Film Review: “Bullet Train”


  • Starring:  Brad Pitt, Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron-Taylor Johnson
  • Directed by:  David Leitch
  • Rated:  R
  • Running time:  2 hrs 6 mins
  • Columbia Pictures


A train rushing through Japan at speeds in excess of 200 mph.  A mysterious briefcase.  Characters with colorful names like “the Wolf,”

“Lemon” and “the Hornet.”  Put them all together and you get a rapid-fire, action packed adventure.


Moving at a pace almost faster than the title implies, “Bullet Train” is a mashup of genre’s that can best be described as Guy Ritchie meets “Kill Bill.”


The plot revolves around the much desired briefcase and the people who are sent to protect it versus the people who are sent to steal it.  Pitt is one of the thieves, a man with a lot of talent when it comes to killing, but also a lot of issues.  He is in close contact with his handler, Maria (no spoiler here, sorry), whose soothing voice and sound advice keeps him in a mellow mindset. 


The other main characters are Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry) and his “brother,” Tangerine (an un-recognizable Aaron-Taylor Johnson.  Yes, the guy who played Kick Ass and John Lennon).  They spend the majority of their trip dealing with all of the issues that come with trying to protect your boss’ son – and when your boss is known as “White Death” you need to be on your “A” game – and keeping a who’s who of baddies from taking your prized briefcase.


The action is pretty much non-stop, with occasional moments of laugh-out-loud humor.  Whether it’s a brutal fight to the death in a designated “QUIET” car – loud noises quickly draw a “shush” from

an elderly passenger – or having to shoot your way around and oversized Anime’ character, the situations are preposterously absurd but amazing to watch unfold.


The cast seems to be having fun with their characters, only going over the top when the situation calls for it.  Otherwise things are handled with a deadly seriousness that should be afforded anyone dealing with someone known as “White Death.”


The film is beautifully photographed and the musical score helps set whatever mood is needed at any particular time.  This is definitely the“Train” to catch this weekend.    



Today, British metal giants Bullet For My Valentine, have released their explosive,self-titled album!

Launched on the Spinefarm/Search and Destroy label, Bullet For My Valentine’s seventh studio offering marks their heaviest, most visceral yet.

“We’re beyond excited for our new self-titled seventh record to finally be released,” says Bullet For My Valentine frontman Matt Tuck. “So much love, passion, creativity and energy went into making this record and it’s hands down our best and most ferocious record to date. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we do, we can’t wait to see you all at a show near you. Thank you so much for all your support. Turn it up!!”

Check out the album with accompanying visuals, here.

Tuck’s exclusive interview at SiriusXM’s Octane runs this weekend, while the band will also go live with Nik Nocturnal on Twitch this morning.


“My Reverie”
“No Happy Ever After”
“Can’t Escape The Waves”
“Rainbow Veins”
“Death By a Thousand Cuts”

Matt Tuck — Vocals + Rhythm Guitar
Michael “Padge” Paget — Lead Guitar
Jamie Mathias — Bass
Jason Bowld — Drums




Watch the video for “Parasite” here

Bullet For My Valentine have released “Parasite,” the second single from their recently announced self-titled album Bullet For My Valentine

“For ‘Parasite,’ we just wanted to let the song rip,” says director Fiona Garden. “The intensity and fury of the track tears along, pure performance and vitality. Along the way, in a world defined by blinding light and the phenomenal graphic work of artist Carl Addy, we see this new infinite incarnation of the avatar aM cuts being ritualistically infected and drawn further into limitless oblivion. No locusts were harmed in the making of this video.”  

The Guardian called the first single, “Knives,” a “sonic onslaught,” adding that it displayed “gymnastic guitar riffs, snarling vocals, and more drum hits in four minutes than across most albums.” Rock Sound concurred, calling it “a vicious and violent slab of ferocious modern metal,” while Metal Hammer commented, “BFMV are back in the form of their lives.” Revolver deemed it a “razor-edged ripper” while Loudwire stated that the band has “more than delivered in regards to brutality and technicality.” 

But where “Knives” arrived like a punch in the face, “Parasite” is here to disembowel.  The band comments, “‘Parasite’ is an absolute RAGER from start to finish!!! Easily one of the gnarliest tracks we’ve ever written — we couldn’t be more stoked to finally get it out there.” Bullet For My Valentine will be released on October 22 via Spinefarm /Search & Destroy.

“I think it’s the most ferocious side of Bullet For My Valentine that I’ve ever known,” says lead guitarist Michael “Padge” Paget. “It’s time for us to put out a really angry, heavy, aggressive record. I just can’t wait to grimace on stage!”

