CD Review “DJ Dougg Pound: Pound It”

DJ Dougg Pound
Pound It
Running Time: 37 minutes
Tracks: 27
Produced by: Doug Lussenhop

Our Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

When we recently interviewed Doug Lussenhop aka DJ Dougg Pound, he said that he told us that he tried doing both stand up and playing in bands but wasn’t good enough at either one. He said he enjoyed most doing a combination of both. That combination makes up this really a fun and entertaining CD. It reminds contains a great mix of of comedy and music. It will leave you repeating the lyrics immediately after your first listen for sure.

I had the privilege of seeing DJ Dougg Pound perform live in NYC during a Tim and Eric show years ago and he easily stole the show. He was fun and entertaining and luckily some of the tracks he played or available on this record like the great track “Who? (Remix)”.  If you like Tim and Eric-type of humor and music, this is a must purchase.

“Pound It” is a high energy song and a great start to the album. Though my favorite track is easily “Numb My Gummies”, it is very funny and has stuck with me for days after my first listen. Normally when skits and music are mashed together, I find myself skipping the dialogue to get to the music…though not with this one. The question is asked “Do you want to hear the remix” at the end of each skit and the remix is basically a coked-up techno remix of the skit, mixed with music and pop-culture. The collaboration of the two work really well and links each track together almost seamlessly.

The album was score at 4.5 out of 5 stars, only due to the fact that I was left wanting more. I wish the album could have been double the length.  The tracks are produced very well and sound very sharp. I look forward to future albums from DJ Dougg Pound and I have a feeling this album is going to spend many years on my iPhone’s playlist.

Track List:
1. Pound It
2. Knock Knock
3. Who? (Remix)
4. Digital Cameras
5. Digital Cameras (Remix)
6. Party Next Week
7. I’m the Best Dancer
8. Ya
9. Ya Who? (Remix)
10. Pussy Car
11. Long Cummmings
12. Inspiration Point
13. Ghini Genie
14. Gimme Lamborghini
15. Any more Questions?
16. Numb my Gummies
17. Roid Rage
18. Do you believe in having some ‘roids?
19. Someone to talk to
20. (remix)
21. Kinda picky
22. Reubenesque (Remix)
23. End of CD
24. Hidden Track
25. Secret track (Remix)
26. Unlisted song
27. Nooooooo


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