Keep An Eye On Your Friends, Family, And Enemies

Many types we come across people who want to harm us or create trouble for us. Not only them but we the have children at our home who needs to be supervised for they also use phones and various social media applications. Recently there was a game name; Blue Whale was being played by many children who committed suicide. Most of the times family doesn’t understand what is happening with the child and then they get the shock of their lives which costs lifetime full of regret. That is why you need applications and sources where you can keep track of what your young one is doing and also what is happening around you so that you can be ready for it if trouble arrives.

Best Spy Application

Best spy apps for android spyware helps you keep whereabouts of everything you would want to know. With the help of this application, it will be easy for you to snoop around on others phone without being caught and insulted. Also, your child won’t even know about it unless he finds you too. No matter as much as wrong it sounds, it is essential that you understand that in today’s social media world, nobody is safe and the young minds are the easiest prey to be trapped in the net by the hunters such as pedophiles, etc.

Steps To Install

Snoopza is easy to install on your phone. Here are the levels to make you understand the process of downloading it on your phone. Read ahead-

Sign up- This is the very first step to install this app. Sign up on their website; you can go to this link and create your account and password along with it. Making of the account is free of cost, so you need not worry about it at all.

Install- Install this application on your kid’s phone and log in with your account. You can hide this account, and they won’t be able to know that you’ve downloaded it to keep a track on them.

Log in- after downloading it on their phone, remember to log in with the help of your account and password that you created to sign in on the website of the same application.

Services Offered By Application

Now before you install this app or after you do, it is essential to know the services it provides. Here is the list of services offered by the snoopza app to help you spy on others phone.

Call Tracking– This application saves the chats, all the conversations, the exact time of any text or call, the date and times of miss calls, incoming and outgoing calls. In short, everything you need, it keeps track of it.

Call Recording– along with tracking it all, it records the conversation you are having on calls too. And it saves to tune in later and gather all the information.

Location Tracker– one of the best features that make this app a plus is its capability of keeping track of your location. So that if you want to know where your children are, you can understand their lie easily.

Facebook– you also get access to the password of facebook that is logged on on that device so that you can see who the kids are chatting with and what are they sharing on their profile.

Tracking Of Internet History– You can also keep track of their internet browser history or data along with the cookies and caches to know if they are into activities they shouldn’t be into at all and you can bring them back on track if something wrong happens.

Sim Card Replacement– what if all you know about is one number but kid uses the second one as a secret to lay off the radar of being caught. Well, this application does that too.

Download this app now and live a tension free life.

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Emmure’s Jesse Ketive talks about new album “Eternal Enemies”

Jesse Ketive is the guitarist for the Queens, NY metal band Emmure. The group released their 6th studio album in April of this year via Victory records titled “Eternal Enemies”. The album landed at number 4 on the Top Hard Rock charts giving the band some solid ground to stand on as they join this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. Media Mikes spoke with Jesse recently about the album’s release and what the band is most looking forward to during this summer’s tour.

Adam Lawton: Can you give us the lowdown on the band’s new album “Eternal Enemies”?
Jesse Ketive: We mostly stuck with the same formula that we have always used but added in a few new tricks. The biggest thing with this record is how the vocals and instrumentation go back and forth.  Things like this always seem to happen during production because we hear something happen that was unplanned and like it so we keep it. Those are pleasant surprises.

AL: What is a general studio session like for the band?
JK: Ever since the very first album I have recorded all of the guitar and bass. Sometimes the other guys will come in and throw some things down but for the most part I am the guy doing the recording. We all do different things and contribute to one another’s ideas.

AL: What steps do you take to try and evolve your sound while still keeping in-line with what you are known for musically?
JK: Our songs don’t have standard structures. We like to change up the flow and style of things. Sometimes a song will be short and sometimes it will be a bit longer. We just try and keep things aggressive with a groovy pace.

AL: What are you guys most looking forward to about being a part of Mayhem Festival this summer?
JK: We are ready to get out there and have a great time and put on an awesome set. We have some shows lined up in Canada and overseas where we will be working on refining the set so it’s going to be really great.

AL: What was it that made you choose Mayhem Festival over a traditional solo tour?
JK: There are a lot of bands and tours that go out during the summer. They all sport great lineups and to go out on your own it can be very easy to get passed over. So it’s that “if you can’t beat them, join them” mentality. You look for a package that best fits your style and you go out there and put on some great shows. Everyone involved with Mayhem is great so joining up with them again was an easy decision.

AL: What are the plans for the band after Mayhem wraps up?
JK: We have a very exciting headlining tour lined up for the fall/winter seasons. I can’t announce it just yet but we will be out there doing shows for sure.


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Attika 7’s Evan Seinfeld talks about new album “Blood of My Enemies” and tour

Evan Seinfeld is the former lead singer/bassist of the legendary NY hardcore band Biohazard. Seinfeld left the group in 2011 and joined the hard rock/metal group Attika 7. The group released its first LP titled “Blood of My Enemies” in mid June of this year and Media Mikes had the chance recently to talk with Evan about the group and their new album.

Adam Lawton:  What was it that interested you in joining a new band?
Evan Seinfeld:  I am the kind person that thrives on change and new energy. I started Biohazard when I was still a teenager. We played 4,000 concerts over 25 years. I put a lot of energy and time into the last Biohazard album but in the end I have to do what’s best for me. I had to be able to grow as a musician and to be inspired. I always put my creativity first and money second. I could have just gone on doing the same thing and faded off in to the sunset. When I first heard the material my friend Rusty Coones had written while he was in prison it gave me chills. I live for those moments.  When I am singing these new songs it takes me back to being 17 again. This time around I know what I want to do and I don’t have to waste any time with things I am not interested in. We only have a certain amount of time on this planet and I plan to live mine to the very fullest.

