Fan-Favorite Slasher Franchise Continues This Autumn with Surprise Reboot to the “Hatchet” Series with “VICTOR CROWLEY”



Top-secret production from Dark Sky Films and ArieScope Pictures – starring Kane Hodder and helmed by Adam Green – kept under wraps for over two years.

Dark Sky Films proudly announces VICTOR CROWLEY, the surprise fourth film in the fan-favorite Hatchet franchise. Kept tightly under wraps for over two years, the slasher reboot unexpectedly debuted tonight at Hollywood’s ArcLight Cinema, shocking fans, celebrities, and industry professionals who gathered this evening to celebrate at an event coined as a “Hatchet 10
th Anniversary Celebration.”

Set a decade after the events of the series’ first three films, VICTOR CROWLEY reunites Hatchet mainstays Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th 7 -X’s Jason Voorhees) and Parry Shen (Better Luck Tomorrow) for an all-new, horrifying journey into the haunted, blood-drenched bayou.

In 2007, forty-nine people were brutally torn to pieces in Louisiana’s Honey Island Swamp. Over the past decade, lone survivor Andrew Yong’s claims that local legend Victor Crowley was responsible for the horrific massacre have been met with great controversy, but when a twist of fate puts him back at the scene of the
tragedy, Crowley is mistakenly resurrected and Yong must face the bloodthirsty ghost from his past.

VICTOR CROWLEY’s ensemble cast also features Laura Ortiz (2006’s The Hills Have Eyes), Dave Sheridan (Scary Movie), and Brian Quinn (truTV’s “Impractical Jokers”). Writer/director Adam Green proudly returns to the director’s chair of his series that, upon debuting in 2007, was energetically touted as a return to “old school American horror,” and whose maniacal fan-favorite villain quickly secured a place among slasher royalty.

Says Green, “I couldn’t be happier to partner with Dark Sky Films and bring Victor Crowley back to horror fans around the world. Resurrecting the series for its tenth anniversary was our way of saying thank you to everyone in The Hatchet Army and beyond who have supported this series since its inception. This bloodbath is for all of you.”

VICTOR CROWLEY will hit select U.S. theaters in October 2017 as part of Dark Sky Films’ “Victor Crowley Road Show”, wherein writer/director Adam Green (and other cast) will travel with and introduce the film at special one-night screening events across America. Internationally, the film is slated to bow at festivals worldwide.

Full road show schedule and additional release information will follow.




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New Shopping Dining for Summer 2014 at Downtown Disney as Progress Continues on Disney Springs

The largest expansion in Downtown Disney history, Disney Springs will provide even more opportunities for guests to relax and enjoy themselves. When completed in 2016, Disney Springs will double the shopping, dining and entertainment experiences, with an eclectic and contemporary mix from Disney and other noteworthy brands. Seen in this rendering, part of the expansion includes widening Lake Buena Vista Drive, constructing two multilevel parking garages and two pedestrian bridges and creating a new I-4 interchange that will offer guests direct access to Disney Springs. Drawing inspiration from Florida’s waterfront towns and natural beauty, Disney Springs will include four interconnected neighborhoods: The Landing (opening in early 2015), Marketplace, West Side and Town Center (opening in 2016).

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – As work continues on the re-imagining of Downtown Disney to Disney Springs, a multi-year transformation into a high-energy destination that will double the retail and offer innovative new dining options, Walt Disney World guests continue to enjoy more than 70 themed and immersive shopping, dining and entertainment venues day and night.

For summer 2014, immersive outdoor entertainment will bring Downtown Disney to life, with nine different acts scheduled nightly – more than 30 live performances daily, a free highlight of the Downtown Disney experience.

And special events like Car Masters Weekend (June 14-15) puts the spotlight on classic and exotic cars for Father’s Day weekend, and includes character experiences featuring favorite Disney*Pixar “Cars” characters.


New this summer for Downtown Disney:

  • Two new Starbucks locations – a storefront at Downtown Disney West Side and a kiosk near World of Disney at Downtown Disney Marketplace. Look for the familiar green roof at the West Side flagship Starbucks, part of the company’s commitment to be environmentally conscious.  The design includes a covered patio overlooking the waterfront and a fireplace, as well as the new Clover Bar, featuring special reserve coffees brewed to order. A high-tech screen behind the Clover Bar will show images from coffee regions around the globe, and a new Human Connection Wall will include large touch-screen monitors that allow guests to use their finger to draw images.
  • Marketplace Co-Op will serve as a testing space for new Disney retail concepts, shops and products with six boutiques under one roof:
    • Beautifully Disney – A beauty destination for women featuring make-up, fragrance and   beauty accessories;
    • Cherry Tree Lane – Accessories for the sophisticated woman with a passion for scarves, shoes, bags and jewelry;
    • D-Tech on Demand – A place to personalize and customize your own electronic accessories;
    • The Trophy Room – Vintage-inspired, lifestyle sports apparel and collectibles;
    • Disney Centerpiece – Home products offering a splash of Disney in room furnishings, textiles and everyday ware;
    • Zoey and Pickles – A girls’ destination with the latest trends.
  • Just in time for World Cup, United World of Soccer opens in Late May at Downtown Disney West Side. The shop offers favorite team jerseys, sports gear, cleats, World Cup apparel and accessories.
  • The Happy Hound at Downtown Disney Marketplace offers custom accessories and dog tags, toys and more for four-legged friends.
  • Food Truck Park, opening later this summer, will serve as a permanent home to the four Disney Food Trucks and will be situated between Bongos Cuban Café and the new Starbucks at Downtown Disney West Side.

