4 Best Reasons to Visit Japan

Japan is one of the hottest travel destinations. The country is a perfect blend of Western modernity and Eastern traditions. It has to offer unique experiences, oldest civilizations, diverse history, and stunning landscapes to its visitors. If you are thinking about traveling to Japan, then apply for Japanese e-Visa. You can visit https://www.japan-visa.net/ for more information.

Read the article to find out the best reasons to visit Japan:

#1: The Beautiful Natural Landscapes

Globally, it is known that Japan is a hub of technology. But, Japan is also well-recognized for its beautiful landscapes, mountain ranges, and forested hills. If you have always wanted to connect with nature, then Japan is the best country to explore. It is full of incredible spots and sites. When it comes to more known natural gems, Mount Fuji is the first iconic place to visit in Japan. However, when it is Japan, you should also pay a visit to lesser-known spots like Shikoku Island and Arashiyama bamboo forest. You can also expect to witness a large number of UNESCO sites in Japan.

#2: Shopper’s Paradise

If you love shopping, then it can be another significant reason for you to visit Japan. It is because Japan is a well-recognized country for its local brands and international stores. Tokyo is the capital of Japan, which holds world-class shopping centers, famous bazaars, and amazing stores for local handicrafts. Tokyo must be on top of your list if you have planned to visit Japan. You will totally love shopping in Akihabara, Harajuku, and Venus Fort. Moreover, if you are a gaming and anime lover, then get ready to experience another level of shopping. Nakano and Akihabara would be the best places for you to visit.

#3: The Majestic Temples & Unique Castles

Japan indeed has the most historic shrines and temples in almost every city and town. The colorful architect and the cultural centers can be another reason for you to travel to Japan. The country has around 1,000 temples and multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites. Byodoin Buddhist temple and Toji temple are the must places to visit. In addition, Japan is also a heart of incredible castles. These places dig deep into Japan’s history. When you are in Japan, exploring elegant castles, Japanese architects, and majestic family legacies like Himeji and Hikone castles should be on your site visit list.

#4: Authentic Japanese Cuisines

It wouldn’t be wrong here to mention that Japan is a country of seafood. Many travelers from across the world like to visit Japan so that they can taste Japanese cuisines. If you are someone who admires great tastes of sushi, ramen, sukiyaki, yakiniku, and sake bars, then Japan is the most authentic country to visit. It will provide you with the best seafood cuisines and Kaiseki food. The ingredients that are used in these dishes are minimal, but they are hard to find in any other part of the world. When in Japan, get ready to taste an endless number of traditional dishes and mouth watering seafood items. During your trip, you can also hope to experience plenty of Matsuri food and drink festivals. 

4 Tips for Traveling to Japan for The First Time

If you have decided to travel to Japan this time, this is perhaps one of the best decisions of your life. Many people only know of Japan as a tech-oriented country, but there is much more to it for sure. Although there are several other tourist destinations in the world, it is best to explore Asian countries because they are rich in culture and food. Now that you’ve decided to visit this Island, we would like to guide you through quick tips for navigating through it:

1.      Always Settle for an International Flight

If you are traveling to Japan for the first time, it is best to choose an international flight. If you book a domestic flight, you will get tired because of the long stay. International flights are cheap if you book them prior to visiting the host country. For instance, if you have plans to visit Japan for Christmas, you can book your flight in the summer season to avail maximum discount. In an international flight, you can easily avail of several services such as watch blockbuster films, enjoy good food, and will rest assured that there is no stay.

2.      Bring Cash to Make Payments

Although Japan is one of the best tech-oriented countries in the world, there is a high chance that your credit card will not work at several locations. Because this country is flocked with thousands of tourists every year, most commercial places and restaurants require the customers to bring cash. So if you’re willing to eat at Macdonald’s, don’t forget to fill your wallet with money. Keep in mind; Japan is a cash-based society, so you must indulge in their culture instead of pushing yourself with the credit cards at payment counters.

3.      Bring Your RailPass

The experience of navigating through Japan will be incomplete if you don’t go on long train journeys. Japan Rail Pass is a ticket that enables you to go on long journeys by train. Secondly, if you want to enjoy a luxurious meal on the train, this ticket will help you in availing of this opportunity too. Don’t listen to what the gossip mongers have to say on the internet because the Japan rail pass has the power to make your trip worthwhile. All you need to do is, search for it online before your trip and register.

4.      Learn the Basic Phrases

If you can’t speak in Japanese, there’s nothing to worry about because translation apps will help you throughout the tour. However, you should know to speak some basic phrases of their language such as “Hello,” “Please help me,” “How much do I have to pay,” etc. If you learn the basic phrases of their language, it will be easier for you to communicate as a tourist. Furthermore, if you’re traveling to Japan for the first time, being able to communicate in their language will put a good impression of yours on the locals. Secondly, if you ever get lost in the middle of the town, you can always consider help from locals by asking for it in their language.

Cool Places to Visit in Canada This Summer

If your favorite season is winter, you might already be looking for a few models of accessories for your snowmobile in order to get a good discount. However, winter is very, very far away and before you get the chance to enjoy the snow, you have to bear with the hot summer days that are yet to come. However, there is something you can do to feel closer to your favorite season – visit a destination that’s famous for its cool climate such as Canada. Here are some of the top attractions you should see if you decide to choose this country for your summer vacation.

A few facts about Canada’s climate

This country is famous for its cold weather that matches that of other notably cool territories such as Russia. However, there is something you should keep in mind before you decide to come here or refuse to take Canada into account as a vacation destination altogether because of its cold weather stigma – this country is big and the weather can change dramatically from one region to another.

The west coast, where Vancouver is located, is known for its moderate climate. In this part of the country, the weather doesn’t vary tremendously and there isn’t a huge difference between the four seasons. You will like it here in the summer because the weather is not hot and, during the winter, you will not freeze.

The more you approach the northern part, the colder the weather gets. The northern part is the coldest and precipitations are quite frequent here. In the eastern part, which includes Montreal and Toronto, the winter season normally coincides with the period ranging from December, up until the beginning of March. However, in some years, the cold season starts as early as November and only finishes at the end of March. 

