CD Review: Halcyon Way “Indoctrination”

Halcyon Way
Nightmare Records
Producer: Lasse Lammert
Tracks: 8

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

“Indoctrination” is the newest release from one of Atlanta, Georgia’s premier metal bands Halcyon Way. “Indoctrination” is the follow up to the bands 2010 release titled “Building Towers”. The new album features 7 news tracks from the band as well a cover version of “Stand Up” a song which was featured in the film “Rockstar” starring Mark Wahlberg. The album also features a remixed version of the bands song “The System” which was remixed by Karbon Black. “Indoctrination” is slated for release on October 27th via Nightmare Records.

I am always interested in listening to the newest releases by bands that are handled by Freeman Promotions. John Freeman has a roster of metal bands that never ceases to amaze me and Halcyon Way is one of those bands. “Indoctrination” is an awesome blend of classic and new school metal. Indoctrination’s” opening track “On Black Wings” is a stunning example of the bands blend of classic and new metal tones. At times the band can come off a little campy however once Kris Malteniek’s brutal vocals kick in all that campiness is erased. The track “Revolution is Now” was another track that stuck out as a favorite of mine as I am a big fan of the heavy choruses and melodic verses.

If you are fan of bands like Queensryche and Dream Theater pick up Halcyon Way’s newest release “Indoctrination” and expand you progressive metal collection a bit further as this album is a real stand out in the genre.

Track Listing:
1.) On Black Wings
2.) Our Finest Hour
3.) IndoctriNation
4.) Revolution Is Now
5.) The Wages of War
6.) Stand Up
7.) The Age of Betrayal
8.) The System (Karbon Black RMX)

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