Metallica and San Francisco Symphony’s September 6 & 8, 2019 S&M2 concerts were historic on multiple levels: They served as the grand opening of San Francisco’s Chase Center, reunited the band and Symphony for the first time since the 1999 performances captured on the Grammy-winning S&M album, and featured the first-ever symphonic renditions of songs written and released since those original S&M shows.

The sold out shows were rapturously received by the 40,000 fans who traveled from nearly 70 countries, as well as the media: Rolling Stone raved “the group proved that anything was possible,”Variety noted an atmosphere “buzzing with excitement,” while the Mercury News witnessed “a concert that fans will be talking about for decades to come,” and Consequence of Sound hailed “a true celebration of Metallica and their musical prowess.” 

On August 28, S&M2 comes to life once more with the release of Metallica and San Francisco Symphony: S&M2. S&M2 will be available in a staggering array of formats, ranging from a digital album on all leading streaming outlets, to 4LP vinyl, 2CD, DVD and Blu-ray versions, to a limited edition color vinyl 4LP + 2CD + Blu-ray Deluxe Box featuring sheet music, guitar picks, poster and more, all the way up to a exclusive Super Deluxe Box, limited to 500 copies, each featuring actual sheet music used by the Symphony during the shows and hand-signed by all four band members (in addition to including everything in the Deluxe Box). With this long-awaited Blackened Recordings release, S&M2 can be fully experienced by others beyond those who squeezed into the Chase Center over those two unforgettable evenings. 

S&M2 is a landmark release in the Metallica catalogue, both sonically and visually. Produced by Greg Fidelman with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, the S&M2 live album captures more than two and a half hours of James, Lars, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo joining forces with the nearly 80-strong SF Symphony, legendary Music Director of the orchestra Michael Tilson Thomas, and conductor Edwin Outwater. The concert film is a brand-new edit done by Joe Hutching (Through The Never) and both the audio and visuals have been taken to the next level from the October 2019 theatrical version that played in over 3,700 cinemas worldwide 

S&M2 is available for pre-order now, preceded by the S&M2 versions of “All Within My Hands” and “Nothing Else Matters,” both now available across digital platforms. See below for track listing and detailed list of configurations, and stay tuned to for further information.


– Deluxe Box (limited edition 4LP color vinyl, exclusive photobook, 2CDs, Blu-ray, sheet music, five guitar picks, poster, download card) 
– Super Deluxe Box (all of the above + original sheet music signed by the band. Limited to 500 via
– Black 4LP set w/photobook and download card
– Color 4LP set w/photobook and download card (exclusive to indie retail +
– 2CD set w/36-page booklet
– 2CD/Blu-ray set w/36-page booklet
– 2CD/DVD set w/36-page booklet
– Blu-Ray
– Digital Album
– Digital Movie 

Track Listings:

     1 The Ecstasy of Gold
     2 The Call of Ktulu
     3 For Whom the Bell Tolls
     1 The Day that Never Comes
     2 The Memory Remains
     3 Confusion
     1 Moth Into Flame
     2 The Outlaw Torn
     1 No Leaf Clover
     2 Halo on Fire
     1 Intro to Scythian Suite
     2 Scythian Suite, Opus 20 II: The Enemy God and the Dance of the Dark Spirits 
     3 Intro to The Iron Foundry
     4 The Iron Foundry, Opus 19
     5 The Unforgiven III
     1 All Within My Hands
     2 (Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth
     3 Wherever I May Roam
     1 One
     2 Master of Puppets
     1 Nothing Else Matters
     2 Enter Sandman

   CD 1  
     1 The Ecstasy of Gold (Live)
     2 The Call of Ktulu (Live)
     3 For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live)
     4 The Day That Never Comes (Live)
     5 The Memory Remains (Live)
     6 Confusion (Live)
     7 Moth Into Flame (Live)
     8 The Outlaw Torn (Live)
     9 No Leaf Clover (Live)
     10 Halo on Fire (Live)
     CD 2 