Frontman and guitarist Matt Tuck began writing the album in September 2019 before the Coronavirus pandemic brought things screeching to a halt in early 2020. But in June 2020, Tuck and long-time producer, Carl Bown, who co-produced the band’s 2015 album, Venom, and produced and mixed Gravity, picked up the pace again. Together, they hunkered down at Treehouse Studio in Chesterfield, where the remainder of the album was written. 

Bullet For My Valentine follows the success of their last album, 2018’s Gravity, which saw the metal juggernauts’ catalogue surpass 1 BILLION (yes, with a B!) streams in the U.S. That accomplishment solidifies Bullet’s hard-earned status as one of the most elite bands in the hard rock scene.

Pre-orders for Bullet For My Valentine’s seventh studio album are now live, with an instant download of both “Knives” and “Parasite,” and special bundle options, including a unique clipping from the backdrop used on the bands ‘Venom’ world tour from 2015 – 2017, t-shirts, hoodies, gold & silver cassettes, and limited vinyl. Get it here.



“My Reverie”

“No Happy Ever After”

“Can’t Escape The Waves”

“Bastards””Rainbow Veins”



“Death By a Thousand Cuts”

In addition to all the existing hits, fans will get the chance to hear new music live for the first time this Sunday when the band make history by headlining the Download Festival Pilot at Donington Park on June 18-20.

BFMV have launched an official fan club, dubbed “Army of Noise,” via Patreon. Sign up here.

Bullet For My Valentine Release “Letting You Go” From Fourth-Coming Album “Gravity”

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE have released “Letting You Go,” the third track from forthcoming album, Gravity. The album is available for pre-order HERE.

Watch it HERE.

“‘Letting You Go’ was a very challenging song to write in so many ways,” said vocalist + guitarist Matt Tuck. “It’s by far the most experimental track I’ve ever written – musically and lyrically. I really wanted to make a track that stood out from the crowd and separated us from any other band in our genre, and that’s exactly what ‘Letting You Go’ does.”

Gravity, out June 29, is BFMV’s first album under the Search and Destroy/ Spinefarm Records banner, and aptly sees the band rewriting their own future – finding new ways to invent heavy noise and remaining unshackled by the legacy that comes with being masters of their trade.

BFMV will play second to headline on the Friday of Download (UK) Festival – their first home-turf festival performance in five years. The band will then headline European summer festivals and venues before travelling to Japan for the Summersonic event.

The band will return to the U.S. in the fall with support acts to be announced. Dates are below.

FALL 2018:
9/13: Kansas City, MO @ Harrah’s
9/15: St. Paul, MN @ The Myth
9/18: St. Louis, MO @ The Paegant
9/20: Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom
9/21: Dallas, TX @ House of Blues
9/22: Austin, TX @ Emo’s
9/24: San Antonio, TX @ Aztec Theater
9/25: Houston, TX @ House of Blues
9/27: Atlanta, GA @ Buckhead Theatre
9/30: Grand Rapids, MI @ 20 Monroe Live
10/2: Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
10/3: Syracuse, NY @ SI Hall
10/4: Boston, MA @ House of Blues
10/7: Detroit, MI @ Fillmore Detroit
10/9: Wichita, KS @ Cotillion Ballroom
10/10: Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
10/12: Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern
10/14: Sacramento, CA @ Aftershock Festival*
10/16: Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues

For More Info Visit:


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Blu-ray Review “Bullet To The Head”

Actors: Sylvester Stallone, Sung Kang, Sarah Shahi, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Christian Slater
Directors: Walter Hill
Rated: R (Restricted)
Studio: Warner Home Video
DVD Release Date: July 16, 2013
Run Time: 92 minutes

Film: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Extras: 1 out of 5 stars

Some have said that Sylvester Stallone has definitely has passed his prime, but the nearing 70 year old actor has not given up with releasing ass-kicking action films. “The Expendables” series are pretty kick ass and “Bullet To The Head” is another example that this aging action star still has what it takes. Besides Stallone himself, the supporting cast is also quite impressive including Jason Momoa (“Conan The Barbarian”, “Game of Thrones”), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (TV’s “Oz”, “Lost”), Sung Kang (“Fast & Furious”) and Christian Slater (“True Romance”). So there is no shortage of talent here. If you are looking for some brainless in-your-face action, this will definitely do the trick.

Official Premise: After almost a decade away from the big screen, veteran film director Walter Hill (The Warriors, 48Hrs) is back at the helm with the action thriller, Bullet to the Head. Legendary movie star Sylvester Stallone plays Jimmy Bobo, a jaded hit man who reluctantly forms an alliance with a cop in order to exact revenge on the mercenary who murdered their respective partners. Full of non-stop explosive action, thrilling fight scenes and classic one-liners, Bullet to the Head is based on Alexis Nolent’s graphic novel of the same name.