Even with expansion work underway, guests still can stroll from Downtown Disney West Side to The Marketplace. While shopping, playing and dining this summer, they will see signs of exciting things to come captured in colorful, mural-sized artistic renderings of the new Disney Springs destination throughout the expansion site.

Disney Springs – What’s Next

  1. The largest expansion in Downtown Disney history, Disney Springs will provide even more opportunities for guests to relax and enjoy themselves.
  2. When completed in 2016, Disney Springs will double the shopping, dining and entertainment experiences, with an eclectic and contemporary mix from Disney and other noteworthy brands. From boutique shops to unique flagship anchor stores, guests will be able to explore and discover options unlike any other currently available in Central Florida.
  3. Drawing inspiration from Florida’s waterfront towns and natural beauty, Disney Springs will include four interconnected neighborhoods:
  • The Landing (opening in early 2015) set along the waterfront and featuring nationally known restaurateurs.
  • The family-friendly Marketplace will continue to delight guests of all ages by combining new experiences, such as an over-the-water pedestrian causeway, along with classic Disney favorites, including an expanded World of Disney store.
  • West Side will be enhanced with a series of new elevated spaces that provide both shade and an overlook to the activity below.
  • The Town Center, opening in 2016, with a sophisticated mix of shopping and more dining.

The first phase of roadwork construction has begun, with lane closures scheduled as much as possible for off-peak hours to minimize impacts to the guest experience. Buena Vista Drive will expand from seven to 10 lanes, with a dedicated bus lane. Two parking garages and two pedestrian bridges also will be added, as well as an I-4 Interchange that will offer direct access to and from Downtown Disney/Disney Springs.

Disney Springs is expected to create an estimated 1,200 construction jobs and nearly 4,000 operational roles, providing new business opportunities and generating significant tax revenue for Central Florida.

DVD Review “Kung Fu: The Legend Continues – The Complete First Season”

Starring: David Carradine, Chris Potter
Created by: Ed Spielman
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Distributed: Warner Archive
Release Date: May 27, 2014

Our Score: 2 out of 5 stars

“Kung Fu: The Legend Continues” is a spin-off of the 1972–1975 TV series “Kung Fu”. It ran from 1993-1997. I remember watching “Kung Fu as a kid and loving every single minute of it. Then I started watching the spin-off and I honestly just never got into it. It picks up after “Kung Fu: The Movie” with Kwai Chang Caine (David Carradine), grandson of the legendary hero of the Wild West, who teams up with his policeman son, Peter (Chris Potter), to tame the new Wild West – 90’s urban America. I guess it plays better if you are watching this in the 90’s, even though I wasn’t even thrilled then, but this show does not hold up today. If you are a hardcore fan, you may dig it otherwise it would have been better off getting lost in the wild west.

Official Premise: When we last saw Kwai Chang Caine, in “Kung Fu: the Movie”, he was united with the son he never knew he had in turn-of-the-century Wild West. Now, the son of that son, also named Kwai Chang Caine (David Carradine), must emerge from seclusion to save the son he thought lost. Like his legendary namesake, this Caine is also a warrior monk, operating a Shaolin temple in Northern California. After an evil priest, Tan (Ernest Abuba), destroys the temple, Caine and his young son, Peter (Nathaniel Moreau) each believe the other has perished. The two embark on very different paths ­ Caine wanders the Earth, while Peter (Chris Potter) becomes a cop. When fate brings the two together, they work to overcome their differing philosophies to battle Tan, and then help the innocent and bring justice to the new Wild West ­90’s urban America.

The best part of watching this show today is no question picking out all the guest stars from back in the day including Neve Campbell, Colm Feore, Katie Griffin, James Hong, Martin Kove, George Lazenby, Mako, Barry Morse, Sandra Oh, Regis Philbin, Mickey Rooney, John Schneider, Scott Speedman, Tara Strong, George Takei and of course Richard Carradine (Note these listed are throughout the whole series not just the first season). There are no special features included on this release, like most TV DVD series releases from Warner Archive. I assume that they are going to burn through the rest of this series mostly likely before the end of the year. So if you are a fan of this show, the next three seasons should be available soon so you can get all your 90’s cheesy goodness out.


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Blu-ray Review “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”

Starring: Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner
Director: Adam McKay
Rated: PG-13/Unrated/R
Studio: Paramount
DVD Release Date: April 1, 2014
Run Time: 118/122/143 minutes

Film: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Extras: 5 out of 5 stars

NEWS TEAM ASSEMBLE!! Ron Burgundy and his team is back. Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner reprise their already iconic roles. “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” is a very ambitious sequel to the 2004 cult classic. I would say that it succeeds about 75% of the time with its jokes but does rely a lot on the shoulders of the film before it. I have a feeling that, like the first film, this is going to be one of those that gets better with age…like a good scotch as I am sure Ron Burgundy himself would enjoy.

