Brett Alan Coker Talks About His Upcoming Project (And How You Can Help)

I worked in the movie theatre business for 20 years. In that time I met hundreds of young adults who loved movies and planned to make them some day. But I’ve only had one who, at the age of 17, had already written no less than (5) full length feature films (and I still have the scripts to prove it). His name is Brett Alan Coker and he is now working with Kickstarter to help fund his next project. Hoping to get the word out, Coker talked with Media Mikes:

Mike Smith: Tell us about your new project.
Brett Alan Coker: The project is called “Lenexa (a docu•mys•tory)” and it’s a quasi-documentary. It is going to be done in the form of a documentary. But it is part truth and part fabrications. It is going to be a blend of coming-of-age tales from my own life and made-up stories of characters that I have created over the years with my writings.

MS: Sounds simple.
BAC: I really don’t know how else to describe it other than to say it is hopefully going to be a love letter to Kansas and to the city of Lenexa, as well as a home movie and a mystery.

MS: Talk about the story of “Lenexa”:
BAC: It is all predicated on an suburban legend of a treasure left behind by a group of guys that were petty thieves in the late 90’s. As the story unfolds you receive more and more information about the guys whom created and left the treasure, as well as deduce what the treasure actually is. If it in fact exists, what it is, and where it is. All the information needed to figure out the truth about mystery of the treasure will be in the documentary. But it is up to the viewer to piece it together.

MS: You’ve written several scripts. Have you filmed any of your work?
BAC: This project, hopefully, will be the first of many. Using the funds I am attempting to raise from I will be able to get the equipment and software I need to do this film, and many others after. I don’t know what you know about, but it’s a website that helps people crowd source funding for creative projects. It’s an all or nothing thing. I am looking for raise $5,000 by March 11th, 2013. And if I don’t hit that goal, I don’t get a dime. I could have $4,997.00, and if I don’t get the last $3.00 then…nothing.

To give a hand to Brett’s project, just visit:

Brett Gelman talks about Season 2 of Adult Swim’s “Eagleheart”

Brett Gelman has appeared in a number of films and television shows. More recently Brett has reprised his as role as Brett alongside co-stars Chris Elliot and Maria Thayer in the late night Adult Swim series “Eagleheart” Brett took time out of his busy schedule recently to talk with Media Mikes about season 2 of the show.

Adam Lawton: How is this season of “Eagleheart” going to top the craziness of season 1?
Brett Gelman: There are a lot more head explosions than last season. There is organ cutting going on and a lot more specific violence happening rather than just people exploding or getting shot. The writers picked certain body parts to explode this season. I don’t remember a lot of it because it was so traumatic for me as I am very method. I blocked a lot of it out. (Laughs)

AL: Can you tell us about some of this seasons guest starts?
BG: We have Ben Stiller and Conan O’ Brien doing an episode this season. We have Dean Norris from “Breaking Bad” and Bud Cort all coming on this season as well. I didn’t get a chance to work with Ben or Conan as their footage was shot separately. I have met those guys before and they are heroes of mine. Working with Dean was really great. He is a pro and comes right out of the gate. Bud Cort is a 70’s icon, so that was really great also.

AL: What can you tell us about Brett having a baby this season?
BG: There is two me’s in that episode. I got to act with myself which was really fun. I finally got to work with an actor that was up to my ability. (laughs) It was challenging to work with a stand in and then be the other character. The Bezoar character is the evil version of Brett and in a lot of ways he is way more of a guy than Brett will ever be. Maria and I have a lot more going on this season and it’s more of an ensemble driven show in a way. Chris is still the star but you get the sense that we are a comedy team. It was more fun to do it that way. I was excited when they gave me such a meaty episode.

AL: Do you get to see the scripts prior to shooting?
BG: We get them about a week before. Sometimes we will get major changes right before. For me it doesn’t really matter because my character is so dumb and doesn’t know what’s ever going on. It kind of works for me. (laughs)  It’s kind of like a sparrow with no short term memory. He says something then another thing happens and he forgets it.