The Canadian summer usually starts in June and lasts up until the end of August. Temperatures can be fairly high in many areas, but what makes this season easier to tolerate is the fact that it rains often. The east coast and the central part of the country have the warmest temperatures in summer.

The west coast has moderate weather and the northern part maintains lower temperatures even during the warm season. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy any type of outdoor activity and get enough sun in the North as well. No matter what part of the country you choose to visit, you should take a waterproof coat and some sweaters with you.


Vancouver can offer you a little bit of everything, whether you are looking for a place where you can sit down and enjoy a meal in a cozy restaurant, a museum where you can explore art and history, or exciting scenery where you can unwind and admire the view.

In fact, most locals like spending their time outdoors, either at the popular Kitsilano Beach, or in the Grouse Mountain where they can ski and hike. Another remarkable attraction you shouldn’t miss if you come here is Granville Island, with its famous shops located on a beautiful peninsula.

The Niagara Falls

This natural attraction needs no further presentations. You might have seen it hundreds of times in movies and magazines. It is one of the tourist hotspots that make this country famous. After you’ve seen and felt the power of nature by approaching the falls (which, as you assume, will make your clothes all soaked), you can take the chance to visit the beautiful surroundings and other attractions such as the Glen Nature Reserve.

The Jasper National Park

This gorgeous park is situated in the Canadian Rockies. If you love wildlife and hiking, this is definitely a place you should visit during your Canadian tour. Except for long and refreshing walks in the woods that will allow you to admire nature at its best, you can also practice whitewater rafting here.

In the area, there are also numerous species of animals you can see and the beauty of the landscape is simply breathtaking. Don’t miss Spirit Island if you come here. It would be a shame not to take a selfie with this splendid background.


Quebec is a province, the second-most populous in Canada, but also a famous city. As its name might suggest, this part of the country has French roots and proudly carries its European heritage. If you have never visited the Old Continent, Quebec vividly mirrors what you could see there.

This charming city, with cobblestone streets and numerous historical buildings, is a great choice for those who seek something different. Here, you can admire the 17th-century architecture, the imposing towering cathedrals, lovely squares dotted with cafés and bistros, and generally, feel as if you have gone back in time. 

Canada has plenty to offer, both in terms of fascinating landscapes and an utterly diversified urban environment. If you want to seek a cool refuge during the torrid summer that has just started, you now know where to go.

Tips for Social Distancing Trips

It is nothing new that the way we engage in and carry out various activities will no longer be the same in the next few months or even years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From the way we work, learn, and shop to the way we spend our free time, everything is affected in a way or another by the new safety and social distancing norms.

Traveling is one of the activities that are directly and significantly impacted by the last months’ events. Since restrictions have started to be lifted gradually, people are now beginning to plan their 2020 travels according to the new restrictions, even if in a significantly lower number than in the past years.

If you’re among them, taking a few simple steps will lower your chances of getting sick and help you boost your safety when traveling. Here are a few tips for traveling safely while social distancing.

Traveling by car 

While in the past, many people would have booked online flight tickets to reach their favorite destinations, road trips have started to gain attention, given that they’re safer, accessible, as well as flexible. When traveling by car, whether it’s yours or a rental, the number of people you interact with is considerably lower, and that’s the basis of social distancing.

While it might prove to be a challenge to keep such distance in certain circumstances and places, it is easier to respect the new restrictions when you travel by car with your family or partner.

Renting remote homes

Many of us would like to go for a longer trip, given the previous months of isolation, which means that you will have to find a place to stay. Camping seems to be more appealing than ever as long as you find a place where you can set up your camp, and you have enough space just for you and your family.

Another alternative, if you’re not on a tight budget, is to rent a remote home and have an entire place just for you and the people you travel with; the more secluded the home, the more likely you are not to run into other travelers.

However, if you choose to go for this option, make sure the place you rent includes supplies for your basic needs. If the rental pack does not include such options, make a list of essentials and bring your own supplies.

In case there is a member of your family on meds, add the needed medication to your pack. If you want to take your pet with you, ensure that your animal companion’s needs are also covered. Find out more about kibbles and other pet supplies on Drfoxmag.com.

Also, check out the route you want to take before you go. Map out the road you intend to take and keep an eye on the latest news regarding travel-related restrictions in the state you want to visit.

The supplies you need no matter where you go

The primary role of social distancing is to lower the transmission of the new coronavirus, which means that, regardless of the type of trip you want to go for, you should always take the recommended safety measures to protect yourself and the people you interact with.

A hygiene kit is thus mandatory. Make sure you pack enough sanitizing products, disposable disinfecting wipes, gloves, and facial masks, as well as bags to discard such items safely. Since road trips include road stops, taking extra safety measures is always a good idea.

When using public bathrooms, it is best to shield your hands from surfaces that are often touched, such as door handles, faucets, and fixtures. If you don’t have disposable gloves, then thoroughly wash your hands or use a disinfecting gel, and use a paper towel or tissue to open the door, for example.

Check the safety measures recommended by the World Health Organization and health experts and take the needed steps to lower the chances of getting sick.

Boost Your YouTube Channel: Ultimate Guide

If you are on social media then you know that the amount of followers or subscribers you have is very important. What you may not be aware of is the fact that most social media channels allow you to legally buy subscribers. In today’s article, I will be providing you with tips on how to secure quality subscribers to boost your YouTube channel and maximise your organic reach.

Let’s jump in.

Starting Your Channel

Once you start your channel, all the experts agree its a good idea to have a plan and strategy in place. You will want to consider everything from the branding to the multiple channels you will use to direct traffic.

Every minute people upload five hundred hours of video, you want to be one of those videos that are viewed, liked, and ideally subscribed. Each time you get to another channel milestone you gain access to more monetization features. Take a look at the

Creator levels and their perks:

  • Graphite: 1-1,000 subscribers
  • Opal:1,000 – 10,000 subscribers – able to sell up to 20 pieces of merchandise
  • Bronze: 10,000-100,000 subscribers – production access and eligible to enter NextUp contest
  • Silver and Up 100,000 subscribers plus – Silver Creator Award- YouTube Partner Manager, exclusive invites, maximum production access
  • Gold: 1 Million subscribers
  • Diamond: 10 million subscribers

Each of these levels offers a direct roadmap to monetisation so the benefit of having more subscribers is obvious.

