Book Review “Disney Palace Pets: Guess Who Castle Cuties”

Age Range: 3 – 5 years
Grade Level: Preschool – Kindergarten
Series: Guess Who
Hardcover: 10 pages
Publisher: Reader’s Digest
Release Date: August 12, 2014

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

Disney is not dumb at all. They released a free app for kids called “Disney Palace Pets”. Parents probably though…”Hey, it’s free”. But I have spent more money in Disney Palace Pets merchandise in the last few months than any other Disney product. There are not only the app but also action figures and other books as well. But let you tell you I love everything that comes out of this series. When I see my daughters face when you interacts with these characters, there is nothing better in the world.

Official Premise: Young Disney Princess fans will have hours of fun listening to the rhymes and guessing which adorable Disney Palace Pet is hidden behind each flap in this enchanting hardcover book that includes sparkly glitter on the cover. With their hug-me expressions, big eyes, and dainty curls, characters such as Aurora’s darling kitty, Rapunzels’ prancing pony, and Cinderella’s playful pup are sure to win everyone’s heart.

This new book,  “Disney Palace Pets: Guess Who Castle Cuties” features our favorite Disney Princesses and, of course, their pets. The text is simple and rhymes well. It also includes sturdy flaps to lift and find these little cuties. This is a not a flimsy book each. I have seen numerous flap books that rip right away but this one is holding up well. I have no idea how my daughter does it but she not only knows ever Princess but also their corresponding Palace Pets. A must have book


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DVD Review “Sofia the First: The Floating Palace”

Actors: Ariel Winter, Sara Ramirez, Wayne Brady, Tim Gunn
Directors: Jamie Mitchell
Studio: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date: April 8, 2014
Run Time: 118 minutes

Special: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Extras: 3 out of 5 stars

When I first saw the trailer for “Sofia the First: The Floating Palace”, I was really blown away. I have been a fan of the show from episode one but this new full-length adventure really looked and felt like a feature-film. Plus it featured one of my (and my daughters) favorite princesses Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”. The special was good overall, I personally thought it was quite intense for young kids especially Mr. Cedrick’s transformed character. I love the songs including Sofia’s duet with Ariel “Joining Together” and the fun “Merriway Cove”. “Sofia the First” is a great show and I know it is going to be around for a long time. You can tell that a lot of work went into making this full-length feature and I really hope that they plan more of these in the future for the show.

Official Premise: Do YOU believe in mermaids? You will – when you set sail on a magical full-length adventure under the sea with Sofia The First! After Sofia helps a little mermaid named Oona, Sofia’s amulet grants her the power to transform into a mermaid and visit her new friend’s secret underwater kingdom. But when Cedric (disguised as a sea monster) plots to steal Oona’s enchanted Mermaid Comb, danger surfaces for both worlds. With a little help from special guest, Princess Ariel, Sofia embarks on an adventure to rescue Oona and prevent a typhoon before it’s too late. Overflowing with oceans of song-filled fun – plus three more exciting episodes – “The Floating Palace” proves that when families and friends work together, they can weather any storm and save the day.

Honestly, I have to admit that I am a little disappointed with the bonus features on this DVD. In a typical Disney Junior DVD, there is an extended episode as the feature and usually around five additional episodes. But after “Sofia the First: The Floating Palace”, there are only three additional episodes including “Tri-Kingdom Picnic”, “Finding CLover” and “Make Way for Miss Nettle” (one of my least favorites to date). It obviously doesn’t bother by two year old daughter especially since there was also free bonus Sofia Friendship Bracelets, which have been keeping her occupied as well. Look forward to future releases from this show but hopefully next time there will be more bonus episodes included.

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Book Review “Sofia the First: The Floating Palace”

Author: Catherine Hapka
Illustrator: Grace Lee
Age Range: 3 – 6 years
Grade Level: Preschool – Kindergarten
Series: Sofia the First
Hardcover: 40 pages
Publisher: Disney Press
Release Date: September 24, 2013

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

Ever since “Sofia the First” premiered last year it has taken over and quickly has become a favorite among the preschool – kindergarten age group. My 16 month old daughter absolutely loves this show and cannot get enough of it. Whether it comes to the show, the music, toys and also books, we have been eating up as much as we can get. “Sofia the First: The Floating Palace” is the second book in the series and another great installment in the series.

If you like “Sofia the First”, then like myself you have been seeing commercial of “The Floating Palace”, which airs on Disney Junior on November 24th and is the show’s first ever prime-time special. I am sure that it is only the first of many more amazing specials to come. The premise takes place during Sofia’s family vacation on a floating palace, Sofia befriends a mermaid, and through their friendship she helps save the mermaid’s kingdom and brings their two worlds together. Like the last book the illustrations are fantastic and overall Disney Press has delivered another impressive book.

This book also brings has a special appearance from Disney Princess Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”. My daughter has been watching “The Little Mermaid” on Blu-ray about five times a week since it recently came out on Blu-ray and this book couldn’t come at a more perfect time. She immediately was screaming at the book “Ariel” and “Fia” (as she called Sofia). It was super cute and I know that this is going to become a must read daily! Can’t wait to see what Disney Press has planned next for this series.