CD Review: Mark Tremonti “Tremonti Sings Sinatra”

“Tremonti Sings Sinatra”

Mark Tremonti
Tracks: 14

Our score 4 out of 5 stars

Grammy Award Winning musician, producer, and author Mark Tremonti (Creed, Alter-Bridge) has teamed up with the surviving members of legendary singer Frank Sinatra’s orchestra to release a covers album titled “Tremonti Sings Sinatra”. Consisting of both classic and deeper cuts approved by the Sinatra Estate Tremonti took extra steps to make this release even more special by gifting the album to the National Down Syndrome Society. All proceeds from the album will be going towards bringing the gift of music to children with developmental disabilities.

Take whatever you may know about Creed/Alter-Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti and set it aside for 47 minutes. That’s the runtime of the award-winning guitarists latest offering “Tremonti Sings Sinatra”. Backed by some of the same legendary players who made up “Ol Blue Eyes” Orchestra through-out his career Tremonti takes the helm attempting to fill some pretty big shoes, A feet he does with surprising believability. Over the course of the albums 14 tracks Mark shows a different side of his musicality as he croons his way through well know tracks like “I’ve Got The World On A String”, “Fly Me To The Moon” and a classical guitar tinged version of “My Way”. The guitarist turned singer goes one step further in ensuring this isn’t just another interpretation of Sinatra’s greatest hits by digging deep into the Sinatra song catalog with the inclusion of songs like “Wave”, “Nancy (With The Laughing Face)” and “This Song Is You”. Fresh and colorful backing instrumentation (provided by some of the same players heard on the originals) sets a near perfect backdrop for Tremonti to lay down his vocal interpretation.

If you are a Sinatra purist don’t let Tremonti’ s heavy metal guitar roots sway your decision in checking out this record. The guitarist turned crooner in my opinion does a really great job staying true to the original versions of each song while at the same time adding his own elements and style. “Tremonti Sings Sinatra” is like putting a new pair of laces in your favorite pair of old shoes. By doing so you retain that element of comfortability while adding a newness that doesn’t cheapen or change the original. To top things off Mark has donated this release and its proceeds to the National Down Syndrome Society a group very close to the artist (Tremonti has a daughter with Down Syndrome). To assume this was a labor of love project could probably go without saying but I can only think that if this record was as fun to make as it was to listen to then I hope this is only the first and there more albums like this to come from the veteran rocker.

Track Listing:

1.) I’ve Got You Under My Skin
2.) I’ve Got The World On A String
3.) I Fall In Love Too Easily
4.) Wave
5.) Fly Me To The Moon
6.) Nancy (With The Laughing Face)
7.) My Way
8.) You Make Me Feel So Young
9.) Luck Be A Lady
10.) That’s Life
11.) Come Fly With Me
12.) In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning
13.) This Song is You
14.) All Or Nothing At All

GRAMMY® Award Winning Musician Mark Tremonti Announces ‘Tremonti Sings Sinatra’ To Support NDSS


Album Tremonti Sings Sinatra – Scheduled for Release On May 27th Through Mark’s New Charity Organization
Take A Chance For Charity – Now Available For Pre-Order:

Album Features Mark’s Interpretations of Selections From Frank Sinatra’s Catalog Backed by Members of Sinatra’s Touring Band –
Video For “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” Can Be Seen Here:

GRAMMY® Award Winning musician, producer, author as well as founding member of hard rock bands Alter Bridge, Creed and Tremonti, Mark Tremonti is “stepping out” with his most-ambitious and challenging project to date. Mark has partnered with National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) as he releases an album of Frank Sinatra covers entitled Tremonti Sings Sinatra. The album of selections from Frank Sinatra’s catalog is being released as part of a new charity initiative created by Tremonti called Take A Chance For Charity. Proceeds from the album – scheduled for release on May 27th – will go to support NDSS and the work they do to advocate for and support individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Mark and his family were blessed to welcome their first daughter Stella last March – who was born with Down syndrome – and the idea for the project was born. A video sharing the story of Take A Chance For Charity can be seen here:

