Steel Panther’s Concert To Save The World Is A Global Success With Fans And Critics Alike – Future Livestreams Being Considered

People know the all too famous stories of ‘N Sync, Backstreet Boys, O-Town and countless others that rose to the top of the pop charts. The one band that got away from Lou Pearlman (the man behind their success) was the little-known boy band F.P.C. (Four Pump Chumps). The band was known for their infectious tracks that combined more rock sensibilities than the usual pop music of the more known boy bands of the day. The band started to get some notoriety with one of their early songs “Let’s Get High Tonight” that almost got them a meeting with Pearlman. The meeting never happened and Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxx, and Stix Zadinia would eventually ditch the choreography for a return to spandex and hair spray as the now world-famous Steel Panther. 

The song has found a new life on the band’s latest release Heavy Metal Rules and the F.P.C. (Four Pump Chumps) version can be seen here:

The new video release comes on the heels of the band’s first ever live stream concert they played on June 7th. The virtual Concert To Save The World was a global success amongst critics and fans alikeThe concert aired from The Drum Channel Studio at Drum Workshop in California that featured full stage production, multiple cameras, crowd noise and special guest appearances by Rudy Sarzo and Rob Riggle. Tickets cost just $15.00 with proceeds going to benefit Heavenly Pets Animal Rescue (the location that hosted the band’s recently announced All Day Kitty Cam) and Live Nation’s Crew Nation Fund (benefitting all touring personnel affected by the Covid-19 pandemic). Journalists from Loudwire, Ultimate-Guitar, The Oakland Press and numerous others checked out the stream live, and spoke favorably of the 105-minute concert event. Steel Panther is currently in deep internal discussions and planning to figure out a time for another livestream and more information will be made public as soon as it is available.  

Steel Panther recently announced their newest guitar pedal – The Butthole Burner. Made in the USA, the latest distortion pedal from the collective brain trust features the exact same circuit as the now infamous Pussy Melter pedal. The limited production run Butthole Burner will retail for $199.99.  Not immune to the effects of the current Covid-19 pandemic as their partying has come to a stop because drug dealers are not classified as essential personnel, Steel Panther has set up an interest free 4-month payment plan for all self-quarantined musicians that might want to purchase The Butthole Burner. Also, anyone that purchased the original Melter or last year’s Poontang Boomerang delay pedal will receive 10% off their purchase. Fans must be logged in to their Panther store account and use the code “Melter10” to receive the discount.

Anyone who orders TheButthole Burner will be entered for a chance to win a limited number of “Golden Tickets” that comes with Penis Chili Pepper seeds (so purchasers can grow their own butthole burner peppers at home) and a $50 gift certificate to the band’s merch store.

Pre-orders for The Butthole Burner are now available here:

Steel Panther are currently sitting home practicing social distancing and self-gratification thanks to the Coronavirus. The band is planning to return to the road during some month that will kick off in some city with some other bands once the world returns to normal. More information for all things Steel Panther can be found at

ABOUT STEEL PANTHER:  For the uninitiated, Steel Panther was formed in 2000 and is comprised of Michael Starr (lead singer), Satchel (guitarist), Lexxi Foxx (bass) and Stix Zadinia (drums). Hailing from Los Angeles, the epicenter for rock n’ roll in all its debauchery and glamour, Steel Panther has established themselves as the world’s premier party band, melding hard rock virtuosity with parody and criminally good looks. Steel Panther is a global phenomenon with four full-length albums, touring across the world, platinum-level You Tube status and high-profile television appearances such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, Larry King Now, and FOX NFL Sunday.  Rolling Stone avowed, “There’s a reason Steel Panther have transcended their origins as a cover band playing the Sunset Strip,” while Metal Sucks declared, Steel Panther’s concept is genius…their songwriting is…preposterously snappy – and relatable.”

Blu-ray Review “Tommy Boy: 25th Anniversary Steelbook”

Celebrating it’s 25th anniversary this year, “Tommy Boy” comes home with a brand new Limited Edition Steelbook arriving 05/26/2020 exclusively at FYE. It’s crazy to think that it has been 25 years since this film has come out. I remember seeing it in the theaters and literally falling out of my seat laughing, which doesn’t happen very often. There really aren’t comedies like this these days. The combo of Chris Farley and David Space really delivered one of the best comedies ever with “Tommy Boy”.

