Book Review “Bears in Beds”

Author: Shirley Parenteau
Illustrator: David Walker
Reading level: Ages 2 and up
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Candlewick
Release Date: August 14, 2012

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

“Bears in Beds” is fantastic children’s for story time or more importantly bedtime! Kids are going to be wishing for you to read them to go to sleep and I am sure parents are going to love that idea.  These cute bears are fun, cute and this story from Shirley Parenteau is very fun to read and rhyme aloud. The illustrations are very impressive thanks to David Walker. Must have for all parents! You will thank me later! Trust me!

Synopsis: “It’s time for Big Brown Bear to tuck all four little bears into their beds. Then he’s ready to climb into his own bed and turn out the light. Five warm beds, holding five sleepy bears, until a sound goes whoosh in the middle of the night, and all the bears wake up in a fright. Will they ever get back into bed? Luckily, Big Brown Bear knows just what to do! A fun, rhyming read-aloud that parents will love and tired little cubs will be happy to snuggle up with.”

Author Shirley Parenteau and illustrator David Walker have worked together on a number of children’s books including “Bears on Chairs”. There is also a third book in the series planned called “Bears in a Bath” scheduled for release in the U.S. in Spring, 2014. This is a great series and I look forward to future releases. Shirley is also working with Candlewick again for a middle-grade novel currently titled “Ship of Dolls”. Look forward to that as well.

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