AL: Are you allowed to improv on the scripts at all?
BG: There is not a lot of improv as we just don’t have the time. There is so much stuff that needs to be dealt with on the shoots that we are constantly racing against the clock. You are also dealing with an 11 minute show so you can improvise but, really at that point you are just wasting time. The writing is very good and well orchestrated so all the pieces fit well into the puzzle. Everything is so good that often times you don’t need to improvise.

AL: What else can we expect from the Brett character this season?
BG: He will be constantly having hallucinations this season. Things are telling him that no one likes him and he is very insecure. Wanting to be liked by everyone especially Chris’s character really drives Brett this season. There will be a lot more of Brett and Maria which is really exciting.

AL: What other projects can we be looking for you to appear in?
BG: I will be guest staring on an MTV show called “The Inbetweeners” which will be coming out this summer. I will be playing the principle of a high school. The night that “Eagleheart” airs I will be on “The Office” as well. I will be continuing with my “Gel-Mania” Podcast’s and shooting things for Tim Heidecker and I have some plans to do some videos together, so that should be a lot of fun. I am also scheduled to shoot an independent film this summer called “Lemons” as well. I am pretty excited for that.

Maria Thayer talks about Season 2 of Adult Swim’s “Eagleheart”

Maria Thayer stars alongside Chris Elliot and Brett Gelman in the Adult Swim series “Eagleheart”. Media Mikes talked with Maria recently about the upcoming season of show and what it’s like working with such a funny cast.

Adam Lawton: What can we expect from you character Susie this season?
Maria Thayer: I think a lot more. Some really terrible things happen to Susie this season. It’s exciting! Susie is a little less uptight I think this season. She is still the sane one when being compared to Chris or Brett. I only had one fight scene last year but I have a lot more this time. I participated whole heartedly in the violence. There is one episode where I turn into a monster. That was pretty fun. I also have a relationship with a Bezoar in another episode.

AL: Did you notice any differences in the shooting this season as compared to last season?
MT: We didn’t have a lot of time last season and we really did not have a lot of time this season. It is always so fast. I think unless you are working with Clint Eastwood or someone like that  you will always feel like you didn’t have enough time. A lot of times we were shooting 5 different scenes from 5 different episodes all in one day. Sometimes it would take a second or two to remember what was happening. There are always a lot of things going on. I don’t know how the directors did it.

AL: Did you get to work with any of this season’s guest stars?
MT: I didn’t get to work with Conan O’Brian this time however I have worked with him previously. He is actually how I met two of the executive producers. When I was first in New York I did sketches on Conan. It’s funny as 10 years later I am still working with those guys. I worked with Dean Norris and he was really great. I love his other work as well.

AL: How does working on “Eagleheart” compare to working on film like “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”?
MT: Everything is different. Because of the time crunch on this show and the smaller operation you get closer to everybody. We only have two writers so everyone contributes. Even though Chris, Brett and I are only together for about 10 weeks for shooting we become like a family, a dysfunctional family. I am really excited for people to be able to see the new episodes.

AL: Do you have any other upcoming projects you can tell us about?
MT: I have started doing a web series with Funny or Die. I have never done something on my own before so I have been blowing other things off in order to be able to do this project. The series is based around Pilot season here in Los Angeles. Janeane Garofalo is going to be in one of the episodes. The episodes are going to be me going to various auditions.

Interview with Brett Davern

Brett Davern recently appeared in an episode of the new Fox drama “The Finder”. Brett also plays the role of Jake in the MTV series Awkward. Media Mikes had a chance to talk with Brett about his appearance on the show as well as what’s in store for season 2 of “Awkward”.

Adam Lawton: Can you tell us about your recent appearance on “The Finder”
Brett Davern: I played a guy by the name of Cooper Allison. He is in search of his father whose plane went down while he was flying for the Air Force. His body was never found so my character wanted to know where he was and if possibly he was still alive. He uses the help of the finder to help him out with this. While searching he starts to have feelings for the character of Willa. It was a fun role.