Leave it up to FYE for delivering yet another amazing exclusive Steelbook. They have some of the best steelbook releases recently. FYE understands that collector’s love these releases and they are always on the ball of releasing some great titles with fantastic steelbook releases. The artwork for this film is great especially love the choice of the inside case photo that they chose. Fans of “Tommy Boy” should definitely pick this up at your local FYE or online at their shop.

Official Premise: The gust-busting duo of crack-up comedians Chris Farley and David Space star in one of the funniest films of the ’90s. To save the family business, two ne’er-do-well traveling salesmen hit the road with disastrously funny consequences. Tommy Boy is a larger-than-life movie, with a great supporting cast that includes Rod Lowe, Bo Derek, Dan Aykroyd and Brian Dennehy.

The Blu-ray disc included is the same as the “Holy Schnike Edition”, which was released back in 2008. Paramount presents the film in a solid 1080p, 1.78:1-framed transfer. The film shows its age a little bit but the transfer is overall very nice. There is a lossless Dolby TrueHD 5.1 soundtrack included as well, which works fine with the dialogue and the soundtrack.

The special features are worth checking out as well. First up, we get a commentary track from director Peter Segal. You can tell that he enjoyed watching the film due to laughing at various scenes. The rest of the extras are all in 480p, so DVD quality, due to the age of the film. There are storyboard comparisons, a bunch of deleted / extended and alternate scenes as well as a photo gallery. Lastly there are four featurettes, a gag reel and some trailers included.

I can’t wait to see what FYE releases next for their exclusive steelbook releases. I am keeping my figures crossed for some of Terry Gilliam’s classics like “Brazil” or “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. I can see FYE nailing some of his film with a solid steelbook releases.

Film Review: “Boy Erased”


Starring:  Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman and Joel Edgerton
Directed by:  Joel Edgerton
Rated: R
Running time:  1 hr 54 mins
Focus Features



So reads the license plate that is the first thing we see at the beginning of “Boy Erased.”  But opportunity for who?  It’s certainly been good to the Eamons family.  Father Marshall (Russell Crowe) is not only the town preacher, he also owns the big car dealership in town.  Wife Nancy (Kidman) is busy in the community.  And son Jared (Hedges) is a popular high school boy who dreams of being a writer.  But Jared has a secret, one that will pit him against those he loves because of those he loves.

Based on the experiences related in the book “Boy Erased” by Gerrard Conley and written by director and co-star Edgerton, the film follows Jared as he is outed to his parents and made to attend a program that will “cure” him of his supposed misdeeds.  He is taken to a campus run by Victor Sykes (Edgerton).  The rules are strict.  No cell phones allowed in classes.  They are actually confiscated each morning, with the staff informing the owners that they will be checking their contacts and calling random numbers to ensure there is no evil happening on the other end of the line.  No contact, except for the briefest of handshakes.  Heck, you have to take a counselor with you when you use the bathroom.  Most important…you do not discuss the therapy with anyone outside the campus.  Jared wants so much to please his parents but as his therapy continues he realizes that to deny his true feelings is to deny himself.

I was a huge fan of Edgerton’s previous writing/directing project, 2015’s “The Gift” and he continues to show with his work here that he is one of the most gifted filmmakers working today and one to be reckoned with for many years.  It can’t be easy pulling double duty both in front of and behind the camera, but he keeps the story moving while allowing the audience to absorb the happenings on screen.  He also pulls amazing performances out of both Hedges and Kidman, with both of them doing some of their best work in recent years.  Add to the acting kudo list Edgerton himself, as well as supporting work by Flea, Jesse LaTourette, Britton Sear, Theodore Pellerin and David Joseph Craig, whose smug face and attitude made me want to punch him every time he came on screen.

Awards season is coming and “Boy Erased” has easily put itself in the running for some end of the year gold.

Win Tickets to the Kansas City Screening of “Boy Erased”


Media Mikes has teamed up with their friends at Focus Features to give (50) readers and a guest the chance to be among the first to see one of the most anticipated films of the upcoming season, “Boy Erased.”

The film, written and directed by Joel Edgerton, will be screened on Wednesday, November 7 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Kansas City.  The screening will begin at 7:30 p.m.

To attend, all you have to do is click HERE.  The first (50) readers to do so will receive a pass for (2) to attend the screening.  This is a first come/first serve giveaway.  Once the (50) passes have been claimed, the giveaway has ended.  Good luck!


