Summer 2020’s Best PC, Console, and Mobile games

2020 has already been quite the year for gaming and we’re not even halfway through it yet. This spring, Call of Duty: Mobile has blown away expectations with its mobile eSports tournament, Animal Crossing has kept us enthralled with its adorableness, and die hard gamers have even begun showing blockchain RPGs a whole lotta love in their quest for new entertainment. 

Summer is typically the time of year when things get a bit quieter on the big new releases front, but developers are making 2020 the exception. There are some really exciting games coming out across PC, mobile and console this summer, so here’s a quick roundup to whet your appetite! 

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

Due to be unleashed at the end of May, Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath is a bit of a suprise release for this summer. The new expansion for 2019’s unbeatable Mortal Kombat 11, the story picks up right where it left off, along with new content that brings DLC’s Nightwolf and Shang Tsung into the fold. Aftermath also unlocks some great new playable characters, including none other than Robocop!

Platform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

The latest annual expansion to the ever popular Elder Scrolls Online throws it right back to the world of Skyrim. Skyrim is arguably one of the most popular games of all time, so it’s no surprise that Bethesda have decided to revisit it in this latest entry to the library, due to hit the shelves between May 26th and June 9th worldwide.  

Platform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One

The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us was one of the most impactful games when it was released back in 2013, and has remained a favourite with Playstations ever since. The follow-up – due to be released in June – is set five years after the events of the original game, but don’t worry because both Joe and Ellie will be back and they’ll have plenty to deal with in their post-outbreak world. 

Platform(s): PS4

Zoom Poker 

Having recently launched in the U.S, PokerStars Zoom Poker will have iGaming fans covered this summer, and if you’re new to the phenomenon this is a great game to start with. Following a fast-paced ring tournament format, the action keeps going with every new hand as players compete against a pool of opponents, rather than a fixed table of opponents. Players are moved to a new table after every fold, and there’s even the option to ‘Fast Fold’ to speed the action up even more.

Platform(s): PC, exclusively on the PokerStars platform 

Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Isle of Armor

The Isle of Armor is set to act as a major upgrade for both Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch, which weren’t without their issues in 2019. This expansion will fix some of those issues, adding a brand new area to the original games and those missing Pokemon, as well as quite a few other extras and new content. The official release date is still TBA, but all indications point towards a date in June. 

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch 

Apex Legends

Already a major hit on console and PC, ApexLegends is finally officially coming to Android in 2020. This classic strategy game will feature brand new challenges not available on the PC and console versions – which gamers have ingeniously managed to stream to their Android devices using Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming – and is likely to topple Fortnite and PUBG Mobile from their Android best-selling thrones. 

Platform(s): Android 

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall 

Since season eight of Game of Thrones crashed and burned (quite literally) last spring, we haven’t quite been the same. But the latest GoT release for iOS (due out in August) will take us back to those good old days beyond the Wall. Unleash your inner Jon Snow and take control of the Night’s Watch; in this universe at least the White Walkers and the Night King are still pretty formidable threats to Westeros. 

Platform(s): iOS

How to Choose the Right Console?


When buying a console there various factors to consider. If an individual is purchasing a console as a gift to someone and they lack knowledge on several options, one should get to know the core difference between each console to help an individual gets the necessary information before purchasing a pre-owned or new console.

Models of the video game

One of the major ways in which gamers choose a console is by viewing the available games on a certain specific model.  For example, Mario fans need a Wii console to be able to play games starring favorite plumber since Mario is totally exclusive to Nintendo products. Halo fans require an Xbox one other Xbox console so as to enjoy this famous video game and this is the main reason why serious players will purchase an Xbox One. Uncharted and also God of war fans requires a play station either it’s a play station 4 or it’s a 3. Some gamers are not exclusive to any kind of console like fortnite thus it all depends on the gamer. If an individual wants to play the games he or she grew up with, then one can consider NES and be able to enjoy retro Tetris once again.

Video games playability

One factor to always consider is playability. Some consoles feel better in the individual’s hands or controllers or just easy to use and peripherals may be somehow appealing. A Wii provides various fun peripherals such as microphone while Xbox has an option of Kinect motion sensor. However, the gamer can visit baccarat online for detailed information.

Handheld vs. traditional console

A person should determine whether he or she requires a traditional setup or handheld.  A handheld console is easily portable and gaming is made simple and easy.  Therefore this makes it an awesome gift to kids who are busy and require something to occupy them when they are outside the house. Some handheld consoles include; retro game boy and PS Vita.