Buy Real YouTube Subscribers

If so many people are on YouTube why not grow your channel organically? You can and should be using the latest in YouTube SEO strategies and tactics as well but the truth is competition is incredibly fierce and the likelihood of your channel being lost amongst the millions of others is likely. Instead, buy real YouTube subscribers It may sound too good to be true, but YouTube not only allows you to buy real youtube subscribers it encourages you to do so within their terms and conditions. The reason is that it’s win-win. The more viewers and subscribers you have the more money you and YouTube are making.

You can simply go to a trusted site like this one and purchase quality YouTube subscribers to give your channel the boost it needs to exceed the others. You also get to choose your budget and start slowly. Followers.net offer multiple tiers for those just starting out to get anywhere from one hundred to two thousand subscribers. The benefits include:

  1. Massive Channel Growth
  2. Have a chance to go viral
  3. Short delivery time
  4. Warranty period of thirty days

They also offer other options for YouTube you should consider like an increase in YouTube views, reshares, and favourites.

Wrap Up

If you are ready to take your channel to the next level you should consider giving it the boost it desperately needs by buying real YouTube Subscribers. The amount of subscribers you have reflects directly to your ability to grow and monetise your channel through advertising, merchandise and exposure. Check it out now!

How to Become ISC2 CISSP Certified and What It Means to Your Career?


With increasing challenges to the cybersecurity sector, there has never been any better time to become a security professional than now. But, if you already have several years of experience in this field, it will obviously be easier for you to improve your career due to your broad knowledge comparing to newbies.

Still, to get your desired promotion or salary raise, you also need something extra like certification. Thus, obtaining the ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential can be a great choice. You wonder why? Read on, and in this post, you’ll find out the importance of getting CISSP certified as well as how you can acquire this badge.


Why Become CISSP Certified?

The first reason to pursue this credential is the high competence you’ll gain. It is known that qualified CISSP professionals extensively know the IT threat topography. This includes emerging and existing threats as well as those that have been persistent over the years. They also have a deeper understanding of the most appropriate tools and technology necessary in neutralizing attacks or keeping them away. With such comprehensive knowledge as well as its validation from a renowned company, you become a desired candidate for positions like security analyst, security manager, or security systems engineer among others.


It follows that earning CISSP is one of the best ways to get recognized in the IT-sphere. It helps professionals discover the right path and create a plan to help them successfully follow it. So, here are some more points about what it means to own this certification:

  • You become more visible and credible and this helps in obtaining new professional opportunities and in ensuring job security,
  • CISSP badge is vendor-neutral. This means you can apply your skills to varying methodologies and technologies,
  • It makes you stand out among your peers and to differentiate yourself to potential employers,
  • With expanded and updated skills and knowledge, you will be ready to provide the necessary security solutions in line with industry innovations and requirements,
  • You get a digital badge to display online and allow your employer and others to verify your certification and abilities,
  • You become part of a global community with like-minded members,

If this is still now enough for you, notice, that ISC2 certified professionals earn higher salaries compared to non-certified specialists. As stated on the PayScale.com website, average annual pay for individuals with the CISSP credential is about $114k while, for example, in Booz, Allen, and Hamilton company you can achieve a mark of $125.

Now, you may think that with all these benefits, the certification path should be difficult to complete. Well, the track is not very easy as long as it’s a professional-level badge. But there’s nothing impossible and everything you need to do is to explore and understand all the details and steps and then just follow them one by one.


How to Acquire CISSP Certification

  • Obtaining the required experience

There are eight domains you need to be proficient in to get your CISSP credential, these are security & risk management, software development security, security engineering and architecture, asset security, identity & access management, security operations, communication and network security, security assessment and training. So, to become eligible for this badge, you need to have at least five years of full-time paid working experience covering a minimum of two of the mentioned areas.

  • Prepare for the exam

The certification will only be awarded to you after passing the CISSP assessment. There are several training options offered by ISC2 that you can use to prepare for it. The first is instructor-led learning that can be held offline or online. Also, there are materials for self-paced studies like CISSP official study guide, ISC2-provided practice tests, and others. The option you settle for is going to be based on your study expectations and preferences.

  • Pass the test

The details of the CISSP assessment vary depending on the language it is offered in. The English exam (CISSP CAT) has 100-150 questions and lasts for 3 hours. The non-English version (Linear) includes 250 items and goes for six hours. Once you are ready to take the exam, you need to schedule it with Pearson VUE. You will have to attain a minimum of 700 out of 1000 marks to be certified.

  • Get ISC2 endorsement

After passing CISSP test, there is another process you need to complete before you finally become an ISC2 member. You will have nine months after passing the exam to take care of this. This includes subscribing to ISC’s code of conduct and completing a relevant endorsement form that has to be signed by an ISC2 certified professional who validates your working experience.

Becoming a member is helpful in your professional life. You will get more opportunities for learning and growing in your cybersecurity career. You will access free courses for professional development, a free security magazine, discounts on official textbooks, webinars conducted by experts, a digital badge, and more. And because you need to recertify after every three years, it will be easier for you to keep yourself updated.



Receiving your CISSP certification is a great achievement. It proves that you have a strong skillset necessary in performing your organizational duties. It would also act as the beginning of immense benefits that include finding employment and earning decent pay.


To sum up, the intention of the CISSP certification is to help you become a distinguished security leader and become a successful professional. That is why understanding the right path and adhering to it is necessary to earn this badge and gain all the perks it can bring you. Be thorough during the exam prep and work through the testing period with confidence. You have to make the sacrifices today to enjoy the benefits tomorrow!

Some Ace Slot Games Inspired By Classic Films

It often adds a little something to your gaming if the game in question leans on on your favorite films for its inspiration. There are thousands (maybe millions) of great slot titles out there and plenty of them are inspired by classic movies.

We picked some ace games that draw on top movies for their storyline and visuals. Read on to see if any of your favorite movies feature.