Official Premise: After losing his job to his wife and co-anchor (Christina Applegate), Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) reassembles the news team (Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner ) and squares off against a new rival (James Madsen). Will the world’s greatest anchorman be crushed beneath the weight of his own ego (and his salon-quality hair)? Anything goes in the outrageous comedy.

The three-disc Blu-ray Combo Pack includes not one…not two but three versions of the film including-in a Home Entertainment First, the Super-Sized R-Rated Version with 763 New Jokes. I think whether you loved or absolutely hated the film, this is such a crazy feat that everyone needs to check this out. Never before in the history of home entertainment has anyone replaced 763 jokes. It is like a new movie told within the shell of the first. Paramount also squeezed in a DVD copy of the film along with an HD Digital Ultraviolet copy.

Paramount not only delivered an astounding three version of the film, they also included over four hours of special features. The first disc including a perfect and highly recommend commentary track from the whole gang including Adam McKay, Judd Apatow, Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd & David Koechner. Honestly, it is like you are watching a fourth version of the film with even more new jokes. If you are looking for replay value on this film if you get bored with the other three, this is a great way to re-enjoy the film.

There is a Behind-the-Scenes look with “Newsroom”, which takes us inside the making of the film. There is a two part Gag Reel including, because one is just not enough. “Line-O-Rama, Parts 1 & 2” is another collection of non-stop alternate lines from the film. “Welcome to the Dolphin Show” has Ron Burgundy taking on the crowd at SeaWorld. “Catfight” features more ad-lib between Christina Applegate and Meagan Good going head-to-head. “News-O-Rama” features Ron and the News Team bringing you the headlines. “Kench-O-Rama” is a mashup of Kench Allenby’s most Australian moments…Brilliant! Lastly there is a Cast Table Read, which is also a riot.

The second Blu-ray disc includes the Super-Sized R-Rated Version along with more special features. There is an Behind-the-Scenes featurette. “Anchorman 2: The Musical” is a look into how this film almost was a musical sequel. “RV” dives into the work behind the RV tumble. “Baxter & Doby” focuses on the animals of Anchorman 2. “News Fight” was one of the best parts of the film and this dives into the biggest, baddest all-star celebrity brawl ever! There are an additional 90 minutes of Deleted, Extended & Alternate Scenes. At this point I said out loud, “SERIOUSLY?” How did they have this much footage.

“Previsualizations” looks into the various FX filled scenes including the RV, Shark Attack and the News Fight sequences. “Auditions” includes pre-film scenes featuring Meagan Good, Dylan Baker and Amy Poehler. “Benefit for 826LA” is a special tribute to Anchorman 2. Lastly there are trailers. The last disc, which is the DVD, only includes the theatrical version of the film. Also be sure to check out the pamphlet inside the case which comes with a digital code to unlock all levels for “Scotchy Scotch Toss” video game.

Film Review “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”

Starring: Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate and Paul Rudd
Directed by: Adam McKay
Rated: PG 13
Running time: 1 hour 59 mins

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

I don’t know how to put this, but…Ron Burgandy is still kind of a big deal. And as portrayed by Will Ferrell he brings a hilarious dose of good news with him in the new film, “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.”

When we last left Ron (Ferrell) and his news team, he had just regained his job back and was happily co-hosting the San Diego evening news with his beloved Veronica (Applegate). As we meet him again, he has just been fired, replaced by Veronica and reduced to hosting the hourly dolphin show at Sea World. After a disastrous interaction with the crowd (“children and women hate you, Ron” a young boy calls out), Burgundy finds himself, literally at the end of his rope. However he is saved by a visit from a representative of an all new, 24 hour news station, hilariously played by the usually very serious Dylan Baker. Offered an anchor position, Ron accepts with the condition he can assemble his old news team. Sportscaster Champ Kind (David Koechner) now operates a fried “chicken” restaurant. Feature reporter Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd) has made a successful living by photographing kittens. And weatherman Brick Tamblin (Steve Carell) is dead. At least he thinks he is. The newly reunited team head for the Big Apple and new found fame!

I had one fear when I sat down to watch this movie: that I had seen so much of it already in the incessant promotional on-slaught that has been running since Labor Day that I’d already seen the funny stuff. Not to worry. In the capable hands of writers Ferrell and McKay, Ron Burgundy’s world has more than enough room for laughs. Originally scheduled to helm the 2 a.m. news shift, Burgundy finds success by, in his words, “telling the people not what they NEED to hear but what they WANT to hear. Couple this idea with Ron bottle feeding a shark and experiencing interracial dating and you have the makings of one outrageously funny film. All of the returning actors are funny and strong, with Rudd’s Brian Fantana a standout. New guest stars, including Kristen Wiig, James Marsden and Harrison Ford shine just as bright as the story’s regular cast members. Add to these stars a strong performance by Dobby the Shark and you’ve got yourself one damn funny movie!