“For years, I’ve loved singing along to Frank’s songs,” Mark explains. “One night, I found an old video of him performing ‘The Song Is You’ from 1944. It made me want to dive into his vocal approach. I was all in and I wanted to do something with it. When we found out about our daughter Stella’s Down syndrome diagnosis, the stars aligned. My obsession with Sinatra had its reason. Frank Sinatra raised more than a billion dollars for charity and that is a fact I wish the public the public knew more about. Beneath his cool and calm persona, he had a big heart. Doing this charity in his name was another way the stars had aligned. I decided to do this record to raise funds for families and individuals with Down syndrome. This project is the start of a new purpose that I will have for the rest of my life.”

Mark Tremonti has come together with surviving members of Frank Sinatra’s orchestra, creating new takes on some of the classics and some deeper cuts from Frank’s catalog. From the opening horns and piano of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” to final vocal outro of “All Or Nothing At All,” Mark Tremonti showcases the signature vocal approach and exemplary musicianship that made Sinatra’s work timeless. To see his vision through, Mark reached out to Frank Sinatra’s musical director Mike Smith who collected as many remaining members as possible of Frank’s touring band to record the music for Tremonti Sings Sinatra. Popular standards like “I’ve Got The World On A String,” “My Way” and “That’s Life” find new life in the hands of these incredible musicians. Mark Tremonti – known for his guitar work that has won him countless accolades – leaves the instrument behind and just sings on the 14-track album. The artwork on the album cover is an original painting that Tremonti created especially for this project. A video for the first track “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” can be seen here:

Tremonti Sings Sinatra is now available for pre-order at:

The track listing for Tremonti Sings Sinatra is:
1. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
2. I’ve Got The World On A String
3. I Fall In Love Too Easily
4. Wave
5. Fly Me To The Moon
6. Nancy (With The Laughing Face)
7. My Way
8. You Make Me Feel So Young
9. Luck Be A Lady
10. That’s Life
11. Come Fly With Me
12. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
13. The Song Is You
14. All Or Nothing At All

Mark Tremonti in Frank Sinatra’s Dressing Room
Photo Credit: Chuck Brueckmann


New Solo Album By Guitarist/Songwriter Mark Tremonti Now Available For Pre-Order 

World-renowned guitarist/songwriter Mark Tremonti is back with his fifth album from his solo band, Tremonti. The new album, entitled Marching In Time, is scheduled for global release on September 24th via Napalm Records and is available for pre-order beginning today.

Mark Tremonti is no stranger to storytelling. Throughout his years with top-charting bands Alter Bridge and Creed, and most recently his solo band, Mark has never strayed from his love of writing memorable songs. With the upcoming fifth album, Marching In Time, the band looks to continue this trend while exploring their love for heavy music, drawing from current events from the last year to form the basis of each song. While its predecessor, A Dying Machine, was an overall concept album seeped in darker sentiments and story, the vibe of Marching In Time is different – emerging as a charging rock/metal offering that takes the listener on 12 individual journeys. Marching In Time is now available for pre-order here:

From the driving drum beat of opener “A World Away” to the epic closer “Marching In Time,” the new album is a reflective look at the world around us today. Tremonti’s unmatched musicianship bleeds through the album, showcased on tracks like “Thrown Further,” “In One Piece” and the thought provoking “Would You Kill.” Alternatively, the band displays their softer side on pensive tracks “The Last One Of Us” and “Not Afraid to Lose.” Epic title track “Marching In Time” tells the story of a father having a child during a global pandemic and how he prepares for life during that time – something Mark Tremonti recently experienced in his own life – while upcoming single “If Not For You” shows the evolution of the Tremonti sound in 2021.  Marching In Time was produced longtime friend and collaborator Michael “Elvis” Baskette – the producer Mark has worked with exclusively since 2007. 