Featuring one of the strongest performances from the legendary Al Pacino, Scarface is a film that achieved instant classic status and has retained it in the following decades.

The film is a gem and the game is pretty special too. It features images of Tony Montana throughout, inspiring you to earn your own cash and rival the lead character’s substantial wealth.

These are the key things to know about the Scarface slot game:

  • RTP: 96.8%
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 20

You can play Scarface at the best real money slot sites. If you’ve not decided on your favourite slot site(s) yet the take a look at this review of the finest ones. It gives you all the important information about each website.


Robocop didn’t create sci-fi. But did give it a much-needed boost and set the tempo for many of the action-heavy films that became a feature of the genre for the following years.

It’s a classic film and the slot game of the same name does it no injustice. The Robocop slot is fast-paced and action-packed, just like the movie.

Some of the important things to be aware of about the Robocop game include:

  • RTP: 5
  • Reels: 20
  • Paylines: 95.00%

Robocop can be found in the games libraries of most of the top gambling sites. Simply head to the search bar of your favorite online casino and search for it. Or alternatively, you could also Google “Robocop slot game” and you’ll get a list of the websites that feature it.

The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger’s final completed acting performance, The Dark Knight is perhaps the finest comic book film ever made – it’s so good that Ledger won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Few would question the classic status of the film and gamblers might take the same stance with the game. The Dark Knight is exceptionally good fun and simple to play, making it an ideal pick for your next gambling session.

  • RTP: 88.12%
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 243

One thing to note about The Dark Knight slot game is it’s RTP. It’s lower than some games and that’s because it’s a progressive slot with multiple paylines. This means that there are more ways to win, but also more ways to lose. So, keep this in mind while you’re playing it.

Recommended reading: Casino Games Inspired on Pop Culture

Scarface, Robocop, and The Dark Knight are just three of the great slot games inspired by classic films.

So, play them and the have a look through the games catalog of your favorite online casino and see if you can find any more film-slot adaptations – we guarantee you’ll spot plenty of good ones.

Musical Instruments for kids

Playing and making music is one of the most enjoyable hobbies there is. There is something magical about picking up an instrument and creating music, writing lyrics, or singing your heart out. Music has the ability to cross barriers and borders like nothing else on earth. It is a language that we all understand, regardless of where we are situated in the world, and it has an amazing ability to bring people together.

Think about when you attend a music concert. You are there, along with thousands of other people, all to enjoy a couple hours of music from your favorite performers. This ability to bring people together in such a way is only equaled by sports.

Learning a music instrument is a great thing for children, as it teaches them many other aspects that will serve them well in life. As well as being a tool for improving coordination, it can also help increase concentration levels and teach youngsters to stay focused on something for a prolonged period of time.

Though it’s never too late to learn a musical instrument, it is something that is open to everyone of all ages. Children as young as one year or less have the ability to pick up objects and bang them about – similar in some ways to playing the drums.

So if you want to encourage your child to learn music, then you will need to consider which musical instrument will be the best one for them. Depending on the age of your child, you will want to give them an instrument that they can properly hold and handle, and not something that is either too cumbersome or complicated. The last thing you want is for the child to lose interest after a few minutes.

A keyboard or piano is a great choice for youngsters, as it is something that is very easy to use. Simply press your fingers on the keys and sounds occur. The piano is a very good instrument for children to learn, as it combines many different musical elements such as rhythm, harmony and melody. There are not too many other instruments that can do this.

A guitar is another popular instrument for children, though you will need to make sure that you get one in the correct size, as the positioning and holding of a guitar can be a little tricky for youngsters, especially if it’s not a child-sized instrument. You can find lots of information about guitars and other string instruments at soundhalo.com. As with the piano, the guitar is very easy to use and simply plucking the strings or strumming them will create sounds. Gradually over time, you might want your child to learn about chords and maybe even read music, but at the start, it is an instrument that can be a lot of fun.

Drums are another great choice of instrument for youngsters. Which child doesn’t like to pick something up and bang it? If your child likes that, then selecting a junior drum kit could be a smart move. Another added bonus is that if you are worried about neighbors complaining about the noise, you could take a look at an electric drum kit, which is much quieter than a regular drum kit.

For very young children you will find various plastic toys and instruments in your local toy shops. These can include things such as tambourines, plastic trumpets and other “brass” instruments, as well as mini guitars and keyboards that have a limited number of strings and keys, but which can still be used to put a tune together.

One of the most important things concerning children learning a musical instrument is to let your child choose the instrument that they want to learn. It is all very well having dreams of your child being a piano-protégé, but your child might prefer a set of drums to a piano. Let them have an input and you might just find that they will take learning the instrument of their choice a little more seriously than if you force a specific instrument onto them to learn.

If you see that your child is serious about learning a musical instrument, then you should speak to his school and see if they are able to help with music lessons. Otherwise, you might want to look around for a local music teacher who can provide private lessons for your child. Music is such an important learning tool for children, that many times they see it as more of an enjoyable activity than a form of education. And getting kids to learn is never an easy thing, so if they show an interest in music, it’s something you as a parent should really try to encourage.

How Does Music Affect Our Behavior and Life Habits?

Music, drink, and food have always been connected, but only recently scientists have decided to examine in more detail the connection between our senses and our subconscious, on the one hand, and the influence of music and food on them, on the other.

We can connect the influence of music to people’s habits by examining an interactive chart displaying the 20 songs that have spent the most time at No. 1 in 22 countries in the last decade, as well as the different characteristics of each track. Exactly the characteristics of the songs, such as tempo and energy, have the biggest influence on how listeners feel. Better we feel about some song, better are chances it will top the chart in our country, and more influence it will have on our lives.

What Kind of Motivation Do Lower Tones Give Us?

Lower tones encourage us to eat healthily. When we decide to have dinner at our favorite restaurant, we often don’t pay attention to the music that’s playing in the background. The quieter the music (everything below 55 decibels), the greater our concentration on choosing a healthy and nutritious meal. Quiet music and a calm atmosphere encourage us to focus on ourselves and enjoy our dinner.

