Maria Thayer talks about Season 2 of Adult Swim’s “Eagleheart”

Maria Thayer stars alongside Chris Elliot and Brett Gelman in the Adult Swim series “Eagleheart”. Media Mikes talked with Maria recently about the upcoming season of show and what it’s like working with such a funny cast.

Adam Lawton: What can we expect from you character Susie this season?
Maria Thayer: I think a lot more. Some really terrible things happen to Susie this season. It’s exciting! Susie is a little less uptight I think this season. She is still the sane one when being compared to Chris or Brett. I only had one fight scene last year but I have a lot more this time. I participated whole heartedly in the violence. There is one episode where I turn into a monster. That was pretty fun. I also have a relationship with a Bezoar in another episode.

AL: Did you notice any differences in the shooting this season as compared to last season?
MT: We didn’t have a lot of time last season and we really did not have a lot of time this season. It is always so fast. I think unless you are working with Clint Eastwood or someone like that  you will always feel like you didn’t have enough time. A lot of times we were shooting 5 different scenes from 5 different episodes all in one day. Sometimes it would take a second or two to remember what was happening. There are always a lot of things going on. I don’t know how the directors did it.

AL: Did you get to work with any of this season’s guest stars?
MT: I didn’t get to work with Conan O’Brian this time however I have worked with him previously. He is actually how I met two of the executive producers. When I was first in New York I did sketches on Conan. It’s funny as 10 years later I am still working with those guys. I worked with Dean Norris and he was really great. I love his other work as well.

AL: How does working on “Eagleheart” compare to working on film like “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”?
MT: Everything is different. Because of the time crunch on this show and the smaller operation you get closer to everybody. We only have two writers so everyone contributes. Even though Chris, Brett and I are only together for about 10 weeks for shooting we become like a family, a dysfunctional family. I am really excited for people to be able to see the new episodes.

AL: Do you have any other upcoming projects you can tell us about?
MT: I have started doing a web series with Funny or Die. I have never done something on my own before so I have been blowing other things off in order to be able to do this project. The series is based around Pilot season here in Los Angeles. Janeane Garofalo is going to be in one of the episodes. The episodes are going to be me going to various auditions.

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