The track listing for Marching In Time is: 
1. A World Away
2. Now and Forever
3. If Not For You
4. Thrown Further
5. Let That Be Us
6. The Last One of Us
7. In One Piece
8. Under the Sun
9. Not Afraid to Lose
10. Bleak
11. Would You Kill
12. Marching In Time
Marching In Time will be available in the following formats*:
-CD Digipak       
-Digital Album   
-2LP Gatefold Black       
-2LP Gatefold Marbled White / Black + Bonus Track (Band Store Only – limited to 500)-2LP Gatefold Sun Yellow + Bonus Track (Band Store Only – limited to 500)
-2LP Gatefold Crystal Clear + Bonus Track (Band Store Only – limited to 500)
-2LP Gatefold Pink Transparent (Napalm Mailorder Only – limited to 500)
-Die-Hard Edition: 2LP Marble Transparent Black + Guitar Pick + Print (Napalm Mailorder Only – limited to 500)   
-Deluxe Box: Flag, Wristband & More! (Napalm Mailorder Only – limited to 500)
*Additional formats will be available via individual retailers.

Tremonti will hit the road in advance of the release of Marching In Time, starting on September 3rd in Pryor, OK at Rocklahoma with longtime friends Sevendust. The tour will make stops in Kansas City, MO, Sayreville, NJ, Flint, MI and Joliet, IL, to name a few, before wrapping on September 26th in Orlando, FL. All tour dates, ticket information and VIP packages can be found at  

CD Review: Tremonti “Cauterize”

Produced by: Michael “Elvis” Baskette
Tracks: 10

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

Creed/Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti is back with his second solo offering titled “Cauterize”. Being released via FRET12 the sophomore solo release is the follow up to Tremonti’s successful 2012 debut album “All I Was”. Michael “Elvis” Baskette is once again behind the control desk lending his hand production hand to the 10 blistering tracks which make up “Cauterize”

Fan’s looking for the next chapter of Tremonti look no further as “Cauterize” picks up where “All I Was” left off. Though I found a few of the songs to be a bit repetitive one thing the album clearly isn’t lacking in is attack as each of the albums 10 tracks certain go for the throat. The albums opener “Radical Change” is a perfect example of that as are “Cauterize” and “Arm Yourself” to name just a few. Probably my favorite track off the album was “Flying Monkeys” which features a really cool trudging guitar and bass line mixed with just the right amount of drums and Tremonti’s haunting vocals that get stuck in your head almost instantly. The addition of Wolfgang Van Halen on bass seems to have strengthened the bands bottom end considerably while rhythm guitarist/backup vocalist Eric Friedman and drummer Garrett Whitlock put in another round of solid performances which continue to compliment Tremonti’s lead work.

Even though I found the first half of the album to be a bit redundant as a whole “Cauterize” is a rawkus 10 track release that fans of Tremonti’s previous works will certainly enjoy. If you haven’t already check out Mark’s first solo offering I recommend starting their and then moving on to this release as both are a touch heavier. To get around the albums early repetitiveness just throw it on shuffle and be prepared to rock.

Track Listing:
1.) Radical Change
2.) Flying Monkeys
3.) Cauterize
4.) Arm Yourself
5.) Dark Trip
6.) Another Heart
7.) Fall Again
8.) Tie The Noose
9.) Sympathy
10.) Providence

Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti talks about solo album “All I Was”

Mark Tremonti is best known as the guitarist for the multi platinum selling band Creed and for his work in Alter Bridge. Mark has just released his first solo album titled “All I Was” and Media Mikes was fortunate enough to talk with Mark recently about the decision to put out a solo album and what other plans he has in the works.

Adam Lawton: What was the idea behind wanting to put out a solo release?
Mark Tremonti: Being a songwriter for all these years I have had a lot of ideas that were stockpiled up. When Miles Kennedy who sings for us in Alter Bridge went out on tour with Slash recently I saw a window of time where I could take some of those ideas that didn’t work for my other bands and put them together to create an album out of. “All I Was” is what we came up with.

