey of getting it bought seemed long, but eventually it landed at film festivals and ultimately at Dimension. It was an amazing time in my life and I will never forget it.

MG: Are you planning a follow-up to “Automaton”, if so can you tell us about it?
SM: I am. Its been in the works for a while now. Its the movie that ties up any loose ends or questions from the first film and leads into a whole new world for the third. It picks up where our characters were left for a brief moment before being thrust 5 years into the future. I can’t say too much because the script is just too exciting to spoil, but it will mix genres like nothing before. The biggest issue with the movie is the financing. It needs… well.. deserves a bigger budget than the first and that is always about timing. Its not a film I am going to just make for half a million bucks and hope it turns out good. Its something that I consider my Empire Strikes Back and I take it very seriously.

MG: Has horror movies always been your favorite genre? Do you see yourself ever making romantic comedy?
SM: I love all kinds. My favorite is really action. I always felt “Automaton Transfusion” was an action movie with horror elements. I also do love comedy. Horror and Comedy are very similar, its all about the timing. I would definitely do a romantic comedy if it was R rated and felt like something out of the 80s.

MG: Who is your inspiration for wanting to make movies?
SM: My biggest inspiration when I was growing up was Sam Raimi. It was amazing to me that he could be all over the genre map, from “Evil Dead” to “For The Love Of The Game” to “Spider-Man”.

MG: If you had any means necessary, what would be your dream project?
SM: I have a werewolf bank heist film called “Bad Moon Rising”, that if I had the chance, I would make in a instant.

MG: Tell me about your involvement with the proposed remake of “Motel Hell”?
SM: I was hired by MGM and Craig Perry to be the Director of the remake. There is a really fun script and Craig Perry has some killer ideas. The problem is that It’s at a stand still while MGM figures out there money situation. Its unfortunate that the movie hasn’t just been made. Its a great title and one of my favorite 80s flicks. Hopefully soon!

MG: What other projects do you have in development that you want to talk about?
SM: I’m in post production on my next feature for After Dark Films called “Scream of the Banshee”, which stars Lauren Holly and Lance Hendrickson. Its a fun little monster movie meets “The Ring”. It’s slated for a October theatrical release. I’m also working on a few things with various producers and Writers. I try to throw as many things as I can at the wall because eventually something will stick!

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