Wednesday, November 7, 2018 – 7:30 p.m.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Kansas City, Missouri

Free Tickets to Advance Screening in Boston for “White Boy Rick”

Media Mikes is proud to be hosting an advance screening of “White Boy Rick”.  Columbia Pictures is really the drama/thriller on September 14, 2018 in theaters! Click below to get tickets, first come first serve! Good luck and like always leave a comment here after you’ve seen the film!

September 10th
AMC Boston Common

Set in 1980s Detroit at the height of the crack epidemic and the War on Drugs, WHITE BOY RICK is based on the moving true story of a blue-collar father and his teenage son, Rick Wershe Jr., who became an undercover police informant and later a drug dealer, before he was abandoned by his handlers and sentenced to life in prison.

Fall Out Boy Announces Comprehensive Career-Spanning Vinyl Box Set ‘The Complete Studio Albums’

Fall Out Boy Announces Comprehensive Career-Spanning Vinyl Box Set
‘The Complete Studio Albums’

Modern Alt-Rock Pioneers Celebrate Their 15-Year Recording Career with a Seven-Album Collection on September 28 via Island/DCD2/UMe

Following their electrifying early morning performance of their hits “The Last of The Real Ones,” “Uma Thurman” and “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)” in NYC’s Central Park for Good Morning America’s “Summer Concert Series” today (watch the full set here, including online exclusives “Champion” and “Centuries”), multiplatinum modern alt-rock pioneers Fall Out Boy have announced they will release all seven of their studio albums on vinyl as a lavish box set titled The Complete Studio Albums on September 28 via Island/DCD2/UMe. Spanning the band’s storied and wildly successful 15-years-and-counting recording career, the comprehensive collection contains all of Fall Out Boy’s best-selling studio albums, starting with the band’s 2003 pop-punk debut, Take This To Your Grave, including 2005’s career-defining double-platinum hit platter, From Under The Cork Tree, and capping off with their most recent album M A N I A which earned the band their fourth No. 1 record upon release this past January. This must-have on-wax collection also includes 2013’s combo Save Rock And Roll (PAX•AM Edition) for the first time ever on 12-inch vinyl. The Complete Studio Albums will be made available in two versions — a standard edition on 180-gram black vinyl, and as a limited-edition, 180-gram clear vinyl collection. View the unboxing video here:

Pre-order The Complete Studio Albums on black vinyl:
Pre-order The Complete Studio Albums on limited-edition clear vinyl:

This extensive vinyl box celebrates the first decade and a half of the Chicago-bred band’s incredible career, showcasing all of Fall Out Boy’s iconic hits like the hard-knock manifesto “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race,” the muscular lament of “Sugar, We’re Goin Down,” the hard-stomping, fist-pumping singalong “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up),” the wistful shorthand lament of “Thnx fr th Mmrs,” and the immortalized directive of “Centuries,” among them.

Spread across 11 LPs, the records included in The Complete Studio Albums are all pressed on 180-gram black vinyl and come packaged in a beautifully designed shadow box along with an exclusive custom slipmat. The 1,000-piece limited-edition version includes all of the elements found within the black-vinyl box, but is instead pressed on 180-gram clear vinyl.

The 2LP version of From Under The Cork Tree is the Black Clouds And Underdogs Edition that was initially released in March 2006 with an expanded track list that added three new songs and two dance mixes. The aforementioned Save Rock And Roll (PAX•AM Edition) package contains all of the tracks from the original album plus eight songs produced by Ryan Adams that had been released separately in October 2013, six months after the initial album drop.

Fall Out Boy’s live prowess will be on full display when the band’s M A N I A tour kick offs on August 29 in Uniondale, New York. The 25-plus-date U.S. tour includes an extra special stop on September 8, when Fall Out Boy returns to their native stomping grounds for a special homecoming milestone event — namely, their first-ever headlining show at Chicago’s iconic Wrigley Field. Tickets for the tour are available now, and $1 from every ticket sold will go to the Fall Out Boy Fund benefiting charities all throughout Chicago. For more information and a complete list of tour dates, please visit

Some of the albums contained in the box set are also receiving individual releases on cool customized vinyl, including American Beauty/American Psycho (180g, with black & white swirl), Folie À Deux (180g opaque brown), From Under The Cork Tree (180g, with red & black split), and Infinity On High (180g clear with red splatter), all on October 26. Then, on December 14, Save Rock And Roll (PAX•AM Edition) takes center stage in two versions: standard 180g black vinyl, and 180g red vinyl with black smoky swirls.

