Stage Review – “Les Miserables” – Kansas City

 “Les Miserables”
The Music Hall – Kansas City, MO
December 5, 2017
I have many fond memories of seeing shows on Broadway.  One of those shows was “Les Miserables,” which I saw shortly after it opened with original stars Colm Wilkinson, who played Jean Valjean and Terrance Mann, who played Javert.  Not only was the show amazing, but much later that night, while waiting for the light to turn green to cross 42nd Street, I happened to look up to notice that I was surrounded by Jean Valjean and Javert.  Both actors were flanking me on the corner.  I managed a few quick words, got them both to sign my Playbill, and off into the night I went.  Those memories came back to me as I took in the recent production of the show now playing at the Music Hall in Kansas City.
We first meet our hero, Jean Valjean (an AMAZING Nick Cartell) and our villain, Javert (a just as good Josh Davis) as the former is about to end his 19 year sentence of hard labor (he stole a loaf of bread to help feed his family). But being on parole makes Valjean a lesser person in the eyes of society so he breaks it and heads off to parts unknown.  While searching for shelter he is taken in by a bishop, who gives him food and place to sleep.  Valjean repays this kindness by stealing some of the church’s property.  Yet, instead of sending him back to prison, the bishop tells the authorities that the items they assumed were stolen were actually given to Valjean by the bishop himself.  Recognizing this amazing gift, Valjean makes his way out to the world, intending to be a good and Godly man.  Too bad the rest of the world doesn’t follow suit.
Spectacularly presented with a superb cast, this touring production of “Les Miserables” rivals any version that ever ran on Broadway.  You are taken on a roller-coaster ride of emotions as characters like Fantine, Cossette and Eponine enter your hearts and then break them.  Memorable songs, like “I Dreamed a Dream, ” “One Day More” and “Bring Him Home” are delivered note perfect.  If you aren’t dabbing at your eyes by the time the show ends you need to see a doctor.
“Les Miserable” plays at the Music Hall in Kanasa City, then moves on to the following cities:
Ovens Auditorium (Charlotte, NC)
12/13 – 17/2017
National Theatre (Washington, DC)
12/20/2017 – 1/7/2018
Academy of Music (Philadelphia, PA)
1/9 – 21/2018
Durham Performing Arts Center (Durham, NC)
1/30 – 2/4/2018
For more information, click HERE

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