Warner Brothers is releasing this film with their usual combo pack including a Blu-ray + DVD and Ultraviolet Digital Copy. The 1080p transfer really captures the gritty feel of the film itself and yet still looks sharp. The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track works well the jam-packed action scenes and the film’s score which was composed by Steve Mazzaro and produced by Hans Zimmer. Unforuntely, the special features are a major let down for this release. We only get onef featurette called “Bullet to the Head: Mayhem Inc.” It is basically just a promo piece with Stallone talking about his training. I would have loved to seen a commentary track from Walter Hill or Stallone.

Bullet to the Head is available on Blu-Ray 7/16/2013 at the WB Shop

CD Review: Bullet For My Valentine "Temper Temper"

Bullet For My Valentine
“Temper Temper”
Release Date: February 12, 2013
Label: RCA/RED
Produced by Don Gilmore

Our Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I was first introduced to the Welch metal band “Bullet For My Valentine” back in 2010 with the “Fever”.  Since then I have yet to take “Fever” off of my iPhone and consistently listen to it.  When I heard that the band was releasing a new album, which could be a good thing or bad thing, I was very excited and also nervous. Well let’s just say I have another favorite album to listen to. “Temper Temper” is a very fierce and foot-to-the-pedal metal album.  It has the same feel as “Fever” but more heavy and amped up.  If you are looking to rock out hard, be sure to check this album out. You will not be disappointed.

The first single from the album is “Riot” and it really sets the mood for this entire album. It is fast, in-your-face and great to get to pumped up. “Leech” is also a fantastic track.  The title track “Temper Temper” is very catchy and was one of my most replayed songs.  Speaking of reply value, when I listen to an album I like to be able to leave it on repeat and forget when I am at.  The first time I listened to “Temper Temper”, I left it consistently on loop for nearly eight hours and I honestly was not tired of any of the tracks. In fact, I only wanted to listen to them more. That is how you know that you have an amazing album.

“Temper Temper” is produced by Don Gilmore (Linkin Park / Pearl Jam), who also worked with the band on their previous album, 2010’s “Fever”. I must say that this is a match made in heaven. This duo is a win-win here.  In fact the more I listen to “Temper Temper”, I have to proclaim that this album is the band’s best attempt to date! I can’t wait to catch them live during this tour since I am looking forward to the execution of these new songs live.  If you are a die-hard “Bullet for My Valentine” fan, be sure to pick up the deluxe edition with three additional tracks “Not Invincible” and two tracks from the Live Lounge show on BBC Radio 1: “Whole Lotta Rosie” and “Scream Aim Fire”.

01. Breaking Point
02. Truth Hurts
03. Temper Temper
04. Pow
05. Dirty Little Secret
06. Leech
07. Dead To The World
08. Riot
09. Saints n Sinners
10. Tears Don’t Fall (Part 2)
11. Livin Life (On The Edge of A Knife)

Film Review "Bullet to the Head"

Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Sung Kang and Christian Slater
Directed by: Walter Hill
Rated: R
Running time: 1 hour 31 mins
Warner Brothers

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

As a movie fan in the 1980s I was a huge fan of both Sylvester Stallone and director Walter Hill. Sly was kicking ass over and over, from the various “Rocky” and “Rambo” films to “Night Hawks” and “Tango and Cash.” And Hill, coming off “The Warriors,” was creating such gems as “The Long Riders,” “Southern Comfort” and, of course, “48 Hours.” It’s taken the two of them three decades to finally work together and I’m happy to say that the resulting film doesn’t disappoint.

Jimmy (Stallone) and Louis (Jon Seda) are hit men. Their current assignment finds them visiting a man in his hotel room. The deed is done but a witness is left behind…a woman who Jimmy discovers in the shower but doesn’t kill. Asked if the woman could identify him Jimmy replies, “she won’t.” Later that night both men, while waiting for their payment, are attacked and Louis is killed. Needless to say, Jimmy isn’t happy. He not only has to find the man who killed Louis but he still wants his money! And he’s not a patient man.

Two weeks ago the enjoyable return of 66 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger was deemed a failure because it didn’t have a big weekend at the box office. And that may happen this weekend for Stallone, also 66. Which is a shame because, 35 years after the fact, he still has the screen presence that caused Roger Ebert to compare him to Marlon Brando after the release of “Rocky.” In “Bullet to the Head” he becomes partners with Washington D.C. detective Taylor Kwon (Sung Kang, probably best known for his work in several of the past “Fast and Furious” films). Their relationship is typical good cop/bad cop (or in this case good cop/bad hit man) and it’s their exchanges that give the film a sense of humor. Jimmy isn’t fond of Kwon’s Asian heritage and prefers to call him Odd Job (not to be outdone, another character calls Kwon Kato) and Kwon marvels at how stuck in the 20th Century Jimmy is. However, when the time comes, both men excel at dispatching the bad guys, with each action scene a testament to the talent of director Hill.