For example, by looking at the above-mentioned interactive chart, we can come to a conclusion that countries in which people more enjoy while heaving a meal, i.e. who are more relaxed with lower average energy scores of the songs proving popular, were South Africa (58/100), the UK (61/100), and Portugal (61/100). The song with the lowest energy in this chart was Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire” which topped the charts in Sweden for eight weeks, scoring just 5 out of 100 on the scale.

Influence of Tones on Healthy Living

Music encourages us to burn more calories. It has been scientifically proven that energetic music encourages movement and dance. That’s why we always make such playlists when we walk, run, or work out in the gym. There’s no way music won’t move you when you hear, say, Latino rhythms.

Spain is the country where fans preferred more energetic tunes with an average energy score of 81 out of 100. Carlos Vives and Shakira’s hit “La Bicicleta” proved to be the most energetic song in its chart (94/100). So, it seems that Spaniards burn their calories in a jiffy…

Powered by Betway

Music and Appetite

Harmonious tones for better appetite. If you have a problem with an appetite or you never have enough time to eat in peace, music can help you solve this problem as well. Prepare a healthy dinner, full of vitamins, and play a track from the classical repertoire or ballad. Make sure the tones are harmonious and soothing – and enjoy.

According to this, the Portuguese have an enormous appetite. It was found that Portugal has the slowest tempo in its No. 1 songs at just 104 BPM. Drake’s hit “God’s Plan” is the slowest song in their chart at just 77 BPM.

Higher Tones – Tastier Beer

The connection between the taste of beer and the melody of different musical genres is the subject of interest of a large number of neuroscientists. They discovered that our senses are interconnected in a very specific way that can give us an answer to the question – how does our favorite beer “sound”?

Research conducted 4 years ago showed that fans of this beverage associate high tones with a sweeter taste of beer, while it gets a bitter taste if we listen to lower tones and more penetrating bass. It’s interesting that experimental jazz and dissonant tones, for example, cause a sensation of acidity when consuming beer.

Translated into music genres, that would mean that lighter beers go better with pop music, while darker beers go better with heavy metal.

5 Most Popular Gaming Symbols of All Time

Slot machines have a long and illustrious history, with the first coin-operated examples dating back to the late 19th century.

While modern games boast digital displays, lots of reels, plenty of paylines, eye-popping graphics and a wide variety of themes, their mechanical precursors were necessarily limited by the technology of the time.

Even so, the symbols that were used during the early days of the industry are still widely recognized and replicated in the modern era. You can even find out what different slot machine symbols represent and get an appreciation for how the iconography has evolved over the decades.

As this market is enjoying double digit growth at the moment, now is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the most popular and enduring symbols found on games, as well as the reasons that they are used.

Image Source: Pixabay

Lucky Number 7

Well known for its lucky status, the number 7 is a gaming symbol that you can reliably encounter in a huge array of different titles in the 21st century.

Aside from the fact that it is considered to be a fortunate figure by those with a superstitious learning, the proliferation of 7 as a symbol was helped along by the fact that the first slot machines featured symbols pulled from playing cards.

There are many other lucky numbers, depending on the cultural background you consider, but 7 still stands as a staple symbol and as such is often associated with major jackpot payouts.

Face Cards

Once again tied into the origins of slot-based gaming, playing card-inspired symbols are still widespread at the moment. While you might still find symbols related to specific playing card suits, it is the face cards that get much more attention; specifically the Jacks, Kings and Queens which most people will be familiar with.

Initially these symbols were nearly universally found on slot machines because the aim of the game was to line up the reels in such a way that you could create a solid poker hand and win a prize for your efforts. While the explosion of different symbols in the interim has allowed for a much greater number of possible winning combinations, this legacy is still reflected in the prevalence of face card symbols seen on current games.


In some parts of the world slot machines are known as fruit machines, and it is easy to see why given that fruit-based symbols are commonly implemented across the board.

Of the various juicy options, the most common is the cherry, usually represented as a twin pair of fruits attached by a luscious green stalk.

The precise origins of fruit symbols is not known, with some claiming that they directly represented the prizes that would be awarded to winners before cash payouts were widely available. However, it seems likely that the real reason for their use is that they are easy to identify, as well as being attractive and eye-catching from a distance to help draw in the punters in a barroom setting, which was the natural home of such machines.


Another symbol that has survived for over a century and still makes a plethora of appearances today is the bell. Like cherries and other fruit symbols, a bell can be represented on the reels in a very alluring way. This symbol also marked the start of the move away from playing card symbols as machine makers aimed to simplify the mechanisms and thus make it possible to automate payouts.

The bell symbol even helped to inspire the name of one of the most popular vintage slots, the Liberty Bell. The fact that this symbol was also popular in the US already thanks to its connotations of independence and freedom helped to add to the appeal.


If you have ever seen a slot machine in the flesh or via an online casino, you will probably have seen the classic ‘BAR’ symbol used. In amongst the fruits, playing cards and bells, this might seem like an unusual inclusion.

Interestingly enough this symbol has a pretty intriguing backstory behind its inclusion on the majority of slot machines. It first started out as the logo of a chewing gum manufacturer, which included its branding to reels because it both made many of the machines and also offered its products as a prize at a time when cash-based wins were banned in many places. The shape of the logo was bar-like, and players began referring to it as ‘BAR’, which eventually caused the branding to be replaced by the symbol we know today.

The Best TV Shows to Supplement Work-from-Home / Online Classes

While you’re doing your part to keep everyone safe during quarantine, it can feel like your opportunities to be productive are limited. Not to worry. We’ve curated this list of the five best TV shows streaming right now to give you insight into the world from storytellers who are passionate about their craft. Ranging from action and adventure to comedies and hard dramas, each and every one of these projects delivers essential information that you just can’t get from a zoom call.  

We hope you enjoy these shows and that they will spark a discussion among friends and family about what you learn.

