Interview with Brett Davern

Brett Davern recently appeared in an episode of the new Fox drama “The Finder”. Brett also plays the role of Jake in the MTV series Awkward. Media Mikes had a chance to talk with Brett about his appearance on the show as well as what’s in store for season 2 of “Awkward”.

Adam Lawton: Can you tell us about your recent appearance on “The Finder”
Brett Davern: I played a guy by the name of Cooper Allison. He is in search of his father whose plane went down while he was flying for the Air Force. His body was never found so my character wanted to know where he was and if possibly he was still alive. He uses the help of the finder to help him out with this. While searching he starts to have feelings for the character of Willa. It was a fun role.

AL: How did working on this series compare to previous shows you have worked on?
BD: This one was a lot of fun. The whole cast on the show was really great. Everyone has great chemistry together. There was also quite a bit of energy on set as this was the first episode for everyone. Some of the other shows you guest star on may have been around awhile so some of the enthusiasm has worn off. Everyone involved with “The Finder” was full of energy.

AL: Is there one memory that sticks out from the shoot?
BD: Maddie Hansen who plays the character of Willa is so young in real life and I think this was her first big role. Our characters had quite a few scenes together so to be there and watch her experiences was really cool. It made me think back to some of my first jobs. Maddie is very talented.

AL: Can you tell us how you got involved with the series “Awkward”?
BD: I went through the normal audition process.  I initially auditioned for the role of Matty when it was still in the pilot phase. I went all the way to the screen testing phase which was about a month long process for the role of Matty. They liked me for the show however wanted to try me in the role of Jake. They brought on Beau Mirchoff to read with me and the people on the show thought we each fit the roles we are playing now better. We shot the pilot and then waited almost an entire year to shoot the next episode.

AL: With the cast all being pretty close in age what is the camaraderie like on set?
BD: It’s really great! Everyone gets along real well and that includes not just the cast but the writers and producers as well. I love going to work every day. Beau and I have become best friends in our outside lives. It’s pretty funny that he and I had never crossed paths before doing this show. Everyone makes each other laugh and I think our chemistry comes across really well on screen.

AL: What can we expect from season 2 of “Awkward”?
BD: The writers are very secretive and don’t really tell us anything. I remember for the season one finale they kept the last two pages of the script from everyone except for Ashley. Until it aired on television I didn’t even know how the season ended. The only thing I know about season two is that story line wise it picks up from where we left off with season 1. Hopefully Jake and Jenna will still be together at the beginning of the season but I am excited to read that first script.

AL: Can you tell about your role in the film “The Culling”?
BD: That film is like a thriller/suspense ensemble type piece. We shot that in New Orleans for about a month and a half. I love that city. The film is about 5 friends who are heading to the South by South West music festival. Things take an interesting turn when they pick up a little girl at a local truck stop. Eventually the car breaks down and the story takes off from there.

AL: Do you have any other projects in the works this year?
BD: I shot another indie film in Seattle which is where I am from. The film is called “Junk” and hopefully that will start playing festivals soon. The movie is a movie about making movies. Getting to do little projects in between shooting “Awkward” has been a lot of fun.

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