How to Become ISC2 CISSP Certified and What It Means to Your Career?


With increasing challenges to the cybersecurity sector, there has never been any better time to become a security professional than now. But, if you already have several years of experience in this field, it will obviously be easier for you to improve your career due to your broad knowledge comparing to newbies.

Still, to get your desired promotion or salary raise, you also need something extra like certification. Thus, obtaining the ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential can be a great choice. You wonder why? Read on, and in this post, you’ll find out the importance of getting CISSP certified as well as how you can acquire this badge.

Why Become CISSP Certified?

The first reason to pursue this credential is the high competence you’ll gain. It is known that qualified CISSP professionals extensively know the IT threat topography. This includes emerging and existing threats as well as those that have been persistent over the years. They also have a deeper understanding of the most appropriate tools and technology necessary in neutralizing attacks or keeping them away. With such comprehensive knowledge as well as its validation from a renowned company, you become a desired candidate for positions like security analyst, security manager, or security systems engineer among others.

It follows that earning CISSP is one of the best ways to get recognized in the IT-sphere. It helps professionals discover the right path and create a plan to help them successfully follow it. So, here are some more points about what it means to own this certification:

  • You become more visible and credible and this helps in obtaining new professional opportunities and in ensuring job security,
  • CISSP badge is vendor-neutral. This means you can apply your skills to varying methodologies and technologies,
  • It makes you stand out among your peers and to differentiate yourself to potential employers,
  • With expanded and updated skills and knowledge, you will be ready to provide the necessary security solutions in line with industry innovations and requirements,
  • You get a digital badge to display online and allow your employer and others to verify your certification and abilities,
  • You become part of a global community with like-minded members,

If this is still now enough for you, notice, that ISC2 certified professionals earn higher salaries compared to non-certified specialists. As stated on the website, average annual pay for individuals with the CISSP credential is about $114k while, for example, in Booz, Allen, and Hamilton company you can achieve a mark of $125.

Now, you may think that with all these benefits, the certification path should be difficult to complete. Well, the track is not very easy as long as it’s a professional-level badge. But there’s nothing impossible and everything you need to do is to explore and understand all the details and steps and then just follow them one by one.

How to Acquire CISSP Certification

  • Obtaining the required experience

There are eight domains you need to be proficient in to get your CISSP credential, these are security & risk management, software development security, security engineering and architecture, asset security, identity & access management, security operations, communication and network security, security assessment and training. So, to become eligible for this badge, you need to have at least five years of full-time paid working experience covering a minimum of two of the mentioned areas.

  • Prepare for the exam

The certification will only be awarded to you after passing the CISSP assessment. There are several training options offered by ISC2 that you can use to prepare for it. The first is instructor-led learning that can be held offline or online. Also, there are materials for self-paced studies like CISSP official study guide, ISC2-provided practice tests, and others. The option you settle for is going to be based on your study expectations and preferences.

  • Pass the test

The details of the CISSP assessment vary depending on the language it is offered in. The English exam (CISSP CAT) has 100-150 questions and lasts for 3 hours. The non-English version (Linear) includes 250 items and goes for six hours. Once you are ready to take the exam, you need to schedule it with Pearson VUE. You will have to attain a minimum of 700 out of 1000 marks to be certified.

  • Get ISC2 endorsement

After passing CISSP test, there is another process you need to complete before you finally become an ISC2 member. You will have nine months after passing the exam to take care of this. This includes subscribing to ISC’s code of conduct and completing a relevant endorsement form that has to be signed by an ISC2 certified professional who validates your working experience.

Becoming a member is helpful in your professional life. You will get more opportunities for learning and growing in your cybersecurity career. You will access free courses for professional development, a free security magazine, discounts on official textbooks, webinars conducted by experts, a digital badge, and more. And because you need to recertify after every three years, it will be easier for you to keep yourself updated.


Receiving your CISSP certification is a great achievement. It proves that you have a strong skillset necessary in performing your organizational duties. It would also act as the beginning of immense benefits that include finding employment and earning decent pay.

To sum up, the intention of the CISSP certification is to help you become a distinguished security leader and become a successful professional. That is why understanding the right path and adhering to it is necessary to earn this badge and gain all the perks it can bring you. Be thorough during the exam prep and work through the testing period with confidence. You have to make the sacrifices today to enjoy the benefits tomorrow!

Carey Means talks about voicing Frylock in “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”

Carey Means is known for voicing the character Frylock  in “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”, renamed this season to “Aqua Something You Know Whatever”.  With the show going on 12 years and over 100 episodes, Media Mikes took out some time to chat with Carey about voicing Frylock and what he enjoys most.

Mike Gencarelli: Over 100 episodes, what do you to keep voicing Frylock fresh?
Carey Means: They usually call me the day of and say can you be at the studio at 2pm and it’s 1pm. I think on my feet! I improv. This show is actually 60% improvised. I just keep coming to work until they fire me and they did once [laughs].

MG: You ever get recognized for voicing the character?
CM: When I was homeless between 2008-2009 for seven months, stuff happens, I was on the train, and I don’t wear a sign saying that I am Frylock. Though today I am wearing a Mooninites shirt, but that is a different story. So I am on this train car and it is filled with Stromtroopers from a parade and all of the sudden, I hear “Frylock” called out and it was the Emperor. I gave him a fist-pound and I nealed before him and he told me to “Rise! Darth Means”. True story. I play a lot of video games online under the name “Darth Means”.