  • When They See Us (May 31, 2019; Ava DuVernay) Netflix

We won’t lie, we’re starting off with a doozy. In When They See Us, director Ava DuVernay exposes a violent institution of systemic racism in the U.S. through the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) and the intimate true story of five young boys who are wrongly accused of rape and subsequently incarcerated. Deemed the “Central Park 5” in news headings, Kevin Richardson (Asante Blackk), Antron McCray (Caleel Harris), Yusef Salaam (Ethan Herisse), Raymond Santana (Marquis Rodriguez), and Korey Wise (Jharrel Jerome) are targeted by cops and dragged through diabolical court procedures and the prison system, putting their families through great distress and struggle as well.

This 5-part mini-series examines the boys’ lives as children before the event, the court case itself, life behind bars and the explicit hardships that follow, and the personal torture that the carceral system inflicts. By moving through these key stages, DuVernay carefully tends to the experiences of the five, letting the audience feel the process on a macro and micro scale. When They See Us is emotional. Not one second of the cast and crew’s work is wasted in telling this important story.

If you feel like you need to remain productive while supplementing work from home, this series should be at the top of your list.

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (Dec. 2, 2005 – July 19, 2008; Michael DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko) Netflix, Amazon Prime

Wait, isn’t this a Nickelodeon cartoon for kids? Yes, it is, but creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko did their work to deliver an odyssey about mature topics such as colonialism, activism, grief, and disabilities. This show is a perfect way for you to start off supplementing work and classes with essential lessons about systemic societal issues in a fun and imaginative narrative.

In a world where some people have control over one of four elements -water, earth, fire, and air- Avatar tells the story of Aang (Zach Tyler Eisen), a young boy with the unique ability to command all four. As the avatar, a spiritual leader of peace, it is his job to unite the four nations that take their namesake after the elements that their citizens can “bend.” The show takes place when two tribal children of the Water Nation, Katara (Mae Whitman) and Sokka (Jack De Sena), discover Aang trapped in ice after he fled his responsibilities out of fear. In the 100 years that have passed since he’s disappeared, the Fire Nation has almost succeeded in their imperialist takeover of the world. With the help of his new friends, Aang embarks on a journey across the globe (and the spirit world) to reverse the ramifications of this new dictatorship. (Are you still with us?)

Despite the fantastical nature of the program, Avatar’s premise heavily featuring the exploits of an imperialist nation sets the show up for exploring grand themes on an intimate scale. For instance, each of the main characters and the antagonist, Zuko (Dante Basco), relate to the effects of genocide as survivors, refugees, war criminals, and citizens from different countries on opposing sides of a war. This show will help you remain productive over the course of quarantine, even if you’re too distracted by the awesome flying air-bison to know it.

  • Gentefied (February 21, 2020; Marvin Lemus & Linda Yvette Chávez) Netflix

Gentefied, a Spanglish reference to the gentrification of a community by its own wealthier members, is a comedy-drama that humanizes the intimate violence of vacating a community. For folks who aren’t aware of the complexities and relevance gentrification, this show can help you learn about the cruel practice that has been developed over generations in the U.S.  Although the show thoroughly surveys rent control, zoning laws, and economic class replacement, its main accomplishment is specifying the process of these tactics through the charming Morales family in East L.A.

Comprised of an all-Latinx cast, the story follows aspiring painter, Ana Morales (Karrie Martin); soon-to-be-father, Erik Morales (J.J. Soria); and chef Chris Morles (Carlos Santos) as they try to save their grandfather’s (Joaquín Cosío) taco shop. The positive and uplifting Latinx representation featured in the show effortlessly undermines the stigmatization of the community in current U.S. politics.

Just because this show is on your “supplemental work” list doesn’t mean that it’ll be a lecture. Gentefied doesn’t flat out give you the right and wrong way to combat gentrification as the issue is quite layered. Rather, it informs the audience of the threatening reality for many people of color, specifically Latinx people, in one of the richest cities in the richest country of the world. Tackling everything from the inherent racism of ICE agents to the financial burdens of the prison system, this show provides a relevant look at the struggles to maintain a home in the time of quarantine.

  • #blackAF (April 17, 2020; Kenya Barris) Netflix

Are you well versed in racial coding and optics? Do you know about the white gaze or what it means to be critical of other black artists? If so, this show’s great. It features a lot of inside humor based on Kenya Barris’ fictionalized version of his own life and what it means to be a successful black showrunner in Hollywood. If not, his documentarian daughter, Drea Barris (Iman Benson) is determined to get it all on camera.

#blackAF follows Barris, the real-life creator of Black-ish, Grown-ish, and Mixed-ish, and his difficulty processing his responsibilities as a black father who has come into “new money” from the shows he’s produced. Correspondingly, Joya Barris (Rashida Jones) struggles with her decision as a black mother who has left her life as an attorney to become a full-time parent.

Incorporating black history (look up the titles of each episode), a gathering of other famous artists working in Hollywood, and the trials and tribulations of raising three girls and three boys, this comedy addresses a broad audience at a clipped pace.

  • Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (October 28, 2018 – Present; Hasan Minhaj & Prashanth Venkataramanujam) Netflix, Youtube

While supplementing work from home, this show is the closest you’ll come to a lecture … as well as a comedy club at a concert featuring a home cooked meal prepared by your best friend. Going beyond straight political satire, Hasan Minhaj takes an in depth look at political issues going on in today’s world with palatable graphics (presented on an all-encompassing electronic stage) and easy-to-understand metaphors.

Hasan and his team seemingly select their show’s topics from a random list of symptoms created by systemic injustice. But upon viewing, Patriot Act successfully communicates the relevance and urgency of issues pertaining to topics like music streaming, bad wifi, cricket, cheap fashion, and the cruise industry. While other episodes address mental health, drug addiction, and various election events, the entire series feels like you’re talking to someone who understands the seriousness of a dire situation but helps you laugh to get through it.

Author Bio

Eric M. Earle is the founder of Tutor Portland. He became the premier math tutor in Portland, Oregon. He focuses on improving students’ math grades to better their college acceptance rates.

The Best Casino Movie Scenes of All Time

In films gambling is often shown as part of the plotline to illustrate a certain degree of tension. Someone is playing a game of poker and the stakes are high… Or there is a roulette spinning, all eyes on the ball and the protagonist questioning the bet just made.

The presence of gambling scenes does not dictate a specific genre. There are romantic comedies, action films, and thrillers. Let’s have a look at 5 of the best scenes from casino themed movies down below.

