Vision of Disorder’s Tim Williams chats about new album “The Cursed Remain Cursed”

Tim Williams in the lead singer in the Long Island-based hardcore band Vision of Disorder. I have been a fan of these guys since day one and were a major influence in my taste of music. The band released their latest album “The Cursed Remain Cursed”, which was the first studio recording in over a decade. The album is also one of their best to date. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Tim about the album and the how the hardcore scene has changed over the years.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us about the inspiration behind “The Cursed Remain Cursed”?
Tim Williams: Long story short, it was a long process…which is fine. We took our time. A lot of the inspiration both the songs and the lyrics were based on how I was feeling during the time. Things were a little hairy in my life for a while. So I was dealing with that and then also the disbanding of Bloodsimple. I was looking forward to just getting in the studio, taking my time and not having to rush out on the road right away. Just kind of settling down a little, you know? Things were really busy for a long time and it was good just to say in one place and make some music.

MG: It’s been 11 years since your last studio album; how do you feel that the sound for VOD has evolved in that time?
TW: I think we have changed as people and musicians. We are a little wiser and know what we want and know how to get it. I think going when we went out own way for that time and made it on our own terms really helped also. I think the biggest difference this time around for VOD is that we are more mature and know how to handle the business better.

MG:The tracks on this album are just as hardcore matching the self-titled album, you have any difficulty keeping that level of anger through the lyrics?
TW: No, not at all. There is plenty to be mad about [laughs]. There are also plenty of things to talk about in the world. The things that I draw my lyrically content from are very present and have not run dry from that well. It is difficult to do well, so you need to take the time to make it what it is. Just pushing out the first thing in your head and holding it. So it is not hard to conjure it but it is hard to make it good.

MG: What was your biggest challenge heading into the studio?
TW: My biggest challenge was to try and not make the same mistakes. I wouldn’t go as far as to stay relevant but to make really good music and not fall back on the stuff that we have already achieved.

MG: How was it working with producer Will Putney on this album?
TW: It was great. I have done work with Will before back on Bloodsimple. He engineered their second record. VOD recorded about 3-4 demos for this record to see how they sounded. We did a demo with Will and that one just destroyed every other demo we did. It just captured what VOD should be. We went back and forth with a couple different producers. Long story short, based on the connection I had with him, I just kept pushing for Will over and over. Finally, it all worked out. It couldn’t have been a better choice because the proof is in the pudding and Will was a very intricate part of that record. He really just let us be VOD and that is why it worked. Will knows how the band is supposed to sound and I feel that we did it right.

MG: Any B-sides that didn’t make it onto this album?
TW:We wrote a lot of songs for this record. There was a lot that we didn’t even bring to the pre-production. There was one song that actually was tracked but  there was so much shit I had to get done and I didn’t even listen to it. Everything was going so good and I didn’t want to waste 2-3 days on a new song, when the other shit was so great. That might come out some day…you never know.

MG: How does you feel that the hardcore scene has changed since you started?
TW: It has definitely changed. How do I feel? It doesn’t really matter…it changes, you know? It will change with or without me. I feel fortunate that VOD was around when it began – or I would say was morphing into a different thing, like from the 80’s into the 90’s. We were very fortunate to have been involved with the scene in the 90’s with bands like Madball, Dark Side, the original Life of Agony, Sub-Zero and all those bands that were really hardcore. To be a part of that and actually succeed was a cool thing. Seeing VOD be able to come back is even better. It has really been a crazy ride.

MG: We going to have to wait another decade before we get more material again?
TW: This album is still new, obviously. But yes, we will like to do more records down the line. We are just going to continue on and probably crank out another one and just keep going. Why will we stop right?


