Myrkur and Anna von Hausswolff Cover Björk’s “All Is Full of Love”

Folksange Available Now on Relapse Records

Photo Courtesy of Artist

Today Myrkur‘s Amalie Bruun joins forces with renowned multi-instrumentalist Anna von Hausswolff to reimagine Björk‘s classic, “All Is Full of Love“. Bruun comments, “From our homes in Denmark and Sweden we decided to record a simple, fragile and raw version of Björk‘s “All Is Full of Love”. A song we consider to be one of the most beautiful and encouraging songs, that is a reminder to stay open to receive love even in times like these.”

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Myrkur‘s latest album Folkesange saw its release earlier this year to high acclaim via Relapse. Just after newfound motherhood, Bruun set out on a journey into the very heart of the Scandinavian culture that marked her own childhood. The album relinquishes black metal for a refined yet far-reaching evocation of traditional folk, combining songs ancient and new to sublimely resonant effect. Through Bruun’s crystalline vocals, an array of traditional instruments and storytelling, Folkesange offers listeners an immersive, emotional and transcendent experience that resonates in today’s turbulent times.


Legendary Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein announces US Tour


Currently wrapping up the European leg of the ABOMINATE THE WORLD Tour, DOYLE, the eponymous band of Legendary MISFITS guitarist DOYLE WOLFGANG VON FRANKENSTEIN has announced their first US dates of 2017, the first supporting their upcoming LP DOYLE II: AS WE DIE, in stores May 5th from EMP LABEL GROUP, and Doyle’s own MONSTERMAN RECORDS.

Doyle recently released a clip of “Run For Your Life”, the first track from AS WE DIE at the following location:

AS WE DIE will be available Worldwide on CD and LP May 5, and is currently available for pre-order from, including several international versions with alternate artwork configurations, including art by legendary horror/comic/album cover artist Mister Sam Shearon, known for his iconic works with Rob Zombie, Iron Maiden, Clive Barker, KISS, Ministry, Rammstein, X-Files, and more.


3/23/2017 The Reel Café Wilmington, NC
3/24/2017 Drunk Horse Pub Fayetteville, NC
3/26/2017 Fish Head Cantina Halethorpe, MD
3/29/2017 The V Club Huntington, WV
3/30/2017 The Warehouse Clarksville, TN
4/1/2017 Top Fuel Saloon Braidwood, IL
4/2/2017 Emerson Theater Indianapolis, IN
4/4/2017 Big Shots Valparaiso, IN
4/5/2017 Lookout Lounge Omaha, NE
4/7/2017 The Back Bar Janesville, WI
4/8/2017 The Rave Milwaukee, WI
4/9/2017 Outland Ballroom Springfield, MO
4/10/2017 Firebird St. Louis, MO
4/11/2017 Trixie’s Louisville, KY
4/12/2017 The Token Lounge Detroit, MI
4/13/2017 The Agora Cleveland, OH
4/14/2017 Diesel Pittsburgh, PA
4/15/2017 Gramercy NYC, NY
4/18/2017 Canal Club Richmond, VA
4/19/2017 Brighton Bar Long Branch, NJ
4/20/2017 The Reverb Reading, PA
4/21/2017 Montage Rochester, NY
4/22/2017 Loft Poughkeepsie, NY



In addition to AS WE DIE, EMP/MONSTERMAN will release several limited edition vinyl configurations, as well as a CD reissue, of DOYLE’s Critically-acclaimed ABOMINATOR, and releases from DEAD GIRLS CORP., element a440, and more.

DOYLE, the current project of Von Frankenstein, with CANCERSLUG vocalist Alex “Wolfman” Story, and a current touring lineup rounded out by bassist Brandon Strate and drummer Brandon Pertzborn, continues the lineage of Doyle’s former projects, pairing crushing metal riffs with ferocious Punk Rock swagger.

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Epic Two-Part Film Starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Stacy Martin, And Shia LaBeouf Arrives July 8 On Blu-ray™ and DVD From Magnolia Home Entertainment

NYMPHOMANIAC: VOLUME I AND VOLUME II mark Lars von Trier’s follow-up to his critically acclaimed film, Melancholia. The story about Joe, a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac, and as widely reported, the films contain graphic depictions of sexuality to a degree unprecedented in a mainstream feature film.

Doyle talks about new album “Abominator”

Legendary punk guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is back with a brand album titled “Abominator”. The album is the first solo titled release from the Misfits guitarist who splits his time between “Doyle” and performing with original Misfits singer Glenn Danzig. Media Mikes had a chance to speak with Doyle recently about the album, his thoughts on performing with Danzig and if he thinks a Misfits reunion will ever come to fruition.

Adam Lawton: Can you give us some background on how this album came together?
Doyle: I was driving one day and I got a message from our singer Alex Story telling me he had some ideas that he wanted to discuss. The first thing he said when I called him back was that we needed to change the name of the band. He said he wanted to drop the name “Gorgeous Frankenstein” in order to start a whole new band named “Doyle”. I asked if he was sure he wanted to do that and he said that is what he definitely wanted to do. So I said “Let’s do it”. The problem we were having with “Gorgeous Frankenstein” was that no one recognized that as me. We would go play shows and there would be 50 people there who only showed up because they were going out. They didn’t even know I had a band. When I was doing shows with Danzig people would come up to me after and say they didn’t even know my band was playing. Just before the Danzig tour started I had the new CD over nighted to me from the studio and we have been using it as a promotional tool to tell everyone we changed the name and it has been working really well.

AL: Can you tell us about the bands line up?
Doyle: It’s pretty much everyone from Gorgeous Frankenstein minus the wife. Alex Story sings, I play guitar, Left Hand Graham is on bass and Dr. Chud is playing drums.

AL: What did the other guys in the band think when you brought the idea of a name change up?
Doyle: They were all for it and thought it was a great idea. I am not a guy who is full of himself so that’s why we never called the band “Doyle” from the beginning. Now things just make so much sense because when I play with Glenn he puts my name up and everyone knows who that is.

AL: What were the writing/recording sessions like for “Abominator”?
Doyle: The music exactly as you hear it on the record is what was made first. I sent everything to Alex and he worked his magic. He writes all the melodies and vocals and then sends it back to me. I don’t ever have to change a thing. He is really great and a genius song writer.

AL: Now not only did you write the songs for this album but you also wrote enough for 2 more correct?
Doyle: The third one we have about 10 songs we are working on writing. We have about three and a half songs to go on the second one and then it will be done. I just keep writing and arranging songs and sending them to Alex. Sometimes within two days he has them sent back to me. I would listen to this stuff and just think “Oh my God!” I just wonder how he is doing it.

AL: Do you have release plans for the other 2 albums yet?
Doyle: We haven’t released the first one yet! There are some advanced copies out but we plan to officially release “Abominator” with an extra track on it called “Drawing Down the Moon” there also will be all the lyrics, extra photos and some more art work. The following albums will be released later on as once we start touring we aren’t going to stop. We may end up just doing singles with those songs and once those all come out then release the album.

AL: Have you set up any tour plans to support the album?
Doyle: We picked up management recently and we are working on bookings as we speak. We are looking to be out on the road by August or a little bit later in the year with some bigger bands.

AL: What has it been like working with Glenn now as compared to working with him in the early eighties with the Misfits?
Doyle: The crowds are a lot bigger these days which means more money and more fun! We have a great time being on stage together and performing for the fans.

AL: What do you foresee happening with the Misfits reunion?
Doyle: I don’t see it happening right now but if and when it happens I am in. I still see Jerry all the time but that is about it.