     1 Intro to Scythian Suite (Live)
     2 Scythian Suite, Opus 20 II: The Enemy God And The Dance Of The Dark Spirits (Live)
     3 Intro to The Iron Foundry (Live)
     4 The Iron Foundry, Opus 19 (Live)
     5 The Unforgiven III (Live)
     6 All Within My Hands (Live)
     7 (Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth (Live)
     8 Wherever I May Roam (Live)
     9 One (Live)
     10 Master of Puppets (Live)
     11 Nothing Else Matters (Live)
     12 Enter Sandman (Live)

     1 Menu (features “Moth Into Flame”)
     2 Intro (features “Wherever I May Roam” and “All Within My Hands”)
     3 The Ecstasy of Gold (Live)
     4 The Call of Ktulu (Live)
     5 For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live)
     6 The Day That Never Comes (Live)
     7 The Memory Remains (Live)
     8 Confusion (Live)
     9 Moth Into Flame (Live)
     10 The Outlaw Torn (Live)
     11 No Leaf Clover (Live)
     12 Halo on Fire (Live)
     13 Intro to Scythian Suite (Live)
     14 Scythian Suite, Opus 20 II: The Enemy God And The Dance Of The Dark Spirits (Live)
     15 Intro to The Iron Foundry (Live)
     16 The Iron Foundry, Opus 19 (Live)
     17 The Unforgiven III (Live)
     18 All Within My Hands (Live)
     19 (Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth (Live)
     20 Wherever I May Roam (Live)
     21 One (Live)
     22 Master of Puppets (Live)
     23 Nothing Else Matters (Live)
     23 Enter Sandman (Live)
     24 Credits
     25 Behind the Scenes: Making of the Show
     26 All Within My Hands Promo

     1 Intro (features “Wherever I May Roam” and “All Within My Hands”)
     2 The Ecstasy of Gold (Live)
     3 The Call of Ktulu (Live)
     4 For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live)
     5 The Day That Never Comes (Live)
     6 The Memory Remains (Live)
     7 Confusion (Live)
     8 Moth Into Flame (Live)
     9 The Outlaw Torn (Live)
     10 No Leaf Clover (Live)
     11 Halo on Fire (Live)
     12 Intro to Scythian Suite (Live)
     13 Scythian Suite, Opus 20 II: The Enemy God And The Dance Of The Dark Spirits (Live)
     14 Intro to The Iron Foundry (Live)
     15 The Iron Foundry, Opus 19 (Live)
     16 The Unforgiven III (Live)
     17 All Within My Hands (Live)
     18 (Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth (Live)
     19 Wherever I May Roam (Live)
     20 One (Live)
     21 Master of Puppets (Live)
     22 Nothing Else Matters (Live)
     23 Enter Sandman (Live)
     24 Credits

Metallica and The San Francisco Symphony’s “S&M²” Coming to Cinemas Worldwide





Trafalgar Releasing is excited to announce the forthcoming release of Metallica and San Francisco Symphony: S&M² in cinemas worldwide this October 9. Metallica and San Francisco Symphony reunite to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their original S&M (Symphony & Metallica) show with S&M², filmed at San Francisco’s new Chase Center. 

Tickets will be on sale on August 7 from 

The original S&M concerts were performed by Metallica and San Francisco Symphony and conducted by the late Michael Kamen in spring of 1999 at the Berkeley Community Theatre. 2019’s S&M² concert will feature the first live performances of these arrangements in 20 years, plus the first-ever Metallica and San Francisco Symphony renditions of songs written and released since the original concert, with new orchestral charts by Bruce Coughlin. 

Legendary conductor Michael Tilson Thomas completes the first week of his final season as San Francisco Symphony Music Director with a special appearance, conducting a portion of the show. 

