Concert Review “Abominator Tour 2015” Syracuse, NY

“Abominator Tour 2015”
Doyle, Heavy Grinder, Murder In Rue Morgue, One Last Shot, Secrets Kept
Date: Friday, May 1st 2015
Venue: The Lost Horizon, Syracuse, NY

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Former Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein brought his band of ghouls to the legendary Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY on May 1st as part of his Abominator 2015 Tour. Along with special guest Heavy Grinder and several local acts the night proved to be a unique and up close experience that the Syracuse crowd seemed to really enjoy.

With this date being one of the last dates on the Abominator 2015 run I was a little skeptical as you never know what condition the band will be in the longer a tour goes on. The night kicked off with several local acts performing brief sets to a small number of fans who filled the venue early on in the night. The most notable of the three bands was the Auburn, NY based Murder In Rue Morgue whose sounds was a solid blend of melodic fueled metal that held my attention throughout the bands entire set. Next up was Heavy Grinder or known to some as DJ Heavygrinder. I have to start off by saying that a DJ was not something I was expecting at this type of show however from the moment the samples of Metallica, Slayer and other notable metal heavy weights starting blasting out the speakers I was quite impressed. I did feel though that the act was a little tiring after some time and may have been better suited as in between music during set changes. The cross faded samples, and beat drops did however provide a unique and fun listening experience and one that I probably wouldn’t have found on my own.

Closing out the night was the man himself Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. In August of last year we were present for the opening night of Doyle’s first ever solo tour so this night’s performance was going to be heavily compared to that within my own mind. Right off the bat a couple things were different. Along with Doyle and vocalist Alex Story was two new additions to the group. Die Trich Thrall was filling in for Left Hand Graham on bass and Black Flag drummer Brandon Pertzborn replaced Anthony “Tiny” Biuso on the drums. The recent lineup changes only seemed to strengthen the already impressive stage performance of the band as singer Alex Story commanded the crowd’s attention while Doyle’s massive guitar sound pulverized the ear drums of everyone within the venue. The set was a great mixture of Misfits classics and songs from Doyle’s debut solo release “Abominator”. For me the highlights of the set were definitely “Skulls”, “Valley of Shadows” and “Last Caress” though all of the songs were worth mentioning.

As compared to the bands first show together back in August that I previously mentioned, this night’s show was miles ahead. The addition of Pertzborn on drums seems to be the final piece the band needed to take things to the next level both from a performance and musical stand point. Time on the road has also proved to have benefited the group as all the members appeared to key off one another which made the performance seem very cohesive and natural. Even though this leg of the Abominator tour has now come to an end I am sure it won’t be the last we see or hear from Doyle and company.

Doyle Set List:
Learn to Bleed
Hybrid Moments
Where Eagles Dare
Land of the Dead
Valley of Shadows
Mark of the Beast
Love Like Murder
Last Caress
Die Die My Darling
Hope Hell is Warm

Vinyl Review: Doyle “Abominator” 180g Double Vinyl Edition

“Abominator” 180g Double Vinyl Edition
Monster Man Records
Tracks: 12

Our Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Former Misfits/Gorgeous Frankenstein guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is back with a brand new album titled “Abominator”. The album is the debut release from the group simply titled “Doyle” whose members consists of guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, vocalist Alex Story, bassist Left Hand Graham and former Misfits drummer Dr. Chud. The album is being released via Monster Man Records and features 11 tracks spread over 2 180 gram virgin black LP’s

If you read our original review of this album then you already know how great it is. So you are probably wondering how you make a great album even better. Release it on 180 gram vinyl that’s how! Combine that with a vibrant double gatefold sleeve and an additional track and you really can’t ask for more. This is how you should listen to this album as the 24 bit 45rpm mixes just blast through your speakers. Don’t get me wrong the CD/MP3 versions are still great but there is just something extra appealing to the ear with the vinyl mixes. Highlights for me included the albums opening/title track “Abominator” along with “Valley of Shadows” and “Dreaming Dead Girls” which features a killer performance buy the bands front man Alex Story. Also worth checking out is the song “Drawing Down the Moon” which is exclusive to this release.

From start to finish “Abominator” is pedal to the metal energy! The album does a great job not only paying homage to the classic “Misfits” sound Doyle is known for but it also infuses a progressive element that will captivate new listeners as well. One thing I noted in my previous review was that there seemed to be a lack of bass in the albums overall mix. It seems as though that was addressed with the vinyl release as the album has a really warm even sound showcasing each of the band members tone. If you haven’t got your copy of the album yet or you want to expand your vinyl collections then make this release your next purchase.

