Spil Games’ “Valerian: City of Alpha” Sweepstakes to Celebrate IOS and Android release

From Spil Games, VALERIAN: CITY OF ALPHA is now available on IOS and Android. It is the official mobile game of the upcoming feature film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planet.

In celebration of the mobile game’s release, we are giving away 1 Limited-edition mouse pad pictured below! Let us know which is your favorite character from the film in the comments below!

IOS download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/valerian-city-of-alpha/id1161756765?ls=1&mt=8

Android download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spilgames.Valerian

DVD Review “DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games”

Actors: Mae Whitman, Anais Fairweather, Grey Griffin, Teala Dunn, Tara Strong
Directors: Jennifer Coyle
Rated: NR
Studio: Warner Brothers
DVD Release Date: May 23, 2017
Run Time: 72 minutes

Film: 4 out of 5 stars
Extras: 3 out of 5 stars

“DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games” is the second feature length movie from the incredibly popular “DC Super Hero Girls” series. I have a five year old daughter and this series is one of her favorite. I heard this week in fact that there is an actual full series coming out (finally) in 2018. We have had only online shorts previously outside of these two features. This series is a perfect way to get young girls into the superhero world, which is proven to not for boys only anymore. If you have a young girl, this is a must own for sure.

Official Premise: Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee and Katana square off against Korugar Academy in the Intergalactic Games, but trouble is in the air as Lena Luthor takes advantage of the gathering of the Supers to enact her villainous plan. It’s up to the DC Super Hero Girls to fight the forces of evil and protect their school. With Wonder Woman’s strength, Supergirl’s speed, Batgirl’s strategic knowledge, Poison Ivy’s ability to make things grow, Harley Quinn’s energy, Bumblebee’s ability to shrink, and Katana’s fearless personality… anything is possible.

In addition to the very fun and cute animated film, there are a few solid special features as well. There is a fun music video for “That’s My Girl” by Fifth Harmony. There are also seven animated shorts from the online series that aired on Youtube. With the upcoming full length animated series and a non-stop flow of amazing merchandise, “DC Super Hero Girls” is only getting more and more popular every day. I hope that Warner Bros continues to make these full-length features as well!

How do live online casino games work?


Online casinos are growing in popularity and in part this is due to their ability to simulate real-life gambling. While many games are purely virtual and involve no interaction with real people or other players, the best online casino will offer its players live games that can be so much more exciting and realistic than a regular online casino

In essence, a live online casino has live dealers instead of a computer drawing the cards, rolling the dice and spinning the wheel, just like they would do in any real casino, only this time it is being captured on webcam.

Differences Between Live Casinos and Other Online Games

The rules, of course, are the same. However, the biggest difference is that playing the game gives you a stronger feeling of being in the action. When you open the game you see a live video with your dealer standing at a real roulette or blackjack table, or whichever game you have chosen to play. The dealer is in an authentic casino environment, and there may be several other players at the table at the same time playing from home just like you.

Live Dealer Technology

Technology has advanced so far that casinos are able to now stream live footage in real time using cameras showing real dealers in real casinos. Real time means that there is no delay between flipping over cards and what you see on your computer screen. And with high-speed Wi-Fi and fast internet connections, the high image quality makes you feel like you’re truly sitting at the table.

How It Works

Live online casino games work just like you would expect with a dealer at a brick and mortar casino. For a card game you will see the cards being shuffled, for roulette you will see the wheel being set in motion, etc. You will have access to an interactive control panel where you can place your bets on a virtual betting table, check your account balance, communicate with the dealer and more.

The Advantages

Just like with any online casino games, probably the biggest advantage to playing online is convenience. With a live dealer, you add in the ability to play against real opponents and dealers, making the experience feel even more authentic, while still being in the comfort of your own home.

You can play at any time on any day, without having to wait and with a world of opportunities at your fingertips.

Eight Fun Mobile Games to Play When You are Really Bored

We’ve all been there, bored out of our wits, stuck at home, waiting for the train or traveling with the bus, and we have all wished to be relieved of that boredom. So, what can be done about it? There are actually lots of things you can do. One of them is playing online casino games, and if you don’t already then we suggest giving it a try. It is an amazing way to deal with boredom. There are so many games on offer, meaning, so many ways to kill time.