The supporting cast also does well, including Slater and “Lost’s” Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as the resident bad guys of New Orleans. Credit also Sarah Shahi as Jimmy’s tattooed daughter and the screen’s most recent Conan the Barbarian, Jason Momoa, as the baddest dude Sly has tangled with in a long time. Also credit Momoa for taking a character that begins very one dimensional and giving him some life. And also give a round of applause to the visual effects department. “Bullet to the Head” isn’t just a clever name…the film has a pretty hefty death count with the bullets pretty much hitting everywhere!

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje talks about roles in "Bullet to the Head" and "Thor: The Dark World"

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is best known for his roles in TV series like Mr. Eko on “Lost” and Simon Adebisi on “Oz”. He has one hell of a busy year planned for 2013 with “Bullet to the Head” with Sylvester Stallone, Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” and a coming-of-age film “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete”. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Adewale about how he gets into characters and his busy year.

Mike Gencarelli: How was it going head-to-head with Sylvester Stallone in “Bullet to the Head”?
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje: Well as you can imagine there was a lot of testosterone, but also a lot of fun. You are working with a legend of that genre, also Walter Hill, who is a legendary director. It was a lot of fun but it was also strictly business. It was bullets to the head…get in there and deliver. Just had a great time overall man!

MG: Give us some background on your character Morel?
AAA: He is an African businessman, who is somewhat corrupt. He has escaped from Africa with huge amount of funds, moved to the United States and landed in New Orleans. He is very smart and also ruthless and his goal is to own most of New Orleans…by any means necessary. He has his stable of henchmen and is also very sophisticated. It is all camouflage for what lies below, which is a ruthless and cold-hearted businessman. He is also conflicted with a crippling disability but he does not allow that to impede him as a formidable force. In fact he uses that to propel him and try harder.

MG: Is there anything in particular you do to prepare for a role like that?
AAA: It is just a matter of having dialogue with the director. A lot of it was on the page but then we added texture and dimension. I chatted with the director and saw what he would like to explore. Also I was given the choice if I wanted to make him crippled or not. I thought it would be an interesting challenge to do so and add more texture to the character. So we went for that. I think as we started to see him on screen we started to see him unravel with different layers. I did have to hobble around on sticks for a good 2-3 weeks before we shot it though in order to get the disability right. Other than that it was really get in there and feel the character. We shot it in very opulent locations in New Orleans and that always adds to your performance.

MG: How did you prepare for such an iconic comic villains playing both Algrim the Strong and Kurse in “Thor: The Dark World”?
AAA: It was a huge opportunity to pull double duty. In order to prepare you obviously go through and read the comics and research the characters history. You also look at the imagery and have discussions with Marvel and the directors to see their vision for the characters. Then the rest is left for the designers who create the costumes, which really then assists in your performance. Specifically for Kurse, it was very much looking at the costume and what I thought it would embody. For instance it had a certain look, so I used that look for his interpretive actions. I found that very useful. So with the horns and everything, I just went with that flow and tried to define a way of moving and fighting that was in the rhythm and the way that he looked. With Algrim, again the aesthetic look and the outfit really factored in as does the location and the set. From the moment you step into that world, you immediately become that character. You make them real. So in a way you have to ground the character in reality that makes it normal for them to be in that world. I believe and hope that we have done that well in this and that the audiences are going to enjoy it.

MG: You were called “The Biggest Badass in Hollywood” (by Huff Post); what keeps you coming back and playing the villain in roles like this?
AAA: What makes me or what makes them keep hiring me? I think it is one in the same thing. I think we both enjoy it. I think the industry knows that I can deliver when playing the villain. I certainly enjoy playing the villain because you have this created likeness to really go anywhere. When you play the hero, there are parameters that you cannot cross. But with the bad guy, there is no such thing and you can do basically what you like. That is a creative freedom and luxury that I love. They also always make the most interesting character for me. The funny thing is though; I never really look at these as bad. I look at them as guys who have agendas and they will do what they need to do in acquire, obtain or accomplish them. So to make the most interesting villain is that you need to see him as an ordinary guy who have a mission.

MG: From action to superheroes we go to the coming-of-age “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete”, tell us about this project?
AAA: This is a very different type of movie. As you can see we have done all genres across the board from huge Marvel tentpole to iron-packed action. This film really comes down to what I really love, a small independent film. It premiered at Sundance and was shot by George Tillman Jr. It has got Jeffrey Wright, Jennifer Hudson, Anthony Mackie and an absolutely spectacular group of children actors. It is based on the survival of these two children in a hot and tough summer in Brooklyn. I play a cop, on the other side of the law this time, who is trying to keep these straight kids off the streets. It is just one of those endearing stories of survival and friendship. It is very real. I also love shooting in New York during the summer. This one is not about the costumes or effects or anything. It is about heart-to-heart relationships.

Be sure to follow @Adewale on his official twitter page.