Track Listing:
Side A:
1.) Abominator
2.) Learning to Bleed
3.) Dreaming Dead Girls

Side B:
4.) Drawing Down the Moon
5.) Valley of Shadows
6.) Land of the Dead

Side C:
7.) Cemetery Sexxx
8.) Love Like Murder
9.) Mark of the Beast

Side D:
10.) Headhunter
11.) Bloodstains
12.) Hope Hell is Warm

Doyle & Alex Story talk about their new album “Abominator”

Former Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is currently out on tour in support of the band’s debut release titled “Abominator”. The band which also features vocalist Alex Story, bassist Left Hand Graham and drummer Anthony “Tiny” Biuso will be out on the road through August and Media Mikes had a chance to speak with the band prior to the tours kick off in Rochester, NY where we talked about the recent departure of drummer Dr. Chud as well as what the band has planned for the rest of this year and beyond.

Adam Lawton: Can you tell us what happened with Dr. Chud deciding to leave the tour prior to its start and what your most looking forward to about getting out and playing the new material live?
Doyle: He just decided not to come out on the road with us. That’s pretty much all there is to it. We are looking forward to just ripping stuff up every night we play. Tiny our new drummer came in on short notice and just really energized all of us. Tiny is a guy I met at the NAMM show one year and we just hit it off and became friends from there. He was always asking me about who was drumming for me at the time and what not and now he is the guy.

AL: Can you tell us about the VIP packages that you are offering at each show?
Doyle: We are doing VIP meet and greets after every show on this tour. Along with getting to meet the band you get a free music download, a tour laminate and a signed photo. It’s a chance for fans to get a little more out of coming to us.

AL: You shot a DVD for your previous band Gorgeous Frankenstein. Will you be doing any shooting while out on this run?
Doyle: I think we have a guy coming out to film the New Jersey show and also to do some footage at the Connecticut and Los Angeles shows. Alex and I will also be doing a new photo shoot with Jeremy Saffer while we are out on the road which should be really cool.

AL: With “Abominator” being out for a couple months now what has been people’s reaction to it?
Doyle: I think everything has been really great. I really like the album and I think if people haven’t done so yet they need to go out and buy it! (Laughs)

AL: You have said before that during the writing process you wrote enough material for two more albums. Can you tell us the status of those?
Doyle: Everything has been recorded. All we have left to do is finish the drums and then mix them. From there we will get the artwork done up and proof all the words for the album notes. We are shooting for a spring 2015 release date.

AL: Alex, when you were putting this material together what type of process did you guys have for writing?
Alex Story: When we were first putting this all together Doyle gave me a list of things that he liked to hear songs about. There was a lot of stuff about strippers and Satan in there. (Laughs) I really challenged myself and tried to write a song about everything he mentioned in his list. That’s really where we went from. Doyle writes all the music and arrangements. He gives me full bass, drum and guitar tracks and I really don’t like to ask him to change things around for me so I just go with what I am given. I try to write vocals that accent his playing.
Doyle: Sometimes he writes songs in a day and sends them over to me which is just crazy. He sends me stuff that he has screamed in to his laptop.

AL: When Doyle is out on the road with Danzig what do you do to keep busy musically?
AS: I have another band that I have been doing for years called Cancerslug. I do that in my off time and when ever Doyle is ready I shift gears and we do this.
Doyle: It works the same way for me when I am working with Danzig. When he calls we go out and do it and then we go back working on this.

AL: What are your plans for the next Cancer Slug release? And how have things changed for the group since you first started?
AS: Cancerslug is sort of like my little pet project. Once things sort of slow down here were going to put out a new album. We have a really solid line up right now and our last tour was very successful so we are looking to do another run of shows as soon as we can. With Cancerslug I just sort of throw these ideas down when I have them and if people like it that’s cool if they don’t, they don’t. Once I get some down time from doing this I will start work on all of that. When I first started Cancerslug there was no internet or cell phones which made being independent very difficult. Nowadays it makes doing a project like Cancerslug a lot easier as there are just so many ways to get yourself out there which makes splitting my time between the two bands that much easier.

AL: Can you tell us about your upcoming appearance in Alan Roberts “Killogy” comic book?
Doyle: I toured with Alan years ago when we were out on the road with his band Life of Agony. He called us up one day and asked if I would be interested. I just got the draft of it the other day and it looks really great. I think the plan is to have it out around Halloween time.

AL: This first run of shows is just a month long. Are there any further plans to continue touring throughout the rest of the year? And is there any chance of seeing you do some shows with your girlfriends band Arch Enemy?
Doyle: We are working on a bunch more stuff here in the States for the coming months. As for shows with Arch Enemy we are trying really hard. It’s up to Angela. I am afraid of her! (Laughs)

Doyle talks about new album “Abominator”

Legendary punk guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is back with a brand album titled “Abominator”. The album is the first solo titled release from the Misfits guitarist who splits his time between “Doyle” and performing with original Misfits singer Glenn Danzig. Media Mikes had a chance to speak with Doyle recently about the album, his thoughts on performing with Danzig and if he thinks a Misfits reunion will ever come to fruition.