AL: How did working on this series compare to previous shows you have worked on?
BD: This one was a lot of fun. The whole cast on the show was really great. Everyone has great chemistry together. There was also quite a bit of energy on set as this was the first episode for everyone. Some of the other shows you guest star on may have been around awhile so some of the enthusiasm has worn off. Everyone involved with “The Finder” was full of energy.

AL: Is there one memory that sticks out from the shoot?
BD: Maddie Hansen who plays the character of Willa is so young in real life and I think this was her first big role. Our characters had quite a few scenes together so to be there and watch her experiences was really cool. It made me think back to some of my first jobs. Maddie is very talented.

AL: Can you tell us how you got involved with the series “Awkward”?
BD: I went through the normal audition process.  I initially auditioned for the role of Matty when it was still in the pilot phase. I went all the way to the screen testing phase which was about a month long process for the role of Matty. They liked me for the show however wanted to try me in the role of Jake. They brought on Beau Mirchoff to read with me and the people on the show thought we each fit the roles we are playing now better. We shot the pilot and then waited almost an entire year to shoot the next episode.

AL: With the cast all being pretty close in age what is the camaraderie like on set?
BD: It’s really great! Everyone gets along real well and that includes not just the cast but the writers and producers as well. I love going to work every day. Beau and I have become best friends in our outside lives. It’s pretty funny that he and I had never crossed paths before doing this show. Everyone makes each other laugh and I think our chemistry comes across really well on screen.

AL: What can we expect from season 2 of “Awkward”?
BD: The writers are very secretive and don’t really tell us anything. I remember for the season one finale they kept the last two pages of the script from everyone except for Ashley. Until it aired on television I didn’t even know how the season ended. The only thing I know about season two is that story line wise it picks up from where we left off with season 1. Hopefully Jake and Jenna will still be together at the beginning of the season but I am excited to read that first script.

AL: Can you tell about your role in the film “The Culling”?
BD: That film is like a thriller/suspense ensemble type piece. We shot that in New Orleans for about a month and a half. I love that city. The film is about 5 friends who are heading to the South by South West music festival. Things take an interesting turn when they pick up a little girl at a local truck stop. Eventually the car breaks down and the story takes off from there.

AL: Do you have any other projects in the works this year?
BD: I shot another indie film in Seattle which is where I am from. The film is called “Junk” and hopefully that will start playing festivals soon. The movie is a movie about making movies. Getting to do little projects in between shooting “Awkward” has been a lot of fun.

Interview with Brett Kelly

Brett Kelly is known best for his role in “Bad Santa”.  He also had a role in another holiday teamed film “Trick ‘r Treat” and will co-star in the upcoming comedy “High School”.  Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Brett about his films so far and what he has planned next.

Mike Gencarelli: What are your thoughts about “Bad Santa” becoming a classic Christmas time film?
Brett Kelly: I did that film when I was 8 years old and I had no idea what it would become. I don’t think any of us did. To see it years later on TV all the time during the holidays and to have people still coming up to me 10 years after making it is pretty cool.

MG: The film is pretty quotable. Do you have any quotes that stand out to you from the film?
BK: There are so many good quotes from that film so it’s hard to pick just one. I have some scenes that I really enjoyed such as the boxing scene which was really great.

MG: Any word about a follow up film?
BK: I haven’t heard anything other than what I have read online but I would love to do one.

MG: Can you give us some background on “Trick ‘r Treat”
BK: We filmed that right around Halloween times so everyone was sort of in the spirit. I met a lot of great people during that shoot. That film was somewhat different than other holiday films I have been a part of. It was cool having my friends see me die and with all that make-up on.

MG: How was it working with Tom Holland on the “Master of Horror” episode?
BK: That was fantastic! I only had a couple days on set but it was a lot of fun. Coming into that project I wasn’t really a horror fan as they scared me however working on “Masters of Horror” and “Trick ‘r Treat” those sets have been the most fun I have ever had on set.

