Concert Review: Hatebreed “Divinity of Purpose 2” Tour

“Divinity of Purpose 2 Tour”
Hatebreed, Every Time I Die, Terror, Job For A Cowboy, This Is Hell
Date: Thursday, April 18, 2013
Venue: Water Street Music Hall, Rochester, NY

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

The Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, NY was the second to last stop on Hatebreed’s “Divinity of Purpose 2 Tour”.  Along with the veteran hardcore band were special guests Every Time I Die, Terror, Job For A Cowboy and This Is Hell. Though the show was at the end the tours second leg each band appeared to be somewhat dedicated to putting on a solid performance.

This Is Hell from Long Island, NY opened up the night with solid performance that was pure NY hardcore. Fans still making their way into the venue quickly moved towards the stage providing the band with ample applause. Job For A Cowboy would take the stage next for a brief set that for me fell flat. The band appeared stiff and offered little to no interaction with the crowd. Victory Records artist Terror would be next and were intense from start to finish. Vocalist Scott Vogel commanded the audience often joining them by jumping the security barrier or by giving them the microphone to sing several notable lines of the band’s songs. Terror’s 30 minute set seemed to be the turning point for the night igniting the crowd’s energy. Nearby Buffalo, NY natives Every Time I Die would take the stage next to chants of “Let’s Go Buffalo” and proceeded to destroy anything that got in their way. Midway through the set guitarist Andy Williams and company launched into a thunderous breakdown of Pantera’s “Domination” which was just spot on. Tour headliner Hatebreed would close out the night performing songs from their vast catalog including “Last Breath”, “Perseverance” and the always popular “This Is Now”. Early on in the set lead singer Jamey Jasta halted the show due to several fights taking place in the middle of the floor. Jasta spoke harshly to the crowd telling them that everything spoken during the night was about “positivity” and respecting one another. No other stops were required and those in attendance seemed pleased with the bands 17 song performance which wrapped up shortly before midnight.

Though most of the sets were brief the night still proved to be a good time.  When the band on stage may have been at a bit of a lull in their sets the audience made up for it. At times I felt the crowd was just as, if not more entertaining to watch than the band on stage. Fans overseas wanting to catch the show will have the chance when the band is in Europe from April 27-August 6.

Hatebreed Set List:

1.)    Put It to the Torch

2.)    Doomsayer

3.)    Tear It Down

4.)    Everyone Bleeds Now

5.)    In Ashes They Shall Reap

6.)    Last Breath

7.)    Indivisible

8.)    Smash Your Enemies

9.)    Empty Promises

10.)  Dead Man Breathing

11.)  Perseverance

12.)  A Call for Blood

13.)  Honor Never Dies

14.)  This Is Now

15.)  Live for This

16.)  Under the Knife

17.)  I Will Be Heard


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CD Review: Hatebreed "The Divinity of Purpose"

“The Divinity of Purpose”
Razor and Tie
Producers: Hatebreed, Zeuss, Josh Wilbur
Tracks: 12

Our Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Bridgeport, Connecticut’s hardcore heavy weights Hatebreed are back with their latest release titled “The Divinity of Purpose”. The album is the follow up release to the bands 2009 self titled album “Hatebreed” and will be the group’s first release via Razor & Tie Records. Produced by the band along with Zeus (Shadows Fall, Soulfly) and Josh Wilbur, “The Divinity of Purpose” features 12 all new tracks that are bubbling over with brutality.

After a 4 year wait Jamey Jasta and the boys of Hatebreed are back! “The Divinity of Purpose” is an instant throwback to the bands late nineties hardcore hay days. Jasta’s vocals are top notch and seem to only get better with each new album while he bands line-up of Frank Novinec, Chris Beattie, Matt Byrne, Wayne Lozinak are a fine tuned machine that is firing on all cylinders. Songs such as “Put It To The Torch” and “Before The Fight” have all the classic elements of the band’s sound while taking it a step or two further. Co-Producers Zuess and Josh Wilbur do a great job of capturing the heaviness of each performance both vocally and musically which only added to the appeal of the album.

“The Divinity of Purpose” is two parts early Hatebreed and 2 parts modern making for a really great listen. Even if you haven’t kept up with the band over the years but want to check out what they are up to these days have no fear as though the songs are new and fresh they still retain all the vital elements of the original Hatebreed sound we all know and love.

Track Listing:
1.) Put It To The Torch
2.) Honor Never Dies
3.) Own Your World
4.) The Language
5.) Before The Flight
6.) Indivisible
7.) Dead Man Breathing
8.) The Divinity of Purpose
9.) Nothing Scars Me
10.) Bitter Truth
11.) Boundless (Time To Murder It)
12.) Idolized and Vilified