Poker, pokies, roulette, blackjack, dice…

There surely is a great way to get your hands on all the most scene-worthy games like roulette, blackjack, video poker, and pokies all in the same place. These are all offered at Televega casino, Australia’s favourite place to gamble. But sometimes you just feel like kicking back and watching a good movie.

When it comes to poker, there aren’t that many films that perfectly capture the essence of the game. But there are a few good ones where you can appreciate the build-up of tension.

In most cases, you’ll find the best casino movies featuring blackjack, roulette, craps, and pokies. Probably because these are easier to understand for the audience that may not be familiar with the hierarchy of poker hands.

Molly’s Game

This film was released in 2017 and tells the story of Molly Bloom. Getting seriously injured during a pre-game qualifier, she takes a year off and moves to LA.

Following some waitressing at a club, she starts running an underground business. The business involves setting up poker games for celebrities, business titans, and the like.

The new job isn’t exactly a career soar. But Molly steps up in the new world and starts running her own games. The film follows her down the rabbit hole of underground poker games.

Throughout the movie, you are left guessing whether Molly will come out on top, with poker adding more depth.

The best scene is the one with Harlan, the guy who “played poker, while the others were gambling” getting bluff by Bad Brad, the worst player. The scene comes commented by the movie protagonist, which lets even less experienced poker fans appreciate the drama.

Casino Royale

The 2006 movie Casino Royale is one of the most famous movie casino scenes. Agent 007 a.k.a. Daniel Craig is on another mission. Poker comes up, as it often happens in movies trying to hike up the sense of tension.

Up against a dangerous terrorist and eyeing the pot with 120 million, James Bond proves yet again he’s always one step ahead of the opponent. Perfectly tense and deliciously nerve-racking, this one is a must-see. The pressure of the real game is portrayed to perfection. As a result, the viewers gain a better understanding of the real atmosphere at the table.

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven is an illustration of how the gambling theme can become an excellent setback for an action-packed masterpiece. George Clooney’s character is after robbing three Las Vegas casinos in one take.

One of the most iconic scenes is the one with Clooney joining Pitt at the poker table. “What’s the first rule of poker?” – “Leave emotions at the door.”

Even if you aren’t a fan of those two guys and their indirect verbal square off, the tips offered by Pitt to his disciples are worth hearing. Just to brush up on the basics.

And if you start missing Ocean’s Eleven right after watching, there are two sequels and a spin-off.


Made in 1995, this is the kind of movie that you may still have on VHS as a memory of the time long gone. This one is a must-see and must-rewatch if you have trouble remembering the cowboy scene.

In that scene, a cocky cowboy feels like putting his feet up during a game of blackjack.  Predictably, he gets dragged out and thrown through the door and out, literally. Respect and all that, to be expected in a movie featuring De Niro and Pesci.

Besides that, the movie is filled with masterfully-captured casino scenes.

Indecent Proposal

Released in 1993, this one has a few memorable scenes featuring roulette and dice. Indecent Proposal is about a couple of high school sweethearts who find themselves in a difficult situation. Hoping to score a big win to realize a fantasy real estate project, they end up losing everything.

As everyone knows, relying on a casino win to build your life up is never a good idea.

There are two interesting scenes worth mentioning. One when they lose their money playing roulette. The other one with Demi Moore kissing the dice before rolling out a seven (with stacks of chips at stake).

Final words

There are many gambling-themed movies out there, but only a few ones worth rewatching. Hope all the five movies listed above make it to your personal list of favorites.

Las Vegas Travel – Too Soon To Reopen?

As the world continues to deal with the ongoing coronavirus crisis, many eyes are looking toward the best way to secure an economic recovery at a time where many businesses are still struggling – one of the latest to make a move in this area can be seen with sin city itself as Vegas officially reopened the doors to its casinos, hotels, and restaurants – but is this too soon?

It’s a welcome relief to punters – changes to regulation such as a recent credit card ban in the UK for online gambling, this comes alongside a change in an initiative called Gamstop which had been aimed at reducing participation from problem gamblers which was now made mandatory – there are those which have registered outside of this initiative such as these ones, but has also led to an increasing demand for a traditional brick and mortar experience. 

There have already been videos emerging of the packed floors for casinos in Vegas just days after the reopening – the issue comes with the methods employed to reopen. For the state of Nevada, whilst employees are required to wear face masks for safety, there are no such restrictions on guests as social distancing, protection in personal uses and protection for guests as a whole aren’t in place – which brings into question whether or not it’s too soon for such a wide scale opening to be in place.

It’s also worth noting that the US is still dealing with the impacts of the coronavirus as the worst hit region in the world, given that the country is still in damage control there is a risk that reopening will cause a second spread of the virus and make an already tough situation much worse – there is already news coming through that there are spikes in cases just two weeks after reopening which may lead to a u-turn causing many locations to close once again, just at a time where recovery was a primary concern. 

It does provide a learning opportunity for other countries around the world however – many have been easing measures but not dropping them completely, whilst slowly accelerating reopening methods, but given the current situation in Vegas it may cause some leadership to rethink strategies – if numbers continue to rise within the US it may cause other countries such as those in Europe to rethink their strategies for allowing travel and businesses opening once again.

It’s certain that many will be monitoring the ongoing situation in Vegas closely now that numbers are increasing, but this was something quite expected too which the footage that came out showing just how lax the safety measures were. Some have been readdressed, particularly the requirements for masks inside these locations, so it’s yet to be seen if these changes have any impact, but for now the answer is that it does seem it has been far too soon for the reopening to happen in the way it has, and the approach for an economic recovery has backfired in this instance.

Safety Tips for Crowded Events

Big social events like concerts, sports games, conventions, and festivals are a great time and offer an opportunity to explore and appreciate something new.

As exciting as large events are, they come with inherent risk in the form of large crowds. When many people attend a single event, it makes them crowded and the sheer volume of other people can cause confusion and be overwhelming.

Making matters worse, large events attract criminals because they provide the perfect cover to take advantage of unsuspecting event-goers. With this in mind, understanding how to keep yourself safe in a large crowd is crucial for making the most of the experience.