  • Neo Monsters. Let’s start with a real old-school game, we are talking about Neo Monsters, available on both iOS and Android, it is monster collecting battle with cool graphics reminscient of Game Boy and old Super Nintendo. We are very happy to recommend this game for all of you.
  • Townsmen. This is an awesome game, reminiscent of the game settlers, which was a big thing a few years back. It’s a simulator, where the goal is to create a town, by using resources and by creating new ones. The idea is to be strategic as well as a good tactician, in order to complete different assignments with respects to the town you are building, in order to succeed.
  • Jackpot Paradise. It is not possible to recommend games to kill the boredom, without recommending this extraordinary Casino site, this is quite a new name in the online gambling world, and yet, it is already well known and well liked. The site offers a great Welcome Bonus for new players. How about 10 free Slots and up to £200 matching bonuses? Go to Jackpot Paradise and check it out.
  • KleptoCats. One might argue that this is a game for children, however, we couldnt disagree more. Who does not love cats? And why cannot an adult play game be both cute and funny? Why not play a game where you own a bunch of adorable cleptomaniac cats that will bring you all kinds of stuff for your room? Sounds weird? It is, but we promise you will also find it interesting and hilarious. The game is available on both iOS and Android.
  • Bet365. There is no way presenting a list of hilarious and fun online games without mentioning Bet365. This is a great Casino and Sports Betting site that offers its own Casino application. The site’s Casino app is powered by Playtech, and as such, it offers some of the best games around. There are Slots as well as Live Casino games on offer, such as Roulette and Blackjack.
  • Trivia Crack. Here is yet another great game, fun to play, together with your friends. This is an application, a multiplayer application in reality, that offers a trivia game concerning completely useless information. We liked it a lot when trying it out, it gave us quite a few laughs. If you have great remote friends, then this is the game for you, and you will most likely share a lot of laughters from afar.
  • Lucky Nugget. We present to you, yet another great Casino appliction. This is a great site with a good reputation that has been around for more than 10 years in total. When the site receantly launched its own Casino application few were surprised as it was a great way for it to notch up its success a bit. Lucky Nugget is powered by the amazing Microtech and installing on your mobile device unlocks 50 free spins for real money.
  • Twofold. This beautifully designed puzzle game is a real mental challenge, it offers great gameplay as well as lots of fun. For those of you that have played Candy Crush, this game is the perfect continuation of your gaming career. However, the game is a bit tricky from the get go and it requires a little bit of getting used to. The tutorial is great though, and so with lots of help, the players are eased into the role of Twofold-players.


Tips to Remember While Playing Scratch Card Games Online

Scratch card games are the easiest games available on the online space. There are no strategies involved in playing them. The rules are simple and the gameplay is quite easy and interesting. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to match at least three identical symbols by scratching the cards.

Each scratch card game offers a distinct payout and the highest payout is being awarded for scratching and matching the symbols. The important thing before you get started is to make sure you have placed the betting amount/ wagering money.


  • Identify an online or Mobile casino that offers the best collection of scratch cards. This makes sure that you get entertainment along with lucrative wins.
  • There are some fantastic welcome bonus packages offered by the casinos, so claim your welcome bonus and spend it on the scratch card games. You can go for themed scratch cards, be more precise and clear, and check the software developer’s name before you choose to play.
  • Select the scratch card game which offers huge wins or rather have won huge money for players in the past. On any casino’s website, the names of the winners are always mentioned.
  • Scratch card games have to be played with an intention of winning some multipliers and not losing. As many of the scratches have smaller wins they also get you the huge jackpot wins. So remember that you are playing them to win so spend the betting money wisely.
  • The wins are also determined on the money that you have placed. If you have wagered £10 and you match the symbols which give you x7, then you win £70.
  • All the scratch card games have a demo mode. Make sure you practice the game first and then go on to play in a real money mode.
  • Play with a clear intention of fun and entertainment and hence spend smaller betting amounts. This will ensure that you are gambling safely.

Some of the Renowned Scratch Card Games

Some of the top-most scratch card games that are worth trying for are:

  • Germinator
  • Doctor Love
  • Doctor Love on Vacation
  • Foxin Wins
  • Emperor’s Garden
  • The Codfather Scratch


Scratch Card games are simply fun to play and are entertaining. Make sure you play them and win fantastic cash awards. Make sure you gamble responsibly by placing smaller bets first and then go for betting on the higher amounts.