Metallica’s first collaboration with San Francisco Symphony was documented by the Grammy-winning live album S&M

Kymberli Frueh, SVP for Programming and Content Acquisitions at Trafalgar Releasing has said: “Trafalgar Releasing is excited to give Metallica fans around the world a chance to celebrate this anniversary concert together in local cinemas in October.

The original collaboration between two San Francisco legends—Metallica and San Francisco Symphony became a true moment in music history two decades ago. Reuniting again to perform S&M² is a salute to the legendary collaboration and creates a special moment for Metallica fans to see this iconic pairing.” 

The event will be screened in cinemas around the world on October 9. More information can be found at, where fans can sign up for event alerts including when tickets go on sale.This announcement follows a busy 2019 in music for Trafalgar Releasing with the upcoming release of Roger Waters Us + ThemRush: Cinema StangiatoThe 9th Annual Grateful Dead Meet-Up at the Moviescoming to cinemas worldwide for the first time ever and BRING THE SOUL: THE MOVIE, the latest film from K-Pop phenomenon BTS. Recent releases have included Tribeca documentary Between Me and My Mind about Phish front man Trey Anastasio, The Cure – Anniversary 1978-2018 Live in Hyde Park LondonKhalid Free Spirit and The Music Center presents Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration.

Marvel Steals the Show as San Diego Comic Con Celebrates 50 Years

By now you’ve probably heard about Disney/Marvel turning Hall H into a head spinning bonanza with the announcement of their Phase 4 slate of movies, as well as their new batch of superhero TV shows set to be released on their new streaming service, Disney+. As we’ve learned covering SDCC (for our third year now at Media Mikes), there’s a lot more to this con than the big studios throwing down the proverbial gauntlet. Although Mahershala Ali being announced as the new Blade is still pretty friggin’ awesome.

Preview Night belonged to Warner Bros., who surprisingly didn’t come loaded with their batch of DC caped crusaders despite another Wonder Woman movie on the horizon. Instead they brought the frights with an “IT: Chapter Two” panel, hosted by Conan O’Brien. While we weren’t able to snag a coveted seat inside of the Horton Grand Theatre, fans didn’t have to wait long to get a new trailer for the next chapter in clown horror. ScareDiego is quickly becoming a must-experience for fans that arrive early for Comic-Con. 

Thursday was the start to the madness as several offsites were activated and vendors on the exhibit floor quickly saw their lines capped in the early morning hours. Funko and LEGO saw the usual amount of hordes, but Mondo was the sleeper hit, with unique posters for films like “Detective Pikachu,” vinyl records (which I’m always surprised are making a comeback), and a tiki mug for “JAWS” that I’m sure the founders of MediaMikes would love to add their fanboy collection. But it didn’t take long, each and every day, for lines to be capped by volunteers to prevent clustering and to make sure people didn’t spend all day in a line where they would inevitably leave empty-handed. Although it can be frustrating being left out of the lottery for exclusives, it does give you a chance to check out the other vendors selling their own unique twist on their personal fandom. As for me, because I love a good deal, the best line was my five-minute wait for a free cricket powder protein bar. The peanut butter and jelly bug flavored goodness was in promotion of the upcoming “Snowpiercer” TV series. 

Just outside the five-decade celebration inside of the convention center, were several impressive offsites dotting the Gaslamp District. After last year’s Jack Ryan activation, some were wondering if Amazon could top their second prime activation. Long answer, sort of, short answer, no. While not as fully immersive, it provided several experiences for fans to interact with on-site actors, get some cool swag, and munch on some free Carl’s Jr. Although my favorite offsite may be a toss-up between Adult Swim’s carnival and the Alfred Pennyworth speak-easy. Both had minimal waits, plenty to do once you got inside, and lots of exclusive goodies. That shouldn’t take away from the nearly two dozen other activations that provided their own chances to geek out, including the “South Park” mini-golf course.

