CD Review: Anubis Gate “Anubis Gate”

Anubis Gate
“Anubis Gate”
Nightmare Records
Producers: Kim Olesen and Jacob Hansen
Tracks: 10

Our Score: 2 out of 5 stars

“Anubis Gate” produced by band members Kim Olesen and Jacob Hansen is Anubis Gate’s 3rd full length album and is the follow up to the bands 2009 release titled “The Detached”. This is the bands first release on Nightmare Records and the album features a blend of synth infused progressive metal similar to that of King Crimson or Savatage.

When I have the chance to listen to a new band for the first time I try to be as open and non-judgmental as possible. I really do applaud every musician that has the courage to get out there and make music. Anubis Gate’s self titled album did provide me with one or two high points. The guitars on the album all have a very good recorded tone and despite being in my opinion over layered they still stood out on their own. As a whole I was not a fan of the album but as I always say these are my opinions and mine only. If you are a fan of Anubis Gate and have been waiting since 2009 for this album I am sure it will fill all your Anubis Gate needs. The album to me just felt dated and lacked drive.

I found it very hard to connect with the album or a find a sense of unity amongst the tracks. The instrumentation was nothing out of the ordinary and at times was too over produced and layered. The vocals I felt had a touch to much echo making the album sound like I was listening to it in a cave or echo chamber.


Track Listing:

1.)    Hold Back Tomorrow

2.)    The Re-Formation Show

3.)    Facing Dawn

4.)    World in a Dome

5.)    Desiderio Omnibus

6.)    Oh My Precious Life

7.)    Golden Days

8.)    Telltale Eyes

9.)    River

10.)  Circumstanced


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