Celebrity Themed Slot Games

Just when you thought you had seen it all in regards to celebrity endorsements you come across a range of slot machines that are themed and based around well known celebrities! In fact, there is a lot of money to be made by celebrities allowing their images to be used on any type of gaming machines and the lure of big bucks has been too much of a temptation to resist for many!

It wasn’t that long ago that Sharon Osbourne for example was boasting on TV how a bingo site had paid for her new fur coat, in fact she and Ozzy and most of her family have made some large amounts of cash by having their own namesake slot game designed.

The Osbournes slot is one that you will find on offer at casino sites that utilize Microgaming software and as such if you are a fan of any of that rather dysfunctional family then you should track down and give that slot a whirl.

When you play at some bingo sites you will find entire suites of both bingo games and slot games themed around television shows and the cast of those shows, many UK facing bingo sites have such games that are themed around the cast of Coronation Street, Emmerdale and even Eastenders so all you soap fans may enjoy playing some of those slot games.

You may never have actually consider playing slot games and other casino games online or via a mobile device, however there are quite a number of benefits when you do so. One of those benefits is bonus promotional offers that you will find can and will boost the value of your gambling budget and bankroll.

However, when it comes to making financial transactions online many people who are inexperienced at doing so may be a little wary of signing up to a casino bingo site and then giving out their credit or debit card details to that gaming site to allow them to make a deposit into their account.

That is something most gambling site operators know and fully understand and as such there is a rather unique and hassle free way that you can make deposits into any such site and that is by you using your mobile phone bill as the way to have your deposits debited from!

If you have been put off signing up to a mobile casino site for example then we would encourage you to take a look at the paybyphonecasino.uk website, for you will get a full overview of the types of celebrity and other slot and casino games you can play on any type of mobile device and will also be presented with a listing of casinos that will allow you to have your deposits added onto your next phone bill!

There are some fairly low daily deposit amount limits you can make using your mobile phone bill as the way to find your accounts so there is not much chance of you getting carried away gambling at those sites and being landed with a huge phone bill!

Video Games Development For 2017

Are you someone who gets excited about new games that are introduced for a gaming console or for a mobile device? Many types of games are introduced each year in hopes of being the next big hit. Most games are often based on a theme or genre depending on what is is. This is the reason there are games based on movies, comic characters, and many others. In fact, video games development for 2017 could offer a few titles that may be unexpected.

Red Flush Online Casino is a great place to go to find many types of fun and exciting video slots. Why not try new online slots machines here today?

One thing to keep in mind about the development of new video games is that the process is typically a marathon and not a sprint. This is the reason for delays that often occur or why a proposed title will be changed more than once before the final product is released. However, this does not mean fans are not looking forward to new games being released this year.


Resident Evil 7 – Biohazard

The Resident Evil franchise has been popular for many years and every new game offers the chance to see something new. Horror games are becoming more popular and means games that were not a top hit can be reinvented for a new audience. Games that are updated for changing times often have a surge in popularity when updated with new foes and tough puzzles to solve.


Mass Effect – Andromeda

This is the a new game in this series that takes place after the third game in a trilogy. The popularity of the original three games led to the decision to release an updated game in 2017. Decision making is the major part of this game and newest game will have all new choices to make. Will you be ready for the challenges you may face?



This game may appear like a sequel to a game released back in 2006, but this is not the case. The game has players stranded on a space station that is being overrun by aliens. If you are into first shooter style games, then this one should be an exciting one to play. The only problem is finding a weapon available to use to defend yourself.



Fans of spooky games will enjoy this new game slated for release in 2017. Players will be exploring a space station where a crew has seemingly disappeared. This game is a sequel to a 2013 release that was about a young woman in a home where everyone was away for the night. Finding out what happened is likely to be a terrific and maybe a worrying experience.


Red Dead Redemption 2

This is the newest release from the same developers who made Grand Theft Auto. The game offers you a western feel as there are beautiful landscapes with a story of a criminal who is trying to atone for his past deeds. Keep in eye out as this game could end up being the most anticipated game of 2017.

