Sara Lindsey talks about working with Tom Cruise in “Jack Reacher”

Sara Lindsey is an up and coming Hollywood starlet who will be appearing in the new Tom Cruise action film “Jack Reacher” which is scheduled for release on December 21st. Media Mikes had the chance to talk recently with Lindsey about the film and what it was that got her in to acting.

Adam Lawton: How did you first get involved with acting?
Sara Lindsey: I have always been a performer. The first time I tried it was in a 1st grade play my teacher arranged. That was the bug that bit me. I have been performing since I was very young and I have always been very artistic and musical. As I got older I began to get more serious about things and when I started looking at colleges I decided acting was what I was most passionate about. I felt very connected to acting and that’s what I pursued in college.

AL: How did you get attached to the film “Jack Reacher”?
SL: I had gone to an audition for the film and after that I learned about the book franchise and all the other things associated with “Jack Reacher”. I think the film is going to be really cool as it is a fun film. The story is very easy to follow which is not always the case with some films with similar themes. Tom Cruise is just awesome as the Jack Reacher character. I am definitely looking forward to the film coming out.

AL: What was it like working on such a large production?
SL: It was crazy! I am super new to the business and have only done two or three movies up to this point. The audition process for this was pretty long and I had a few call backs. One call back was done over Skype between the directors, me and the person who was going to be playing my boyfriend. Christopher McQuarrie is such a brilliant writer and director. It was a pleasure to get to work with him. I had a great time during the process.

AL: Were you allowed to experiment with your character at all?
SL: We really did get some freedom within the structure of the film. My big scene is at the very end of the movie. Chris gave us the frame work and allowed us to do whatever we wanted within the boundaries of the scene. We talked over a few different ideas and went from there.  We sort of did things in the moment. To be allowed to do that on this caliber of a movie was very unique.

AL: Can you tell us about the film “Promise Land”?
SL: That was a dream project for me. I got to meet and work with an amazing group of people. I learned so much. The film is about identity and what makes us who we are. The story is set against a back ground that has to do with hydro fracking. There is that issue going on while some great characters with compelling stories are interwoven throughout the film. I think it’s going to be really great.

AL: What are the release plans for the film?
SL: I think they are doing a limited release in several cities starting on or around December 28th. The wide release is scheduled for January 4th.

AL: Can you tell us about some of your other projects you have coming out?
SL:  I am working on a screen play project right now that is not yet titled. We have been working on it for about a year now. It has been a lot of fun to work on something from the ground up. The things you can cultivate with peers and colleges are really great. We are hoping to start shooting that in the very near future.


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Violinist and YouTube sensation, Lindsey Sterling talks about her debut album

Lindsey Sterling is a violinist and YouTube sensation and known best for appearing on the fifth season of “America’s Got Talent”. She recently released her debut album titled “Lindsey Sterling”. The album quickly shot to #1 on the Electronic Music charts and landed in iTunes Top 100. Media Mikes had the chance to speak with Lindsey recently about her music and her future plans.

Adam Lawton: How did you first get involved with music?
Lindsey Sterling: I have played the violin pretty much my whole life. In High School I tried to branch out and experiment with different styles. I really got in to the solo performing aspect while I was trying to earn money for college. I had done some talent competitions and during that time started writing music that was more modernized while incorporating dance in to my performing. I never knew that my music would take the turn it did and become my whole life. I love it and feel so great. I am very glad the hard work has paid off.

AL: What can you tell us about your debut album?
LS: I started writing that at the end of 2010. I had intended to do a full length album as I could only afford to do 3 songs. I met with a producer and he thought the idea was kind of cool so we recorded the 3 songs and everything really started from there. I put the songs out on ITunes but nothing really sold at first. It wasn’t until I started making YouTube videos and the music was searchable that people started to take notice. People started buying my music which led to me being able to make more music. At first I was doing things song by song when I could afford them and finally I knew I just had to finish the album.

AL: What type of process do you take when song writing?
LS: I would meet with a couple different producers and when working on the various tracks I would sit and listen to the whole track while giving my input. Once the beat was done I would take that and improvise over the top of it. I would just jam for hours until I had what I wanted for the piece.

AL: What were your first thoughts when your album took off the way it did?
LS: I was extremely excited! I knew the album would at least do ok because I have some pretty dedicated fans that would support the album. The album is still #1 on the Electronic charts and is I think up to #13 on the overall charts. That was crazy. I still can’t believe after 3 weeks of being out the album is still in the top 100. It’s just overwhelming to think that only a few years ago I barely had enough money to record 3 songs and now all that hard work is paying off.

AL: Can you tell us about your current tour?
LS: We have cut the tour in half as we just finished up the first part. We have a 2 week break and then we will be back out on the road which will take us through California, Seattle and into Canada. That will wrap this tour. In January we are planning on going to Europe which I am looking forward to. I get a lot of request to play overseas so to finally be able to go over to these places will be great. When we return from Europe we are planning on hitting the States again in February/March.

AL: What do you like most about utilizing the YouTube site to help promote your music?
LS: It is really cool that we live in world now where an independent artist can make it in the music world. It used to be that you needed a record label in order for your music to get heard. Before I discovered the YouTube model I kind of started that way. I am so grateful that I was able to do things this way and for myself. I am still an independent artist and my album is doing just great. I also sold out my U.S. tour on my own. It is the time of the independent and you don’t have to sell out or do what people are making you do. You can stay true to your vision and be your own boss.

AL: With all of your recent success have you thought about going to a major label?
LS: I love being an independent artist. Funny enough I have thought about it. Now I am just waiting to see if someone comes forward with an offer I am willing to accept. I am not willing to give up certain things and I am also to the point where I don’t necessarily need a labels support. We have had a few major labels fly out to try and convince us to sign to their label. It is really cool that the ball is in my court.

Blu-ray Review “Lindsey Buckingham: Songs From the Small Machine- Live in L.A.”

Starring: Lindsey Buckingham
Studio: Eagle Rock Entertainment
Rated: NR (Not Rated)
Running Time: 125 mins

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

Who does know and love Fleetwood Mac? Growing up I remember listening to them with my father, who still has a thing for Stevie Nicks. This concert was filmed in high-definition at The Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, California in April 2011 and is packed with amazing DTS Surround-Sound track. The sound was great and delivers some great new and old tunes. The video resolution was really great and very clear. It is hard when watching a concert on the TV then watching it live. This does a pretty good job and pulling you into the show and right into the action.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall Of Famer Lindsey Buckingham, male lead singer for Fleetwood Mac, delivers a fun concert and a great presentation on Blu-ray. Since he is solo, it is not unexpected that he performs his new songs (some which kick some ass) and he plays some hits from Fleetwood Mac days. The guy really knows how to play the guitar, both acoustic and electric. The concert was almost split into two different shows with Lindsey and his guitar alone for the first couple of songs then he brings in the the rest of the band. They definitely kick up the energy and deliver a fun show. Picking up this release is a real no brainer for fans of Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Buckingham.

The concerts set list includes the following songs:
“Shut Us Down”
“Go Insane”
“Never Going Back Again”
“Big Love”
“Under the Skin”
“All My Sorrows”
“In Our Own Time”
“Second Hand News”
“Stars Are Crazy”
“End of Time”
“That’s the Way Love Goes”
“I’m So Afraid”
“Go Your Own Way”
“Turn It On”
“Seeds We Sow”