Win an Autographed DVD of the New Film "Broken Roads" [ENDED]


broken roadsMedia Mikes is proud to offer two of our readers the opportunity to win a copy of the new film “Broken Roads” on DVD. The film, recently reviewed HERE, stars Academy Award nominee Sally Kirkland and was written and directed by Justin Chambers, who has autographed the DVD cover. All you have to do is tell us which “small” film really impressed you when you saw it? Was it the Coen Brothers’ “Blood Simple?” P.T. Anderson’s “Hard Eight?” What movie made you sit up and take notice of a new and exciting filmmaker?

At the end of the giveaway (2) random entries will be selected and the winners notified by email. This contest runs until Friday, March 15, 2013. Good luck!


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45 Replies to “Win an Autographed DVD of the New Film "Broken Roads" [ENDED]”

  1. id have to say Clerks (Kevin Smith) i saw it in a mini college local owned movie theater, where the projectionist had to come down and tell people to put out what ever was being smoked cause he couldnt see in the booth and you could here beer bottles rolling down the rows. But the simple black and white movie about those clerks spoke to me as i had many a day as a clerk myself saying…im not supposed to be here today!!! Love the flic and im still a Smith fanboy!

  2. Friends with Kids directed by Jennifer Westfeldt did a brilliant job with the acting and directing this film. It helps when you see talent like Jennifer both on screen and off screen.

  3. this film is by far the best independent film i have watched, the only other independent film that i have watched that comes to mind is Dance Flick that was directed by the Waynes brothers it aslo had Shoshanna Bush in it. She did a brilliant job acting in both films and i will be watching for her in more films to come.

  4. I would have to say Bryan Singer’s “The Usual Suspects” from 1995. What a beautifully crafted film, a real modern day “who done it”. Who is Keyser Söze?? Fun flick!!

  5. Edgar Wright’s Shaun of The Dead!!! After seeing it, he immediantly became my favorite! I’ve seen all his movies and loved every one of them!

  6. Home Room (2002) starring Victor Garber, Busy Phillips and Erika Christensen. The movie is directed by Paul F. Ryan. My sister and I rented this that summer from Blockbuster, and were instantly hooked. The film chronicles a school shooting, and its affect on the students.

    “I don’t know why it had to happen here, it’s home room.”

  7. Drake Doremus’ film “Like Crazy” stole my heart and had me locked within the first 10 minutes. The film is follows the birth, development, growths, setbacks & all the other highs & lows that attach themselves to young love; especially such a passionate love in “Like Crazy”. Early in the film, Anna (Felicity Jones), the female lead, decides to leave a love letter under the wind-shield wiper of her fellow classmate, Jacob (Anton Yelich) whom she’s adoringly watched from afar. Her “PS” read “Please don’t think I’m a nutcase”… I was hooked. Doremus made a ridiculously fantastic film & believe me, all my friends have heard about it. 🙂

  8. When I first saw John Cassavetes’ A Woman Under The Influence, I was stunned, not just at Gen Rowlands’ incomparable performance, but at his whole filmmaking style. I know that some of his films should be taken with a grain of salt, but that is what makes them unique, challenging, and different.

  9. Ted really impressed me. I thought ted the bear was hilarious. I think seth mcfarlan will be a terrific director.

  10. John Cassavetes’ A Woman Under The Influence,some would say the first indie film.

  11. tell us which “small” film really impressed you when you saw it?

    HARD Candy…as i cover my…….

  12. I just recently watched Winter’s Bone when i saw it on TV. I was pleasantly surprised. I remember reading about it when it first came out but never had a chance to see it

  13. For me, it was Gareth Edwards, ‘MONSTERS’ (2010) that made me sit up and take notice. I thought the movie had a pretty good story, with great directing, and for being a really low-budget sci-fi movie, the digital CGI effects were pretty darn amazing I thought. I really enjoyed it!

  14. My favorite was definitely Winter’s Bone, loved that movie. Could watch it again and again.

  15. The movie that made me sit up and take notice of a new and exciting filmmaker was Little Miss Sunshine which was directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris. I enjoyed the plot of the movie so much and thought the actors and actresses were great in their roles.

  16. Freddy vs Jason!! never thought I would ever see anything like it but I admit when I first saw it I was pumped up and excited because it made me take notice of a new and exciting filmmaker

  17. I would have to say Reservoir Dogs…the little film that became a cult classic. 🙂 Thank you.

  18. Two movies come to mind that really made me look into who made it and why. The first was Christopher Nolan’s Momento. It was so different. We actually brought people back with us to see it about 3 different times to get the story. The friends we went with all talked about the movie for hours afterwards. That movie made me really look for Christopher Nolan’s future work. Now after Batman I am excited to see where he goes next.

    The other movie was one we rented from Netflix (back when DVD’s were our main way of getting the movies). It’s a small little movie called Primer and it will mess with your head. It is a quiet movie about time travel and the affects of time travel. We had to watch it about 5 times in total to map out all the weirdness. Yes 5 seems like a lot but it was well worth it as it felt like we were discovering new gold nuggets when we realized there were loops within loops of time going on.

    Now I just need to win this movie. Please. I have a cat to feed. and he needs a good movie to watch with me…

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