A New Way to Play: Why Canadians Love Casino Games


Insurance?” (CC BY 2.0) by banspy

Canadians love to gamble. In fact, they love it so much that’s it’s one of the hottest forms of entertainment across the country right now. According to Statista, Canadian casinos raked in more than $6 billion over a 12-month period in 2016, which is up more than $500 million compared to 2006, according to statcan.gc.ca. Much of the recent rise in gaming activity has been down to growth of online casinos.

With virtual platforms offering easy access to traditional games such as roulette and blackjack, more Canadians have had the opportunity to dip their toes in the gaming waters. In fact, to increase participation further, many of the major operators actually offer free-play games. Identical to the real thing but without the cost, these games have served as a great introductory tool which has then given more people the impetus to play some casino classics.

As more Canadians take to the Internet or their local casinos to play the odds, we thought we’d take a look at some of their favoured games and features.

A Little Extra Something

6/365 I'm All in !!!!

6/365 I’m All in !!!!” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by RTD Photography

Everyone loves something for nothing and that becomes clear when you look through the roster of Canadian casinos out there. For example, at casinobonusonline.ca, a casino review site, you’ll notice that the top ranked sites have more than $4,000 in free (or bonus as it’s called) cash available.

In contrast to live casinos, online sites actively reward new players with a bonus and this review site’s top six is a prime example of that. Indeed, if you look at the top of the shop, 888casino, the site’s reviewers have found that you can claim as much as $2,388 in bonus cash. Deals like this not only show how Canadians want something more when they ante up, but they want variety and depth so they can find a deal that suits their needs.

Slots Are a Money Spinner

Winning Slot

Winning Slot” (CC BY 2.0) by cletch

When it comes to games, Canadians appear to have an affinity for slots. Look through the lobby of any leading operators, from All Slots and Spin Palace to 888 and beyond, slots are the most numerous games. Although each site will have a different line-up, it’s not uncommon to see in excess of 100 games inside a single lobby. One of the reasons these games are appealing is their themes. Much like pinball machines like Stern’s Spiderman offering, slots take stories and icons from popular culture, from movies to video games, as we’ve discussed on mediamikes.com before, and turn them into a high-octane game.

In terms of specifics, progressive jackpot slots are the most popular variant. From Mega Moolah to Leprechaun’s Luck, these games take a small percentage from each player’s bet, put it into a communal pot and then pay out a prize when someone hits the magic combination. The result of this system is jackpots that often top $1 million. Unsurprisingly, being able to stake a few dollars and win a life-changing sum is hugely appealing and that’s why these games are now popular with Canadian players.

Cross-Channel Entertainment

Sport bets

Sport bets” (CC BY 2.0) by tjschloss

As much as casino games are great, too much of anything can become tedious. To counter this, many of the top Canadian online casinos offer something on top of their table games. For example, online-casinogames.ca notes that its top ranked sites offer a wide variety of betting options. From classic casino games like blackjack and roulette to live dealer tables (games with real people on the screen), dice games and “number based games” are all available in the online arena.

Having some sort of diversity is crucial because every player is different. Indeed, to ensure the casino industry remains a mainstream endeavour, operators have to cover as many bases as possible. Much like social gaming developer Zynga.com has everything from Words with Friends to poker to cover a broad spectrum, the top Canadian online casinos will offer the widest variety of betting options as possible.

Casino gaming isn’t a niche activity anymore. Thanks to the online world’s bonuses, variety and accessibility, everyone of legal age is now finding some fun in the casino arena.


Games We Wish Existed (But It’s Probably Better They Don’t)


Have you ever seen a bizarre situation unfold, or had an absolutely awful day at work, and thought, this would make a ridiculous video game? We have! There’s a million different video games out there, everything from racing Sims to war zone cinematics, but we’re thinking of something a little more unique than just your standard online slots game or copycat shoot’em up. Check out these games we definitely wish existed, but let’s be honest, probably wouldn’t make it out of the development stage!

Grand Theft Eastenders

Since the day the franchise first went 3D with Grand Theft Auto III, fans have been desperate for a London edition of the well-loved game. However, why not make it a little more specific? Imagine a drive by shooting in Albert Square? Shaking down Peggy Mitchell for drug money? Partnering up with Ian Beale to rob the market? Be the East End Gangster you’ve always wanted to be!

