CD Review: Kiros “Outlaws and Prodigals EP”

“Outlaws and Prodigals EP”
ANGR/Century Media Records
Tracks: 3

Our Score: 3 out of 5

The “Outlaws and Prodigals EP” features two new tracks from the Canadian based band Kiros. The tracks are a part the bands upcoming release titled “Lay Your Weapons Down”. The full length album is slated for release in 2012 via ANGR Records and will be the bands first release on this label. The two new tracks and b-side acoustic performance will be available exclusively through iTunes while the bands is on the road touring with the Music With a Mission Tour which features bands such as Manafest and Firefight. The EP will be available starting September 27th 2011 via iTunes digital download.

If the “Outlaws and Prodigals EP” is just a taste of Kiros upcoming release then I can’t wait to hear the full length album. Both songs on the EP have a really great sound to them and the instrumentation was very lush and complimented the vocals quite well. The track “Desperation Calls” has a catchy sing along chorus that just gets stuck in your head. My only complaint was that I wish they released a third new song rather than an acoustic interpretation of one of the songs already contained on the EP. If you get a chance definitely take a listen to Kiros “Outlaws and Prodigals EP”.

Track Listing:

1.)    Outlaws and Prodigals

2.)    Desperation Calls

3.)    Outlaw and Prodigals (acoustic)