Regardless of which version fans choose to experience the sonic wonders found within this all-inclusive box set, The Complete Studio Albums has been designed to be the ultimate Fall Out Boy collector’s item.

FALL OUT BOY – THE COMPLETE STUDIO ALBUMS [11LP 180-gram vinyl box set]

1. “Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today”
2. Dead On Arrival
3. Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy
4. Saturday
5. Homesick At Space Camp
6. Sending Postcards From A Plane Crash (Wish You Were Here)
7. Chicago Is So Two Years Go
8. The Pros And Cons Of Breathing
9. Grenade Jumper
10. Calm Before The Storm
11. Reinventing The Wheel To Run Myself Over
12. The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes

1. Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued
2. Of All The Gin Joints In All The World
3. Dance, Dance
4. Sugar, We’re Goin Down
5. Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner
6. I’ve Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song)
7. 7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen)
8. Sophomore Slump Or Comeback Of The Year

9. Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends
10. I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me
11. A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me”
12. Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part To Save The Scene And Stop Going To Shows)
13. XO
14. Snitches And Talkers Get Stitches And Walkers
15. The Music Or The Misery
16. My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon (Demo)
17. Sugar, We’re Goin Down (Patrick Stump Remix)
18. Dance, Dance (The Lindbergh Palace Remix)

1. Thriller
2. “The Take Over, The Breaks Over”
3. This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race
4. I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)
5. Hum Hallelujah
6. Golden
7. Thnks fr th Mmrs
8. Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am?

9. The (After) Life Of The Party
10. The Carpal Tunnel Of Love
11. Bang The Doldrums
12. Fame < Infamy
13. You’re Crashing, But You’re No Wave
14. I’ve Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers
15. G.I.N.A.S.F.S.
16. It’s Hard To Say “I Do,” When I Don’t

FOLIE À DEUX (2LP, 2008)
1. Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes
2. I Don’t Care
3. She’s My Winona
4. America’s Suitehearts
5. Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet
6. The (Shipped) Gold Standard

7. (Coffee’s For Closers)
8. What A Catch, Donnie
9. 27
10. Tiffany Blews
11. w.a.m.s.
12. 20 Dollar Nose Bleed
13. West Coast Smoker

1. The Phoenix
2. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)
3. Alone Together
4. Where Did The Party Go
5. Just One Yesterday (ft. Foxes)
6. The Mighty Fall (ft. Big Sean)
7. Miss Missing You
8. Death Valley

9. Young Volcanoes
10. Rat A Tat (ft. Courtney Love)
11. Save Rock And Roll (ft. Elton John)
12. We Were Doomed From The Start (The King Is Dead)
13. Art Of Keeping Up Disappearances
14. Hot To The Touch, Cold On The Inside
15. Love, Sex, Death
16. Eternal Summer
17. Demigods
18. American Made
19. Caffeine Cold

1. Irresistible
2. American Beauty/American Psycho
3. Centuries
4. The Kids Aren’t Alright
5. Uma Thurman
6. Jet Pack Blues
7. Novocaine
8. Fourth Of July
9. Favorite Record
10. Immortals
11. Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel In NYC)

MANIA (1LP, 2018)
1. Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea
2. The Last Of The Real Ones
3. Hold Me Tight Or Don’t
4. Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)
5. Church
6. Heaven’s Gate
7. Champion
8. Sunshine Riptide
9. Young And Menace
10. Bishops Knife Trick

August 24th- Reading UK @ Reading Festival
August 25th- Leeds UK @Leeds Festival
August 29th – Uniondale, NY @ NYCB Live, Home of The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
August 31st – Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun Arena
September 1st – Hershey, PA @ Hersheypark Stadium
September 2nd – Buffalo, NY @ KeyBank Center
September 4th – Newark, NJ @ Prudential Center
September 5th – Pittsburgh, PA @ PPG Paints Arena
September 6th – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Van Andel Arena
September 8th – Chicago, IL @ Wrigley Field
September 9th – Columbus, OH @ Nationwide Arena
September 11th – Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena
September 12th – Louisville, KY @ KFC Yum! Center
September 14th – Greensboro, NC @ Greensboro Coliseum Complex
September 16th – Orlando, FL @ Amway Center
September 21st – Kansas City, MO @ Sprint Center
September 22nd – Oklahoma City, OK @ Chesapeake Energy Arena
September 23rd – Austin, TX @ Frank Erwin Center
September 25th – El Paso, TX @ UTEP Don Haskins Center
September 26th – Tucson, AZ @ Tucson Arena
September 28th – Las Vegas, NV @ MGM Grand Garden Arena
September 29th – Anaheim, CA @ HONDA Center
September 30th – San Jose, CA @ SAP Center
October 2nd – Boise, ID @ Taco Bell Arena
October 3rd – Salt Lake City, UT @ Vivint Smart Home Arena
October 5th – Lincoln, NE @ Pinnacle Bank Arena
October 6th – Des Moines, IA @ Wells Fargo Arena
October 7th – Indianapolis, IN @ Bankers Life Fieldhouse
October 9th – North Little Rock, AR @ Verizon Arena
October 10th – New Orleans, LA @ Smoothie King Center

