ANVIL “Juggernaut of Justice” CD Review

Juggernaut of Justice
The End Records
Producer: Bob Marlette
Tracks: 12
Run Time: 43 min 35 seconds

Our Score: 4 out of 5

“Juggernaut of Justice” is  Canadian metal band Anvil’s 14th studio album and is the follow up to the bands 2008 release “This is Thirteen” which was documented in the band acclaimed film “Anvil: The Story of Anvil”. “Juggernaut of Justice” was produced by Bob Marlette (Alice Cooper, Slayer) and recorded at Dave Grohl’s 606 Studios in Los Angeles.

“Juggernaut of Justice” is a much more streamlined and accessible album than the bands previous release.  With most tracks clocking in at around 4 minutes the album is very straight forward and in your face from start to finish. Even with the new streamlined approach the album is classic Anvil all the way. Each member of the band in my opinion is at the top of their game and “Juggernaut of Justice” proves that. Tracks such as “New Orleans Voodoo”, “Fukeneh”, and “Conspiracy” do a great job of blending the classic Anvil sound with Marlette’s clean production style. The real high light of the album which singer and guitarist Steve “Lips” Kudlow discussed in a recent interview with is the track “Swing Thing”. This track breaks new ground by combining swing jazz and classic heavy metal.

“Juggernaut of Justice” has something for both new and old school Anvil followers. Even if you aren’t a dedicated Metal Pounder do yourself a favor and pick up this album!

Track Listing:
1.)    Juggernaut of Justice
2.)    When All Hell Breaks Loose
3.)    New Orleans Voodoo
4.)    On Fire
5.)    Fukeneh!
6.)    Turn it Up
7.)    The Ride
8.)    Not Afraid
9.)    Conspiracy
10.)  Running
11.)  Paranormal
12.)  Swing Thing

To read Steve “Lips” Kudlows interview with go to“lips”-kudlow/

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