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CD Review: Vision of Disorder “The Cursed Remain Cursed”

Vision of Disorder
The Cursed Remain Cursed
Candlelight Records
Producer: Will Putney
Release Date: September 18, 2012
Tracks: 11

Our Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I have been a fan of VOD since 1996 and I remember, like it was yesterday, listening to them on the school bus every single day on….cassette…that’s right kiddies. “The Cursed Remain Cursed” marks the bands first studio album in 11 years. It also marks the bands best album since the self-titled debut. Now before I get yelled out by the internet trolls, “Imprint” is a fucking amazing album don’t get me wrong but their debut has always been my favorite. And for that matter as much I like the first album, this release really gives it a hell of a challenge. It is mad, fast and fucking intense, exactly what VOD should be. If you are looking for a trip down memory lane, I highly recommend this album, VOD has never sounded better.

“The Cursed Remain Cursed” is the band’s first album from Candlelight Records, who recently have become a label to reckon with. The Long Island, NY guys teamed up with producer Will Putney (Shadows Fall) for these new eleven tracks.  Tim Williams really delivers a raw and true performance, his vocal tracks are just as angry and well-aimed as they were back in 1996. Guitarist Mike Kennedy really shreds heavy and brings back the hardcore.  The album’s lead single “Loveless” is easily one of my favorite tracks. “The Enemy” is also one fast and heavy track.  What I am dying to see is these songs performed live.  I hope that the band is planning on heading to the Orlando, FL area (hint, hint) these tracks will make for one hell of an amazing mosh-pit.  (Note to my wife: No I will be not be in the mosh-pit ;-), but I can still observe)

Since this band was one of my main influences into hardcore music, I highly recommend this to anyone looking to go fucking crazy.  If you are looking for the effect that this band has on people around them, I have a quick story for you.  Earlier this month, I driving to work listening the track “Watering Disease”. I was sitting at a red light with a car behind me and that car had its windows opened. With that song blasting, I look behind me and the lady was literally closing her window and was, no joke, holding her ears!! And that my friends is the power of VOD! “The Cursed Remain Cursed” drops September 18, 2012, be sure to pick that shit up! Easily one of my favorite albums of the year!

Track Listing:
1. Leveless
2. Set To Fail
3. Blood Red Sun
4. Hard Times
5. Annihilator
6. Skullz Out (Rot In Pieces)
7. The Enemy
8. The Seventh Circle
9. New Order of Ages
10. Be Up On It
11. Heart And Soul

DVD Review “Vision Quest”

Directed by: Harold Becker
Starring: Matthew Modine, Linda Fiorentino, Michael Schoeffling, Ronny Cox
Charles Hallahan, Harold Sylvester, Daphne Zuniga
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Archive
MPAA Rating: R
Running time: 107 minutes

Film: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Extras: N/A

If you are wondering why we are reviewing this title from 1985, it is because Warner Bros Archive has released a new edition of it. It is not a fully remastered edition instead it is taken from the best-quality master available. This release still looks and sounds good especially for a film which is almost 20 years old.  It is also the first time that this film has ever been released in widescreen on DVD.  Overall this movie still makes wrestling look bad ass.

Matthew Modine really nails this performance. Linda Fiorentino wears the 80’s hairdo well but otherwise I am not a big fan of her. One of the main draws for this film has to be its killer 80’s soundtrack featuring Journey’s “Only the Young” and Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded”. It even includes a cameo from Madonna performing her hits “Gambler” and “Crazy for You”. Honestly that is enough for me.

This film was a modest success but since has developed quite a cult following. I am sure that fans would be looking for this film with a massive amount of special features but unfortunately this release does not include any. In fact, I would love to see this film converted to HD and released on Blu-ray…you hear that Warner Brothers? If you don’t own this film prior, it is a good way to pick it up cheap for now and enjoy till then.

High school wrestler Louden Swain is a man obsessed, trying to shed 23 pounds in a dangerously short time and take on Shute, the undefeated, tough-as-nails 168-pound champion who’s the best wrestler in the state. Matthew Modine stars as the mop-headed student undeterred in his Vision Quest…until the day a sexy drifter (Linda Fiorentino) threatens to pin Louden and his dreams to the mat of unrequited love. The hit soundtrack features Journey’s “Only the Young”, Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded” and John Waite’s “Change”. In her first film, Madonna shines while performing “Gambler” and “Crazy for You”. You’ll go crazy for Vision Quest.