MG: Can you tell us about working with Colin Hanks in “High School”?
BK: Everyone I worked with on that film was great but Colin and I hung out quite a bit when we were filming in Detroit. John Stalberg who directed the film is probably one the best directors I have ever worked with. I had a really great time meeting new people and everyone was great. Hopefully the film will be released next year.

MG: Do you have any other upcoming projects in the works?
BK: Not a whole lot going on right now. I am just waiting for “High School” to come out and getting ready to attend University of British Columbia. 

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Interview with Brett Rice

Brett Rice co-starring in this year’s hit “Super 8”. He is also co-starring in this Fall’s remake of “Footloose”. Besides movies, Brett also appears on TV series “The Glades” and “Magic City”. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Brett about his various movie and TV roles.

Mike Gencarelli:  Tell us about your experience working on “Super 8.”
Brett Rice:  Working on “Super 8” was incredible.  Absolutely incredible.  I actually started filming in early December of last year.  I dropped for a little bit to do a pilot I was shooting.  The day after the pilot was finished I was back on “Super 8.”  We sometimes worked 16 hour days.  J.J. Abrams is a lovely man.  And a genius.  I’ll give you an example.  There’s a scene in the film where I, as the sheriff of the town, go into the gas station and talk to the young man behind the counter.  When I come out all of these weird things start happening and a pack of dogs comes running across.  That was not originally in the scene.  It’s two o’clock in the morning and J.J. at the last minute thought “wouldn’t it be funny if these dogs went running by?”  So he had the wranglers go out and an hour later we had a pack of trained dogs to run in front of me.  That’s the power of J.J. and the studio.  It was a brilliant idea that kind of made the scene.

MG:  Tell us about your character in the film, Sheriff Pruitt.
BR:  He’s the sheriff of a small town where a bad train accident happens.  He doesn’t know much about it.  The deputy sheriff comes in and starts talking about these weird boxes…cubes…and I just blow him off.  “Go home and hug your kid,” I tell him.  And the next thing I know I’m out in the middle of nowhere at a gas station and I get abducted.  The creature has taken several people and he does what he does with them.  I mean it’s really no secret that he eats them.  My character survives and I help lead the kids out of a maze.  But, as often turns out in these wonderful films, the kids know more than the adults.  SPOILER ALERT:  So I get taken away at the end and killed.  The kids survive.

MG:  The film is said to have a very Amblin feel to it.  Did you think that during the production?
BR:  Oh yes.  Once we went to the secret lair where the creature was you had that feeling of “E.T.” or several of Spielberg’s other films.  The way J.J. shot it…once you saw it on screen…you automatically had a feeling of Amblin Entertainment.  Like E.T. going across the moon, the film is dark.  The lair is somewhat lit but it’s still dark.  It’s just a great combination of great cinematography and direction.

MG:  What can you recall from working with Tim Burton on “Edward Scissorhands”?
BR:  He’s a wild man (laughs).  He’s a mad genius.  I worked with him one day and he probably spoke to me three or four times.  He had this long, frizzy hair…skinny guy.  At first I didn’t know who he was.  Someone told me he was Tim Burton but I didn’t know anything about him at that time.  During my off time I go into the house and here comes Johnny Depp in full regalia.  Scissors and everything.  I’m looking at the strange creature and I’m curious because I’d only been given two pages of the script to read.  I look at Johnny Depp and I think to myself “what in the hell have I gotten myself into?”  I look up and down the street and I see all of these houses painted in pastel colors with the lawns manicured perfectly and I’m thinking “what in the hell is this movie all about?”  But Tim was great to work with.  He knew what he wanted.  He never had to raise his voice.  He was kind.  And of course, you see what he’s created over the last 25 years…he has earned the nickname “Mad Genius” of entertainment.

