CD Review: Girl on Fire “Revenge EP”

Girl on Fire
“Revenge EP”
Hollywood Waste
Producer: WiL Francis
Tracks: 5

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Girl on Fire are a 4 piece Alt/Rock band hailing from the Seattle, WA area. The band consisting of Austin Held- Vocal, Mick McMahan- Guitar, Josh Mouser- Bass and Harry MacDonald- Drums bring a fresh new approach to the Alt/Rock scene with the release of the bands debut EP titled “Revenge”. “Revenge” is a blend of rock infused punk which is very reminiscent of early Linkin Park albums.

Though not really familiar with Girl on Fire prior to my listening of the “Revenge EP” I was pleasantly surprised and became a fan instantly. Tracks such as “Revenge” and “Tragic Ending” have a perfect blend of rock meets pop punk. Every song on the “Revenge EP” seemed to have a hook that instantly made your head bob along to the beat. Austin Held’s vocals are a breath of fresh air and compliment the songs perfectly.

Girl on Fire’s “Revenge EP” is pure listening goodness! My only complaint was that I wanted to hear more songs! With such a catchy and melodic approach I can’t wait to hear what Girl on Fire has in store next for its listeners.

Track Listing:
1.)    Revenge
2.)    Tragic Ending
3.)    Medicate
4.)    Secret Lies
5.)    Close Your Eyes

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