Now, instead of gushing over the panels I attended, I think it’s easier to make note of something, that’s a common complaint every year, but organizers of Comic Con need to recognize the cultural significance of several properties. “Rick and Morty” is too big to be in the Indigo Ballroom. Two hours before the panel on Friday, the line wrapped around inside, down a flight of stairs, through the lobby, outside to the pier, wrapped around again, and then capped itself near the convention center across the way. The same thing happened with Brooklyn 99 on Saturday, but this time in a different, but still significantly small room. I’d be willing to bet money that “Rick and Morty,” who deserves to be in Hall H, will have more viewers this upcoming season than “The Walking Dead,” which was in Hall H at that same time slot. Times change quickly these days in pop-culture and it’s important for Comic Con keep their  finger on the pulse.

For the third year in a row, we’re incredibly gracious that Comic Con has allowed us inside to cover the convention. Despite the long lines, sore feet, the current lack of cash in my bank account and the sunburn I’m rocking because I forgot to pack sunscreen, it was all worth it. It always is and always will be. We look forward to Comic Con 2020. I’ve already begun checking my couch cushions for change because July 23rd-26th, 2020, doesn’t feel that far away.

Metallica and San Francisco Symphony Announce S&M 2 Anniversary Concert


In celebration of the historic grand opening of the Chase Center—the new 18,064-seat arena in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood—two preeminent musical forces of the Bay Area will join together for the first time in 20 years: On Friday, September 6, Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony will commemorate this most anticipated addition to San Francisco’s cultural landscape by christening the new Chase Center stage with a one-night-only show. The S&M2 concert will also mark the 20th anniversary of Metallica and the SF Symphony’s groundbreaking 1999  S&M (“Symphony & Metallica”) concerts—and its subsequent film and album releases.

Legendary conductor Michael Tilson Thomas completes the first week of his final season as San Francisco Symphony Music Director with a special appearance, conducting a portion of the show.  

The announcement was made earlier today at Chase Center with a press conference with Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield, who joined Michael Tilson Thomas from San Francisco Symphony. Warriors Owner and CEO Joe Lacob and Warriors President and Chief Operating Officer Rick Welts joined San Francisco Mayor London Breed for today’s press conference event as well. For a video of today’s press conference, CLICK HERE.

“Bringing together Metallica and San Francisco Symphony 20 years later for our first event at Chase Center is going to be an incredible and unique performance for the Bay Area,” said Warriors President and Chief Operating Officer Rick Welts. “This announcement is one of many of the must-see acts we’ll have as we continue to add a variety and diversity of shows to Chase Center’s calendar.”

“This is beyond exciting on so many fronts,” said Metallica’s Lars Ulrich. “The fact that San Francisco is finally getting a much needed world-class arena, the fact that Metallica get to be part of the opening celebration, the fact that we get to revisit S&M 20 years later, and the fact that we get to share the stage not only with the San Francisco Symphony once again, but with the legend himself, MTT, as he kicks off his final year as music director here in San Francisco. This is mind-blowingly awesome… bring it on ASAP!!!”

“The San Francisco Symphony is delighted to be a part of the Chase Center’s opening week, and to perform once again with Metallica to recreate the magic of the historic S&M concerts,” said San Francisco Symphony Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas. “I’m happy to join with my friends in Metallica to make this an extraordinary only-in-San Francisco music event.”

The original S&M concerts were performed by Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony conducted by the late Michael Kamen In spring of 1999 at the Berkeley Community Theatre. The S&M album, was released later that year, winning a Best Rock Instrumental Performance GRAMMY for its version of “The Call of Ktulu.” The S&M2 concert will feature the first live performances of these arrangements in 20 years, plus the first ever Metallica/San Francisco Symphony renditions of songs written and released since the original S&M, with new orchestral charts by Bruce Coughlin.