Calpurnia Release Debut Single “City Boy”, New EP to Be Released on Royal Mountain


Photo Credit: Calm Elliott-Armstrong

Calpurnia’s story is how teenage rock dreams are meant to unfold: four friends, all raised on a healthy diet of the Beatles, Nirvana and David Bowie, and a deep love for their respective instruments, retreat one day to a basement and begin jamming together. They cut their teeth on some cover songs and then, with just enough confidence and a dose of adolescent enthusiasm, they write and record their own tunes. And the results are nothing short of stunning. “It was kind of destined to be,” Finn Wolfhard says of the almost serendipitous genesis of the rough-and-tumble Vancouver-based indie-rock foursome he formed with three of his now-closest friends. “We all just really clicked. And when I’m passionate about something,” the singer-guitarist adds of Calpurnia, who this spring release their self-titled debut EP via Royal Mountain Records, “I like to get it done as quickly as I can. There’s not a lot of wasting time. I love just going for it. Go big or go home.”

Today, the band has given us a taste of what is to come from their debut EP which was recorded in Chicago this past November with Twin Peaks’ frontman Cadien Lake James serving as producer. The video for “City Boy” was directed by Josiah Marshall, bassist from Whitney, who captured the band while they were making their record.

Calpurnia will be touring this summer in support of the EP including the recently announced Royal Mountain Music Festival at Raspberry Farm in Ontario where they will share the stage with Mac DeMarco, U.S. Girls and more.

More on Calpurnia….
The band – which in addition to Wolfhard includes lead guitarist Ayla Tesler-Mabe, a six-string prodigy whose bedroom-shredding viral videos have earned her legions of fans on social media, bassist Jack Anderson and drummer Malcolm Craig – all grew up within walking distance of one another. But it took Wolfhard – best known as one of Hollywood’s hottest young actors thanks to his role as Mike Wheeler on Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things – meeting Craig on the set of Canadian punk rockers PUP’s “Guilt Trip” music video for things to finally spring into motion. In short order, the pair met Tesler-Mabe at a music summer camp, and she quickly introduced them to Anderson, her close childhood friend and bassist. “And as soon as we started rehearsing it was just insane,” Anderson says of the quartet’s instant personal and musical chemistry. “It was kind of unbelievable. Like a gift.” Once they played their first official gig together, it was a done deal. “We had all the adrenaline we needed,” Craig says. Where they’d previously played cover songs, “after the response we got,” Craig notes, “we were like, “Let’s record some of our own music!””

For more info on Calpurnia checkout their Facebook Page at

Book Review: “Lonely Boy: Tales of a Sex Pistol”

“Lonely Boy: Tales of a Sex Pistol”
Author: Steve Jones
Da Capo Press
Hardcover 308 pages

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

“Lonely Boy: Tales of a Sex Pistol” recounts the life and times of Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones. Through the nihilistic songs, amphetamine-fueled music, and influential fashion that turned a one-time street urchin into a founding member of a genre-defining band “Lonely Boy” offers a truly in-depth portrait of one of punk’s founding fathers.

For anyone with even the smallest bit of knowledge related to Steve Jones and his band The Sex Pistols I don’t have to tell you what to expect from “Lonely Boy”. Sex, drugs and rock and roll it’s all here told directly from the man who lived and breathed it. Throughout the books 308 pages Jones takes the reader on a cringe worthy ride that starts off with detailed accounts of Jones traumatic childhood which was rout with abuse and neglect. As the book progresses the reader is treated to firsthand accounts of the early incarnation of The Sex Pistols and how it morphed into what the world would see as the band were made into the poster boys of punk rock for generations to come.