Gaming Components

Different games need different components and peripherals, therefore some of the accessories needed to make sure that individual gets most of the gaming experience or help to maximize it are;

  • An individual may think of buying additional controller when more than two players are involved. Most consoles usually have two and with some games, more than two players can enjoy together.
  • People should make sure that they get the hookups and cords required to play their consoles. For example, one requires a special device to be able to connect a vintage NES to a newly purchased television so that it works well.
  • Gaming headsets allow kids to game online with their friends, which is fun for the kids and a good way of sharing gaming experience when socializing with friends from any location.

An individual should be able to grab a controlling charging system to enable controllers to be powered up and always ready for use when it is time for the game. A dead or low battery controller can easily ruin the fun. To get more information concerning this one can go for details or support.


Choosing the right console is great for an individual gaming experience. Therefore one should consider the above information when selecting a console suitable for them.

XBOX Console & Game Review: Star Wars R2-D2 Console & Kinect Star Wars

Platform: Xbox 360
Release Date: April 3, 2012
Distributed by: LucasArts
Price: $449.00

Star Wars R2-D2 Console: 4 out of 5 stars
Kinect Star Wars: 3 out of 5 stars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. OK enough of that. The Star Wars Limited Edition Xbox 360 is really well done. When I finally got it and started to open it the nerd in me was very excited. Being a long time Star Wars fan and that my other 360 was broken there was no doubt in me getting this.

It comes with the Xbox 360 Console which is custom themed to R2-D2. The Kinect Sensor is the first white one of its kind on the 360. The wireless controller is gold and themed to C-3PO. The controller is detailed very nicely. A 320GB hard drive is the largest available on the 360. It also comes with two games Kinect Star Wars and Kinect Adventures.

Hooking everything up was pretty easy. Upon turning the 360 on for the first time the console made its first R2-D2 sound. The console will make R2 sounds when you turn it on and off from the console or open and close the tray from the console. If you use the controller to power on/off the console it will not make the R2 sounds.

Now on to the Kinect Star Wars game. It starts off with C-3PO and R2-D2 and recently recovered Jedi Archives. Listening to the two droids go back and forth with each other like they do in the movies gives a good feeling of being immersed into the Star Wars Universe. You have several different modes you can select from.

Campaign Story: The bulk of the content in the game. You are a padawan learner and you go through the Clone Wars. The voices at times do not match with the animation. The voice acting is not the greatest but it is not bad either. When it comes to the lightsaber battles it is almost like a turn based RPG. At first your enemy will attack you and you have to block then once you build enough stamina you go into a lock where your weapons clash together and you have to break the lock by doing one several different options like Force Push, Kick, or Head butt you opponent. After successfully doing so, you can now attack your enemy. This gets repeated until one of wyou go down. Now I must say that the Kinect did capture the movements pretty decently. Also the nerd in me I used my Master Replicas Lightsaber hilt to give it more of a Jedi feeling for me. This did not affect the Kinect at all regarding being able to read my movements. Depending on what hand you use for your Lightsaber the other is used for your force moves. You can force push or grab and toss your enemies around. Not all enemies can be affected by the force. One thing that does ruin the experience is the use of cut scenes. While playing you are constantly put into a cut scene where you have no control over your char. It does this pretty often and does get annoying.

Pod Racing: This is done really well and one of the better mini games available. The controls work great and you have to hold your arms up as if you were in the podracer itself. When you pull your arms back your racer slows down and applies the break. Thrust your arms forward gives you a burst of speed. Turning can be a little bit tricky but once you are used to it you should not have any problems. The story is geared more towards a younger audience but is fun none the less.

Rancor Rampage: You are the rancor and everyone else is your meal. Nom Nom! This mode is very entertaining and a lot of fun. You are a rancor on the loose and you can pretty much destroy anything in your path. You can also eat the poor people that are running around. What is also fun is you can pick up people and throw them, you do get added bonus the farther you can toss them.

Duels of the Fate: This mode takes you through a series of Lightsaber duels. This is pretty slow and not as exciting as one would hope.

Galactic Dance Off: Who of us would not want to dance with Slave Leia!! Well after this you will not be 100% fulfilled. Even though the story line may not make sense it was indeed fun if you can get past that. I mean I can’t see as Leia having fun and smiling while Jaba’s captive. Yes in the game it does seem like she is having a good time, but as I said if you can get past that part the play is fun.