AL: Are the songs on the album all from previous ideas or was there some new material written as well?
MT: Most of it is stuff that was written. There were really just parts of songs and nothing that was completed. When I got together with the other guys who played on the album is when I started arranging the ideas. A majority of the initial riffs were already written.

AL: How did you go about picking the line up for the band?
MT: Eric the other guitar player was an obvious choice.  He is someone that I have been playing guitar with for years and years. We are best friends and over the years I have probably shown him more ideas for songs than I have with my other two bands. I am very comfortable working with him. Garret our drummer was in a band with Eric called Submersed. I co-produced a record for them years ago and Garret was still living in Orlando so he was an obvious choice to bring in. He is an incredible drummer.

AL: How did you go about creating a unique tone on this album that was different from your previous work?
MT: It was mostly based on my roots. The rhythm parts on this album are based around a speed metal/thrash type style. I tried to mesh the two styles of my influences that being speed metal and melodic 70’s rock. I was in to stuff that my parents exposed me to like Rod Stewart and Journey. I still love that music and wanted to mesh the two.

AL: What was the biggest difference you noticed when stepping up and performing not only the guitar work but also the vocal work as well?
MT: I loved it. I have written a lot of lyrics over the years for my other bands but I never had to write an entire album. It is a whole other process. I have to work out all the guitar lines and solos while also bringing in the lyrics. I spent about a month and a half working on that. The singing part was easy after everything was written. Singing is fun. Once I sang the album the first time I went back in and changed/re-wrote things where I thought the original stuff didn’t fit or sounded off. I sort of went through the vocal process twice just to make sure it was right. All together the album took about 3 months to complete.

AL: What types of tour plans are in place to support the release?
 MT: We have a 2/3 week tour run in the States coming up and then after that we are heading over to Europe where the first handful of shows will be with Slash. After those shows we will continue our own tour where we will hit Amsterdam, Italy and Germany. When I get home from that I will be back out on the road with Creed until I get back with Miles to write the next Alter Bridge record. In February I will be back out with the solo group for a more extensive European tour which will include shows in Australia.

AL: What are you most looking forward to about playing these songs live?
MT: It’s a much different vibe on stage when you are singing and not just playing guitar. It is a great experience to be able to play these songs. This record is a really fun record to play live and we enjoy it. I can’t wait to do it in front of a crowd who know the songs. The first time we played this material was for a couple of CD release shows. People hadn’t heard the songs yet. This time people will be familiar with them.

AL: Is this solo album just a one-time thing or will you be doing another one in the future?
MT: We will definitely do another solo album. As soon as we can find the time we will get it done.


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CD Review: Tremonti “All I Was”

“All I Was”
Fret 12
Producer: Michael Baskette
Tracks: 12

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

“All I Was” is the debut solo release from Creed/Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti. The album is being released via Fret 12 records and was produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots). Take everything you know about Mark Tremonti and throw that out the window. Yes Mark is the guitarist for the platinum selling rock band Creed as well as the guitarist for Alter Bridge however his first solo album takes a completely different path from his other projects by going straight for the throat. “All I Was” features heavy guitars and thunderous double bass beats as each track borders on the rock/metal line. Tremonti’s vocals are haunting and surprisingly strong for a guy who has predominantly sung backups until now. Tracks such as “The Things I’ve Seen” and “Proof” run the gambit of melodic metal while the much heavier “Giving Up” and “So You’re Afraid” will get your blood pumping. Producer Michael Baskette can add another great album to his already impressive catalog as the tones contained on this album are crisp and clear while still retaining a great bottom end.

When a guitarist from a successful group or in this case groups steps out on their own for the first time you never know what you are going to get. The end result is generally something very similar to their previous work. This is definitely not the case for Mark Tremonti. The songs featured on “All I Was” have a fresh feel and are packed with solid guitar riffs and great vocals. If you are looking for something that is both heavy and melodic pick up a copy of this album.