Adam Lawton: Can you give us some background on how this album came together?
Doyle: I was driving one day and I got a message from our singer Alex Story telling me he had some ideas that he wanted to discuss. The first thing he said when I called him back was that we needed to change the name of the band. He said he wanted to drop the name “Gorgeous Frankenstein” in order to start a whole new band named “Doyle”. I asked if he was sure he wanted to do that and he said that is what he definitely wanted to do. So I said “Let’s do it”. The problem we were having with “Gorgeous Frankenstein” was that no one recognized that as me. We would go play shows and there would be 50 people there who only showed up because they were going out. They didn’t even know I had a band. When I was doing shows with Danzig people would come up to me after and say they didn’t even know my band was playing. Just before the Danzig tour started I had the new CD over nighted to me from the studio and we have been using it as a promotional tool to tell everyone we changed the name and it has been working really well.

AL: Can you tell us about the bands line up?
Doyle: It’s pretty much everyone from Gorgeous Frankenstein minus the wife. Alex Story sings, I play guitar, Left Hand Graham is on bass and Dr. Chud is playing drums.

AL: What did the other guys in the band think when you brought the idea of a name change up?
Doyle: They were all for it and thought it was a great idea. I am not a guy who is full of himself so that’s why we never called the band “Doyle” from the beginning. Now things just make so much sense because when I play with Glenn he puts my name up and everyone knows who that is.

AL: What were the writing/recording sessions like for “Abominator”?
Doyle: The music exactly as you hear it on the record is what was made first. I sent everything to Alex and he worked his magic. He writes all the melodies and vocals and then sends it back to me. I don’t ever have to change a thing. He is really great and a genius song writer.

AL: Now not only did you write the songs for this album but you also wrote enough for 2 more correct?
Doyle: The third one we have about 10 songs we are working on writing. We have about three and a half songs to go on the second one and then it will be done. I just keep writing and arranging songs and sending them to Alex. Sometimes within two days he has them sent back to me. I would listen to this stuff and just think “Oh my God!” I just wonder how he is doing it.

AL: Do you have release plans for the other 2 albums yet?
Doyle: We haven’t released the first one yet! There are some advanced copies out but we plan to officially release “Abominator” with an extra track on it called “Drawing Down the Moon” there also will be all the lyrics, extra photos and some more art work. The following albums will be released later on as once we start touring we aren’t going to stop. We may end up just doing singles with those songs and once those all come out then release the album.

AL: Have you set up any tour plans to support the album?
Doyle: We picked up management recently and we are working on bookings as we speak. We are looking to be out on the road by August or a little bit later in the year with some bigger bands.

AL: What has it been like working with Glenn now as compared to working with him in the early eighties with the Misfits?
Doyle: The crowds are a lot bigger these days which means more money and more fun! We have a great time being on stage together and performing for the fans.

AL: What do you foresee happening with the Misfits reunion?
Doyle: I don’t see it happening right now but if and when it happens I am in. I still see Jerry all the time but that is about it.

CD Reveiw: Doyle “Abominator”

Monster Man Records
Tracks: 11

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Former Misfits/Gorgeous Frankenstein guitarist Doyle Wolfgang VonFrankenstein is back with a brand new album titled “Abominator”. The album is the debut release from the group simply titled “Doyle” which members consists of guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, vocalist Alex Story, bassist Left Hand Graham and former Misfits drummer Dr. Chud. The album is being released via Monster Man Records and features 11 all new tracks by the ghoulish group.

Half Danzig era Misfits meets early Pantera. That is what you can expect from the debut album by the hulking monster known as Doyle. Though this is not Doyle’s first venture outside of the “Misfits” moniker it is definitely his most promising and powerful. Vocalist Alex Story’s gritty style fits perfectly with Doyle’s riffing which appears to be at the top of its game. Tracks such as “Abominator” and “Mark of the Beast” are perfect examples of this as both tracks feature intricate riffs that border on the verge of metal while tracks like “Learn to Bleed” and “Headhunter” are more rooted in the classic punk genre.

From start to finish “Abominator” is pedal to the metal energy! The album does a great job not only paying homage to the classic “Misfits” sound Doyle is known for but it also infuses a progressive element that will captivate virgin listeners. The only thing I found to be a negative was at times there seemed to be a lack of bass in the overall mix however it wasn’t enough to make me not want to listen to the album on repeat a few times over. If you haven’t got your copy of the album yet I don’t know what you are waiting for? As the longer you wait the longer you’re going to be missing out on some really killer sounds.

Track Listing:
1.) Abominator
2.) Learn to Bleed
3.) Dreaming Dead Girls
4.) Headhunter
5.) Valley of Shadows
6.) Land of the Dead
7.) Cemeterysexxx
8.) Love like Murder
9.) Mark of the Beast
10.) Bloodstains
11.) Hope Hell is Warm
12.) Across State Lines