AL:  How did you get involved with the band?
ES: I have lived by our guitarist Rusty Coones for some time now. I had first met him though Jesse James and after that we were always hanging out and riding motorcycles together. One day we were talking and he had told me that they had just let their singer go and that they had a gig coming up. Rusty asked me if I would fill in and I said sure. He sent me the tracks and even though we hadn’t played together before I liked the music. At that point I had never really listened to the lyrics but after really listening to them I became very inspired. Rusty had never thought I would be available and that I was just filling in for this one show. The music just spoke to me and I felt like this is what I should be doing.

AL: How would you describe your work on the new album?
ES: I feel really great about this record and am walking with pep in my step. A lot of the credit I have to give to our producer MudRock. I have worked with a lot of great producers in my career but MudRock really helped me to find my voice. I am now able to sing harder and with more range than I was ever able to in the past. He did something in the studio that just brought the best out of me. I really enjoyed the process. This album is both heavy and melodic while remaining crystal clear. We went in to the studio and played the album front to back live which was great. A lot of the material werecorded was already written prior to me coming in but there were some songs that still needed a little work. A majority of the material was written so perfectly that it didn’t need anything else. We however did write some songs from scratch. Rusty had wanted to put this band together for a long time and played with a bunch of different people. When he and I started we just clicked. We dove in to that material and just dissected it in order to get the best possible result from each song. I like working like that and I really like being in the band. I am honored to sing songs that are so deep.

AL: How would you categorize the sound of this album?
ES: Everyone one loves to relate sounds to other bands as it’s an easy way to do things. Attika 7 is clearly derived from classic metal. You can hear our influences in the songs. I think it will definitely appeal to people who like old school Pantera up to fans of Godsmack. When I listen to the album I can hear a lot of my own influences like Black Sabbath and Type O Negative mixed with some melodic hard rock. I hear every little thing in this album. There are moments when we really lock in as a band and we don’t sound like anyone or anything else. Those are the moments that I am most proud of. The inspiration for this record comes from a very dark place and in the end the message is one of hope and redemption. When all the shit goes down you find out who you are and who your friends are. To be able to look in the mirror and know who you are and what you are made of is a great thing.

AL: What are going to be the tour plans for this album?
ES: There is a lot of talk and buzz right now about what we may be doing however, nothing has been confirmed. This is a new band so people are going to wait to see just how good we are live before making any decisions. A lot of times people have expectations or thoughts about how this project sounds like something else that me or one of the other guys in the band have done before. It has been really important to us that this band have a very heavy and true live sound. We also wanted the band to be really tight and have since made line-up changes to help us get to that point. Everything is completely wide open right now. It’s been a humbling process to start over. It’s awesome in a way because it alleviates any pressure or expectations I have on myself where I maybe played a venue back in the 90’s to X amount of people and this time there are only this amount of people. I am stoked if 20 or 20,000 people show up. As long as they are in to the music that’s all I care about. I am really excited to go to some new places and turn new people on to our sound.

AL: Are you planning to do anymore acting?
ES: Rusty and I both have a bunch of reality television type stuff in the works. Some of the things will be together while other are going to be separate. In terms of acting that is something I love to do. The thing that I don’t enjoy is going to auditions. Those can be disappointing because I am very hungry and love doing what I am doing so you go to those things and you may end up not getting the part. You then see who was cast instead and know you could have done better or been more real. That was kind of the situation when I auditioned for “Sons of Anarchy”. I really wanted that part and knew I could sink my teeth into it but they ended up casting a few guys who don’t even ride. I would enjoy the challenge of acting again but there are a lot of people out there that watch television and think it’s real. They often forget that actors are playing a character. You can’t tell me Anthony Hopkins walks around as Hannibal Lector. That’s just crazy to think. If I was to do more I don’t think I would want another role that would make people think I am something that I am not.   

CD Review: Attika 7 “Blood of My Enemies”

Attika 7
“Blood of My Enemies”
Rocket Science
Producer: MudRock
Tracks: 13

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

“Blood of My Enemies” is the debut release from the hard rock/ metal group Attika 7. The group consists of former Biohazard singer/bassist Evan Seinfeld, former Static-X bassist Tony Campos and famed motorcycle build/guitarist Rusty Coones. Together with famed producer MudRock (Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack) the group has created a sound/album that showcases the bands influences while at the same time creating something completely new.

The 13 tracks contained on “Blood of My Enemies” will pulverize your senses until they burst. Each song is beautifully crafted to give the listener the most bang for their buck. From the foreboding opening track “Crackerman” to the hook heavy “Devil’s Daughter” to the skull rattling title track “Blood of My Enemies “Attika 7 delivers. Seinfeld’s gruff and at times haunting vocal presence is a perfect match for bringing Coones lyrics (written while serving time in Federal Prison) to life. This album is as real as it gets and it only gets better each time you listen to it.

Attika 7’s “Blood of My Enemies” is a no bullshit, straight forward hard rock/metal album. Those expecting to find a reboot of any of the member’s former bands won’t find it here. Instead you get something that is brand new but with a broken in familiar feel

Track Listing:
1.)    CrackerMan
2.)    Serial Killer
3.)    All or Nothing
4.)    Devils Daughter
5.)    Greed and Power
6.)    LockDown
7.)    The Hard Cold Truth
8.)    No Redemption
9.)    Blood of My Enemies
10.)  Living in Oppression
11.)  Dying Slowly
12.)  HellBound
13.)  War