Track Listing:
1.)    Leave It Alone
2.)    So You’re Afraid
3.)    Wish You Well
4.)    Brains
5.)    The Things I’ve Seen
6.)   You Waste Your Time
7.)    New Way out
8.)    Giving Up
9.)    Proof
10.)  All I Was
11.)  Doesn’t Matter
12.)  Decay

Interview with Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti

Mark Tremonti is the guitarist for Alter Bridge as well as for the Multi-Platinum selling band Creed. Media Mikes had a chance to talk with Mark recently about both of his bands as well as his upcoming solo project release.

Adam Lawton: What’s has it been like touring with the Carnival of Madness tour?
Mark Tremonti: We are three weeks deep into the tour which has five bands on it and it’s been great. Alter Bridge generally plays an hour a night and it’s been a cake walk. Everyone out with us are good people and all help to put on a good rock and roll show!

AL: How did you guys get involved with being on the tour this year?
MT: We had been approached to do the tour last year. We thought it would be a good time and got all the details worked out with everyone and here we are.

AL: Do you have a favorite song the band is playing in the set and why?
MT: “Blackbird”. I think it’s all of ours favorite song that we have ever done. Most of the songs in the set are very loud and high energy. That song is a dynamic change from the rest of the set. It makes us all watch and listen to the crowd.

AL: Do you have a favorite moment from the tour so far?
MT: I think the most fun we have had so far is the show we did at the Kentucky Fair. It was good to just walk around and win all sorts of prizes for my kids and then the show was just real rowdy and fun.

AL: What do you like most about playing live every night?
MT: It’s what we are and it’s something we have been doing for a long time. It’s your release everyday and it’s what all the practice is for.

AL: What was your reaction to receiving the nomination for album of the year from Classic Rock Magazine?
MT: We were really excited. Classic Rock is such a classy magazine and we really respect their opinion. It’s a very big honor for us.

AL: What’s it like balancing both Creed and Alter Bridge?
MT: I am juggling 3 groups right now actually. I do a lot of planning ahead. 2012 is going to be dedicated to mostly Creed stuff. I also will be releasing a solo album as well. Miles will be going out with Slash and we all will meet up for a few months here and there for Alter Bridge touring. I know we will be going to Australia next year and doing some writing for Alter Bridge as well but the majority of 2012 will be Creed stuff.

AL: Have the comparisons between your two groups finally stopped?
MT: I think since the last record people really stopped the comparisons. With the newest record it has been a real non-point. We are pretty much our own band now and I think a new wave of fans are seeing the band for what it is and don’t compare the two as much anymore.

AL: What is the hardest part about writing material for both bands?
MT: I think you are always pushing to do your best. It’s hard to just switch hats and be the best at different sounds. I don’t want to over complicate a Creed song and make it sound like Alter Bridge.  This band is a little more progressive than Creed, so when I am writing for Creed I have to focus strictly on the melody and finger style stuff. It’s hard to sometimes not really dig in.

AL: What else project wise is coming up for you?
MT: I will be putting my solo record out early next year and then probably we will have a new Creed record out the middle of next year around February.

AL: What can we expect from the solo album?
MT: It’s a little heavier than both bands and I sing on the entire album. It’s a different thing that’s fun and heavy but still melody based. I have been a song writer for most of my life and I think I have finally gotten to a point in my life where I want to get all these ideas down on tape that don’t make the other bands records. It’s more streamlined when you can translate the ideas straight from your mind to tape.

AL: Will you be touring at all on your own?
MT: It just depends on how it turns out. If there is a demand for it then yes.

AL: Will it be put out by Wind Up Records?
MT: No it is completely independent. We are going to put it out on Fred 12 and you will be able to go to and download the songs. The idea is to use our grassroots fan base to promote the band and hopefully they will come and spread the word.