Office Simulator

Games like Roller Coaster Tycoon and The Sims made for great escapism, but what if you want something a little more in-tune with your own life? Well here you have it, The Office Life Simulator you’ve all been waiting for! After 9 hours in a cubicle and 2 hours stuck in traffic, you can come home and live the day you wish you’d had! Be sure to talk nonsense at the water cooler to keep your social skills up, avoid the ever gazing eye of your boss when you’re looking at cat memes, and see if you can earn that promotion you’ve been waiting for since the day you started!

The Cowboy

You’ll find no John Wayne characters here, oh no. This is a real-life cowboy. Pick your trade and travel your way through different middle-class neighbourhoods scamming little old ladies out of their hard earned pensions! Select your profession from life insurance salesman, sparky, carpenter, plumber and more! See if you can beat your friends, and ruin as many lives as possible before the time’s up!

Extreme Bowls Club

The least exciting of British sports, made epic. Extreme Bowls Club brings you the Bowls Championships in a variety of different locations such as, a desert war zone, an active volcano, Mount Everest and a live mine field! See if you can beat the evil Bowls overlords Ethel and Gladys, and win yourself the grand prize!

Realistic Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero was good fun, it opened the eyes of the world to incredibly skilled musicianship, and to some fantastic new bands, but let’s be honest it was a little rooted in fantasy. As all passionate artists know all too well, no music career starts in a stadium packed with fans. What about a music simulator that starts with you playing the same Oasis songs in your bedroom for 12 hours a day? Or driving all night to play a pub in the middle of no-where to the barman and his dog? The possibilities are endless!

Great online games to avoid the holiday blues!

During this holiday season, many people get what’s called the holiday blues. If you don’t get to share your holidays with a family or love ones, they can get a little down. I usually like to loose myself online and just browse around and play games. There are tons are great online games to pass the time and even in cases make you some of that holiday money back.

Whether you are a MMORPG video game players or someone that likes to hit the slots virtually. Here is one of the must visit sites, 888 casino bonus, which features everything from online casinos to roulette to automatic games. There are more than 200 games to choose from with HUGE jackpots and instant bonuses, in addition.

If you prefer MMORPG games, then you can check out another must play, Legend of Heroes, which is an online MMORPG and MMO game. This game has been out for a few years now and still drawing in a huge audience. So whether it be online gaming or guilding these are a few good ones to battle to holiday blues!

Playing Film Themed Bingo and Slot Games Online

You can always find something to do as long as you have some form of mobile device or computer that will allow you to get online, and one thing that we are aware many people do get involved in, apart of course from watching films and TV shows is gamble online.

Therefore, will be a very good chance that you will enjoy gambling online yourself, or you may be thinking of doing so if you have never experienced doing it before, and if that is the case then we would encourage you to take a look at the guides related to bingo and slots bonuses as you may never look back when you do!

Whilst you could sign up to a casino site or download a casino app, one of the best type of gambling sites you can sign up to is an online or mobile bingo site. For when doing so you will get access to just as many casino games as you would at a casino site but will also have a plethora of bingo games and side games you can also play too.

Claiming bonuses will always give you plenty of additional playing credits and winning opportunities, and below is an overview of the types of bingo and slot machine bonuses you will be far better off claiming!

Deposit Match Bonuses – As the value of your deposit that is going to be matched by the casino when you claim a deposit match type of bonus these do tend to be the most frequently utilized bonuses by players.

However, it will be the bonuses on which at the very least 100% of your deposit amount will be matched by the casino with bonus credits that are going to be offering you the very best value, so be on the lookout for those higher valued bonuses!

Low Play Through Requirements – A play through requirement is the number of times that you have to wager your bonus credits collectively before you can cash out any winnings, so the best type of bonuses to claim will always be the ones on which a low pay through requirement is attached.

No Maximum Payout Limits – Never take any type of casino bonus offer if you are going to have to give up any of your winnings achieved when playing off your bonus funds if it is over a certain amount. Stick to claiming bonuses that do not and never have any maximum payout limit rules attached to them.

Instantly Credited Bonuses – One final thing worth knowing is that some casino sites have an automated bonus system, and as such as soon as you have made your qualifying deposit your bonus funds are added to your casino account balance instantly and in real time. Avoid casino sites that add your bonus funds manually as you can often be waiting hours or even days for those bonus funds to show up in your casino account when playing at such a site!