Not just your everyday run of the mill biography. “Lonely Boy” delves much deeper than other books in the genre. Jones forges straight on into rough waters as he recounts the events that would shape who he has become today. From the ups and downs his band The Sex Pistols created to his struggles with severe drug addiction this book is not for the queasy as it probably as real as one can get. At times I found the stories to wander and be a bit lengthy however pushing through there was always light at the end of the tunnel as each chapter blended nicely into the next. Also worth noting are the photos which are included in the book. Many of them were ones I had not seen before only adding to the books unique story and making “Lonely Boy: Tales of a Sex Pistol” is a must read for any and all music fans.


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Film Review “Little Boy”

Starring: Jakob Salvati, David Henrie, and Emily Watson
Directed By: Alejandro Gomez
Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 100 minutes
Open Road Films

Our Score: 2 out of 5 stars

Good intentions, on a movie’s end, can only mean something if the message is delivered in a clear and concise manner. There’s an awkward juggling act going on in “Little Boy” between one too many themes and one too many outlandish characters. All of them eventually get whittled down to blunt stereotypes. There’s a sentimental message in “Little Boy”, but it’s packaged in so many weird and different ways, it ultimately becomes a turn off by the film’s end. The movie’s good intentions can easily be seen as insensitive manipulation.

“Little Boy” has its heart in the right place, but it goes about showing it’s tenderness in the wrong way. Pepper (Salvati) is an adorable little lad, that has stunted growth, or at the most, a growth spurt that is literally waiting around the corner. His best friend, and only friend, is his dad, James (Michael Rapaport). They play together, they imagine together, and they dream together. Their scenes together are thoughtful, but hammy. When Pepper’s obnoxious brother London (Henrie), can’t go overseas to protect our freedom during WWII, because he’s too much of a flat footed doofus, the government instead hand picks James.

“Little Boy” could be have been complacent with this set-up and followed the story of a boy trying to land back on his feet after the departure, and loss, of his best friend. But instead there’s an exhausting list of confusing story arcs and plot points. There’s the town priest that shamelessly ties in the boys confusion and misery with a path towards spiritual enlightenment. There’s a Japanese immigrant in town that draws the ire of the boy, as well as some wince inducing scenes of a young child using derogatory slurs in a vicious manner. There’s the boy’s comic book hero that, through a live performance of the comic book material, convinces Pepper that he’s magical. Then there’s the shoehorned role of Kevin James as a doctor who does nothing in his scenes but eat and flirt with Pepper’s heartbroken mom.

It’s a confusing mess with no steady focus or fluid plot path. There are also some scenes that seem really inconsiderate to the material it’s handling. One scene that comes to mind involves the moving attempting to draw parallels between Pepper being bullied and his father being captured by the enemy to be forced into a POW work camp for torture and starvation. “Little Boy” treats delicate topics similarly to how Lenny from “Of Mice and Men” pets a rabbit.

This isn’t an outright disaster. Some steady and impressive performances by Tom Wilkinson, Emma Watson, and Cary-Hiroyuk Tagawa keep the movie from completely derailing and their presence adds a nice level of believability to an otherwise silly concept. And maybe it’s because so much is happening without a clear future, but there is a level of uncertainty as the movie progresses. Even if you think you know what will happen, it does manage to throw a few curves, even though they’re very sappy.

“Little Boy” is shot on 35mm film stock, which may be a turn off for some who expect crystal clear clarity, but it does somehow add to the general nostalgia of this WWII era film (although I did spot a 21st century currency being used). The movie may have worked best as a flick about tolerance towards other people and the misconceptions our society still has. Or, as I said earlier, it could be about the trials and tribulations of a boy attempting to grow up while his father fights for our freedom. At the end of the day though, the acting skills of Salvati represent the childish direction of a director who clearly hasn’t grasped the concept of mature, thematic content that is the basis for strong dramas.

DVD Review “Marine Boy: The Complete Second Season”

Voices of: Corinne Orr, Jack Grimes, Peter Fernandez and Jack Curtis
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 637 minutes
Format: Made To Order DVD

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

After revisit “Marine Boy” with the first season recently, I was very excited to dive into the second season. This 3-Disc set includes the next 26 Episodes in this classic anime series, which airs from 1966-67. I warn you as cheesy as this show feels today, it is still entertaining and that damn theme song will definitely get stuck in your head. With 52 episodes in the bag, so far we still have another 26 to go, so I expect the third season to hit DVD later this year completing this series.