Let’s take a look at a few essential safety tips for crowded events. 

Dress Wisely

A great starting point is to dress wisely.

While dressing smartly is all about impressing, wisely dressing focuses on wearing clothing well-suited for your environment. Layering up on a cold day is a great example of dressing wisely.

With crowded events, there are two main clothing factors to consider. This includes how easily it can be grabbed and how hot it will make you.

For just about any event, overly baggy clothing is heavily discouraged. It can easily be grabbed by a thief or unintentionally pulled during a panic.

At the same time, avoid extremely tight clothing as this can make you overheat. Look for a balance between the two to keep you comfortable and safe.

The exact clothes that work best will depend on the event you’re going to. Think about if you’ll be indoors or outdoors, if you’ll be moving frequently, and how long you’ll be there. Use this information to make wise clothing choices that make the event more enjoyable. 

Scout the Venue

You should also scout the venue as you walk into it.

Anytime you’re entering a new location, you’re unfamiliar with it. This unfamiliarity means that you won’t know what poses a risk to you and where you should go during an emergency.

A few things you should look for include the bathrooms, the exits, and access to water. Needing any of these and not knowing where they are can quickly become overwhelming when stuck in a crowd.

You want to know where everything is because this allows you to prepare and react quicker to a situation. Say that you suddenly feel ill, the last thing you’ll want to do is spend 20 minutes looking for the bathroom and then waiting in line.

Do yourself a big favor and take just a few minutes to figure out where everything is. It can save you a world of hassle and will make leaving much simpler after the event. 

Create an Exit Plan

When you understand the venue’s layout, you can also create an exit plan.

Simply knowing where the exits are won’t do you any good if you don’t use that information to your advantage. If something like a fire alarm was to go off, the crowd would likely panic and you might not know which exit to head to amidst the pandemonium.

An exit plan will ensure that you can calmly leave the situation without harm. This is particularly important if you’re attending an event with family and children.

Should you and your kids get separated, you need to have a plan for reconvening afterward. An exit plan is perfect for this because you should all end up in the same place.

Create a plan and communicate it to the people you’re with. This will keep everyone on the same page and will come in handy should an emergency happen.

Remain Aware

While you’re enjoying the event, you should make a point to remain aware of your surroundings.

Not all injuries or crimes are avoidable, but many of them are if you are always watching what’s going on around you. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get lost in enjoying the event you’re attending. This is what creates the perfect scenario for an injury or crime to go undetected.

For example, you might be enjoying a concert and fail to notice a pickpocket grab your wallet. While you should certainly immerse yourself in the experience, you must not let your guard down.

Many events finish without a problem, but it’s when you aren’t prepared that you’re impacted the most. You may get a false sense of security and this is all it takes to become a victim of theft.

Watch the people around you and try to have a pulse on the situation at all times.

Trust Your Instincts

A final tip is to trust your instincts and leave any situation that makes you uncomfortable.

As you stay aware of the area around you, you can usually detect a vibe. The people around you may be tense or angry and this isn’t where you want to be.

This usually comes down to how people are behaving. If something gives you a bad feeling or looks unsafe, it probably is and gives a good reason to steer clear.

Say that you’re at a concert and notice a group beginning a mosh pit right next to you. If you don’t pick up on this and quickly move away, you can get caught up in it and sustain serious injuries.

Your intuition is intelligent and you should listen to it. Safety is always paramount at any outing and something that’s giving you a weird feeling usually means that your safety is at question.

Closing Thoughts

Before attending your next event with a large crowd, consider if you’re focusing on safety enough. Chances are, you likely aren’t and this can easily be fixed.

Event safety is important because large crowds can lead to injuries and becoming a victim of a crime if you aren’t prepared. A few tips to prepare yourself include dressing wisely, scouting the venue, creating an exit plan, remaining aware, and trusting your instincts.

While safety is certainly important, don’t overthink it to the point of not enjoying your event. Just remember to take a few quick precautions and you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way!

Casino Games Inspired on Pop Culture

If you participated in a gambling activity out of entertainment at any point of your life, you probably noticed that there are tons of casino games inspired on pop culture. After all, the gambling industry is heavily influenced by this culture. During the 60s and 70s, pop culture played a key role in making this activity legal.

Since authorities lifted the restrictions on gambling around the world, the industry has flourished, boosted economies, employed thousands of people, and revolutionized the way we look at gaming. In fact, it evolved so much that people can now play the best casino games online. Yes, it’s true. Online gambling has become a reality and millions of people visit casino sites daily to enjoy their favourite casino game.

Since we mentioned that the pop culture has a great influence on casino games and the casino industry in general, we wanted to dive into the details and explain which area had the biggest influence, why casino games have pop culture themes and which games are most likely to have a theme of that kind.

Movies and Music

When we think of casino games inspired on pop culture, the first thought that comes to our minds is the gambling movies. These movies had a massive breakthrough in the 50s and 60s. People were fond of them and not only did they enjoy them, but they also became interested in gambling. But, this activity was restricted at the time, so they had to put pressure on the authorities so legalize them. And they eventually succeeded in that.

After the ban was lifted, casinos around the world started operating and generating billions of dollars in revenue. They paid a lot of money in taxes and employed many people, which is why they were labelled as huge contributors to the global economy. Theme songs from those movies were also popular and played a big role in the process of legalization.

Pop Culture Themed Games

These days, online casinos have many games that have themes inspired by movies and certain characters. The reason for that is because they want to attract players to their sites and play their games. Logically, many fans of gambling movies are also fans of gambling games and they are more than willing to participate in this type of activity. The most famous casino games inspired on pop culture at online casinos are slots.

Slots Inspired By The Pop Culture

Slots have many variations of movie themes. You can find the best Marvel and Star Wars themes, cartoonish themes, as well as many of the most popular characters in the movies. They serve to target a certain audience and attract them to the casino site, thus offering them a unique gaming experience.

Some other games even have background songs inspired by the previously mentioned gambling theme tracks. Nevertheless, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of casino games inspired on pop culture is slots. They are simple and cheap to play and carry great rewards.

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