Emmure’s Jesse Ketive talks about new album “Eternal Enemies”

Jesse Ketive is the guitarist for the Queens, NY metal band Emmure. The group released their 6th studio album in April of this year via Victory records titled “Eternal Enemies”. The album landed at number 4 on the Top Hard Rock charts giving the band some solid ground to stand on as they join this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. Media Mikes spoke with Jesse recently about the album’s release and what the band is most looking forward to during this summer’s tour.

Adam Lawton: Can you give us the lowdown on the band’s new album “Eternal Enemies”?
Jesse Ketive: We mostly stuck with the same formula that we have always used but added in a few new tricks. The biggest thing with this record is how the vocals and instrumentation go back and forth.  Things like this always seem to happen during production because we hear something happen that was unplanned and like it so we keep it. Those are pleasant surprises.

AL: What is a general studio session like for the band?
JK: Ever since the very first album I have recorded all of the guitar and bass. Sometimes the other guys will come in and throw some things down but for the most part I am the guy doing the recording. We all do different things and contribute to one another’s ideas.

AL: What steps do you take to try and evolve your sound while still keeping in-line with what you are known for musically?
JK: Our songs don’t have standard structures. We like to change up the flow and style of things. Sometimes a song will be short and sometimes it will be a bit longer. We just try and keep things aggressive with a groovy pace.

AL: What are you guys most looking forward to about being a part of Mayhem Festival this summer?
JK: We are ready to get out there and have a great time and put on an awesome set. We have some shows lined up in Canada and overseas where we will be working on refining the set so it’s going to be really great.

AL: What was it that made you choose Mayhem Festival over a traditional solo tour?
JK: There are a lot of bands and tours that go out during the summer. They all sport great lineups and to go out on your own it can be very easy to get passed over. So it’s that “if you can’t beat them, join them” mentality. You look for a package that best fits your style and you go out there and put on some great shows. Everyone involved with Mayhem is great so joining up with them again was an easy decision.

AL: What are the plans for the band after Mayhem wraps up?
JK: We have a very exciting headlining tour lined up for the fall/winter seasons. I can’t announce it just yet but we will be out there doing shows for sure.


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