MG:  You currently appear on the TV show, “The Glades.”  Tell us about that?
BR:  The star, Matt Passmore, is Australian but what an amazing American accent he’s developed.  When I met him I didn’t know he was Australian until we sat down and talked between scenes.  I said, “you’re not from around these parts, are you?”  My wife Candy was the costumer on the pilot and she was telling me about how nice the crew was.  So when I got on the shoot about a month ago I was really, really impressed.  It’s a first class operation.  Working in the heat of Miami…when I got there Matt said “welcome to hell.”  You’re shooting in the heat and humidity of the summer in Miami…he was right on that account!  But they’re a group of lovely people.  I’ve had great fun with Matt.  About a month before that I had gone to Portland, Oregon to shoot “Leverage.”  I had sent a tape off and they booked me off the tape.  So they flew me to Portland, which is a great city.  Sixty seven degrees…it was drizzling all the time.  But perfect weather for me because I like it a little chilly.  I got to work again with Timothy Hutton, who I had worked with in “Sunshine State.”  He’s a lovely man.  I’ve been so lucky in that on all of my projects the cast and crew, including the directors, have been so friendly and so giving.

MG:  Tell us about your recurring role on the upcoming Starz television show “Magic City”?
BR:  I’ll tell you what I know…we’re on the second episode right now and we’re doing, I believe, thirteen.  It takes place in 1959 Miami.  Paramutual gambling has already been well established with the government.  Horse tracks. Dog tracks.  Jai Alai.  One of the local Mafia groups has built a hotel and they’re trying to get a casino….which is what the hotels there are still trying to do today.  This has been going on for over 50 years down there.  This group is trying to get casino gambling approved in the state of Florida.  My character is a conservative Republican senator…very right wing…from Tallahassee who gets in bed with the paramutual gambling and does not want to help the hotels get casinos.  I can’t really give away too much more about it but that’s the gist of what is going on.  Casino gambling wants to come to Florida in 1959.  It’s the year of the Rat Pack…Sinatra and Dean Martin.  It’s going to be outstanding visually as well.  From what I’ve read it’s going to be a very intriguing story.  Very seductive.

MG:  Tell us about your role in the remake of “Footloose”?
BR:  I just attended a special screening of it and I was mesmerized by it.  It’s going to be a huge hit.   It opens in October and it’s going to be a hit with my generation, the ones that grew up with the original film.  The music has been contemporized.  This film is about 65% of the original film, though like the songs some of the dialogue has been contemporized.  The tractor “chicken” scene is a little different…there’s a different kind of vibe to it.  It’s going to be thrilling to watch.  The dancing is modern and the music is incredible.  Very contemporary.  From hip hop to rock and roll.  My character is the principal of the high school as well as the president of the city council.  I’m one of the instigators of the law that forbids dancing in town.  I suggest that anyone that’s thinking of seeing the film to do so and prepare to be amazed.  And the kid that plays Willard, who was so memorably played by Chris Penn in the original, is going to steal the show.  His name is Miles Teller and he is one hell of an actor.  Miles is the up and coming next big star.  I’ll tell you that right now.


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Interview with Brett Wagner

Brett Wagner is known best for his work in the horror genre in such films as “The Crazies” and the upcoming “ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2”.  Brett has also been the host of Speed TV’s “Pass Time”.  Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Brett about this roles and also what he has planned next.

Mike Gencarelli: Can you tell us what it was like working with Robert Hall in “ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2”?
Brett Wagner: I started working with Robert Hall almost 8 years ago. I worked on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and he and I became friends. He suggested me to the directors and casting people of “Angel” for the part of Bohg’dar the demon, which was great because I didn’t have to audition. We have just stayed friends for a long time and all of a sudden I booked a part on “The Crazies”. I called and told Rob and he told me he was doing the make-up on that movie, which was pretty cool. Rob has always looked out for parts for me which is how my role as a cop in “Laid to Rest 2” came about. I told him as long as I die a disgusting death I was down for it. I always get excited when Rob gets some work or a new movie especially if I get to be in it. Rob is really easy to work with as a director as he is a real hand’s on guy. He will often give you suggestions and if you’re doing good he just lets you do your thing which is great. Rob is very calm and you don’t feel stress on his shoots. I have been on big shoots were things are very crazy and it’s not comfortable.