Play Movie Themed Games at Casinos

Many people can suddenly give a quote from one or more films they have watched, and we bet you can name a famous line from a movie you have enjoyed watching or possibly a film you watch time and time again!

In fact, many people become so fascinated with a film they will buy all manner of memorabilia related to that film, and if you have been known to do the same, but you also like to have the odd gamble every now and then you may be interested in learning about some of the many different movie themed slot games available online.

One site that does have plenty of them fully reviewed is casinoswith.co.uk  who in addition to letting you know just which films and movies have their own namesake slot, will also introduce you to many slot machines that are themed around famous actors and actresses too.

Plus, you will also find a range of casino sites that they have handpicked and each of those casinos will be giving you access to their slot games completely free of charge, or if you fancy taking your chances then you will be bale to play their slot games in a real money playing environment. Below are a few additional benefits that you may wish to make use of when you visit that website.

Hints and Slot Playing Tips – There is much more to playing some of the more modern video slot games than just clicking onto the spin or start button to send the reels spinning. For many such slot games have bonus features and bonus games which add extra pleasure and entertainment to your slot playing sessions.

So do take a look at some of the many playing hints and tips for playing certain slots, for you can often increase your winning chances quite dramatically when you know how to play certain games online or on a mobile device!

Excusive Slot Game Bonuses – You will often find that the bonuses available on a casinos website are not going to be the only ones available to you as a player, for many casino news and information sites such as the one we highlighted above have some exclusive and more high valued bonuses to give away to their website visitors.

So never rush in and grab the first bonus offer you come across for it may not be the very highest and best valued one available to you at any casino site!

All New Slot Games Reviews – Knowing which brand new slot games are now available online is going to enable you to play plenty of brand new games you have never seen or played before. You will always find plenty of new slot game reviews available and as such do spend a little bit of time checking them out, for there will always be a very good chance some of those new games will be very appealing to you and will be worth trying out!


Egyptian Themed Films and Slot Games

Think of just how many films you have watched which had an Egyptian theme, there are quite a number of them to guess from, however the one film that many people will immediately think of is the 1963 film Cleopatra.

That film is still a great one to watch if you haven’t already seen it, so add it to your list of films you plan to watch in the very near future! However, what you may also be interested to learn is that there are quite a number of slot machines available which do also boast an Egyptian theme.

So if you are an avid film watcher and also like to spin the slot machine reels then you are certainly never going to find just a small number of slots which have a theme related to a film you have watched and there will never be a shortage of them.

One slot game we think you are going to love playing is the Secrets of the Phoenix slot, for there are lots of unique aspects to that slot game which many players appreciated. Take a look at our guide on where to play Secrets of the Phoenix as it will introduce you to many casino sites that have it available and will also give you an insight into that slot, a few details of which you will find below.

High Variance Slot – One thing that is very important to know about that slot is that it is classed as a high variance slot, which means you are less likely to have as many low valued winning combinations spinning in when you play it.

Instead the slot game has been designed in such a way to compensate for the lack of low valued winning spins you do have the chance of spinning in, out of the blue, a very high valued payout or could trigger a very high paying bonus feature game.

Multiple Staking Options – As this slot is a multi-stake one that does of course mean you can play it for any stake you can afford, which is important to know as due to the high variance nature of the slot you will be much better off playing it for some much lower stake amounts.

Bonus Games – Another thing you will want to see happening when playing this slot is the bonus feature game being triggered, for when it does trigger you have a much greater chance of winning more via its payouts than you ever could achieve via the base game alone!

High Payout Percentage – The only type of slot games you should ever make a beeline to play are those on which a higher than average payout percentage is on offer, and that is one thing we are happy to let you know about this slot! Thanks to the high payout percentage over the long term you should get plenty of winning spins and much more of your wager amounts back as winning payouts.


Movies theme online casino games

Movies theme online casino games continue to be some of the most popular of all of the online casino games, even when compared with all of the online casino games and not just the online casino slot games. People love the games that give them a certain degree of familiarity, which is certainly the case with movies theme online casino games. People like to be able to revisit the movie scenarios and images that helped to make them happy at different points, and movies theme online casino games can do the trick in a way that simply watching the movies again never will.