MG: Besides Frylock, you ever voice any other characters throughout the seasons?
CM: I am just Frylock, dude! Actually I also voiced a tree also when Carl was getting his back skin ripped off. Besides “Aqua Teen”, I got asked to try out for a few characters on “Squidbillies” but they used someone else of course.

MG: How long does it take you to record one entire season?
CM: It depends. They might call me for one show and it might take only 20 minutes and I might only have one line. They will also call me something for four shows and I like those since that means more money.

MG: When you record are you with anyone else?
CM: Usually I am with Dave Willis. Matt is on the phone. Dana does his stuff seperately.

MG: What can we expect from the show going forward?
CM: I hope this show lasts longer than “The Simpsons”. They need to do another movie. I hope Frylock isn’t abroad again, since I wasn’t a fan of that. We need to start a viral bug to get that made.


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Blu-ray Review “This Means War”

Directed by: McG
Starring: Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, Reese Witherspoon
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Distributed by: 20th Century Fox
Release Date: May 22, 2012
Running Time: 97 minutes

Film: 2.5 out of 5 stars
Extras: 3 out of 5 stars

I have been a fan of the MAD comic strip “Spy vs. Spy” since I was a kid. When I saw this trailer for the first time, I was really excited to see it. When you put Star Trek’s Captain Kirk up against The Dark Knight’s Bane only sweetens the pot.  Unfortunately you then throw in Reese Witherspoon, it all goes bad. The teases you with kick ass action in the opening scenes only to make you wait until the last scene in order to get your second helping.  The in-between included a few laughs but nothing we haven’t seen from the trailer.

The story follows two covert CIA operatives, FDR (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy), who are also best buddies …that is until they both fall for the same girl Lauren (Reese Witherspoon). They wage an all out epic battle against each other for her affection using their super cool CIA surveillance skills and high-tech gadgetry. It’s Spy vs. Spy and may the best spy win!

This Blu-ray included two cuts of the film, one being an extended cut, which runs about seven minutes longer and also  theatrical version.  Besides the Blu-ray disc, there is also a DVD disc and a Digital Copy disc included as well.  The 1080p video resolution looks good especially during the action scenes…well the two only action scenes. It is also presented with an aspect ratio of 2.40:1.  During the action scenes, the audio track also shines with its DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track.

The special features are decent and includes some interesting content.  There is a very honest audio commentary from Director McG, usually not a big fan of his but this works.  There is an epilogue scene taking place at Lauren’s Vegas bachelorette party. There are six deleted scenes, with optional commentary by McG, which run about 15 minutes.  There is also three alternate endings,  also with optional commentary.  There is an alternate opening concept scene, which would have been taken place in Dubai.  There is a funny uncensored Gag Reel. Lastly there is a theatrical trailer.

Film Review “This Means War”

Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy
Directed by: McG
Rated: PG 13
Running time: 1 hour 38 mins
20th Century Fox

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Last week’s “Safe House” gave us a pair of spies that got down and dirty. This week, the boys from the C.I.A. are much more glamorous.

High atop a Hong Kong skyscraper, FDR (Pine) and Tuck (Hardy) are on a mission. They’re assignment is to capture an elusive baddie named Heinrich (Til Schweiger) as covertly as they can. Too bad neither of them seem to understand the word “covert.”

Smartly written and cleverly directed by action maestro McG, “This Means War” is a fine combination of romance and comedy with a little bit of action thrown in for good measure. As best friends and partners, Pine and Hardy have a natural chemistry and obvious comradeship that radiates from the screen. Pine, with the same “bad boy” twinkle in his eyes that made him a perfect Captain Kirk in “Star Trek,” plays FDR as the typical free and easy bachelor. He has a sweet sports car and a sweeter apartment (apparently the spy game pays very well). His cover identity is that of a cruise ship captain, which allows him to be anywhere in the world at anytime. As divorced dad Tuck (his ex-wife couldn’t believe she married the only travel agent that actually travels), Hardy shows another facet of his talent by proving himself a gifted comedian. I really can’t rave any more about Tom Hardy then I did last year in my review of “Warrior.” Suffice it to say this guy can apparently do it all.

Bored with his personal life, Tuck arranges to meet Lauren (Witherspoon) after seeing her on an Internet dating site. The meeting goes well but, as she’s heading home, Lauren meets FDR in a video store. Soon, unknowingly, both men find themselves infatuated with the same woman. When they discover this, they use the agency and their underlings to spy on Lauren. They agree to a gentleman’s bet, vowing to step aside if Lauren shows feelings for the other. But as each man find himself drawn to Lauren the lengths they will go to in order to win her heart grow more and more ridiculous. Soon the two are more interested in topping one another than finding the dastardly Heinrich. But not to worry… Mr. Heinrich will find them.

McG has done some amazing action work in films like “Terminator Salvation” and the “Charlie’s Angels” series. Here, like in “We Are Marshall,” he finds the human side of the camera, inviting us to meet and enjoy being around these characters. But that’s not to say that the action-crazy McG isn’t in the house! He’s here…and in as fine a form as ever.

The supporting cast also does well, especially Angela Bassett as the two friends’ boss and Chelsea Handler as Lauren’s friend and advice giver. I’ve read that some of Handler’s more “R” – rated comments were cut from the film to ensure the “PG 13” rating. May have to wait for the DVD to hear what I missed.


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