Book Review “Maisy Grows a Garden”, “Maisy Learns to Swim” & “Maisy’s Fairground”

maisygardenAuthor: Lucy Cousins
Age Range: 2 – 5 years
Hardcover: 16 / 32 pages
Publisher: Candlewick
Release Date: February 12, 2013 / February 26, 2013

Our Scores: 5 out of 5 stars

If you would like to know “What makes Maisy’s garden grow?” Well, “Maisy Grows a Garden” has the answer for you.  Kids can help Maisy by pulling the tabs and helping Maisy plant and grow a tasty vegetable garden. “Maisy Learns to Swim” exploures Maisy as she is learning to swim. I can see this book becoming very popular with my daughter as she gets a little older, even though she is already our little water bug and never wants to leave the water.

When it comes to the Maisy series, my daughter will surely have every possible book released.  I absolutely love this series and it gets better with each new release.  “Maisy’s Fairground” is a Maisy Pop-up-and-Pla​y Book.  This is a little different from the typical Maisy book and it literally feels like you are at the carnival.  Did I mention that this has a spinning pop-up Ferris wheel? Wow, it is completely amazing and had my daughter screaming “Wow”, as well as her daddy.maisyswim

I absolutely love this “Maisy” series. They is educational yet still very interactive and entertaining.  I love anything where you need to interact with the book.  My daughter absolutely loves grabbing the tabs and playing with this book (and she is only 1).  Also keeps the parents busy As she grows, I am sure she will continue to enjoy these great books.

Official Premise: Maisy loves to try new things, just like her young fans. This interactive science story invites toddlers and preschoolers to help Maisy dig, sow seeds, water the earth, and weed the garden. Little ones will love seeing the carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, and beans spring from the pages as they take the first steps to develop a green thumb with Maisy and Panda.

“Maisy Learns to Swim” Official Premise: Today Maisy is going swimming for the first time, and she is a little nervous. Good thing Eddie and Tallulah are coming, too. Eddie is a natural, but Maisy and Tallulah get into the pool slowly — ooh, it’s freezing! But soon they are kicking and floating and even blowing bubbles with the rest. Whether water-shy or raring to go, young readers will find maisyfairgroundmuch to relate to as Maisy experiences another childhood first.

“Maisy’s Fairground” Official Premise: Come one, come all, and take in the bright colors and excitement of a day at the fair with Maisy and her pals. Just pull a tab or spin a wheel to make the bumper cars bump (bash! crash! ), see the friends having fun on the bouncy castle (up! down! ), or set the roller coaster in motion (screeeeaaammm! ). But nothing compares to the giant, interactive 3D Ferris wheel just waiting to spring to life on the final spread!

Lucy Cousins has become one of my favorite children’s author. She is the creator of the “Maisy” series. “Maisy Grows a Garden” is a Maisy First Science Book and “Maisy Learns to Swim” is a Maisy First Experiences Book.  I am very glad that I happened to come across one of these book a year ago and since then we have about 5-10 books from this series. Keep ’em coming Lucy!

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