When people go the casinopokiesonline.com.au, they are going to find so many online casino slot games that it is going to be difficult for them to keep track. The Australian public seems to have a special affinity for online pokies in particular. Around eighty percent of Australians today play some sort of online casino games, and the online casino slot games are usually at the top of the list for them. While many of the movies featured in the movie themed online casino slot games are specifically American films, Hollywood movies have managed to achieve a level of international recognition that people all around the world are still going to be able to identify with them. The people who go to the casinopokiesonline.com.au website from Australia are going to love the Terminator games as much as the majority of Americans who play this famous online casino slot game series.

The Dark Knight series is one of the most popular of the movies theme online casino games. The Dark Knight series was and still is one of the most popular film series ever released, and it makes perfect sense that a gaming series based on this film series would be just as popular. Naturally, this is also a recent movie series from the late 2000’s and early 2010’s, which makes it that much more understandable that people today are still huge fans of it. The Terminator series has a great deal of enduring popularity, even though it has been some time since a film in that series has been released and people seem to have changed some of their opinions on some of the lead actors since this time period.

The Jurassic Park series of online slot games is also one of the most famous of the online movie themed slot games that people will find today. One of the advantages of this series is the simple fact that Jurassic Park is still an ongoing series as opposed to an old one. However, older series are getting resurrected all the time, so it is possible that this is going to happen again with some other movie series in order to create new online casino slot games. This is the era of cinematic television, and people are now playing slot games based on television series like Game of Thrones. Movies theme online casino games and similar games will only get more popular.

Get a fix of your favorite movie characters with online scratch games

Today, you can play virtually any game you can think of online, and whatever you’re interested in, you’ll find an online game that’s linked to that interest. One of the latest real money games you can play online are online scratch cards – just like the ones you’ll find at the newsagents or in other shops, but now much more entertaining thanks to the variety of games you can play and the great graphics and sound effects they come with.

Of course, there is a huge range of different sites to play scratch games at, and an even bigger number of different scratch card games to choose from. So, if you’re interested in finding a great site to play at, or want to know what the most popular scratch card games are, then head to a review site like Gr8 Scratchcard to see which games are hot at the moment.

Gr8 Scratchcard not only gives in-depth reviews of different scratch games, but it also tells you where to find free scratch games to play online. This is great when you want the fun of playing, but you don’t want to pay to play. There are a surprising number of free scratch games available online, and it’s a great way to spend a few minutes of downtime as you can play wherever you have an internet connection. You can also find out which sites offer the best welcome bonuses for new players.


Thanks to the massive amount of interest in superheroes generated through the success of the Marvel film franchise with movies such as the Iron Man trilogy and those films featuring DC superheroes, Batman vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice to name one, you can play plenty of scratch games that feature superheroes and other film characters. The Superman scratch card game has a maximum prize of £100,000 to play for. One of the many free games that can be played directly through Gr8 Scratchcard is the X-Men scratch. The object of the game is to find two identical symbols, two symbols belonging to the same group or a Wild and a symbol of any group, in order to win prizes. All of the cards feature different characters from X-Men. Players can choose to play from 1 to 6 cards per game, so when you’re playing for real cash, keep an eye on the total you’re betting each time.

Some online scratch games are pretty similar to the traditional paper version you’d buy in the shops. For instance with the Iron Man 2 game, once you’ve chosen your stake, you then scratch the nine panels to see if a prize is waiting for you underneath. If you don’t want the suspense factor as you play, an autoplay function allows you to automatically scratch a set number of cards to play the game and cut straight to the chase to see if you’re a winner.

Indiana jones scratch cards. I couldn’t” (CC BY 2.0) by seamus_walsh

CAPTION: One of the most striking differences between online scratch cards and paper ones is that the online ones have great graphics and sound effects

The Rocky scratch game includes video action – which adds to the entertainment of the game. You choose which of three opponents Rocky will square up to, and when you’ve scratched the panel, a video of their fight plays through. If Rocky knocks out his opponent, then you land a win – to the value of the prize that you’ve revealed. However, if he loses, so do you. You get to scratch the panels to watch the other fights too, but only your first choice counts for your bet. These are just a few of the scratch card games available online. Whenever you want a quick bit of entertaining fun along with the possibility of a great cash prize, try your luck with an online scratch card.