The first presale event begins on Tuesday, March 19 at 9:00 a.m. exclusively for Metallica Fan Club members, with an additional presale event at 12:00 p.m. for Chase cardholders. Additional presale events will be held for Chase Center Membership members on Wednesday, March 20 at 12:00 p.m. and for Warriors Season Ticket Priority Wait List members on Thursday, March 21 at 9:00 a.m. Tickets will be made available to the general public on Friday, March 22 at 10:00 a.m. Fans will be able to purchase tickets by visiting

Everything nerdy and a splash of horror invades San Diego Comic Con 2018

Some might wonder about the experiences San Diego Comic Con has to offer given that all the information and trailers released at panels drop onto the Internet a short time later, and in some instances before the panel is even set to begin. Some could simply live it through other’s photos or through their favorite Youtube personality. But I urge those with a tingling sense for adventure, or even a nerdy bone in their body, to attend.

As I stated in my article last year, when I was a newbie, that no matter how much research beforehand is done, you’re going to miss out on something. In my second year of attendance, that still holds true. As I heard from several veterans, it’s finding what you want to do and prioritizing it by day. This year I went with an offsite and inside approach. I’d start out my days checking out the sights and sounds before heading in and joining the indoor spectacle.

For a handful of hours Wednesday night, the massive vendor and exhibit hall was opened for thousands. It’s known as Preview Night. Most in attendance were ready to snag some merchandise while others, like me, simply took in all the sights and sounds. Folks with multiple bags of merchandise scurried about while others waited in lines for several booths and exhibits. The hottest spots were at Funimation, Funko, Hasbro, “The Walking Dead” area and a few usual suspects.

For those without a chance to step inside the hallowed grounds of the convention center, the outdoor areas provided some much needed fun, rest and goodies. “The Purge” offsite was literally handing out shirts, as people got to take some play money and purchase exclusive merch with that play money. It was one of the best offsites in terms of simplicity and swag. “Jack Ryan” offered a training ground, gear and (from what I read on Twitter) free money to those ballsy enough. Adult Swim, in the evening hours, opened up a mock camp site as the sun began to set. But when the sun set, “Adult Swim” staples entertained the masses until the midnight hours. The crown jewel of everything outside though was the “DC Universe” offsite where they offered food, drink, previews of games and shows, a Harley Quinn room and an escape room.

Meanwhile, others kept pace by offering simple things. FXHibition is where folks got to take pictures with some items representing their favorite show. The Experience near PetCo Park also offered a lot in terms of a place to stop for a quick bite to eat, or one of their interactive displays, including an escape room. Escape rooms seemed to be the hot thing this year as several other offsite events had an escape room, something I encourage as escape rooms slowly become even more popular. Even offsites like the Nerdist House scored huge points in my book just by offering free food and drink to those who were smart enough to search it out.

Inside, I managed to once again avoid Hall H. That didn’t stop me from getting curious when I read about some experiences on the Hall H line being easier than in years past. The reason, or the truth, behind those tweets are up in the air. Maybe next year I’ll camp out and see what all the fuss is about in the Hall where folks got a preview of “Halloween,” DC movies and an evening with Director/Writer Kevin Smith.

Don’t be discouraged though. Other rooms offer their own treats, whether it be exclusive footage or on-stage appearances by other celebrities. I found myself inside Ballroom 20 for Marvel’s “Cloak and Dagger” only to be treated to the breaking news announcement that a second season had been confirmed by the creator during the panel. Once inside and away from the Exhibit Hall, you’ll find something fun to sit in on or a group of people with the same interests that you can chat it up with.

The takeaway from fans inside was one of pure joy. Sure the long waits, sweat, frustration, and sometimes ineffectiveness of how things work can bear down on you. But when you unpack the gear you snagged and look through the pictures, you know it’s an event you’re happy to have been apart of. And part of you, just like me, will want to go back and do it all over again. If you’ve been on the fence in the past, it’s time to get off that fence and grab a plane ticket. SDCC 2019 is next July 17th-21st, so mark your calendars and start digging through the couch for some loose change.