MG: Can you tell us about working on “The Crazies” and did you have any high light moments that stick out?
BW: Breck Eisner was a fairly young director as he had only directed a few things but he was tremendous to work with. Chris Carnel who was the stunt coordinator on that film trusted me tremendously with the fighting stuff we were doing. Chris asked me if I would mind doing a ¾ burn for the fight scene with Timothy Olyphant. I had done a little bit of burn stuff before so I told him yes and it was pretty awesome to be lit on fire. The guys wanted me to do the full burn as well but I didn’t want to take money out of my stunt doubles mouth. Breck is another real hands on guy and it was very exciting. We had taken some pictures of my makeup and I got on the cover of Fangoria magazine. For a guy that loves horror that was like an orgasm!

MG: What can you tell us about your upcoming film “Machine Gun Preacher”?
BW: I play a guy by the name of Ben Hobbs and the film is going to be tremendous! It’s a true story about Sam Childers who was an ex-biker, drug dealer bad guy who found God and decides to start helping people. Sam made his way to the Sudan and saw how people were being violently forced into joining the Army. Sam taught these people how to fight and defend themselves. Getting to work with Gerard Butler was really cool as I am a big fan. My scene in the film is actually with Gerard. I gave him a copy of “The Crazies” which he thought was cool. The director Marc Foster was also really great to work with. We had gone in to do some voice over’s and I asked him what his next film was going to be. He told me it was a zombie movie that I probably wouldn’t want to be interested in. (Laughs) The film is “World War Z” with Brad Pitt. I sent his assistant a bunch of my photo’s as I know Marc was joking about me not being interested in doing the film. I would love to work with him again. I am really excited for the premiere.

MG: You also do a lot of hosting especially with “Pass Time” what can you tell us about that?
BW: I have been doing “Pass Time” for about four years now and we have shot 160 episodes. I love drag racing and it’s great to have blue collar guys who work 60 hrs. a week and race on the weekends come out. That’s basically who I am. I’m not one of those giant celebrities. I dig getting out there and meeting the people. I have been very lucky and got to travel all over with the Speed channel filming and making appearances. We are the only drag racing show on Speed channel right now. It keeps me in the public eye and I love to travel. I also enjoy having a tasty beverage with some of the drivers.

MG: Can you tell us about the book you just wrote?
BW: I wrote a book with a friend of by the name of Bruce Collins, who is a pro wrestling fanatic. I actually did some pro wrestling back in the day. The book is called “The Big Shwag’s Positive Self- Help Guide for Complete Losers Like You”. I used to go by the Big Shwag when I was on “Monster Garage” and when I did pro wrestling. Bruce came to me and said we should do a book. I told him I could barely tie my shoe and asked how we were going to write a book. Bruce said we will do a self help book. I again told him I can’t help myself how am I going to help other people? We sat down and spent seven months writing chapter by chapter and it turned out really good and funny. I am very proud of it. My nephew who was 16 read it and told me it wasn’t a bad book. (Laughs) I also had a friend of mine’s father who is a big proponent of Alcoholics Anonymous tell me that the book should be read by everyone in the program. If someone gets a laugh while sitting on the toilet then that’s great! It’s a four seater read. In about four trips to the bathroom you should have it read. You can pick it up at

MG: Any other upcoming projects you can tell us about?
BW: I am really stoked for the film I did called “John Dies at the End” to come out. The film was originally a book that people really wanted to become a film. Don Coscarelli who is a hero of mine in the horror movie business was looking for someone for the opening of the film. He had seen my cover of Fangoria magazine and wanted something similar. The person he had said that to told him he knew me and they contacted Rob Hall who then contacted me asking if I wanted to work with Don. I am really excited for it. I am also working on selling some TV shows one I am working on right now is called “Fast Talkers”. I also am working on a film script with the writers of the film “Hide and Creep” which is kind of a U.S. version of “Shaun of the Dead” except with redneck zombies. I think we could get some real money to go out and shoot this project.


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