Official Premise: Marine Boy returns for a second volume of classic ‘American anime’ adventures! Operating out of the Ocean Patrol Marine Headquarters, super-scientist Dr. Mariner outfits his stalwart son with all the aquatic accouterments needed to keep the seas safe for all mankind. From Oxy-Gum and bulletproof wet suit, to flying subs and propeller shoes, Marine Boy has what it takes to face a variety of fearsome foes above and below the ocean’s surface.

Dive deep into the deep with villains like Skwid, Stormbrane, Count Shark, Professor Beelzebub and Captain Wraithand more who must learn to beware the boomerang of Marine Boy as he cruises the sea aboard the submarine P-1 alongside little Clicli, Professor Fumble, mermaid Neptina, dolphin best friend Splasher, and Ocean Patrol agents Bullton and Piper.

Thanks to Warner Archive Collection, this series is continuing to be available to its fans. It is available MOD (manufacture on demand), so if you want it buy it now before it stops being made. These episodes are not flawless but I expect these episodes to have a certain rugged feel to it. These haven’t been restored but have been taken from the best prints available. There are no additional special features available on this release just like the first season.

Blu-ray Review “A Boy and His Dog”

Starring: Don Johnson, Susanne Benton, Jason Robards, Tim McIntire (I), Helene Winston, Charles McGraw
Director: L.Q. Jones
Rated: R (Restricted)
Studio: Shout! Factory
Release Date: August 6, 2013
Run Time: 91 minutes

Film: 3 out of 5 stars
Extras: 2.5 out of 5 stars

“A Boy and His Dog” (aka Apocalypse 2024) is one crazy movie, based on a 1969 short science fiction story by author Harlan Ellison. My wife, in fact, was was taken back by the tagline on the cover “an R rated, rather kinky tale of survival”. From right there, I am immediately interested in watching this.  In fact the film has developed quite the cult following over the years, but I have to admit I have never seen it prior to this release. Did I mention it stars Don Johnson? That’s right Sonny from “Miami Vice”! This film is very unique (to put it nicely) and is definitely not for everyone but it will certainly keep you entertained for it’s 90 minutes, that’s for sure. What a trip!

Official Premise: World War IV lasted only five days but has ravaged Earth, leaving its survivors to battle for food, shelter and companionship in a post-atomic wasteland. This celebrated sci-fi tale follows the exploits of a young man, Vic (Don Johnson), and his sardonic telepathic dog, Blood, as they struggle through the barren wilderness in search of food and women. In the midst of their meager existence, Vic and Blood encounter Quilla June (Susanne Benton), a dubious young woman who lures them into a surreal city deep beneath the earth’s surface. Initially elated to find a colony of survivors, Vic and Blood quickly learn this city is not what it seems.

Shout Factory has released this film with a fantastic brand new 1080p widescreen transfer with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1.  The DTS-HD Master Audio Mono though is not the greatest. The dialogue is a little muted but overall it does the job.  The Collector’s Edition comes with a combo pack with Blu-ray + DVD. It also features a reversible wrap with collectible key art.  The special features are good but nothing special. Hardcore fans will enjoy the brand new featurette “In Conversation: Harlan Ellison And L.Q. Jones”.  There is a commentary By Director L.Q. Jones, Director of Photography John Arthur Morrill and critic Charles Champlin and lastly there are some Vintage Radio Spots.

DVD Review “This Boy Can Fight Aliens”

Directed by: Soubi Yamamoto
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Distributed by: Section 23
Release Date: August 14, 2012
Running Time: 28 minutes

Film: 3 out of 5 stars
Extras: 2.5 out of 5 stars

With a title like “This Boy Can Fight Aliens”, sounds strange but completely intrigued. After three back-to-back viewings of this film, I am still not quite sure I completely understand what I watched. I am not stranger to anime at all. Sentai Filmworks is a great contributor to the genre. I also wish the film was incredibly longer. The running time of 30 minutes only seems to be a jumping off point for this film. I also feel like it can see a series as well. For big anime fans, this is definitely something I would recommend.

The story revolves around Kakashi, a boy with no memory of his past.  He lives in a world where aliens come everyday to fight. Kakashi is the one who can take on the aliens. Though with losing his memory also forgot the knowledge of how to actually use his powers. It is up to his friends to help him regain his powers and remember who he is in order to save them from the aliens.