Film Review “San Andreas”

Starring: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Carla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario
Directed By: Brad Peyton
Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 114 minutes
Warner Bros. Pictures

Our Score: 2 out of 5 stars

I don’t expect too much from my disaster movies. Like most people, I grew up on them, and at this age, I know what I enjoy. For me, you have to have some engaging and likeable characters, plenty of wanton destruction, and maybe just a hint of self-aware cheesiness. Of course you can play around with these mechanics and it’s possible to create something genuinely fun and unforgettable, but “San Andreas” doesn’t do that. “San Andreas” doesn’t offer any Earth shattering originality or groundbreaking fun.

“San Andreas” does manage to entertain when it really, really wants to, but it fades into forgotten passages of the disaster movie history books. The Mother Nature run amok in “San Andreas” is fairly self-explanatory from the title; it’s an earthquake. A scientist played by Paul Giamatti is luckily around for the ride so he can supply information and give the audience simplistic explanations to summarize tectonic plate movements and what-not. “San Andreas” introduces the notion that just before a series of earthquakes strikes along the San Andreas Fault, he’s learned how to predict earthquakes. But it’s not necessarily the most helpful thing when he learns this technique minutes before the big “ones” strike.

“San Andreas” emphasizes multiple times the earthquakes we witness, on screen, are record breakers. “San Andreas” visually emphasizes this well with as the land rolls up and down like a wave pool and skyscrapers cascade into other skyscrapers. When not setting the scene, close-ups show slabs of concrete piling up, sometimes crushing unnamed innocent bystanders as they let out one final cry. And if you see this in 3D, there’s absurd amounts of rubble that litter the screen and fly at you. While this is all terribly exciting, but sometimes gruesome, there’s this pesky thing called plot that gets in the way.

Amongst the trembling masses fleeing every tall structure, is Chief Ray Gaines (The Rock). He’s the physical embodiment of a Swiss army knife. There’s no hesitation with his abilities and it seems like he’s ready to do it all at the flip of a switch. He could probably teach multiple courses on how to operate all land, sea, and air. Half way through I began to expect that he was eventually going to punch the physical manifestation of the earthquake in the face, but alas this movie isn’t that ridiculous, and that slightly disappoints me.

During his journey to demonstrate his MacGyver-esque knowledge, he has to save his ex-wife, Emma (Gugino) and track down his daughter, Blake (Daddario), who’s caught up in the chaos. There’s some nice moments where we learn about why Ray and Emma are no longer married, their inevitable reconnection, and a few other cute side stories, but it’s hard to get too emotionally attached after being subjected to awkward scenes featuring the horrified last looks of people whose lives are extinguished.

At times you’re disappointed they aren’t going balls out with the deaths and in other instances you’re thumbing your nose at the poor choice of people who die. The Avengers spent plenty of time in “Age of Ultron” making sure innocent civilians could live, but it seems like “San Andreas” made up for that by killing 100 times that amount. There’s such a fine line between enjoying disaster sadism and simply being repulsed, but “San Andreas” finds a way to do both multiple times. By the movie’s end, the tally falls in favor of distaste.

Win Passes to the Kansas City Screening of “San Andreas” [ENDED]

Warner Brothers has teamed up with Media Mikes to give (25) of our readers a chance to attend (with a guest) the Kansas City premiere of the upcoming film “San Andreas.”

The screening will be held at the Cinemark Merriam 20 Theatre in Merriam, Kansas on Tuesday, May 26, 2015 and starts at 7:30 p.m. All you have to do is click here The first (25) people to do so will receive a pass for (2) to attend the screening. Tickets are available to the first (25) people and are first-come, first-served.

“San Andreas,” starring Dwayne Johnson, opens nationwide on Friday, May 29th in 2D, 3D and PLF.

America’s favorite action hero, Dwayne Johnson, stars in SAN ANDREAS an action-packed, thriller about a man trying to keep his family together after the biggest earthquake ever recorded, along the San Andreas fault.

The film also stars Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, Ioan Gruffudd, Archie Panjabi and Paul Giamatti. It is directed by Brad Peyton (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island).