The special features are not the greatest but still worth checking out. There is a few early work shorts from director Soubi Yamamoto. They are three really cool mini-features but I would have liked to see more. There is also a brief interview with Soubi Yamamoto as well. Overall the film is visually super cool and very interesting. Would have loved to review this on Blu-ray since it probably looks mega-cool.


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Film Review “That’s My Boy”

Starring: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg and Tony Orlando
Directed by: Sean Anders
Rated: R
Running time: 1 hour 54 mins

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I must admit at the start that I had a major crush on one of my teachers in high school. I’m not going to name her (she knows who she is) but it appears to be something that everyone goes through at one time or another. It happened to Donny Berger (Justin Weaver) when he was in 8th grade. In an attempt to show off for some classmates Donny gets fresh with the very beautiful Miss McGarricle (Eva Amurri Martino) and ends up in detention. While there the teacher scolds him for his actions. She continues to scold him through the school year until they are discovered. She is sentenced to 30 years in prison and, on her way to the big house reveals that she is pregnant. Donny’s parents are given custody of the baby and, upon turning 18, Donny is given the responsibility of raising it. Bad move.

Pretty much a “Hangover” – lite, “That’s My Boy” is Sandlers return to the raunchy side of his career, where films like “Little Nicky” are found. After 20 years as a talk show staple and the subject of a movie of the week starring “90210’s” Ian Ziering as Donny, Donny Berger (now played by Sandler) is now nothing more than a punch line. He’s just been informed that he’s never paid income taxes on the money he made and now faces prison unless he can come up with an initial payment. To get the money he tries to get a spot on a Jerry Springer/Maury Povich type show hosted by Randall Morgan (the getting-funnier-each-time-I-see-him-in-an-Adam-Sandler-movie Dan Patrick). Morgan offers Donny $50,000 if he can reunite with Miss McGarricle at the woman’s prison she’s in. And he needs to bring his son with him. If only he could find him.

Mildly amusing (and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, “That’s My Boy” gets it’s good grades not from its stars but from the supporting cast. Hilarious turns by Tony Orlando (!), Vanilla Ice and the adult Miss McGarricle (don’t want to give away a bit of classic casting) keep the laughs coming. For those of you familiar with Sandler’s comedy CDs, he has decided to use his “Toll Booth Willie” voice for Donny, which is like a high pitched, intoxicated JFK. As Donny’ son, Todd (which he changed when he became an adult because he didn’t like his birth name – Han Solo), Samberg is adequate. He’s very funny in short bursts on “Saturday Night Live,” but the shtick gets old quickly as the film goes on. The film is also stocked with many SNL veterans in cameo roles, including Will Forte, Rachel Dratch and Ana Gasteyer. Also look for Sandler vets Nick Swardson, Colin Quinn, Dennis Dugan and others to fill the minor roles.

I took a lot of heat earlier this year when I became one of only three critics in the world to recommend Sandler’s “Jack and Jill.” But as a 15 year old boy in a 51 year old man’s body I make no apologies. “That’s My Boy” is much funnier than “Jack and Jill.” And, as I finish this, I see that no fewer than SIX critics have already been positive on Rotten Tomatoes so please don’t flame our site this time!

DVD Review “The Fat Boy Chronicles”

Directed by: Jason Winn
Starring: Ron Lester, Cole Carson, Kelly Lynn Washington, Christopher Rivera
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Studio: Phase 4 Films
Run Time: 78 minutes

Film: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Extras: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Obesity is a very serious issue especially amongst young children. If you match that with the subject of bullying and this film really aims to deliver a very important message. The movie definitely packed some really emotional content into its short 78 minute run time. Christopher Rivera delivers a fantastic performance and really grabs hold of the audiences attention from the start. It is inspiring and also very educational for kids and adults.

The film itself is inspired by a true story, which makes it feel even more real and important. It follows Jimmy Winterpock, who is an overweight student starting his first year in high school and dealing with being bullied by his classmates. The film follows Jimmy’s efforts to overcome his bullies and win the girl of his dreams.

The special features are decent and include a preview of the eBook and information on Bully Prevention. Also included is an audio commentary track from the director and some interesting interviews from the cast, all worth checking out for sure. The only issue I had with the film itself was the teenage murder subplot. I thought it was a little out of place and didn’t really fit into the films message. In the end I feel that the film succeeds in delivering its important message and hopefully people will see this film and take its issues seriously.